May The Almighty Allah help Harun Yahya in his efforts against fake Darwinism & protect him & give Hedayah to Darwinists. Ameen
Mohd. Yasir - India
hi there, i love ur videos u speak the truth i would love to download most of ur videos and put them on youtube so people can see the truth, but i cant download alot of them, thank you for time
eman - Diger
well said harun yahya, you speak from my heart. OMG what a retard. Im an african and i have seen the outcome of darwins racist based theory against africans an im one looooooooool. Stupid chump!! Its good you spoke about then when europe was still BACKWARD, while Ethiopa and other african nations were flourishing before they came and exploited our golds and ivories!!!and killed many of us. That was his aim. May God punish all you darwins followers amen. No wonder why some europeans still primitiv and arrogant!!! God forbid i dont stem from monkeys.
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