In the Name Of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful Assalaamu Alaikum, Unbelievers unconditionally support the hypocrites in their struggle against Muslims. As a Muslim I have manage to come across many website blogs with such people whose only joy is to post their swamp of hatred. They quote the Quranic verses out of context, give our religion a bad name and help in instilling anarchy, selfishness, and corruption in the land. Bro. Oktar, your recent request “Lets Clean up Our Websites” in Turkey was indeed outstanding and brave. Dawkin’s website was certainly one full of venom. There are many other sites like his site on the web that propaganda falsehood speaking out maliciously against the revealed books, Prophet Jesus (A.S) and Prophet Muhammad (S.A.A.S). I call for Muslims to join in an effort to send out numerous reputed data that will refute such postings Insha’Allah. Mar-salaam
Shareena - U.S Virgin Islands of St. Thomas
May Allah reward you brother
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