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Islam can’t reign in the world without speaking of the Unity of Islam, the signs related to faith, the miracles of the Qur'an or the history of Islam.
As long as the Islamic world is not united, persecution and ruthlessness continues. Uniting Muslims demands a zealous and sincere spirit.
Muslims cannot be successful against the British Deep State alone but if the Islamic world is united, it can defeat it as a tremendous force.
The PKK, ISIS, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram and all other terrorist groups are under the umbrella of the British Deep State. We can struggle against this structure by the Islamic Union.
May God give a blessed year in 2017. From what we know from the hadith and the statements of Bediuzzaman, it seems that it will be a year of very important events.
2017 is one of the key years. Around the year 2023 Islam will be victorious for Islam, insha'Allah. This victory will not belong to bigots but to the Qur'an. For the first time the world will be free from the effect of satan. Peace, love, brotherhood, mercy, compassion and quality will prevail. And we will see this.
May Allah destroy the games and plots of the hypocrites. May Allah grant beauty and blessings to the people of the Book and grant faith to atheists
I pray that in the following years, we will make a beginning towards the Islamic Union and may Allah strengthen the faith and efforts of Muslims.
I pray that Allah brings goodness to Muslims and to the whole world in this new year. May Allah abolish the troubles and conflicts in the Islamic world and pave the way for the Islamic Union. May Allah make us students to the Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).
Hypocrites are so foolish that they can't understand that God creates everything. They think they can hide, yet God creates everything that they think is hidden.
Hypocrites have an ignorant understanding of freedom; they constantly get into trouble. As they escape from one trouble they fall into another.
There is utter chaos and anarchy within hypocrites since they are distant from God and they struggle against Him, may God forbid.
Hypocrites faces are like a puppet show. They play with their faces all the time. They can use an evil or an innocent look when needed.
Hypocrites' souls are always in anarchy and chaos. Hypocrites don't live peaceful lives as they are in constant anger and grudge.
Hypocrites are very active when defending unbelief and working against Muslims, but when talk about Islam, they put words of blasphemy within their speeches.
Hypocrites want Muslims to be completely separated. When they leave Muslims, they give others the message that they can also leave.
Hypocrites are curious about the affairs of Muslims. They want Muslims to get into trouble.
Hypocrites hide themselves among Muslims to gain profit from them at first. Then they attempt to leave them wishing to drag others along as well.
The most important subject in the Qur'an is intellectual struggle against hypocrites because hypocrites work against Islam among Muslims.
The attacks against Russia will not have any impact. If Turkey, Iran and Russia ally, they will become a solid force.

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The fact that the suicide rates has increased so high is evidence of the dajjal’s ruthless system and how egoism tyrannizes people.
After our statements, Russia took a solid stance against the British Deep State for the first time in history. This is why Russia is under attack.
Islam is the most beautiful system in which a society of ultra-modern people experience arts and aesthetics best.
In the system of those who corrupt the religion, the greatest persecution is committed against women. In the system of those who corrupt the religion, women are considered as potential people predestined for hell. Women are very precious.
All the prophets are humble, joyful, witty and full of life.
While Muslims’ blood is shed, some so-called Islamic scholars speak about non-urgent issues for hours.
They try to set Muslims against one another by making enmity among Shias and Sunnis. They want to present Muslims as distasteful people. Islam is kindness, classiness, beauty, aesthetics, arts, science, well manners, in brief everything beautiful. People know nothing about Islam.
In the Qur'an, there are more than a thousand verses about hypocrites but hypocrisy is the issue on which the Islamic world thinks about the least.
Unhappiness, sadness and sorrow are not a characteristic of Muslims but of unbelievers. Muslims are happy and joyful because of their faith.
Without art and aesthetics life does not have any meaning or beauty. Without education there will not be people enjoying art and beauty. It is very important to establish a Ministry of Art and Quality so that art and quality prevails in every sector from construction to textile.
It was very nice that Putin declared that they are not going to expel American diplomats.
The British Deep State is the one that directs US politics. The architect of the disasters in the Middle East is also the British Deep State.
Some TV channels are instilling people with a life they don't believe or live; they show Islam as a life without art and beauty.
Let's strengthen our ties with Iran, Russia, and Azarbaijan. We must have complete cooperation on natural gas and energy sources.
Those who want Muslims to be saved and bloodshed to end should say that Shia and Sunni are brothers and that Muslims must be united with a spiritual leader.
The problems of the Muslim world will not be solved without explaining that the dajjal's system is and striving for Islamic Union.

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We love the British people. Our criticism is directed at the dark deeds of the British Deep State.
Prophet Jesus (pbuh) had a very strong power of contemplation and reason.
There are references to the Torah and the Gospels in the Qur’an, but some Muslims don't wish to understand this.
Be it a Muslim, Christian or a Jew; if any of these people deny any prophet, they will divorce themselves from religion.
It would be against the Qur’an to call a Jew who accepts the prophethood of our Prophet (pbuh) an ‘infidel’.
Muslims should read the unchanged parts of the Torah and the Gospels and follow them. “We sent down the Torah containing guidance and light.” (Holy Qur’an, 5:44)
Said Nursi also drew attention to the world domination of the dajjal [antichrist] movement. It should be announced that the British Deep State runs the dajjal system.
It would be meaningless to try to hide the power that orchestrates elaborate schemes around the world. That power is the British Deep State.
Love for God doesn't develop for no reason; it requires effort, requires working for it. True love won’t develop without struggle, hardship.
The world is not a complicated place. Everything happens for a reason. God has a single purpose when He creates things; it’s for us to love Him. The most important characteristic of God is that He loves and is loved. Flowers, cats, trees, music, humans and so on; they’re all created for love. The entire purpose of creation is for humans to love God. Without love, the human mind will go numb.
Laughing, having fun is a beautiful blessing. All the prophets were very cheerful.
Both Turkey and Russia are against the separation of Syria. It is the right policy to protect the territorial integrity of Syria.
It's important for the People of the Book to accept the Qur'an and for Muslims to accept the parts in the Gospel and Torah that are in line with the Qur'an.
God does not want the religion to be made difficult. He reveals that the commandments of the Qur'an are adequate.
The invalid parts of the Gospel and the Torah are clarified in the Qur'an. It's important for Muslim to know the parts in line with the Qur'an.
America is providing weapons to the YPG/PYD for all the world to see; it is not right to deny this fact.
Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) heralds that the bloodshed in the world will be ended by Hz. Mahdi (pbuh) and he gives a detailed description of the Mahdi.
All terrorist organisations like the PKK, the YPG, ISIS, Al-Nusra, Al-Qaida, Boko Haram are acting by taking directions from the British Deep State.

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A resolute person is named after his defining traits. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) says unless a person is called insane, he hasn’t attained perfect faith.
Holding a Muslim in mental hospital only for his ideas and without any legal reason is a disgrace for those who make this lawlessness while it an honor for me. The illegal practices that I was subjected to in the mental hospital are unprecedented. Though I was not convicted, it was forbidden for doctors and nurses to visit me.
The time that I was held in mental hospital due to unjust calumny shows the phases that Turkey went through. Those days are my honor.
One of the vital issues for Turkey is Quality and Arts. A Ministry of Quality and Arts should definitely be founded.
No terror organization can endure if not supported by a major intelligence service. The PKK and ISIS exist due to the support they get from the British Deep State.
The Mahdi is a person who arouses amazement. Bediuzzaman used the words ‘extraordinary person’ for the Mahdi.
Those who spoil religion and seek to show happiness, art, beauty as anti-religion. This way, they’re pushing Muslims into a sort of hell. Islam is heaven. God wants heaven for Muslims both in this world and in the Hereafter. Muslims should make this world a heaven-like place. Only the tyrants, murderers, those who hurt people are ‘infidels’. There might be bad people both among the Muslims and People of the Book.
It’s wrong to call Christians and Jews ‘infidels’. They are the People of the Book, with whom Muslims are allowed to marry and socialize.
Right after the demise of our Prophet (pbuh) the hypocrites and deep structures of the time allied to cause harm to Muslims.
The belief that Muslims should be poor with no interest in arts and science is causing horrible damage to Islamic world.
Some people entertain mistaken beliefs like Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was poor and he ate a few handfuls of food in a day. On the contrary, God gave him wealth. Claiming that our Prophet (pbuh) lived a poor life is also slandering the companions, as none of them would let him live in need.
They want to equate Islam with miserable lives. God creates beautiful flowers and birds . Muslims should be beautiful, well groomed as well.
It’s a requirement of the morality of the Qur’an that Muslims are clean, elegant, smart and kind. It’s tyranny to show backwardness as religion.
Christians are celebrating the birth of Prophet Jesus. There is nothing in this that could bother Muslims.
Kurds are honest, reliable, honorable people, whereas PKK is obnoxious, cowardly and treacherous. The PKK will either behave or leave the region.
We don't want a cruel, communist, Stalinist structure in the Middle East. Kurds are our precious, dear, beloved brothers.
If Russia, Iran, Turkey and Israel form an alliance with the participation of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, the whole world will find peace.
The British Deep State wishes to replace Mr. Putin with someone who will be under their control. All the Turkic Republics should support Mr. Putin.
The US giving MANPADs to the PYD/YPG/PKK on the directions of the British Deep State is conduct aimed directly against Turkey.
Terrorist organisations like ISIS, the PKK and Al-Nusra are supported by the British Deep State. They support opposing groups for their policies of chaos.
The British Deep State is directing Obama's policies. This policy of the British Deep State caused great disaster in Syria.
The British Deep State is trying to take revenge against Russia for their defeat in Syria. Successive assassinations and plane crashes happen because of this. The system of the dajjal [antichrist] will engage in a series of attacks from now on. Iran, Turkey, Egypt and Israel must be allies to end the dajjal's movement.
The British Deep State is defeated in Syria. They aimed to activate the Great Middle East Project to separate Turkey, Syria and Iraq. They failed.

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There were countless assassination attempts on Ataturk, because he had a very strong stance against the British Deep State.
If Muslims united, there would be no terror groups. These problems exist because the Islamic world is all divided at the moment.
Hypocrites have no patience and do not trust in God. That’s why they are deeply shaken by everything and have frequent nervous breakdowns.
One of the telltale signs of hypocrites is their constant agitation. They are always on edge.
The British Deep State is cruel also to its own people and soldiers. They conducted cruel tests on British soldiers.
Muslim countries cannot be successful against dajjal [antichrist] if they act alone. They should unite with the soul of the Qur’an against the dajjal movement.
The real problem with the education system is the Darwinist-materialist curriculum. Unless this Darwinist education stops, problems will continue.
The Holy Qur’an doesn't allow the mistreatment of women.
Dajjal [antichrist] will try to attack the Mahdi and Jesus but will fail each and every time.
The only ones that the British Deep State cannot defeat are Hazrat Khidr, Mahdi and Jesus. It is because these holy people are created to be winners.
Unless the British Deep State is clearly named as the mastermind, the intellectual efforts against it will not be as effective. Our intelligentsia should clearly say that the mastermind is the British deep state.
After we drew attention to the scourge of hypocrisy, our people realized the danger.
I am against terror and violence in every way. Struggle can only be intellectual through love, peace, knowledge and wisdom.
"There is no compulsion in religion." People cannot be forced to live religion. It is illegal to force religion according to the Qur'an.
According to the Qur'an, those who abandon religion, become atheists, drink alcohol, abandon prayer, shave their beard and so on are not killed. There is no pressure on anyone when it comes to religion.
There is no rajm (killing by stoning) in the Qur'an. This is a pagan tradition. Our Prophet (pbuh) never said such a thing.
Terrorist groups like ISIS, Al Qaida, Boko Haram show superstitious hadiths as evidence for the violence they inflict. These false hadiths must be removed from Islamic sources. Superstitions like those that say those who shave their beard, who don't pray and who drink alcohol must be killed are not in line with Islam and must be removed from Islamic texture. Without doing this, it's impossible to end radical terror.
It's dishonest to pretend the British Deep State does not exist, even though everyone sees its games and there's evidence of such a structure.

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The British Deep State is the mastermind of all terror organizations including the PKK, ISIS, al-Qaida. All these organizations act upon the British Deep State’s directions.
An alliance between Iran, Russia and Turkey would paralyze the British Deep State. And if Pakistan, Egypt and Saudi Arabia joined, the force would be very impressive.
Some continue their lives as technicians of religion despite their lack of faith in the Hereafter. They obtain interest through religion.
It is impossible to fail to recognize that we are living in the End Times. Even if a person’s both eyes are shut with steel, the signs of the Mahdi’s appearance are openly seen.
It is out of question to halt the Mahdi movement. Both the Mahdi and Jesus have already come and fulfilled their duties in destiny. No one can hinder destiny.
First they cruelly martyr civilian Muslims, then they say ‘sorry’ and hence unwisely try to cover up their persecution.
The Mahdi movement brings fervor and liveliness, not lethargy. Refusing the Mahdi movement is the essence of disaster itself.
Those who don’t utter a word about God, Prophet and the Qur’an, praise Rumi all the time. People should see the anomaly in this.
It is a command of the Qur'an that believers love believers and are united as a community.
All great scholars like Imam Rabbani and Abdul-Qadir Gilani have been waiting for the Mahdi. Their communities were waiting for the Mahdi.
A Muslim is never timid. He is brave, determined and persevering.
Muslims continue their intellectual struggle by maintaining their personality, faith and determination among hypocrites and unbelievers.
Muslims don't panic when they come across hypocrites and unbelievers. They educate them with wisdom and patience and struggles intellectually.
We explained that the source of the problem is the British Deep State. Hence they psychopathically increased their attacks. Our intellectuals must focus on this.
There are attacks against Russia because Russian politicians have drawn attention to the British Deep State. Russia must not be left alone.

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The Qur’an and Islam dominate every second of life. No subject, no topic is disconnected from the Qur’an.
The British Deep State uses numerous fake accounts to influence the public. They’re few, but they use lots of accounts.
The sunnah of our Prophet (pbuh) is the Holy Qur’an.
The Greater Middle East Project is intended to divide the Middle East into smaller parts, turn Muslims against each other and make the defense industry richer.
Churchill said that he enjoyed every second of war. This philosophy reflects the mentality of the British Deep State. The entire Middle East and the Islamic world are currently suffering due to the horrific policies of the British Deep State. This is a clear fact.
It's very dangerous for a country to raise ignorant and hateful masses who get aggressive very easily. Hateful people must be cured.
Because there are many crowded masses of people full of resentment in other countries, it's easy to separate them. This will not happen in Turkey.
What the British Deep State means by "The Big Game" is to divide the Middle East into scores of small states.
It's possible to educate loveless people. It's important to be patient with these people and educate them.
All terrorist groups in the Middle East act with the directions of the British Deep State; none of them has the ability to act on their own.
Everyday for 1,400 years, Muslims pray to be preserved from the mischief and corruption spread by the dajjal [antichrist].
It is very nice to instill love of plants and animals to children. Families who raise their children like this are very right.
According to the hadiths, the dajjal [antichrist] will speak three times through radios and television channels at the time of the Mahdi.
The British Deep State has crawled into our politics like a scorpion since the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. Now they are panicking because their system has collapsed.
The dajjal [antichrist] of the End Times is the greatest mischief of history. The whole world will see him soon. The dajjal [antichrist] is very knowledgeable, but has a very strange physical appearance. He will persuade people that he will be a prophet and Messiah. According to the hadiths, the dajjal [antichrist] has a blind eye, his face is scary and his hair is red. He'll claim to be a deity even though he's blind.
Everyone who is against the Mahdi actually serves the Mahdi movement. For example, the dajjal's [antichrist] system is the main factor that serves the Mahdi the most.
The oppression of the British Deep State will end completely with the system of the Mahdi.
We have to think about the next generation when preparing the new Constitution. We trust the President, but it should not include any clauses what could give way to the separation of Turkey.
The Rumi philosophy is different than the Mawlawism known in Anatolia. Rumi philosophy includes homosexuality, Darwinism and a claim to deity.

