Subhanallah..I alwasy read your work!! after I read one by one your works, I see a wisdom in there. Especially your thought about The people of the book. Don't ask me about evolution! I absolutely agree with you. One last question, are you the only one who paint all of picture in your web? please answer!! NB: This article as usually, is Genius!! may Allah bless you..Amin Wassalamu'alaikum..
Arief Ibrahim - INDONESIA
As you have mentioned in this article people generally tends to treat the subject of sleep with great familiarity. It is such a routine practice for many of us. We think we are going to wake up and get out of bed after our afternoons nap or our nights rest for the next the day. With great details we begin to plan in our minds superficial matters before drifting of to sleep. For a believer the difference between a good planner and a haughty planner is that good taught is form in his/her mind as the eyes begins to close shut after its vigilance with the word “Insha’Allah” (If Allah Wills) followed by Shahadah. Such a soul could only dream of beauty beyond any artistic design engineer by man. Again, Bro. Oktar your work in this field is very informative and your art is very warming as always. Mar-Salaam
Shareena - U.S Virgin Islands of St.Thomas
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