Masha Excellent appreciated. In my views the Rope can be held frimly and fastly only when our hearts are cleaned from Ana Ka Masla (I am great which is bad) Allah is great Allah Hoo Ka Masla. Evey soul has to be purified on the spiritual grounds. I fore see Insha Allah Mr. Adnan Oktar your Spiritual mission can only bring this peace dream true Aameen Summa Aameen.
Mirza Abbas Ali - K.S.A.
Assalamu alaykum, As Allah bless you and your intentions to unite us –Muslims! Over again I enjoyed reading your article of interpretation and truth about the "UMMAH" social and political status in nowadays. Just a couple of days ago, I got a same vision merging all Turks world once again, to save the Islamic world from satanists! All of us realize that we (Muslims) are just dissolving being isolated from each other, but we don’t take any action to reunite. And it becomes despairing for people who still has faith in Allah. Muslims society is weakening morally and physically every given seconds; War crime (phosphor bomb on civilians) in Gaza, New Iraqi Control regime, Iranian Illuminati deception, New World Order in Dubai, Central Asian alive-cemented mothers and their children, anarchy among North African Muslims, corruption in all Turkish-Arabic countries, and etc..If we can bring back those golden ages of Islamic world after RasulULLOH SallALLOHU alayhi vasallam! I’m crying for Muslims, yes, I am, I know you can say that then according Hadithul Mohammad Mustafa (salALLOHU alayhi vasallam) I’ve got the weakest iyman., but I do not know what to do else to save us. Turk-Arabic Union is an only solution from this chaos, but who is going to reunite us, except Mahdi?!
Yasin Nuroglu - UAE
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