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Our soldiers are covered with holy light, they are like angels. May God grant all of them health and goodness.
God calls us to love Him with all our heart, soul and strength. The purpose of the creation of the universe is love. A believer loves God full of attentiveness and willpower, and with a profound and devout love.
The system of the dajjal [antichrist] only incites lovelessness, brutality and tyranny. It goes for drowning people in a sea of blood.
They have taken love from the hearts of people, but it is love that makes the most profound impact on one's body and soul. Satan took away the meaning of life from people by making them forget about love. Without love there is no life, man would be only an organism. Without love there is only cruel selfishness. With love, the guardianship system in the Qur'an is established, taking care of all with love. The purpose of our lives and Paradise is love. God willing, we will make love prevail all over the world.
Some people wanted to distance us from Russia and Iran, but the voices of those seeking enmity were silenced by our calls of brotherhood and friendship.
I always believe struggle should be by way of intellect. Eradicating terrorist philosophies is the strongest counter effort.
ISIS, Al-Qaida and the Taliban are all idolatrous organizations that are not complying with the Qur'an and that turned Islam into way of horror and violence.
The British Deep State, which is the dajjal [antichrist] system, is a curse against not only the British people, but the whole world as well. We are putting efforts against the darkness of the British Deep State structure by means of an intellectual struggle.
We have no enmity against Britain, as we have many British friends. Our criticism is aimed at the British Deep State, which is a trouble for Britain also.
We love our Syrian guests so much. They came with blessings. We welcome them as long as they like in our country, they're all innocent ones.
Both at time of Prophet Solomon (pbuh) and our Prophet (pbuh), the quality and beauty of Muslims made a great impact in communicating Islam. Those who see the beauty, quality, courtesy and joy of Muslims will embrace Islam in delight. A lack of quality would undermine Islam from within.
If one sheds blood and exploits the concepts of the Mahdi movement or the Messiah, that one is definitely – dajjal [antichrist]. The Mahdi does not shed a drop of blood.
Putin is right in saying that the downing of the aircraft and the assassination of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey is directed from one source, that is, the British Deep State.

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We should take all necessary measures to ensure our brothers and sisters in refugee camps have no problems due to cold winter weather.
Many communist leaders and ideologues were trained in England, the cradle of capitalism, by MI6 and were later sent back to their countries.
Aggression and hostility will not bring anyone to Islam. Such an attitude will only create evil. People can be won over with love and respect.
The dajjal [antichrist] makes many people around the world say ‘there is no dajjal, the Mahdi won’t come’. Some people unknowingly follow this route. Saying ‘the Mahdi won’t come’ only helps the dajjal [antichrist] conceal himself and operate more easily. Some people unintentionally contribute to that.
One of the most common tactics of the British Deep State is creating confusion and distraction. The CIA, Mossad and others are all controlled by them.
The British Deep State is hostile to every nation, including their own. They are not looking out for anyone and will oppress everyone. The British Deep State dislikes people. They desire constant wars, constant bloodshed and poverty.
Those who cannot criticize Darwinism, the PKK, Rumism or the British Deep State find it easy to target innocent Muslim communities instead.
The British people are innocent of the crimes of the British Deep State, which is a dark structure using evil people and hypocrites.
The British Deep State has thousands of lackeys in the Islamic World. They act all together; that’s why Muslims should unite. If Islamic countries attempt to act alone, God forbid, they will be defeated. It is crucial that they act together, act in solidarity.
The British Deep State has an army and the PKK, the YPG, ISIS and some Shia milita act like the units of that army. They should all be subdued. Terror groups throughout the entire Middle East are controlled by a single source. So the response to them should come from a single source; that is, the union of Muslims.
Iran and Turkey are friends. With our intellectual efforts, we’ll block attempts to drag our countries into a hostile atmosphere. Hostility against Shia and Iran is provoked by the British Deep State. The Turkish nation will not fall into this trap. Iran is our friend.
Being intimidated by threats does not befit Muslims as they are courageous and resolute. Muslims do not give up their efforts in the way of intellectual struggle when they are under threat.

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They played the game of making the Muslims transparent previously in Egypt, then in Syria and now they're plotting it in Turkey.
The British Deep State directs institutions like the Soros Foundation and ruins Muslims under the mission of making Muslims transparent.
The project of making the Muslim organizations transparent is a game of the British Deep State. It should be Chatham House that should be transparent.
We see dajjal [antichrist] with different names and different voices and our soldiers are fighting against the dajjal movement.
Dajjal’s being multi-handed and multi-tongued is something mentioned in the hadiths. People should focus on the British Deep State and the dajjal [antichrist] movement.
Chatham House is an implementor of the Greater Middle East Project. Those who wish to make Muslim communities transparent should start with Chatham House.
We will expand the issue of hypocrites. The gravest trouble upon the Islamic world is hypocrisy.
For the first time in our history the intellectuals are writing articles uncovering the British Deep State and we have pioneered in this. Now the door to grace has opened, everyone is aware of it.
Russia, Iran and all countries have realized the plots of the British Deep State.
If Turkey, Russia, Pakistan and Iran ally, it would be impossible for the British Deep State to target such a great force.
Shooting someone in the back who is an ambassador in our country and who is entrusted to us is severe turpitude. It is not an action that a Muslim would do.
Every café should include books which would encourage the conversation loving people to come. Every café should be like a library.
The US supporting the PYD would mean it supports a Stalinist state. The formation of such a structure in the region would harm every party.
Due to the British Deep State’s foolish venture of the Greater Middle East Project massive blood has been shed in Syria and Iraq. We’ll soon see its plots collapse.
Most people don’t understand that the power against Turkey is the British Deep State, which is a ferocious structure in its ideology and philosophy.
The real power behind Russian ambassador's assassination is not NATO, but the British Deep State. People should not be fooled by a deep state’s diversions.
God wants us to love Him and turn towards Him.
While everything that is created is good for a Muslim, it is malice for the hypocrite.
Russians are decent people. They struggled to make Russia and Turkey foes, yet we did not let that happen. We won’t let hostility with Iran either.
Being against a community as a whole is unacceptable. A Muslim only dislikes the one who oppresses and his struggle is against oppression.
The claim that the Jews are cursed is not true according to the Qur’an. God has cursed only a definite group of Jews that had acted immorally at that particular point in time.
The Ark of the Covenant is being protected by angels and it will be found at the Mahdi’s era. No one can discover the Ark of the Covenant except for the Mahdi.
Every society harbors both good and evil people. A society cannot be collectively cursed. Such an understanding of curse is not fitting to the Qur’an.

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People don’t understand that the actual struggle is against the system of dajjal [antichrist]. This is why we face such extraordinary incidents.
The attempts to drive a wedge between Russia and Turkey is an exercise in futility. As a nation, we’ll not allow such sedition to occur.
Hypocrites do not like to engage in any work; they want to delegate everything to Muslims, they want to be a burden on others.
Satan devastates human beings by instilling the most unbecoming doubts; likewise hypocrites devastate one’s mindset, the environment and everything else.
The barbed speech of the hypocrite stems from satan’s grip on his soul.
With foolish pretexts, hypocrites claimed that –may God forbid- our Prophet (pbuh) couldn’t think properly but they thought better.The hypocrite even claim to be God, may God forbid.
Because hypocrites target the most devout believer, they always bother prophets, messengers and the leaders of the time.
Hypocrites also want to destroy peace. That is why they constantly stir up conflicts and create anarchy, but they always form a reasonable ground for it.
We congratulate Mr.Donald Trump once again and believe that he will be instrumental in establishing a devout America once again.
Protection of the territorial integrity of Syria is a correct policy. This policy would be a great spiritual smack to the British Deep State.
The Russian Ambassador to Turkey was a person entrusted to our nation. Shooting an entrusted person in the back is severe iniquity and perfidy.

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The Mahdi is a teacher of love that will end tyranny. His job is bringing social justice, love and compassion.
We should act quickly to build a very strong alliance with Iran and Russia, cooperate with them in everything.
We’ll be friends with Iran, with Russia. The British Deep State is wrong to think that with their feeble games they can manipulate our people.
Turkey is a key country that maintains balance. It would be great for her to be both in NATO and the Shanghai Pact.
The goal of the Mahdi movement is love, compassion and justice.
The British Deep State doesn't want Iran and Turkey to be friends and to ally. They stir up trouble since they cannot exploit Turkey and Iran.
Hypocrites cause constant discomfort with their talks, gazes and jokes. It’s because they are constantly restless.
Hypocrites have wild mood swings. They sulk and then suddenly appear maniacally happy.
Attacks against Iran and Russia started because they criticized the British Deep State. It is imperative that Turkey, Russia and Iran ally.
We understand from the Qur’an that the main goal of hypocrites is taking up Muslims’ time.
Satan applies great pressure on hypocrites so that their bodies can be completely possessed. That’s why hypocrites act insane.
Hypocrites, which are actually human satans, are very active. Even one of them can be a serious source of trouble for Muslims.
Unless Muslims expose and intellectually neutralize hypocrites, hypocrites will continue with their trouble-making.
Qarun got spoiled and even more obnoxious when believers showed interest in him and later caused trouble for believers.
Hypocrites are spoiled. They suddenly get happy in a spoiled manner and suddenly begin to sulk. They feel joy when they do something evil.
Qarun was a hypocrite at the time of Prophet Moses. He was a source of trouble for believers. Even his keys were a problem. The fact that Qarun’s keys were a burden for believers shows that hypocrites cause constant trouble for believers.
Hypocrites try to abuse the kindness of believers and shamelessly makes constant demands. Hypocrites are obnoxious. When they don't want to do something because they find it too burdensome, they try to make believers do it.
Hypocrites love keys, love opening secret things. They are curious about everything about believers, want to learn everything.
It appears the British Deep State has launched an attack against Russia. Russia will foil that plot by fully allying with Turkey.
Hypocrites seek to cause constant trouble for believers. They seek to damage their property, hold them back, waste their time.
Hypocrites are lethargic and incapable when it comes to serving Islam, but are extremely motivated for any non-Islamic matter.
Hypocrites seek to disturb and agitate believers and hold them back. When he cannot do that, he will be distressed.
Hypocrites live with frozen brains and souls under the influence of satan. As believers enthusiastically work for God, hypocrites live dully. As hypocrites are away from God, they live with an animalistic indifference and apathy. They can spend hours doing nothing.
The British Deep State widely uses the hypocrites under its control to cause trouble and to kill. The British Deep State trains hypocrites to be professional users of the Internet and teaches them hacking to be used against Islam.
Hypocrites change character depending on the season. At the time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), they caused trouble saying ‘do not go out to war in the heat’.
Islam is our whole life. There can be no single moment of our lives without religion.
The Mahdi is just a teacher of love; his sole job is love and justice. He won’t do politics or be involved in materialistic pursuits.
Throughout history, Muslims have always had a leader. Muslims got stronger and victorious with leadership of a spiritual leader.
God explains in the Qur’an that Muslims should have a spiritual leader and that Muslims should pray so that God sends a spiritual leader.
We should act quickly to strengthen our amity with Russia. Let us invite President Putin to Turkey and sign new trade and military deals.
Lenin defends terrorism, which is the basis of Marxist-Leninist ideology. To end terror, this philosophy should be intellectually defeated.
Darwinism teaches that one has to fight to survive and be strong. This teaching provides the basis for terrorism and wars in the world.
Mr. Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was cowardly shot in the back. His assassination is a severe wrongdoing and an atrocity.
The British Deep State cannot stand to see the fact that Turkish-Russian relations are getting stronger and that Russians are getting more religious. We will foil the plots through love.
We will reinforce Turkish-Russian relations even more. Russian people are very much like Anatolian people in terms of nature. Russia will always be our friend.
Some cannot stand to see friendliness between Russia-Turkey. Let’s make our friendship even stronger despite the conspirators.
Mr. Andrei Karlov, the Russian Ambassador to Turkey, was a very kind, decent and honorable man. May God give patience to his loved ones.
Strengthening Russian-Turkish relations and taking immediate steps for this purpose would be the best answer to plotters.

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It's so fine that there are devout Orthodox, Jews and Muslims in Russia. It would be so fine to see synagogues and churches to be full of devout people.
Women are precious beings. I am baffled that women are not appreciated.
During the 1980-90s, the Communist Tamil guerrillas committed the highest number of suicide attacks. During the same period the PKK started suicide attacks, too.
Those who say leftist organizations don’t make suicide attacks are in fact in error. Engaging in gunfights with the army and security forces is a form of suicide attack and that is what leftist organizations do.
Hypocrites try to prevent something reasonable and want to waste Muslims’ time with futile deeds.
People are in general well-intentioned; yet insincere hypocrites put people into serious trouble. Otherwise, people want to live in peace.
The cause of all the afflictions the Islamic world is going through is hypocrites. It was also the hypocrites who demolished the Ottoman Empire.

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It's significant that just after our explanations Khamenei stated in his today’s speech that British Shiism incites Muslims against Muslims. Khamenei stated that salvation for Islamic world against the British Deep State is possible only by Islamic Union just like we said so.
Iran and Turkey are two friend Muslim countries. Just as ISIS does not represent Sunni Islam, Shia militia do not represent Iran. Both ISIS and Shia militias are organizations led by the British Deep State. All such groups in the region are branches of the British Deep State.
They want to demolish Muslims by taking advantage of disintegration of Islamic world. Just the opposite, we will be one and united, we will not fall foul.
The British Deep State wants to make Muslims get into conflict with other Muslims. The armies of Iran and Turkey are two of the world’s greatest armies; they want to make them fight each. Iran and Turkey, two great powers of Islamic world will not fall foul of each other, on the contrary we will be united. And we will take Russia on our side.
The British Deep State will not gain any results by setting its hired sycophants against Muslims.
The British Deep State is insanely attacking from all its centers. Their hired minions are attacking from every point, but they won’t discourage us.
We should not be deceived by plots and be cautious against provocation. If we form Islamic Union right now, all these plots will collapse from the base.
Kurd means a pure, immaculate Muslim, a noble believing person. Kurds are precious for us; we hold them in high esteem. No one can harm a single strand of Kurds’ hair.
The British Deep State is used to setting people against each other in Middle East. They are foolishly assuming they can do so in Turkey also.
The British Deep State is trying to make Turks and Kurds fight is a foolish provocation. It is just one of the foolish moves of hypocrites.
Kurds and Turks have been living as brothers on this land for thousands of years. We all have both Kurdish and Turkish blood in our veins.
In the past, the British Deep State was manipulating the Middle East as it desired. The time for its provoking the people with its lies is over.
Iran is fed up with British Shiism. The British Deep State wants to make Shia and Sunni fight each other by using British Shiism.
The majority of modern-day intelligence organizations are founded and being led by the British Deep State. The CIA and MI6 were founded by the British Deep State taking British Special Operations Executive (SOE) as a model.
All the events in the world progress in favor of the Mahdi movement. No incident would come about that the movement of the Mahdi does not want.
There might be temporary good progress in hypocrites; this should not make us heedless. They are very rancorous and immoral; they make sudden attacks. A normal person would not think of making series of corrupt behaviors in a row, but hypocrites make series of depraved acts one after the other under satan’s influence.
Hypocrites develop like bacteria, that is, why it is important for them to approach celebrities and try to be one.
Hypocrites are very lazy; they want to sit around indolently while making Muslims work. This way they take up Muslims’ time and make continuous demands.
Hypocrites want to do evil all the time. They look for ways to do evil and give harm. They struggle to give harm, even if not much.
Hypocrites feel strong hatred against Muslims. It is so severe that their hatred overflows from their mouths. They fail to hide it.
Hypocrites’ nerves are very tense; they are like uncontrolled cars. They make unpredictable moves all of a sudden.
Hypocrites have severe inferiority complexes. For this reason they want to exalt themselves by bringing forward the deficient sides of other people.
Satan knows every weak point of all people; that is why he is a master in how to use hypocrites.

