Resigning ones self belongs solely to Allah. Every honest, fair minded, generous, kind heart and faithful individual only goal should be to please his/her Lord. As a women conversing with many, I have noticed, a customary and traditional attitude practiced by many of our Muslim married males. They arrogantly and continuously say,” that their wives should submit her self entirely to them”. Under such a condition how can the other feel a sense or vibe of love, commitment, security and trust? Such an individual forgets that neither a man nor a woman is commanded to submit to each other in such a way except to Allah Subhan Wata A’la. All romanticizing should stop at once about the other. Simply be a part of and help out each other. Every moment spend in bliss is worthy before Allah’s Eye. Bro. Oktar, you are a voice for the many voice less women out there. On many of your works who have expounded about the status of women and how they should be treated. I pray that our sisters in Myanmar (Burma), Kashmir, India, Iraq, Afghanistan, South Africa, Congo, etc. who are victims of rape daily will be alleviated from such cruelty under the Turkish-Islamic Union Insha’Allah Mar-Salaam
Shareena - U.S Virgin Islands of St.Thomas
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