May Allah help and protect every believer in God ,, to spread the truth , to unify our nations against evil.
Abdulhaleem Sioty - UNITED STATES
Salam-un-Alaikum I respect you, You are doing good job for Islam and Humanity. Basically Real Humanity is the Islam. I always watched your articles and videos. I always Suggest others just see the websites of Mr. Adnan Oktar (Harun Yahya). I am from Shia School of Thought. But my friends are all people. My one friend was totally far from Religion He is from Sunni School of Thought, But he became my friend startingly he told me about Shia Faith is not Good, But Answear Every faith is Good if you can learn the Books, Then by the grace of Allah (Salwatullah alai) I deliver some books and Nasheeds and revolutionary videos to my friend then he told me all are good and working hard for Islam. Then he told me we will try to expand our religion in Non-Muslims, He is now tightly hold his faith with and he is trying to show others a real way of Islam. I pray for you everyday at five times in prayer. You are the real and perfect Human and Muslim. Wasalam
Mushtaq Hussain Dar - INDIA
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