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Terrorists need motivation. Refuting their ideology will demoralize and dispirit them. Bombing, on the other hand, will make them more vengeful. Terrorists are set on killing. But if you show them that their ideas are wrong with anti-Darwinist, anti-materialist education, they’ll lose their spirit.
The British Deep State tries to create the wrong image that Muslims are violent and that the Shia and Sunni constantly fight each other. We’re showing they’re wrong.
Iran should make an official call to Shia groups to pull out from Aleppo. All of them should leave and civilians should be evacuated.
Kurds are religious Muslims; Alawites, Bektashis are perfect Muslims. There will never be a rift between us and our Kurdish brothers and sisters.
There would be no terror groups had Islamic Union been established. Those who oppose Islamic Union are knowingly or unknowingly are contributing to oppression.
The British Deep State funds, guides and controls both ISIS and Shia militias. It is trying to incite hatred against Muslims. The British Deep State supports these terror groups in a bid to portray the beautiful, flawless, loving Islam as a loveless and hateful religion.
Since the latter period of the Ottoman Empire, the British Deep State has gotten used to ousting leaders through coups and playing with nations. But things have changed now. The British Deep State will fail every time they come with a new conspiracy. They are doomed to fail.
The Shias murderers who massacre Muslims in Aleppo and Iraq are tyrants guided by the British Deep State. They are not real Shias, they’re MI6 Shias. We love the Iranian people, our Shia brothers. We condemn the massacres of the militia that murder people in Aleppo and Iraq.
What is more natural than Muslims uniting? There is a plot to pit Muslims against each other through Shia-Sunni distinction. We should beware.
They’re seeking to drive a wedge between us by saying ‘You’re Sunni, you’re Shia’. We will not accept such a divisive tone.
Shia and Sunni people, they are both good Muslims. There is no difference between the Shia murderers in Aleppo and the murderers of ISIS. All of them are controlled by the British Deep State.
At the moment, there is a plot to pit Muslims against each other and some people fall into this trap, albeit unknowingly. Misogyny will draw the wrath of God, will usher in disasters. God created women for love. Some people cannot love women and spread misogyny; they try to limit women, try to condemn them to miserable lives.
God allows me to spread the beautiful message of Islam all around the world through my articles on international media outlets.
God explained that not all Jews, but only the transgressors amongst them, were cursed. It’d be tyranny to say a community is cursed as a whole.
Iran or Shia as a whole cannot be held responsible for the crimes of Shia militia, just like Turkey cannot be blamed for the persecution of Sunni terror groups.
May God allow Muslims to unite and may God join Iran and Turkey. May the whole world live in peace.
Iran is the friend of Islam. It would be wrong to harm Iranian-Turkish relations which is two countries having a centuries-old friendship.
Employing a slanderous tone against the people of Iran is obnoxious. They provoke to set against Iran and Turkey against one another.
Terror organisations are being orchestrated by one organizer, which is the British Deep State. That’s why the techniques, the explosives and the materials are all the same in all terror acts.
Iran and Turkey are two brother countries. Shia and Sunni are brothers. Shias are lovers of Hazrat Ali just as Sunnis. No one should give credit to the hate speech used against Sunnis and Shias.
What we criticize is not the British people or its state but the British Deep State. The British Deep State became a source of trouble for the British as well.
Hindering the evacuation of the civilians from Aleppo would be against good conscience. Evacuations must be carried out as soon as possible.

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I always prioritize women. Women should be at the forefront in every aspect of life.
The true Islam in the Qur’an brings true love, refinement, elegance, quality, happiness, joy and beauty.
Those people who considered the idolatrous religion as Islam are surprised when they see the true Islam related in the Qur’an which is the source of love and joy.
After what happened recently in Aleppo, everyone saw once more how valuable Turkey is for the entire Islamic world.
Murderers sent to Iraq and Syria are in fact communists disguised as Shia, irreligious hitmen working for the British Deep State. It would be foolish to be angry at the entirety of Shia because of some murderers disguised as Shia. Iran and Turkey are friends and will build Islamic Union together.
No one should pay attention to provocative allegations about our Kurdish brothers and sisters. Kurds are precious for us, very dear to us.
They are trying to drive a wedge between Iran and Turkey. No matter what they do, we will remain friends with Iran. They plan to destroy Muslims after making Iran and Turkey enemies in the Middle East. To foil that plot, we will be even better friends with Iran.
Some people don't understand that God creates love and beauty as a whole in destiny. Love happens because God creates it.
There is a group of hateful, angry youngsters with no vision. It’s important to call them to the right way with love and patience.
Turkey and Iran will continue to remain brothers no matter what the British Deep State does to prevent it. We will not allow a conflict between Shia and Sunni.
They seek to pit Turkey and Iran against each other. If these two powers join forces, all Muslims will benefit from it. Pitting Turkey and Iran against each other is a project of the British Deep State. No one should fall into this trap. It’s wrong to be angry at the Shia or Iran for the atrocities of tyrants who pretend to be Shia.
Ataturk was a religious Muslim who sent thousands of copies of the Qur’an to Anatolia and who carried a copy of the Qur’an in his pocket all the time.
Our Prophet would never say anything encouraging violence. Those hadiths promoting violence are fabricated. They have to be disavowed.
I’m vehemently against all sorts of terror, anarchy and violence. Violence is violence no matter what: I will never accept it.
IHH is providing aid to places of severest clashes to help civilians and they are working in very difficult conditions. May God bless them.
Had Muslims been united, there would be complete peace right now. But some people are doing everything they can to stop Muslims from uniting.
Widely acknowledged hadith reference books like Bukhari and Muslim include non-Qur'anic orders like killing people who shave or drink alcohol. In order to end violence, it is crucial that such non-Qur'anic orders are immediately removed from hadith books.
There is no violence in the Qur'an. Fabricated hadiths which are used as a justification for violence should definitely be removed from the hadith collections.
Groups like ISIS, the Taliban and Al-Qaeda are using violence and terror. Muslims can never accept such practices. We have always explained and will always explain how there is no violence in the Qur'an. The hadiths that contradict the Qur’an and promote violence are fabricated hadiths and should be disavowed.
Putin might have made mistakes in the past, but he is an honest and good leader. It’s good he took steps to ensure safe evacuation of Aleppo.
Turkey is a very compassionate, caring country with a very noble nation. This was proven one more time on the occasion of Aleppo.
Everything I say is based upon documented evidence. Minions of the British Deep State will fail in their endeavors.
To drive people away from Islam, the British Deep State gave the wrong impression that Muslims couldn’t enjoy life. We proved them wrong.

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Many people wrongly thought Muslims followed superstition and couldn't appreciate beauties, painting, sculpture and all other kinds of art. By means of the Qur’an, we proved them wrong.
The loveless understanding of Islam that lacks beauty and that has no place for women stems from not knowing the morality of the Qur’an.
Satan took away music, arts, science and beauty from Muslims. We have made it possible for Muslims to regain all these beauties deemed lawful by the Qur’an.
Presenting Islam as if it is a religion impossible to live by is a plot of the system of the dajjal [antichrist]. An understanding of Islam in which there is no place for music, arts and beauty is what the system of dajjal promotes.
The time of the Mahdi will be the happiest time for women. They will live at ease and in comfort almost as if they were in heaven.
Hypocrites try to meet celebrities and make a circle of friends from them. They try to use this circle of friends against Muslims.
It is the movement of the Mahdi that will awaken the Islamic world from that deep sleep it is in. Enthusiasm, fervor and unity could only be attained with the Mahdi movement.
Terror has an ideology and a superstitious religion. The defect stems from Darwinism that is based on denial of God.
Nations excel with great excitements. The state of dormancy prevailing in the Islamic world right now will disappear and a spiritual rising will be attained with the Mahdi movement.
There is the need for a solid spiritual rising in the Islamic World. That could only be possible with the empowerment of people’s enthusiasm and it is the Mahdi movement that will make it possible.
Our intellectuals and writers should continue writing about the British Deep State every single day. They should act in unity.
It is very dangerous to incite hostility against Iran. Iran has been a friendly country for thousands of years. It would be wrong to declare a country evil as a whole.
The Islamic World is in need of a spirit of revival. That could only be possible with the movement of the Mahdi. Without the Mahdi movement, all they do in Islamic meetings is to gather in a hotel, have dinners and go back to their countries.
Hypocrites are very influential in many places all over the Islamic world and that is why the Islamic Unity is not being formed. The British Deep State enmeshed these hypocrites they have been using all over the Islamic World on Muslims.
Thousands of Syrian children are lost in Europe, yet some scholars still claim that there is nothing wrong and that Muslims are held in high esteem everywhere.
The whole world started to see the ignominious characteristics of the British Deep State. It is the British Deep State that causes the martyrdom of children and women all around the world.
48 hours should be given to evacuate civilians from Aleppo. Russia should be determined on this. There should be nothing to disrupt the ceasefire.
Saying that persecution has skyrocketed means the dajjal [antichrist] has appeared. If the dajjal has appearead, how could one say that the Mahdi hasn’t? That is dishonesty.
My friends are very meticulous about performing their daily prayers on time. They never delay their prayers and always perform their prayers on time.
The British Shiism consists of pawns who want Sunnis to be in a war with the Shias. Khamenei also criticizes this movement. No one should be fooled by the plots of the British Shiism.
Muslims should be praying for Islamic Unity, for being blessed with Mahdi & Jesus Messiah’s appearance, not fighting with other Muslims.
It would be persecution to incite Shia and Sunni Muslims against one another. We are against the persecutors, not against a nation as a whole.
Persecutors who attack Muslims in Iraq and Syria and who claim to be Shias are in fact vile, irreligious, faithless types under the influence of the British Deep State.
Muslims strive to save everyone, be it Christians, Jews, Wahabis, Shias or Buddhists. Muslims wish no one to ruin as it doesn’t comply with the Qur’an.
A handful of hypocrites and communists under the influence of the British Deep State cause persecution in Iran. Muslims want the betterment of everyone.
They want Turkey to be in a fight with Iran and also Sunnis to be in a fight with Shias. It is actually the British Deep State that demands this conflict between Shias and Sunnis. We won’t be fooled by this filthy sedition.
The ones carrying out this persecution are not the immaculate people living in Iran, but a handful of hypocrites organized by the British Deep State. We are against the persecutors, not Iran.

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Many US senators and politicians stated the fact that US politics is directly dependent on the British Deep State.
Ocalan said in detail that the British Deep State founded and directed the PKK. Marx also developed his ideology in Britain.
A ceasefire should immediately be declared in order to rescue the hundred children who are besieged in Aleppo and civilians should be rapidly removed from the areas of conflict.
People who are led by British Deep State have a common philosophy and tone. Rumi is their common point. Hegel also quoted from Rumi. Osame bin Ladin was also raised in Britain. It was the British Deep State that organized al-Qaida. They also held the Gulen organization under control.
Accusations and writings against Erdogan are almost the same everywhere. It is evident that this activity is led from a single center.
Whatever the British Deep State and treacherous hypocrites do, it will get in their way. Whatever happens will be bad for them and good for believers.
There is no ground for civil war in Turkey. Both Kurds and Alawites are precious to us. No ground for conflict exists.
There is a communist Stalinist structure on Turkey’s border, producing terrorists all the time. The actual ideology of this structure should be eliminated.
Unless the ideological ground for the PKK/YPG’s existence is removed, terror will not end.
Everyday our intellectuals and writers disclose the British Deep State. Their numbers will increase day by day and they will be uncovered especially in Middle East.
It is not hard for the PKK/YPG and other terror organizations to recruit members. Terrorist systems can only end when the belief of their members is eliminated.
When the British Deep State tries to find sycophants for its use, it influences young girls in countries like Pakistan by paying them compliments like ‘‘you are a genius” and hence pampers their arrogance.
British Shiism is determined in causing discrimination between Shia and Sunni. Its followers incite hatred. Nobody should agree with its indoctrination.
Cyprus is our own land; we would never give away our lands and agree to any such agreement. We want amity to exist in Cyprus; there should be no border between the two peoples. Greece and Southern Cyprus should not make illogical demands under the influence of British Deep State.
The fact that a ceasefire in Aleppo has been agreed upon for the civilians to be evacuated is acceptance to our prayers.
The defeated sycophants of the British Deep State lie insanely in their inside communications, they con one another.
Most Shia stayed loyal to the Ottoman Khalifa during World War I and did not obey Britain’s call to fight.
When Shia and Sunni acted together in the Siege of Kut al-Amara, they made a historical victory. Now we will be together as Sunni and Shia once again.
If Sunni and Shia ally, the influence of the British Deep State that aims to melt the Islamic world down like a candle would disappear.
We have to be cautious against hypocrites. Hypocrites that are among the Shia and Sunni communities cause enmity.
Hypocrites are plagiarists of ideas. They claim every idea to be theirs. They have a fraudulent nature.
Hypocrites are impudent and shameless. They suffer all their lives in disgrace and humiliation leading a dog’s life, then they die disastrously.
Hypocrites are obsessed. They keep on telling the same subject continuously like a person with a heavy dementia.
Hypocrites have a feeling of superiority stemming from a severe inferiority complex. That is why they unwisely try to humiliate people.
Hypocrites want to harm Muslims’ properties. For example, Samiri usurped believers’ gold and built a statue of a calf.
Whatever the evil plan hypocrites devise God makes it come out good for believers.
Samiri was a hypocrite who showed himself to be powerful by saying he had connections with the deep state of the time and some people were deceived by him.
Hypocrites are gluttonous and insatiable. Their real goal is to put Muslims in dire straits. They wanted onions and beans while they were in the desert with Prophet Moses (pbuh) just to cause corruption.
God creates a sort of cuteness in pandas, cats and other living beings. This cuteness is created only for people to like it.
Hypocrites are like bats, they make secret plans in darkness. They get into contact with satan. Yet every plan of theirs is actually created by God.
Hypocrites put no effort for the sake of Islam. But whenever there is an evil activity, they are very zealous and act promptly.
Hypocrites do not keep their promises, they use every means they have been given for treachery. They constantly betray Muslims.
When satan falls down on hypocrites their bodies almost become beastly. The Qur’an draws special attention to the emptiness in their looks.
The Qur’an tells in detail about how hypocrites try to tire and put Muslims out of action and take their time under some reasonable pretexts.
Hypocrites are like beasts that approach this a-way and that a-way between two communities.

