Whenever I am reading your articles, books, etc. my heart accepts each of the predictions you have made about any subject. You are thinking about the things meticulously. God Bless You!!!
Massuod Hemmat - AFGHANISTAN
thank u so much for this info...i so wanted to know more about God and Magog
Subhan Allah, Sir your views on GOG and Magog is absolutely correct, European people are the real GoG and Magog, because their ancestry is same from Russia to America from Australia to england. they plundered and exploit every nation of the world. they spread corruption and followed divide and rule policy to rule the nations, they killed and made to extinct the real sons of australia and newsiland, America etc. in this nations you will not find their native people but you can find this people, this fullfill aneother ayah of Quran.
Irfan bin Ghalib - India
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