Assalaamu Alaikum, In the summer of 1986, Adnan Oktar was arrested, with no rightful legal ground whatsoever, for having stated, “I am a member of the Turkish People, and of the Nation of Ibrahim,” in an interview carried by a newspaper. .... a part of what is mentioned below in hadith about the time of Imam Madhi (A.S), and what is written in the Bible and cited by many of our scholars today “Greater is He who is in me than He who is in the World”. • “...... WHEN THE IMAM MAHDI (AS) APPEARS RELIGIOUS SCHOLARS WILL BE HIS PARTICULAR ENEMIES. HIS SWORD IS HIS [HAZRAT MAHDI’S (AS)] BROTHERS. Had he no sword in his hand -HAD HE NO BROTHERS-, THE RELIGIOUS SCHOLARS WOULD ISSUE A FATWA (RELIGIOUS OPINION) FOR HIS DEATH. Because Almighty Allah will cleanse him [Hazrat Mahdi (as)] with benevolence and the sword (HIS BROTHERS) and they will place credence in him [Hazrat Mahdi (as)]. THOSE WHO DO NOT BELIEVE HIS PRONOUCEMENTS WILL BE FORCED TO BELIEVE, OR ELSE HIDE THEMSELVES AWAY. (Ramuz al-Hadith., P. 56,73) Stronger the individual stronger is his trial. Be aware of suspicion for suspicion is the worst of all tales….. Mar-Salaam
Shareena - U.S Virgin Islands of St.Thomas
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