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It was the British Deep State that brought the Nazis into power. They financed Hitler with money taken from the American people.
Hypocrites don't like peace. They want trouble, tension and fight because satan stirs up constant anarchy in their souls.
The smell of cigarettes is revolting and doesn't go away even with ventilation. Smoking makes the smoker ugly, including the complexion and teeth.
Being crazily in love with God is a great honor for a believer.
Darwinism is a superstitious belief; it is the religion of the dajjal [antichrist] and brings disasters to whole world and particularly to Islamic world.
Darwinism is an affront to God Who created and manages everything (God is above such claims). Darwinism is completely unscientific, it is a superstition.
Hadiths are genuine only if they are in compliance with the words of God. If what is foretold in the hadiths come true, that hadith is genuine.
For a believer, it is not age, but the soul that matters. The soul might mature faster than the body.
They teach only the history of Islam at schools. There is no true religious education. They should teach love, manners, kindness and compassion.
For Turkey to be saved from its troubles, and showered with blessings, one-sided Darwinist education should be ended. Because Darwinism clearly denies God (God is above such claims).
Darwinism is the superstitious religion of the British Deep State. Mr. Putin, Mr. Erdogan and Mr. Trump should join forces and form a mutual scientific stance against Darwinism.
They are trying to mislead Muslims by saying ‘there is reference to evolutionary existence in the Qur’an’. There is no reference to evolution in the Qur’an. Evolution basically claims that life came into being by chance in muddy water.
It’s important to end terror first by taking away their superstitious religion, in other words, by scientifically ending Darwinism.
A believer should be brave, smart and sensible. Haste is a part of human nature, but a believer keeps it under control.
Mehteran is the world’s most successful, most glorious and most excellent military band.
The British Deep State has been carrying out its deeds with ease, as it had been hiding behind a shroud of mist for the past 200 years. That mist can be removed only when the British Deep State is named out loud.
The British Deep State is the cause of problems in the Islamic world. They use hypocrites for their acts and Darwinism and Rumism as their philosophies. The main resource of British Deep State is hypocrites. When we intellectually render them ineffective, the British Deep State will lose its army.
Mahdi won’t be involved in politics. His duty is love, justice and peace.
In the dimension of the martyrs, there is nothing to be sad about. And their bodies, their souls cannot feel sad anyway. They feel only joy.
There is fear and worry in this world. But in the dimension of the martyrs, they only feel joy and happiness.

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The British Deep State wants Muslims to be killed en masse in the Middle East. It’s why these so-called ‘accidental bombings’ happen.
It’s wrong to grieve for what God has created.
The British Deep State comes forward in 70 different colors; ISIS, the PKK, the Gulen organization and others are all organized by the British Deep State.
It is unacceptable that hospitals are being bombed in Syria. This pain can stop only with Islamic Union and Mahdi movement.
A Muslim should be brave and fear only God.
Some people want us to adopt a timid, fearful tone when a terror attack takes place. It is the British Deep State that wants such timidity.
My decisiveness, courage and commitment is only for God’s sake; not for anyone’s appreciation or admiration.
I constantly speak about the greatness of the rank of the martyrs. And I have repeatedly said I wanted to be a martyr myself.
In our criticism of Rumi’s philosophy, we’re not talking about the Mawlavism followed in Anatolia. The Rumi philosophy that is promoted by British Deep State is completely against Islam.
The fatal blow to the PKK and the British Deep State would be to eliminate its ideology, that is, its superstitious religion, Darwinism.
Dying as a martyr is the greatest honor; it’s a blessing that a Muslim would most desire. What befits a valiant man is martyrdom.
Condemning cannot defeat terror. The solution lies in ending unilateral Darwinist education that considers human beings as animals. Speaking about the miracles of the Qur'an and making efforts for the realization of the Islamic Union are essential in defeating terror.
In the new Constitution there should definitely be mention on love. An article stating that the state and citizens should love one another must be included in the Constitution.
No one should refrain from saying that the mastermind behind the events is the British Deep State. This recent terror attack is an act of the British Deep State.

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An article about love must be added to constitution, stating that the state and citizens will consider love a subject of high priority. We should not let a loveless generation be ever raised.
Rumism is the British Deep State’s philosophy. It’s different from the Anatolian-type Mawlaviya. Public awareness must be raised against Rumism.
Hypocrisy is one of the worst troubles in the Islamic world. The July 15th Coup Attempt was a hypocritical uprising. We will keep striving against hypocrisy.
We explained in detail the British Deep State’s philosophy, its organization and how it contacts its sycophants and that it infiltrated governments since the time of Abdul Hamid II, degenerated people and spread the use of alcohol and prostitution.
The British Deep State has been acting ferociously against our nation since the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid II. It should be confronted intellectually and continuously.
There’s nothing wrong with organ donation once the donor’s death is medically confirmed. Let’s not let organs rot away in the earth, but be used for health.
God commanded us to spend money, property and wealth for good causes and not to hoard it.
Hypocrites have countless excuses not to help Islam. All the pretexts they use are actually treacherous vile lies.
One of the most evil methods of hypocrites is using their wealth as a way to make Muslims uncomfortable and gain interest over them. By saying ‘do not go out to fight in the heat’ [Qur’an, 9/81], hypocrites tried to insinuate that Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) is a person who does not think of well-being of Muslims [Prophet is above those claims].
Hypocrites have anarchy in their souls, that’s why they want constant trouble. They oppose everything regardless of the subject.
Hypocrites are like moles in fields. You cover a hole and they will pop up somewhere else.
Since hypocrites bear satan’s intelligence, they are talented in an evil way and the British Deep State exploits hypocrites like satan’s army.
Love of God is the most important blessing in the world. There can be no love without love of God. Nothing will have any meaning.

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The fact that Jesus molded clay into the shape of a bird and how that bird came to life at that instant clearly refutes claims of evolutionary creation.
The mastermind behind all plots is the British Deep State. We proved this by showing evidence that this mastermind destroyed the Ottoman Empire.
Those people who do not want Muslims to be oppressed should desire Islamic Union and pray for the appearance of the Mahdi and Prophet Jesus (peace be upon them).
Every problem can be solved with love, kindness, reason and wisdom.
Hypocrites are arrogant around Muslims, but submissive around unbelievers. Aware of the evil nature of hypocrites, the unbelievers debase and mock hypocrites all the time.
As hypocrites are inglorious, they feel no shame in telling lies. They lie with no trace of shame on their faces. The impudence on hypocrites when they are lying results from the fact that they get under the control of satan. Hypocrites lie continuously. Their lies never come to an end.
If hypocrites stage an act of friendship, they will most certainly follow it up with an act of betrayal and treachery.
Hypocrites perform their biggest acts of betrayal when they seem most friendly. They don't attack when Muslims are cautious.
Hypocrites are a serious problem for the entire community. They lie at the first opportunity, and reveal their opposition to God and religion. At time of Prophet Moses (pbuh) hypocrites left Moses alone and returned to Pharaoh only for some beans, onions and garlic. This is how low the hypocrites are. Every time the hypocrites try to do something bad, the Prophets turned that action into something good.
Hypocrites actually know what is right and what is wrong, but still choose to do wrong. Qualified hypocrites are those who have the ability to lead masses. Samiri, who is referred in the Qur’an, was such a hypocrite. Qualified hypocrites try to replace the leaders of the unbelievers and rule the world. Each one of them sees himself as God (God is above their claims). Samiri wanted to lead masses, too and claimed to return them to glory and came forward by saying, ‘Moses forgot his religion’ (Prophet Moses (pbuh) is above such claims). Samiri exhausted Muslims and drained their energy. He took their gold possessions, then made them carry the gold across the desert and had them build a furnace. Samiri later made them do casting. He kept so many Muslims busy over building a golden calf. Samiri only thought of his low selfish gains and wrongly claimed that Muslims had monotonous lives with Prophet Moses (pbuh) and offered them colorful lives in which they would have all kinds of meals.
One of the biggest iniquities of hypocrites is their attempt to accuse God in their speeches (God is above their claims).
Hypocrites are gluttonous. Hypocrites living at the time of Prophet Moses (pbuh) wanted to return to slavery with Pharaoh just because of their gluttonous nature.
Wittiness of hypocrites stem from of satan’s insinuation on them. Muslims should therefore be wise and cautious and shouldn’t adopt a similar style when answering their claims.
Even though hypocrites are foolish, they consider themselves clever. They are so blind; they can’t even realize their idiocy.
I always follow my conscience and I fear only God. I was threatened and slandered so many times before. I never gave up and never will.
The traditional Islamic mindset has built a system to keep women away from religion. We have proved with the verses of the Holy Qur’an how wrong they were.
We have been instrumental in the Freemasons’ growing closer to Islam. For the first time, the truth of the Holy Qur’an is being discussed in Masonic lodges.
They almost made the Mahdi movement completely forgotten. We explained that it is a fact through proofs and conveyed the glad tidings of our Prophet.
Previously, many people hated everything, even cats. We taught them how to love women, kids and animals. We have been explaining everyday here in our program that love is crucial.
I haven’t gone on a vacation in 40 years. Whether it is a snowy or a hot summer day, I've never stopped preaching Islam. My conscience would never accept anything else.
God granted me the opportunity to write over 300 books which are translated into more than 70 languages. God ordained me to write in numerous papers. If I had chosen to pursue worldly goals, I could have considered a weekly TV appearance sufficient but I devote my whole time to service of Islam. God gave me the honor of intellectually defeating Darwinism, exposing the British Deep State and neutralizing radicalism. The educated and elite part of society had almost completely cut its ties with Islam. We reestablished that bond and now they also serve Islam. We were the ones that effectively worked to end the animosity towards different religions and sects and to rebuild ties with Israel.
I never married because my whole time is devoted to God, to Islam and to spreading the beautiful message of Islam.
People assume their child belongs to them. The truth is, all children belong to God. God creates these children and grants them to their families.
We requested Russia to make a ceasefire in the conflict in Aleppo and evacuate the wounded. It’s great that Mr. Lavrov said they’re working on it.

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Hypocrites are so foolishly self-assured that despite all their ignominy and their unbelief about the Hereafter, they claim that they will go to Heaven. “But if We let him taste mercy from Us after he has suffered hardship, then he says, ‘This is my due. I do not think that the Hour is going to come. And if I am returned to my Lord, I will definitely find the best reward with Him.’ But We will inform those who are unbelievers of what they did and make them suffer a ruthless punishment.” Qur’an, 41:50
One of the main characteristics of the hypocrites is that they are insanely self-assured. They all believe that they know everything very well and that they rule the world.
Some of those that curry favor to the British Deep State are convinced that they are wise and intelligent enough to rule the world yet they all are foolish.
Every hypocrite imagines himself as the supreme brain that rules the world. Every single one of them is convinced that he is incredibly intelligent and wise when in fact they are all fools.
There is no aspect of this world that could justify people’s being devoted to it. Yet, hypocrites are insanely devoted to this world. Hypocrites’ attachment to this world is fiercer than that of the unbelievers.
There is no music outside. Every person hears music inside his brain. There are only sound waves beyond us and it is the soul that perceives those waves as music. The soul has no need for electricity and sound waves to hear music. Sound waves and the electricity that reaches the brain exist merely as causes for music to form.
It is outright insincerity to feign ignorance about the fact that we are living in the End Times, even though the portents foretold in the hadiths have all been realized.
We will not let Turkey be divided. We will not let a communist state be founded right beside Turkey. They should be aware of this fact.
People who have never been treated with kindness should persistently be shown compassion. It might then be possible to mend their ways and make them better.
The Dollar and the Euro should legally be taken out of circulation within Turkey. It should not be based on people’s will whether to use them or not.

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It is horrible that love is this much forgotten by people. Love is crucial, an official policy should be implemented about this.
It is not scientific to try to show extinct living beings with complete and perfect organs that have lived in the past as transitional forms. Transitional fossils are fossils belonging to pathological living beings with incomplete and undeveloped organs. Yet there is no single such fossil. There are about 700 million fossils found so far, but they all belong to perfect complete living beings; they bear no evolutionary pathology.
Let us define a term and after that term let us legally take Dollars and Euros completely out of circulation in Turkey.
Everyone is serving the Mahdi movement whether they desire it or not. This is a fascinating art of God.
The fact that the opposition exists in Turkey is one of the strongest evidences that democracy exists. It should be promoted.
In the past it was easy to overthrow the government if they had willed and bring in those that they desired. People presume this system is still valid, yet they are mistaken.
There should a great meeting for President Erdoğan stressing that he is not alone. The AKP youth should make such an organization. The ‘You are Not Alone’ meeting for Erdoğan should include at least three million people. It would be a great response to the British Deep State.
All political parties should support President Erdoğan. The British Deep State should see that we won’t let one of our own be defeated against them.
Our state should make the matter of ‘Love’ number one issue. Without the existence of love, a violent kind of hate develops.
It is a pagan belief to claim that the entirety of a specific community is cursed inherently. God has cursed only those people who have committed crime and acted cruelly.
The belief that Jews are cursed people don’t comply with the Qur’an. God has cursed only those who have wronged themselves in that era.
Our brothers should not hesitate to donate organs. It is a good merit in the Sight of God to be the cause for someone’s recovery.
The British Deep State uses state of the art technology at its bases located in Southern Cyprus to be able to monitor the Islamic world.
Being honest, kind and compassionate is only possible through religion. A person who believes he will be dead and lost does not use willpower to be honest and good.
Religion makes a clear distinction between the good people and the bad people.
It is a great miracle that both a person’s soul and body changes so affirmatively and fills with light through religion.

