Assalaamu Alaikum, Indeed the best way out of “THE ONGOING ECONOMIC CRISIS IS TO ESTABLISH THE TURKISH-ISLAMIC UNION” within the frame of brotherhood The union should be one base on love, faith, trust, economic and political interest within all member states with a commitment to regional and international integration through a single develop market with a standardized system of laws which apply in all member states base on Shari’ah. It should adopt a sole legal tender currency and have its own central bank. It should maintain a common policy on fair trade, with in the agriculture, fisheries, regional and international development sector. And ensure the free movement of people, goods, services, and capital within the Turkish- Islamic Union member states abolishing the use of visas and passports. Other states are obliged to join the union once they fulfill the strict entry criteria. The Turkish –Islamic Union should also develop a limited role in foreign policy, having representation at the World Trade Organization, G8, G-20 major economies and at the United Nations just to name a few. All decisions are made through negotiation between member states, while in others; independent supranational institutions are responsible without a requirement for unanimity between member states. It should enact legislation in justice and home affairs and should have important institutions such as Turkish-Islamic Commission, the Council of the Turkish-Islamic Union, the Turkish –Islamic Union Court of Justice, the Turkish-Islamic Union Military, the Turkish –Islamic Union Red Crescent, the Turkish-Islamic Union Central Bank (Bayt Ul Maal), and the Turkish –Islamic Union Food Bank(Golden Crescent). The leader of the Turkish-Islamic Union is indeed no other than Imam Madhi (A.S). The presiding president of the Turkish- Islamic Union should be held only by a member of the house of the Holy prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.S) until the ascension of the Imam Madhi (A.S) to power. The Turkish Islamic Union is a symbol of cooperation providing humanitarian aid in times of crisis, advocating for and protecting human rights for all people, confronting climate change, reducing poverty, resolving conflicts, and peacekeeping effort which do more good than harm. Mar-Salaam
Shareena - U.S Virgin Islands of St. Thomas
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