Allah has created an environment with simple physical rules , that is what he calls Qaddar . Its like we are in this world only to discover the majesty of ALLAH . Allah has also created us infinitely lower than HIMSELF in every respect , and created humans for humans . Such intricate observation , such mastery on every subject , isnt HE the amazing GOD , the awsome GOD . He , who has made the life on the earth so deluding that a person can look at the earth and close his heart to become an atheist . Such is the majesty of ALLAH , a personality WHO is so close and so surrounds us all and yet has given us the freewill to chose to believe or not . What Hilm , what Sabr What forgiveness , What Rehmat is required for a task of this sort . And we are so not thankful to HIM , we groan , we complain , we forget HIM . We use HIM for our own benefits when we require and forget HIM when we have this fake illusion of security and well being . My Lord is near and responsive
Nabeel sher - Ardh e ALLAH
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