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The Unity of Islam refers to all Muslims living together as brothers. It’s not based upon the disintegration of countries.
A Muslim is neither a fascist of religion, nor that of race. He is in fraternal relationship with members of all religions and races.
It’s important to accentuate that Turkey advocates Syria’s territorial integrity.
Turkey, Iran, China and Russia must trade with their own currencies. There is no need to trade with Dollars and Euros.
Because the sedition is so huge, we need to crack down the British deep state and its structures in the intellectual sense.
The immorality, abnormality and filth of hypocrites are all created for a reason. Hypocrisy is a kind of mental derangement.
Assuming that hypocrites have an independent power would be a huge mistake. Hypocrite are problematic, sick and unstable beings.
The reason why we dwell on the topic of hypocrites so much is that since the Ottoman Empire they, have clung on like a leech and caused so many corruptions.
While Muslims are being martyred en masse, some Muslims don’t speak about the Unity of Islam and engage in idle talk for hours.
Hypocrites consider themselves as superior people who know better than anyone else. They consider themselves superior to God, may God forbid.
In Aleppo, women and children are being martyred but a great part of the Islamic world remains mute.
While there are Syrians being martyred for months, the minions of the British Deep State are heavily occupied with homosexuals’ rights.
Muslims aren’t prepared for the seditions hypocrites can generate over the Internet. Thus it’s important to disclose these methods.
In this century hypocrites have attained a great opportunity to stip up sedition via Internet and smart phones. July the 15th coup was such a sedition. Secret correspondence programs and fake accounts cause hypocrites attain a filthy power. The danger of this power was seen on July 15th coup attempt.
Tens of thousands of Muslims are besieged in Aleppo yet some religious scholars still claim that there is no movement of the antichrist [dajjal] in action and that Muslims are comfortable wherever they go.
A ceasefire should be made for a while in Aleppo so that both food and doctor and medicine could be dispatched to meet the need.
God commands us to distribute wealth among those in need and not to let it circulate among a certain wealthy class.
It has been foretold in the accounts that Aleppo will be besieged in the End Times at the time of the Mahdi (pbuh).
Those who live by Islam sincerely would not have a darkened soul. Those who have been suffocated in rage and hatred, who do not serve Islam, stand up and criticize Muslims.
There is the filth and treachery of hypocrites on one hand and those of the unbelievers on the other hand; Muslims spiritually improve by means of all these.
Turkey should follow a policy that stands against the disintegration of Syria. We would not be happy to see a country breaking into pieces.
The Muslim world cannot attain unity because of some Muslims who turn a blind eye to the movement of antichrist [dajjal]. They do not understand the antichrist movement unless disasters befell them.
Acting as if being beautiful and well-groomed is a crime for women is something done deliberately. They wanted to raise vulgar women who speak harshly and who look like men. By encouring women to be like men and unkempt, they wanted to popularize homosexuality. We rendered their attacks ineffective.
They have raised a hateful and belligerent generation in order to use them in actions such as riots and coups, yet the devout attitude of our people rendered them ineffective.
Under the influence of the British Deep State, a non-starter, unhappy youth who hates everyone and makes a habit of evil belligerency is raised. These are specifically raised, small group of people. They wanted to use this nasty lot in riots, etc., but the faithful generation proved to be stronger.
Without the hypocrites there would be lethargy among Muslims. In that sense the hypocrites bring about excitement and vitality to Muslims. Every hypocrite move strengthens Muslims’ power of togetherness, their enthusiasm and fervor regarding faith.
Despite the evilness in their hearts, the hypocrites say they take God as their witness. All hypocrites aim for with their speeches is to con and influence weak people.
The hypocrites try to decieve Muslims by appearing to be talking about the Qur’an and about Islam, by using the name of God.
The hypocrites learn about the Qur’an simply to give a struggle against Muslims.
The hypocrites try to show as if what they say complies with the Qur’an. That is why they distort the Book with their tongues. “Among them is a group who distort the Book with their tongues so that you think it is from the Book when it is not from the Book. They say, ‘It is from God,’ but it is not from God. They tell a lie against God and they know it.”
(Qur’an, 3/78)
One of the atrocious characteristics of the hypocrites is that they attack Muslims with the Qur’an. They try to advocate homosexuality with the Qur’an, even though homosexuality is explicitly deemed unlawful in the Qur’an.
Hypocrites are brazen; they claim that they are the source of everything that is good yet when they get into trouble they disgracefully blame Muslims.
Hypocrites are very piggish. They always seek ways to give harm to the wealth of Muslims.
Regular prayers (salat) are very joyous for Muslims. It is joyous to perform prayers in a timely manner. One makes preparations for performing prayers with joy.
During the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, Darwinist propaganda became fierce, beerhouses and tobacco use was spread everywhere and the Ottoman Empire was disintegrated. What really happened at the time of Sultan Abdul Hamid II was not known before. At that time the British Deep State literally captivated the Ottomans. It is not a time to be proud of.
After our warnings, more than 200 intellectuals and writers have assumed an intellectual stand against the threat of the British Deep State. The British Deep State will be brought to an end throughout the world.
The British Deep State wants to make Muslims get used to homosexuality, which is an abhorrent and unlawful act according to the Qur’an, and to make it seem as if it is reasonable.
The British Deep State deceives and uses youngsters from countries such as Pakistan and Jordan promising to make them very famous among political circles. The British Deep State approaches youngsters in every country according to their respective cultures, puts them under their influence and takes them to Britain. Then they send them back to their countries as spies. Actually The British Deep State hates those people they collect from the Islamic countries and talks very ill about them behind their backs. Nevertheless, they use them in all their chores.
George Soros and his is only one of hundreds of people the British Deep State supports. It is important to state that the real power behind them is the British Deep State.
At the night of the coup attempt, I have assumed a very clear attitude against the coup starting from the very first hours. I was on the air for more than 12 hours and I stated that the coup attempt was not orchestrated within the chain of command of the Turkish army.

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Chatham House is an organization that is in direct contact with the British Deep State. We should beware accordingly.
The activities of the British Deep State demolished the Ottoman Empire, now they are trying to demolish Turkey. They’re the ones who orchestrated July 15th coup.
The greatest intelligence headquarters of Britain in the Middle East are located in Southern Cyprus. These stations were founded first in Abdul Hamid II's era. The intelligence bases of Britain in Southern Cyprus are exempt from any legal inspection. There is a sort of autonomous governance in this area.
On the night of July 15th the British Navy deployed soldiers to Cyprus and made all the necessary arrangements for a potential occupation.
On the night of July 15th, the UK was in preparation for occupying Turkey. After seeing that the coup has failed, it stated its so-called support.

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God says in the Qur’an, ‘there are signs in the world and in heavens and most people just walk by, unaware’. This is also a reference to the Mahdi (pbuh) in the world, and Prophet Jesus (pbuh) in the heavens.
One of the most distinctive qualities of the Mahdi movement is that it will not seek payment. One should never ask for payment to preach religion.
Unbelievers are unaware of neither God, nor the hereafter. They only suffer, hate themselves, but can find no way out of their dilemma.
Our Lord very wisely explains the nightmarish lives of unbelievers and their lack of judgment: “Or they are like the darkness of a fathomless sea which is covered by waves above which are waves above which are clouds, layers of darkness, one upon the other. If he puts out his hand, he can scarcely see it. Those God gives no light to, they have no light.” Qur’an, 24/40
The thing that upsets unbelievers the most is the darkness on their faces. They hate themselves.
Just like hyenas lead difficult lives, cruel people live difficult lives. They try to hide their pain with phrases like ‘realities of life’.
Believers shouldn't be surprised that unbelievers are high in numbers. The success always belongs to believers.
God turns the world into a living hell for those that forget God, and chase the world instead. With their darkened faces, they live unhappily.
God darkens the faces of those that are away from Him. Those people cannot get rid of that darkness.

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Hypocrisy is a topic that we will dwell on until Islamic morality prevails in the world. Hypocrisy is the Islamic world’s greatest scourge.
Hypocrisy is a profound form of insanity. Their souls have almost turned into a tar. A normal Muslim can never grasp this state of mind.
The attribute of God, Al-Hayy, manifests itself also in Jesus. He made a mold in the shape of a bird out of clay and by God’s Grace it turned into a living bird.
Anything that exists will never disappear for all eternity. Any word we say, even mimicry, everything will remain in God’s memory until eternity.
We need to call people to honesty because the hypocrite is a great peril for the Islamic world. It’s hypocrites who are responsible for the current bloodshed in the Islamic world in our time.
Unbelievers are honest. They sincerely put forth their outlook and openly say that they don’t fulfill their prayers. The hypocrite, on the other hand, lives as an impostor all his life.
It is very wrong to oppress an atheist. An atheistic person honestly reveals his stance. In cases of oppression, people turn to hypocrisy.
It’s not an offense to be an atheist. One may have difficulty in believing in God, but the conditions for him to say this out loud should be provided.
The number of hypocrites is predestined. In the Qur'an, it’s stated that satan can have no influence over the sincere servants of God.
A hypocrite always engages in turpitude and lives in constant tension.
Honesty eases the conscience. The hypocrite, on the other hand, constantly engages in forgery and thus always feels tense.
A believer can make an error but he does not insist on doing it repeatedly.
It is almost a miracle that hypocrites surrender to satan and are influenced by it. Satan’s power is weak, but a hypocrite gives in.
Believers seek to get physically stronger, but they do it for God’s sake, to serve God better. Hypocrites, on the other hand, do it for materialistic gains.
Hypocrites do not fear God consciously, which actually shows that they are spiritually dead.
In the Gospels, hypocrites are compared to whitewashed tombs. It is because hypocrites are actually dead; their souls are possessed.
Hypocrites plot skillfully. That’s why Muslims should be very careful and use their judgment very wisely.
Hypocrites are the top contributing factor to Muslims’ attentiveness and zeal.
Existence of an opposing negative power is necessary for Muslims to use their mental prowess.
Everything turns out to be a source of torment for hypocrites. Everything they eat and drink turn out to be a scourge for them.
Hypocrite lives among Muslims almost as a tourist. He doesn’t pay any attention to waging an intellectual war for Islam.
By presenting themselves like Muslims, hypocrites stick to Muslims like leeches. They dastardly seek only their own interests.
Hypocrites are incredible liars. They find a pretext for everything. When they commit an immoral act, they immediately find a pretext for it.
Adhan [call to prayer] and sala bring relief to the heart. Adhan brings ease and abundance.
We see the British Deep State being dastardly around President Erdoğan. He will never remain alone in this great struggle.
Hypocrites feel an immense greed for food. They are dastardly inclined to lust and food. They nefariously use lust in order to use people.
The hypocrites call themselves peace-makers while they actually cause corruption. The British Deep State coordinates hypocrites and uses them in generating sedition.
In order to keep its minions under its grip, one of the phrases that the British Deep State uses is “We’re family.”
The hypocrites are serious trouble-makers for the society. Without disclosing hypocrisy in the real sense, it is impossible for Muslims to live in peace and ease.
One feature of hypocrites is to impute crimes to Muslims. They always slander Muslims. They also did this in the time of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
Hypocrites are liars and thieves in all aspects, but they impute all the atrociousness in their souls to Muslims.
Hypocrites are insatiable; they always come up with new requests. They always want more no matter what they get.
The British Deep State ostensibly appears to desire world peace, but what it essentially wants is bloodshed, dread and trouble.
Qarun said that he has been given everything owing to the information he possessed. The hypocrite also comes up with a similar unwise claim. The hypocrite makes it a habit to plagiarize.
The British Deep State tries to win hypocrites by promising to help them in making an elite circle of friends for them.
It’s very important for hypocrites to get acquainted with prominent people. In order to accomplish this, they engage in all kinds of flattery.
The British Deep State uses its minions for prostitution; thus they enslave these hypocrites to their system.
Hypocrites have their method of sharing each others’ secrets. By disclosing their secrets to one another, they become enslaved to one another.
As long as hypocrites exist, irreligion triumphs despite our best efforts to communicate Islam. First the filth of hypocrisy must be cleansed intellectually.
Even the existence of bees is sufficient to have faith in God. A tiny being establishes its hives with miraculous engineering and makes no single mistake.
Not getting accustomed to the miraculous signs leading to faith around us is very important.

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Believers should not have sleeping minds, on the contrary they should always be full of life and energy. A comatose spirit will not befit believers.
While Muslims are being burned alive in Rohingya, going hungry in Aleppo, are in bloodshed in Iraq and Syria, it is unacceptable for Muslims to be in lethargy.
Believers should refrain from being occupied by any kind of futile issue and meaningless empty talks that would paralyze their inner worlds and occupy their brains. These are all satan’s tricks.
Muslims’ minds have been paralyzed in many parts of the world. Muslims are being sort of stupefied by a mass hypnosis.
Some people forget about aggrieved Muslims all over the world and fall into blindness by making excuses of worries of making a living. This is relentlessness. Those who fall into blindness worrying over making a living forget that they will leave everything behind with death. They are sort of in a race of blindness.
Hypocrites want to pull Muslims away from remembering God by making them fall into blindness. They are adrift in blindness despite the fact that time of death is so close. “Mankind’s Reckoning has drawn very close to them, yet they heedlessly turn away.” (Qur’an, 21/1)

Muslims are lenient, reasonable and companionable while hypocrites are surprisingly evil beings. Hypocrites have a devilish kind of restlessness, vigilance and insane courage. Satan takes possession of hypocrite’s soul and uses his body as a machine.
When people meet hypocrites they are surprised to see their unfavorable behaviors, in truth hypocrites are like robots that satan has taken hold of.
Satan is snobbish and cunning. The reason why hypocrites are so pretentious and cunning is that satan has captured their souls.
Satan has an amazing power to deceive. Hypocrites also have this power of deception. Hypocrites influence those with weak minds and souls.
Hypocrites are human satans and they have many sycophants around them. The British Deep State uses them all for its use.
When Muslims lay stress on the matter of hypocrites and uncover their mentality, the prevalence of Islamic morality develops very fast.
Houses of believers are sort of like mosques while those of hypocrites are almost like prisons. That’s why they constantly want to change locations.
Sycophants of hypocrites admire qualified hypocrites brazenly and make an idol of them in their eyes.
Hypocrites amazingly recognize and find one another; they protect each other. Even if in different countries they get hold of each other.
Hypocrites have an incredible amount of insane energy. They constantly come up with insane demands and want to create disorder.
Hypocrites have insane energy like satan, they approach people from right and from left, they are always restless. “[Satan] said, "My Lord, because You have put me in error, I will surely make [disobedience] attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all.” (Qur’an 15:39)
Hypocrites’ goal is to drive Muslims away from worshipping. They pester believers so much with their insane energy trying to make them not remember God.
Hypocrites constantly demand property and constantly destroy possessions. Hypocrites want to destroy both people and properties.
One of the most apparent signs of hypocrites is that they run away from where God is remembered. It is important to tell hypocrites about God’s commands everywhere.
Hypocrites are like the living dead. Satan uses their bodies. The term “eyes revolving like one being overcome by death” in the Qur’anic verse refers to that. “Indisposed toward you. And when fear comes, you see them looking at you, their eyes revolving like one being overcome by death. But when fear departs, they lash you with sharp tongues, indisposed toward [any] good. Those have not believed, so Allah has rendered their deeds worthless, and ever is that, for Allah , easy.” (Qur’an 33/19)
Hypocrites foolishly show insane courage. People are amazed to see their foolishness and depravity.
Hypocrites always demand something and criticize Muslims with trivial matters.
A hypocrite is a troublesome sort that wants to pester on Muslims. They bother Muslims snobbishly and flagrantly.
Hypocrites always cause sedition upon the incitement of satan. They never calm down. Whenever we assume they have, they make another insane act.
Another amazing incident is that most of Muslims have ignored the matter of hypocrites for centuries. There are over one thousand verses about hypocrites in the Qur’an, but Muslims have always thought that hypocrites had lived in Prophet’s era and are bygone.
Most people do not realize that he lives among millions of zombies. They don’t know that those they fight are a sort of zombies. Zombies in human shape, whose souls are captured by satan cause trouble in all over the world. This is a special requisite of the worldly test.
Some Muslims know some people to be satan’s army and presumes them to be insuperable. The powers they think are invincible will be demolished intellectually.
The intellectual system of the British Deep State will be knocked down. The antichrist movement is doomed to fail. This is a promise of God. “Rather, We dash the truth upon falsehood, and it destroys it, and thereupon it departs. And for you is destruction from that which you describe.” Qur’an, 21/18
People living happily without wars and conflicts is the easiest kind of life. The formation of the Islamic Union is also easy. People regard these as difficult in vain. The most important matter is enjoying love. Without love, Islamic Union will not form by competition of superiority and by being snobs. Everything is easy with sincere love.
Creating an economic crisis by way of raising the value of the Dollar is an easy task for the British Deep State. It only requires them to activate a few institutions.
When we uncover the British Deep State and give it a hard time, it will retract and be demolished. But if we step back, they will become more rampant.
The Dollar and the Euro should be removed in financial transactions within Turkey, let’s use our own money only. Turkey is a self-sufficient country.
The legal tender for public bidding should not be the US Dollar in Turkey. Let us produce the materials required for our defense industry and not pay money to any other country.
People who are weak in faith live a hellish life. Those who don’t know the love of God and who are not mannerly, civil and high-quality suffer horrible lives.
We should respond with kindness and good words to those who are loveless. They have been used to lovelessness; in this way they will learn love.

