Assalaamu Alaikum, This topic is absolutely informative as usual. As an Importer working in the retail and deli industry. I have myself come across these so-called Muslim scholars in the USA and other places of the world. They are paid thousands of dollars every month to produce halal meat certificates carrying the word halal on it. When ever they are confronted, they pride fully reply “choose another source that you are comfortable with”. In the U.S and Canada 8 out 10 companies that carries the halal certified logo seal on their meat products are mechanically slaughtered by means of a rotary blade. The supplication that is said before the slaughtering is played by a recorder continuously. Birds such as ducks, chickens, gooses, turkeys, etc is water stunned (electrocuted) before taken down to the slaughtering line. These very birds often makes it way through the hotel and retail industry in Muslims countries such as Iraq, Jordan, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, etc. and is also used by occupying forces as distribution aid for those who are hunger in these countries. This fraud is a pollutant and a transgression against Allah’s Law and must be stop. All Muslim must play a part of stopping this fraud by knowing what they are buying to put into our bodies. Always inquire about you food source. The extent of this fraud has no limits. Many foreign importers are importing U.S, Canadian, European brands that contain alcohol content. The Betty Crocker brand is one of such and has made it way into Saudi Arabia markets. Saudi Arabia also upholds food laws that allows for a certain amount of alcohol to be used in manufacturing process of baked goods. I pray for Allah’s help that I and others (those interested) will be able to restructure the halal industry and take “Food Basket Supermarket” project globally in order to enjoy what is organic and prescribe for us. We are what we eat. Haram is the cause of our destruction. Small sins lead to big sins. It’s the End times and the halal fraud trail will stop once and for all. Mar-Salaam
Shareena - U.S Virgin Islands of St.Thomas
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