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Muslims constitute a single community and are in a very nice harmony with each other. No problem would arise among people of faith so long as they abide by the Qur’an.
Satan wants disobedience, conflict and anarchy. Satan wants to incite anarchy. “He said, ‘What prevented you from prostrating when I commanded you to?’ He replied, ‘I am better than him. You created me from fire and You created him from clay.’
He said, ‘Descend from Heaven. It is not for you to be arrogant in it. So get out! You are one of the abased.’” Qur’an, 7/12-13
The satan also has an anarchist spirit of confrontation. When God commands to prostrate satan says ‘I am made of fire, I won’t prostrate’.
There is a notion of constant conflict and confrontation in the communist philosophy. The same is valid for the hypocrites as well; they create conflicts for no real reason.
The light on the Muslims and their purity is the manifestation and obvious sign of their faith.
Jews are noble people who have faith in God, value arts and quality, and are loyal to the Prophet Moses (pbuh) for thousands of years. It's satan that aims at driving a wedge between Muslims and Jews. Stirring up blind hostility against Jews is not in line with Qur'an.
The bread delivered to Aleppo should be made of flour with special supplements including all vitamins and protein.
Aleppo is in a dire situation, there should be a peace treaty right away to provide for urgent food delivery.
Atatürk is a kind of mahdi who has struggled against antichrist system. People gave a wrong image of Atatürk to people, he was modern and pious.
Since the reign of Sultan Abdul Hamid II, nobody could ever rebuke the British Deep State. After we divulged truth about them, everyone has grasped their menace.
It's so auspicious that intellectuals and authors are exposing the British Deep State. Turkey and Russia will defeat it in unison. The British Deep State will be abolished and neutralized intellectually when it is completely exposed. We'll all see this soon, insha'Allah.
The Mahdi will not take part in political life, he is merely a Teacher of Love. He will encourage people to social justice, love, and peace.
Our brothers should not be offended when they encounter loveless people. Slander should not be retributed with slander. Loveless encounters should always be responded insistently with love.
Christians, Jews and irreligious people will all be a part of the Islamic Union. They will all live in ease and at peace.
Tayyip Erdoğan's efforts to unify the Islamic world is really so nice. He should keep going forward on this benevolent path, may God grant him success.
Some make use of the disintegration of the Islamic world and persecute Muslims including women and children. The Islamic world should right away come together in unity around a spiritual leader. If Muslims had a spiritual leader and they united around him, issues like radicalism or terrorism would be resolved and peace would be established.

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The war in Iraq and Syria would be ended if Iran, Turkey and Russia were to act in alliance.
Let us bring the urgency of delivering humanitarian aid to Aleppo on the world agenda. All kinds of help should be provided to the innocent.
The Qur'an reveals that hypocrites are liars, deceivers, treacherous and work in hostility against Muslims. We see all these features on them.
Hypocrites are inclined towards murder, and that is why the British Deep State uses spies swayed to murder. This is seen in their social accounts.
Hypocrites were planning all kinds of sedition, murder and immorality at their Masjid ad-Dirar built against Islam and Prophet Mohammad (pbuh).
Every man dies at the time preordained in destiny by God. This is the truth that never changes.
Hypocrites and satan have the same personality. Both the hypocrite and satan are ungrateful to God.
Believers should never be ignorant or oblivious to the fact of hypocrites; they should always be on guard.
Hypocrites take evil pleasure from distorting the truth and seeking things made crooked.
It seems that right now a handful of hypocrites have taken the entire colossal Islamic world captive.
Hypocrites are like machines under satan's control. With their evil intelligence they imitate Muslims, and wants to distract attention from him.
Hypocrites want to prevent believers from remembering God by making empty-talk, through impertinence, psychotic behavior and endless demands.
Hypocrites live with an anarchistci soul inclined towards unrest due to the incitement of satan. Hypocrite cannot be at ease even for half an hour.
A hypocrite is suspicious of everything. Satan whispers "this statement is against you" for every sentence, and he is under that surmise.
Hypocrites may seem appealing from outside, but they are like propped-up plank of woods. This means satan has taken control of their bodies. “When you see them, their outward form appeals to you, and if they speak you listen to what they say. But they are like propped-up planks of wood. They imagine every cry to be against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. May God destroy them! How they are perverted!”
Qur’an, 63/4
Hypocrites are like snakes; nobody knows where and when they will appear. They are sly and come by unexpectedly at a certain place.
Vision is an amazing miracle on its own. Right inside the brain, there is one who sees without the need of an eye. That is marvelous.
Rumism is the religion of the British Deep State. They support Rumism because it advocates a conception of religion divorced from Islam and the Qur'an.
The lovers of Jesus the Messiah and the Mahdi will ally and defeat the British Deep State by intellectual means.
Islamic world regards the matter 'hypocrites' trivial, yet it's of utmost importance. They lie behind every matter that is a trouble for Muslims.
When Islamic morality prevails, the world will be radiant like light, we won’t see any dark evil persons.
Hypocrites are miraculous beings; they may live with unbelievers if they like, but they prefer to stay with Muslims and live by humiliation.
In Prophet Muhammad’s (pbuh) era, hypocrites tried to get close to Prophet Mohammad’s (pbuh) wives, get information from them, act treacherously and do mischief.
Though there are over a thousand verses about hypocrites in the Qur’an, it is the least focused subject in the Islamic world.
When hypocrites make an immoral act, this is not bad for Muslims; on the contrary it is good, they gain a lot of merit due to that.
Hypocrites agonized Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) but many Islamic scholars leave this subject out. Every unfavorable deed of theirs should be explained.
The British Deep State gets hold of children and youngsters from countries like India, Pakistan, uses them for prostitution and then leaves them aside.
The wolf in sheep’s clothing is symbol used by the Fabian Society that shows how they infiltrate Muslim societies.
The relationship between hypocrites and the British Deep State relies totally upon interests, since hypocrites show themselves to be wealthy, the British Deep State uses them. When it realizes that they are not wealthy, they use them for prostitution.
Another symbol of the Fabian Society is the world that is in flames being hammered. This is a sign that more blood will be shed.
The Fabian Society tries to show themselves as sheep whereas they are as dangerous as a wolf. Their symbols point to this state.
There is heavy pressure on Muslims in the world right now. Wherever there is a person sincerely serving Islam, they are trying to obstruct him.

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Abdulaziz was a modern, religious person very fond of paintings, statues and music. That is why he has been overthrown with a coup and was martyred.
Man is created as very weak. One can die in an instant because of a flu or a sudden decrease in blood pressure.
Jealousy makes a person ugly. Everyone would be very beautiful if they become cognizant of the fact that God is the One Who gives beauty, submit to God and approach each other with love.
All Muslims, all Jews and Christians have a right in the lands of Israel and Palestine. They should all be able to worship wherever they like.
From Myanmar to Syria, Muslims are mercilessly being persecuted everywhere; children and women are being martyred every day. Yet some still say “the antichrist has not appeared yet”.
The bloodshed in Aleppo is one of the torments the movement of the antichrist and the hypocrisy inflicted upon the world.
It is the British Deep State that ripped apart the Ottoman Empire.
Hypocrites are very extravagant and they try to harm Muslims with their squandering. They want to spend the wealth of Muslims.
Hypocrites are very gluttonous. They eat with an animalistic instinct. They cannot live like a normal person.
The hypocrites feel a constant anarchistic simmering; they can’t behave themselves. Even if they are in an empty room, they find something to cause unrest.
Hypocrites are very grumpy, instable and aggressive. They are in constant distress. They want to go out and wander around to rest their hearts but they can never succeed.
The hypocrites want Muslims to go astray and fall into disbelief just like their own perversion, they want them to become Darwinists and followers of Rumi.
There are micro -hypocrites and macro -hypocrites. Micro -hypocrites live among people and are unqualified; they carry out petty, vicious acts. Macro -hypocrites, on the other hand, carry out gross acts in alliance with the deep states and cause all-out slaughters. The harm caused by micro -hypocrites are small and petty, their acts are small-scale. Macro -hypocrites carry out large scaled damage and harm. As they are used to ignominy, micro -antichrists, that is to sy micro -hypocrites. constantly serve macro -antichrists, which are in fact macro -hypocrites. Deep states want to use these microbes extensively.
No matter where they are, the hypocrites aim to harm Muslims. They imagine that they are strong as they are supported by the deep states.
The hypocrites feign friendship with Muslims but when they are alone with their own people and with satan, they speak against Muslims.
The facial expressions of the hypocrites are foul as well. They reflect their foulness with their gazes and facial expressions.
The hypocrites are in constant pursuit of praising themselves. They constantly try to praise themselves by talking about the city they are from, the school they went and the languages they speak.
Egocentricity and putting on airs are very important matters for the hypocrites. When they are called to the Qur’an, they patronizingly turn away from it.
The hypocrites try to flee from the environments in which God’s Name is invoked and verses about the hypocrites are explained. While the Qur’an is recited the hypocrites refrain from listening to the Qur’an and hearing the verses about the hypocrites either by making noise or creating a scene.
The hypocrites constantly cause disinformation since they want to deceive Muslims. If a hypocrite says that something is black, know that it actually is white.
Vileness is the artistry of the hypocrite. Ignominy, dishonesty, treachery and perfidy are a system engraved in the hypocrites.
Both the hypocrites and their sycophants are constantly in pursuit of causing unrest. They certainly find something to cause unrest about.
The hypocrites always want disturbance and unrest. They constantly strive to disturb Muslims in one way or another. With the instillations of the satan, constantly taking up Muslims’ time is the most important characteristic of hypocrites. They keep the Islamic world occupied with their instigations.
All the enemies of Islam in the West advocate the philosophy of Rumi. They spread Rumism simply to defuse Islam in their own weak minds.
The philosophy of Rumi is not the same thing as the Mawlaviyah known in Anatolia. The British Deep State advocates Rumism because it is an irreligious movement.
At the time of the Ottoman Empire, the Anglophile Generals trusted the British Deep State and dragged the Ottomans into wars and caused massive loss of land.
The policy of the British Deep State always follows the same tactic. They appear as if they side with Turkey, but they always work against Turkey. On the day of failed coup, July 15th, the British Deep State made plans for occupying Turkey. When they understood that the coup was to be unsuccessful, they appeared as if they were supporting the government.
The fires going on in Israel are very comprehensive and organized act devised by the British Deep State.
Rohingya Muslims are a handful of inoffensive, wronged people and they are subjected to every kind of persecution. Let us raise awareness about this persecution.

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Hypocrites are like wild donkeys that fear from lions and run away from them. The Mahdi will defeat hypocrites in the intellectual sense.
In the Surat al-Fil [the Elephant] of the Qur’an the fact that birds devastated the elephants refers to the intellectual defeat of the British Deep State by a small community.
A hypocrite is a very cruel, perfidious, pitiless and filthy being. A Muslim is always compassionate and sensitive.
Although the hypocrite is more powerful, he is doomed to be defeated. Pharoah, Nimrud, they were all defeated.
Explaining the attributes of hypocrite becomes instrumental in making Muslims purify themselves. The hypocrite can’t understand this.
If Russia, the US and Turkey disclose the plots of the British Deep State, this 300 years-old structure can collapse immediately.
The hyocrites don’t fear God but they fear about the future, irreligion, the deep states and so on.
Even if intelligent, a hypocrite cannot understand that he is unwise. The hypocrite relies on his intelligence but he is disgraced because he lacks wisdom.
The hypocrites don’t want to observe God’s provisions. They have an unbounded conception of freedom. They object to everything; they are very immoral.
God wants Muslims to be united. Satan and the antichrist, on the other hand, wants the dispersion of Muslims.
The hypocrite considers himself to be very important, but every time God degrades him. This is a miracle of God.
The hypocrite is like a truck carrying trouble around. They want to wander about in order to get rid of trouble but the trouble accompanies him.
The hypocrite tells lies incessantly. He doesn’t feel embarrassed to speak lies because he’s impudent and shameless.
A hypocrite is actually not a human being. He’s satan in the human form. People generally don’t understand this.
The hypocrites have a secret language among themselves. A hypocrite recognizes another hypocrite right away and understands him. Sincere Muslims can see this language clearly when they look at them rationally.
The hyocrite has his target list. His primary target is the believer whom he considers to be the most pious.
Every hypocrite has his informants and minions within Muslims. Satan establishes teams that will support the hypocrites.
The British deep state definitely kills its hypocrite spies after their work is over.
The hypocrite doesn’t take ablution or pray when they’re not seen. They don’t want to be present where God is remembered. They live by the religion only to show off.
Making rational struggle against the hypocrite is one of the most important attributes of Muslims. Success over hypocrites brings about success over the irreligion.
Hypocrites’ attempts to do harm to Muslims opens the minds of Muslims and adds to their enthusiasm.
In the time of Prophet Moses (pbuh), rather than being thankful for being saved from Pharoah’s persecution, hypocrites wanted to go back to the Egyptian lifestyle.
The hypocrite takes pleasure from everything secret. Rather than living in a peaceful and legitimate way, they want treachery.
Because the hypocrite wants to act in a treachreous way, they spend their lives in tension, filth and flattering. Their end has always been disasterous.
In every age, the hypocrite cooperates with deep states. They hatch plots against Muslims and puts their treacherous acts into action.
Hypocrites made trouble for Prophets Moses, Lot and Mohammad (peace be upon them all) and then marytred Ali, Hasan and Omar. They were treacherous.
In the time of our Prophet (pbuh) hypocrites wanted to enter his house sneakily and stay there for long in order to find something against him.
The hypocrite wants to take advantage from the moments that Muslims take a break. That’s why they make sudden attacks.
In his own way hypocrites try to take Muslims by surprise. That is why they enter houses abruptly. In the time of our Prophet (pbuh) they entered houses from the back.
The system of antichrist [dajjal] acts upon senses of revenge. In the hadith it’s stated that antichrist is accompanied with fire. Starting fires is an act of the system of antichrist.
The British Deep State can also put acts like the fires in Israel in Turkey and in other countries. Caution is needed.
The fires in Israel are an effort that requires organized work. It’s impossible for any particular group to make it. This is the act of the British Deep State. To start a fire a very meticulous plan is put into action. For this plan, information regarding direction and force of wind and the regions that will be burned are used.

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Hypocrites hate even the little kids. They are immoral to the extent that they spill out rage against refugee kids who have drowned in the sea in their fake accounts.
If Trump keeps remembering God in his speeches, God will bestow abundance, beauty and blessings to the US and the American Dream will be revived.
The fact that Trump praised God in his Thanksgiving speech is very good.
The Qur’an is full of examples in history where a small group triumphs over a greater group. Communities of Prophets Noah and Moses were small in number, but they prevailed.
If God bestows love in one’s heart, this is created as a blessing of faith from God.
God does not create beauty to those people who has not grasped the spirit of the Qur’an.
Hypocrites have one real social media account and many other fakes one to reveal their true hatred, ungodliness and vileness.
Hypocrites use fake accounts and develop many other methods not to get caught on the phone or the Net.
To propagandize Godlessness, they use such statements as “this happened in the evolutionary process” and thus lay the groundwork.
In many movies there’s an attempt to form an image of “superhuman, Godlike beings who halt destiny, who kill and resurrect people.” In many movies, as a result of instructions of the British Deep State, there’s propaganda of Godlessness, but those who make it do not even realize it.
TV, radio and the Internet are important weapons of hypocrites in the End Times. There are also some people working in film industry who are under the control of antichrist [dajjal]. There’s intense propaganda in favor of homosexuality in movies. This is a result of the instruction of the system of the antichrist [dajjal].
Hypocrites message each other using weird images in the social media for propaganda purposes. This fact was unknown before. Hypocrites also secretly communicate with each other through Rumi quotes and numbers.
It’s a grave mistake to think that hypocrites won’t enter big communities. The threat of hypocrites must be placed to forefront.
Homosexual, dishonorable and ignoble hypocrites who attack Islam criticize anything good and benevolent.
Hypocrites are clannish. Once one of them is spotted, it’s possible to detect others too. The clan of hypocrites work day and night to oppose Muslims.
Muslims are dignified. When they make a mistake they feel embarrassed, but hypocrites are unbelievably shameless.
Hypocrites relayed information to the Roman State about Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Today, they relay information to the British Deep State.
The antichrist acts with the mind of satan, but satan’s scheming is feeble and very foolish. Therefore it’s easy to overpower it.
Hypocrites of the End Times are the lowest. Today’s hypocrites work in cooperation with the world deep states.
It is important to know how hypocrites’ sly methods are applied today. Some think hypocrites lived only during the Prophet’s time and are over.
In their fake accounts hypocrites are opposed to their own countries and hate their nations. But in their true accounts they are the opposite.
Even if caught, hypocrites still carry on their acts shamelessly. They only renounce if they are completely unable to escape.
Just like a thief caught in the act but still shamelessly denying theft, so are hypocrites unbelievably shameless and impudent.
Hypocrites portray themselves as innocent, clean and high-quality, yet they are like chameleons. They may act respectfully and decently if they wish. Yet, in truth, they are extremely despicable, impudent and shameless.
Hypocrites’ main weapon is their despicable and dishonest nature. They are a cause of trouble for the entire society and are insidious.
If not detected, hypocrites flourish like bacteria. One must be wary of them, this matter is of top priority.
Since bacteria act as friendly to the host body, cells cannot recognize them and don’t react and thus bacteria flourish; it’s the same for hypocrites.
Muslims used to live in joy in Iraq and Syria. They failed to take hypocrites into account. But one should be wary of hypocrites.
Hypocrites wear the mask of a perfect person, portray themselves as clean-cut and thus live comfortably among Muslims.
While Muslims eagerly and heartily strive for the sake of God, hypocrites carry on their perfidious and evil deeds.

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The forest fires in Israel are actions orchestrated by the British Deep State. They are unwisely trying to intimidate Israel.
If Turkey strengthens trade with Iran, China and Russia, it'd be beneficial. Temporary economic crisis may occur, but Turkey will never topple.
In every era in history, including those of the Prophets Joseph and Moses, economic crises happen. Economic crises are means for people to be close to God.
God tells that He creates economic crises so that people are distanced from unbelief and unawareness and that they get closer to Him. “And if it were not that the people would become one community [of disbelievers], We would have made for those who disbelieve in the Most Merciful - for their houses - ceilings and stairways of silver upon which to mount.” Qur’an, 44:33
God tells in the Qur’an that He creates economic crises from time to time so that people reflect and heed advice. “And We certainly seized the people of Pharaoh with years of famine and a deficiency in fruits that perhaps they would be reminded.” Qur’an, 7:13
Economic crises take place at times when people pile up money. There will be no problem if people spend money, let them raise the value of Dollar all they want.
The British Deep State drags the youth of Islamic countries into prostitution and thus obligates them to commit to itself. The British Deep State has the control over many countries in Asia. That is also the reason why Rohingya Muslims are being oppressed.
Chatham House does not regard the PKK as a terrorist organization; far from it, it supports the PKK. It is wrong for our politicians to be in close contact with Chatham House.
When there is an attack of antichrist system to a Muslim, all Muslims are obligated to unite and protect him. It is our nation’s duty to watch over President Erdoğan.
The reason why the British Deep State is furious against President Erdoğan is because he does not accept bowing to it.
The fact that there will be economic crises in the End Times are foretold both in hadith of our Prophet and in the Torah and the Gospels.
The real target of hypocrites is the Prophet and devout believers. Their actual hatred is against the spiritual leader of Muslims of the period.
Since hypocrites believe unbelieving people to be powerful they are defeated against them, but full of hatred against Muslims.
Hypocrites are very aggressive and disputant. Even a simple matter can make them be termagant. Their souls are in deep boredom and anarchy.
Hypocrites show themselves to be devout, yet their real world is full of hatred, resentment and filth. This is seen in their fake social accounts.
Hypocrites are both physically and spiritually dirty. They are unbelievably filthy at times when no one sees them.
Since hypocrites are corrupt, their souls are in constant distress. They constantly ask for interests from Muslims in order to eliminate that distress.
Remembering God and explaining hypocrites’ signs distress hypocrites very much. They don’t want to listen when God is remembered.
Hypocrites communicate with their supporters by way of codes, they give messages through coded photographs, poems, books and so on.
Hypocrites resemble donkey loaded with books, tells the Qur’an. They want to make a name for themselves by furnishing themselves with empty information.
Hypocrites use a bad tone in speaking. Their looks are empty, crude and soulless.
The commands of God should be spoken of everywhere so that wherever hypocrites turn they would face the commands of God.
Hypocrites are sickly conceited. They want to make a name with their race, city they live in, knowledge and so on. Yet God is the Owner of all.
There are some ignorant people who would respond to hypocrites’ dark attitudes. If there are no such people, hypocrites die in their dark, filthy immoral world.
Hypocrites have a dull, foolish and empty look on their faces. When God is remembered, they feel rage.
One of the primary characteristics of hypocrites is that they don’t want to listen to commands of God. When God is remembered, they run away from Muslims.
Hypocrites have their own superstitious criteria of moral values. They fancy their own little minds very much.
Hypocrites foolishly find spying on their own country and putting their nation in dire straits a kind of superiority.

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It is very important for the people of faith to use the Internet in the most efficient manner. The Internet is a blessing God gave people to have an access to real knowledge.
Muslims should make very good use of their time. They can be role models for other people with their hard work, fervor and endeavors.
The hypocrites and members of the deep state use paintings and photographs to communicate. They give many messages with a painting.
The social media accounts of the hypocrites are very important to trace their lack of character. When they share faith related posts, they instantly remove such posts.
The hypocrites use all available techniques and technologies merely for corruption and dissension. But in the end all these means turn out to the advantage of Muslims.
Hypocrites are astonishingly foolish. Even though they are incredibly foolish, they play tricks in their own twisted ways.
The hypocrites are in constant fear of getting caught. Since they carry out secret activities against Muslims, they constantly live in hiding like a mole.
The real faces of the hypocrites can be seen in their fake social media accounts. They share religious posts on their actual accounts while they carry out every kind of ignominy in their fake accounts. The greatest foolishness of the hypocrites is that they imagine that what they do remains secret. Yet God witnesses every moment of their lives.
While introducing the people of the British Deep State, the hypocrites present them to Muslims as if they are religious people. Actually those are all ignominious types who are against Islam.
Hypocrites use the advanced technology of the End Times, smart phones and the Internet not for the good of Islam, but only to cause dissension and corruption.
God informs us that He creates economic crisis and problems specifically to draw people closer to Himself. “Were it not that mankind might all become one community, We would have given those who reject the All-Merciful silver roofs to their houses and silver stairwasy to ascend.” Qur’an, 43/33
It is the British Deep State that founded the PKK. Terrorist leader Ocalan himself voices this fact.
The stagnation in art, the deterioration of fruits and vegetables show us from all aspects we have come to the end of the life of this world.
There is an intellectual struggle between good and evil in the world. The world history is full of this struggle and right now we are witnessing the last phase of this struggle.
The British Deep State has literally got all the Middle Eastern states under its thumb. In fact the administrators in many states are citizens of the UK.
According to the values we have learnt from our ancestors, from our traditions and our religion, we regard our Syrian brothers as esteemed guests in Turkey.
The fires going on in Israel is not something Muslims would rejoice in or accept. Muslims would not accept any harm falling on civilians.
God is the Greatest Power and Islamic Union is God’s promise.
By supporting homosexuality and the communist mindset, Obama brought the US down internally. Now Trump might be able to rebuild the former religious US.
Mr. Trump voices his concerns about bigotry, not about Muslims. Some people are deliberately trying to draw a wedge between Mr. Trump and Muslims. Since the British Deep State and its extensions think that they are not going to be able to lead Trump as they like, they try to cause a rift between him and Muslims.
Mr. Trump should take no notice of those attitudes against him and his family. Saying that “God is One”, he should wholeheartedly devote himself to the Gospels and Jesus the Messiah.
The most important virtue in life is sincerity. God informs us that sincere servants of God would be saved.
There should be direct negotiations between Syria and Turkey. Turkey wants to preserve the territorial integrity of Syria.
There is only one deep power in the world and that is the British Deep State. All other institutions and organizations are under the influence of the British Deep State.
It is such an ignominious act to demand deportation for Syrians. Everyone would want to be protected if it were their mothers, sisters, brothers in question.

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God commands Muslims in the Qur’an to approach People of Book with love, respect and compassion.
Some people are panicking because they saw the signs of the Mahdi’s coming and understood that it is a fact. But they can never stop the Mahdi movement.
God creates humans out of a single cell, and allows them to speak, hear, smell, judge, love and feel. This is an incredible miracle. There is no sound or music outside our brains. There are only vibrations. Only the human brain perceives music as music.
Hypocrites, even when they recite a verse, believe that they’re saying something against Muslims. Because they’re fools, they cannot understand that the verse is against them.
There is affliction in division. The verses of the Qur’an command Muslims to remain united and not fall apart.
Darwinism is the biggest antichrist philosophy of the End Times and completely denies God’s existence.
Faith is easy, beautiful and wise and complies with human nature. Hypocrisy, though, is very difficult and brings constant darkness and humiliation. Some people nevertheless choose to be hypocrites.
The important thing is seeing the good in people and countries, urging and encouraging them to do the good. It is not right to constantly talk about what is bad.
If the Presidents of Turkey, the USA, Russia and Iran join forces, the Islamic Union can be easily formed. Then the spirit of the Mahdi movement will quickly spread around the world.
The Mahdi movement is a movement of love that embraces all faiths and in favor of all countries. It rejects violence and bloodshed.
Mahdi movement can create an incredible social impetus and reinvigoration. Otherwise, this spiritual coma can last until Doomsday, may God forbid.
At the moment, the Islamic world is suffering from a sort of spiritual coma. Getting out of it is possible only with the Mahdi movement. People should think about this fact and focus on the Mahdi movement.
The Mahdi movement is a fact and a very strong movement with clear proofs of its existence. Its foundations have been meticulously laid since the time of Prophet Mohammed (pbuh). If Islamic scholars come together and bring up the Mahdi movement in a wise and powerful manner, the Islamic world will find salvation.
The spiritual agony and death that our societies are going through can be removed only with the spirit of the Mahdi movement. The revival will come with the stimulus offered by the Mahdi movement.
The Mahdi movement is a part of Islamic world’s soul and is a true source of inspiration. The signs of it have come true; therefore bringing it up all the time will stimulate the Islamic world.
Hypocrites foolishly seek to swindle Muslims. With an animalistic instinct, they obsess over Muslims and try to hold them back from their good works.
Hypocrites are very fond of showing off. That’s why they constantly lie to make themselves look rich although they are not. If a hypocrite plans to fool a person, first he will seek to convince that person of his wealth.
It is unacceptable that there are visa obligations between Islamic countries. It is like asking for a visa from a person who wants to visit his relatives. As the Muslim world, we are all one family. Since there can be no mined borders, barriers and visas between the members of a family, so there should be none amongst Muslims.
Turkey doesn't have any desire to expand its land. Turkey wants for the entire Islamic world to unite and for love and peace prevail the whole world.
Many people have just begun to realize the darkness of the British Deep State. The more we expose it, the better their awareness gets.
It is crucial that all necessary precautions are taken against any assassination attempt on Trump. This should be seen as a serious threat.
Changing the educational system must be a top priority for Turkey. To do that, first the one-sided Darwinist education should be ended.

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Hypocrites are extraordinarily rebellious, uncontrollable and psychopathic. They cause troubles for their families and always cause problems.
Hypocrites talk about eternal loyalty to each other but don’t believe in eternity. That is why they talk about time periods of 10, 20 and 30 years ahead.
Hypocrites want to get married just to gain material property. They find someone rich to marry and rob him under the name of livelihood.
The aim in the marriages of hypocrites is to extort the other person’s property. They calculate every step of this extortion.
Hypocrites feel constant boredom that causes them to continuously travel. They feel the torment of boredom like fire. Hypocrites travel to leave behind the boredom but boredom does not leave them. Wherever they go, God drowns them in their boredom.
The reason why hypocrites are so hasty is due to the strength of their inner boredom. Believers are patient against hastiness. Hypocrites are impatient and constantly suffer.
Hypocrites talked behind the Prophet's back knowing that their claim will be left unanswered and hence they cause apprehension in people’s hearts regarding the Prophet. Hypocrites are aware that if they asked the Prophet directly, their claim would be negated. So they talked behind his back to cause doubt about him in people.
Hypocrites make the same subject be explained to them over and over. The Prophet tells the same topic numerous times but in the morning they pretend not to understand yet again.
Hypocrites foolishly try to find the weak spot of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Samiri treacherously claimed that Prophet Moses (pbuh) forgot his religion.
Crying is an important weapon for hypocrites. Joseph’s brothers tried to martyr Prophet Joseph [pbuh] and tried to cover it up by crying.
Hypocrites are literally filthy. They come to places of worship with almost beastly dirt. That is why God revealed verses to keep places of worship clean. Hypocrites are filthy and take an evil pleasure in contaminating places where Muslims live. This evil pleasure will turn into torment in Hereafter.
Hypocrites use their eyes to cause pain to Muslims. They cry and give the image of a fool whenever they want. Their eyes are full of hate any time they want.
In their own weak minds hypocrites want Muslims to pay for their being Muslims. They assume they do Muslims a favor by being Muslims. “They think they have done you a favour by becoming Muslims! Say: ‘Do not consider your Islam a favour to me. No indeed! It is God Who has favoured you by guiding you to faith if you are telling the truth.’”
Qur’an, 49/16-17
Hypocrites speak of empty subjects under the direction of satan. They want to impede the good service of Muslims with futile talk.
Hypocrites rarely take baths and do not take ablution when they presume no one sees them. They do not pray.
Hypocrites are always in a spirit of opposition. They oppose foolishly to whatever the Prophet (pbuh) says.
Hypocrites want to act corruptly by using art. They like paintings that promote homosexuality and praise atheistic books.
Muslims should study hypocrites very attentively. Muslims can observe all the verses of the Qur’an regarding hypocrisy on a qualified hypocrite.
Hypocrites claim to be the most clean, honest, hard-working, perfect ones of all Muslims, but in fact they are rampant than the most fierce adversary of religion.
Hypocrites do not believe in the Mahdi’s coming, in truthy they want to extort the Mahdi movement for their own interests.
Hypocrites are very eager to communicate through codes that public do not understand. They foolishly regard this a kind of splash and superiority.
The social media accounts of hypocrites demonstrate how insidious and foolish they are and how they are full of rage against Muslims.
Being a hypocrite is the most painful, vile and dirty profession of the world. But hypocrites live in that vile world intentionally and willingly like filthy dogs.
The social media accounts of hypocrites show how they act as sycophants lacking any dignity and how they feel anger towards Muslims. Hypocrites use many fake accounts and these accounts reveal, in detail, their vileness and infamy.
Since hypocrites are filthy and disgusting, they find Muslims’ cleanliness surprising in their own small minds.
The fact that hypocrites’ understanding of marriage is based on looting of the other party’s property shows their vileness even more.
Since hypocrites are seriously unwise, they assume they can play tricks against God, God forbid. Yet God’s traps cause more terror.
Spying and making negative talks behind Muslims is a characteristic of hypocrites.
Hypocrites and deep states always act on assumptions, that is why they leave the world in disorder.
Those who claim they are sensitive over the issue of child molestation should also bring up the aftermath of thousands of Syrian refugee children who are lost.

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The hypocrites try to teach religion to God. They practice the religion in their minds, not the religion that God has commanded in the Qur’an. Presenting the philosophy of Rumi that embraces homosexuality, Darwinism and unbelief as if it is a true religion, is one of the depravities of the hypocrites.
Hypocrites constantly sulk because they are rather uncomfortable with being Muslims. They constantly ask to be entertained and try to waste Muslims’ time.
Since being Muslims make hypocrites feel very much constrained, they try to make the lives of Muslims troublesome as well. They constantly pester on them and try to prevent goodness.
Hypocrites foolishly regard Muslims under obligation to look after them simply because they accepted Islam. In their twisted minds they want Muslims to recompense for their accepting religion.
It is wrong to use a language condemning a whole nation. We need to avoid making speeches that would draw a wedge between our Armenian brothers and us. The British Deep State is the chief of the chorus that tries to draw a wedge between Armenians and Turks. It is wrong to be fooled by this plot.
Muslims are very tactful people, they fear God very deeply and are very clean. Since hypocrites do not fear God they are shameless and insolent. Muslims fear God and hence they behave very conscientiously and meticulously. The hypocrites, on the other hand, are beastly and crude. Muslims can never understand such heedlessness.
Hypocrisy is the subject matter that the Islamic world lays the least emphasis on, yet the Qur’an lays great stress on hypocrites and hypocrisy.
It would be a grave mistake to fall into lethargy regarding the issue of hypocrisy. We will lay emphasis on this all our lives as the most important subject matter.
Hypocrites are physically dirty. They try to pollute every environment they are in and they carry dirt of the streets to inside. The filth of the hypocrites is very dangerous. They are insanely dirty. Hypocrites might appear to be intellectual and modern individuals but in truth, they are rather vicious, dirty and loathsomely filthy. God commands us to be in the houses where God is remembered with clean clothes. It is not acceptable to carry dirt of the streets to mosques and houses. Hypocrites bring dirt of the streets to inside.
The hypocrites foolishly collogue to bring Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) down in the eyes of Muslims and create an unfavorable environment for Muslims.
The reason why the hypocrites spoke behind Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) was that they knew very well the response they would get, had they spoken to his face. They constantly spoke secretly.
The then hypocrites always talked behind Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). They were ignominious and constantly plotted against the Prophet.
Hypocrisy is explained thoroughly in the Qur’an. However the subject of hypocrisy has not been sufficiently elaborated in the Islamic world.
Hypocrites are in constant doubt. They can’t decide between Muslims and unbelievers. They never side with Muslims and the Qur’an.
Hypocrites want to change the command of the Qur’an and retain people from the Path of God. They prefer the life of this world to the one in Hereafter.
Almost no one is concerned when thousands of refugees are drowned and all those children are lost yet they regard protecting homosexuals as very important. Uncovering what happened to those lost refugee children and what befall on them is very important, yet no one brings this issue into question.
Thousands of lost Syrian refugee children in Europe are being given to homosexual couples and these children are thus being subjected to an inconceivable immorality.
Muslims demand wealth to use it in their endeavors on the Path of God, to do things that will grant them the approval of God. Otherwise, wealth would become a scourge for the concerned people.
The End Times is such a fierce time that unlawful acts are carried out invoking the Name of God, as if they are the commands of God.
Most people do not have complete faith in God. They know God, accept Islam but do not have full faith in God.
God wants Muslims to strive on His path despite difficulties and ordeals and never to abandon Him. Muslims would never leave God, their Loved One.

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The most significant characteristic of the Qur’an is that it discerns between good and bad people. It is a marvel by itself that bad people exists.
Despite being a bad person is very hard, many people choose to be bad. And the number of good people is always few.
It is very disturbing that the EU displays a seriously unfair attitude towards Turkey upon incitement from the British Deep State. Turkey can stay as a member of NATO while being a part of Shanghai Five.
Trump’s being President would not bother believers. Muslims, Jews and Christians are all glad of his being elected; only homosexuals and unbelievers are not.
Since the shariah [religious law] that Khidr is obliged to abide is different from ours, the hidden wisdom behind his acts cannot be understood at first sight.
The fact that Khidr skillfully fixes a broken wall in the story of Moses and Khidr in the Qur’an shows that Khidr is a mason.
The term “junction between the two seas” (Qur’an, 18/61) in the story of Khidr indicates to Istanbul. The story of Khidr refers to the Mahdi movement.
The story of Dhul-Qarnayn in the Qur’an refers to the Mahdi movement and global dominion of Islamic morality.
God is the Sole Owner of all power. He is the One Who will prevail the morality of Islam to the world. God uses the Mahdi as a means to prevail.
One of the features of the Mahdi movement is that it will call people kindly to what is right and will make religion easier as it is the Qur’an.
Every goal that the football players score, every step they take is determined in destiny before they were born. Everything is predetermined in the Presence of God.
Hypocrites are plagiarists. Samiri presented Prophet Moses’ (pbuh) knowledge as if it were his and hence influenced the people.
It is vicious to use unbecoming language to Muslims while appearing to advocate Islam. Those who don’t abide by Islam criticize Muslims.

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In a shameless and wicked manner, hypocrites constantly make up excuses to avoid serving and doing good works for Islam.
Hypocrites are very talented at betrayal and causing problems. If they were asked to serve Islam, they would lie saying they wouldn't know how to.
Even when the hypocrite seems to be doing something good, there is always a dirty hidden agenda in the background.
Hypocrites have a beastly curiosity. They try to find out about the secrets of deep state also and continuously relay information.
Hypocrites are usually penniless but show themselves rich, hoping that this way they can get in good graces of the British Deep State.
One of the ways hypocrites make a living is writing articles and books against Islam and Muslims and trying to make a name for themselves by doing that.
One of the frequent phrases that British Deep State uses to fool hypocrites is ‘you are family’.
When you study the writings of hypocritical people, you will see that they plagiarized almost every writing as their own. Hypocrites are serial liars; they are very cunning.
Hypocrites are deceitful and thieves of ideas and knowledge. They take credit for ideas that they would never be able to come up with.
The Rumi philosophy promoted by British Deep State scorns the concept of ‘fear of God’. That’s why they advocate Rumi philosophy so much.
Claiming that the incredibly complex life is a result of chance is the biggest flaw of logic ever seen in history.
If God had wanted, He could have made the whole world very rich. But then some people would stray away from belief and good morality.
Economic crises are created specially by God for the worldly test. Without economic problems, many people could get spoiled and go astray.
Money should be kept flowing; banks should make the money flow and our people should refrain from holding the money. This will prevent the economic crisis.
Unless money is contained and stowed in banks, and so long as regular spending continues, value of Dollar’s rising will not be a problem for us.
They are giving Trump a hard time since he is against homosexuality and Darwinism and doesn't share the views of the British Deep State.
Certain circles try to reach their goals by slandering the Trump family. This is a well-known method; Trump and his family shouldn't take them seriously.
Causing economic recession and poverty, showing war as peace are crucial goals for the British Deep State.
The British Deep State’s idea that “others’ war is our peace” is atrocious. They get richer by selling weapons.

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Believers are always peaceful, and give peace to fellow believers. Hypocrites, though, stay away from pious Muslims and seek to inflict harm.
Hypocrites neither love anyone, nor are loved. They have a blank look on their faces like planks of wood and constantly try to prevent Muslims from praising God.
Hypocrites are looters. They wish to steal, loot, harm the property of Muslims.
Hypocrites use crying as a sort of weapon against Muslims. They can cry and stop crying at will.
Hypocrites are so insolent and arrogant, they consider themselves superior even to God. They even assume that they can teach God better morality (God is above these claims).
Hypocrites infiltrate within Muslim communities and benefit from their resources. Hypocrites constantly betray Muslims.
God creates every speech and every word that we utter.
Instead of getting angry at people on some matters, it would be better to persistently explain the truth and motivate the people.
Turkey should have good relations with all its neighbors. Let’s remove borders, passports, visas with Iran, Greece, Israel and Syria.
Turkey has the power necessary to defend the Islamic world. Our nation is a holy nation and will overcome all difficulties.
Jews, Christians, Evangelicals are all waiting for the Mahdi’s coming. The Mahdi is a fact in all religions.

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May God give a long life to our President Erdoğan and honor him with serving for Islam all his life and seeing Islam prevail all over the world.
All my friends are very meticulous about performing their prayers. They perform their prayers on a timely manner and by the leave of God don't miss any prayers.
The Qur’an is the Sunnah of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh). We preach Islam with the Qur’an.
I am a sincere Muslim. I am a straightforward person who wears his heart on his sleeve. I have nothing to hide.
Jealousy makes a person ugly. The body, mind and the cells of a jealous person collapses and they all become very ugly.
Bigots do not like the Qur’an and the morality God commands. In the Qur’an God tells us to remember Him standing, sitting and lying on our sides.
Everyone has an individual understanding of religion and each give advice based on his understanding. Islam is the religion explained in the Qur’an; the Qur’an is the only criteria of Islam.
The hadiths of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) states that the Mahdi will definitely appear even if there is one day left for the Last Day to break. The fact that the Mahdi will appear in Istanbul has been stated in the Jewish resources as well.
The British Deep State will be completely defeated in this century if Turkey, Russia and the US forge an alliance.
Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) has explicitly stated that the Mahdi will appear in Istanbul.
One of the things that hypocrites extoll the most is being a spy for the British Deep State. Actually it is a perfidious, ignominious and filthy act.
There are millions of aggrieved people in Syria and Iraq. One should be completely bereft of conscience if he doesn’t do anything for those aggrieved ones.
In the past, American youth was very religious, clean, well-kept, joyful and dynamic. We pray for the US to return to those days.
They are trying to present Trump as a threat to world peace. That is a hypocritical approach. On the contrary, Trump is someone who can contribute to the world peace.
There is a worldly greed in the character of the hypocrites. They always want more of everything. They have a formidable ambition for worldly life.
Hypocrites would not want to invoke God’s name, they feel distressed but when it comes to empty talks they can talk and write for hours and become invigorated in such talks.
Hypocrites, who are extremely talented when dissension, immorality and treachery are in question, claim that they are unskillful and uninformed when it comes to serving Islam.
Hypocrites use their health as an excuse to weaken the power of Muslims and to flee from struggle.
Trump is open to criticism. He corrects himself when he says something wrong. We will not let plots against Trump through intellectual means.
Some Muslims feel at ease in the mosques. They should go out and see the state of Muslims in Syria, Pakistan and Iraq.
If Erdoğan, Putin and Trump forge an alliance, they can render those snobs who drag the world into perversion, troubles and wars completely ineffective.
Those who want a perverted, immoral life supporting homosexuality stand against Trump. We would not let them ambush Trump.
May God guide those who are against Trump because of his love for God and Jesus the Messiah and who approach him hatefully and set traps against him, to the true path.
Those who unwisely look down on Trump do so out of their jealousy. Actually they are the crass and vulgar ones.
Since Trump is against homosexuality and perversion, those snobbish intellectuals hate him. They should stop dreaming of overthrowing Trump in vain.
Trump might be able to revive the religious America, the former American Dream. Turkey and Russia should support him.
If the British Deep State starts praising someone, there is certainly an evil intent behind it. No good would come from those they praise.
The hypocrites claim that they are Muslims and devout believers, but they never become friends with Muslims. They do not consider devout Muslims as their friends.
Hypocrites take the secret states as their confidantes and communicate any information about Muslims to the British Deep State.
The hypocrites and the members of the deep states promise one another that they will be loyal to each other for eternity. Yet the hypocrites are disloyal and impatient.
Hypocrites do not feel any shame while lying. Their lies are incredibly foolish yet they imagine as if their lies would not be revealed.
Trying to present themselves as if they are very wealthy is one of the most important characteristics of the hypocrites. They are incredibly foolish and have inferiority complexes.
Aid convoys heading for Syria should place big signs on their vehicles in order prevent themselves becoming a target and be protected from Russian and Syrian jets.
Russia and Syria should definitely provide help to assist the aid convoys to reach to Syria. Civilians and the vehicles passing should be provided with means.
Interfering in women’s lives and the way they dress stems from lack of education and good manners. It stems from not knowing respect and reverence.
All fossils revealed demonstrate that living beings did not go through evolution. Fossils are the most concrete evidence of Darwinism’s defeat.

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Hypocrites embrace those parts of Islam serving their purposes while they never adopt the parts against their interests.
At time of Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) hypocrites claimed they did not know how to put efforts in the way of Islam and they left him alone.
A hypocrite is depressed when he cannot commit treachery or iniquity. He is despondent unless he acts in perfidy and deceitfulness.
There is a great difference between the Mawlana Rumi known in Turkey and in Europe. In the West, almost all atheists, homosexuals, Darwinists and adversaries of Islam support the philosophy of Rumi. Rumi's philosophy leads one to take himself as a false idol, and improperly backs homosexuality with teachings other than Islam.
Hypocrites are serial liars. Yet their lies are so foolish and easily exposed. That is why the intelligence they provide to the British Deep State is nonsensical.
The British Deep State particularly searches for and finds people with hypocritical characters mostly from countries like Pakistan, Jordan and India and uses them for its own benefit.
At time of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), hypocrites pretended they did not know how to make efforts for Islam and thus did not go out to war with him. “They said: ‘If we knew how to fight, we would certainly follow you.’” [Qur’an, 3:167]
Muslims use the key and all their means in the way of Islam for benevolence. But hypocrites make use of these for only evil and corruption.
A hypocrite who is so talented in causing mischief implies that he is not competent to serve Islam; this shows his lack of conscience.
Samiri considered himself to be superior than Muslims and claimed "I saw what they did not see." This behavior shows the arrogance and impudence of hypocrites.
The key mentioned in the story of Qarun in the Qur’an symbolizes the activities of hypocrites against Muslims. Qarun was using the keys to prevent Muslims from using his stockpiled goods in the way of Islam. This is how hypocrites misbehave.
When hypocrite's methods are exhausted for sedition, he is left in solitude. In fact, he desires to live alone in his own mischief and denial.
The hypocrite is satan in the form of man. He is very talented in an evil way in plotting against Muslims.
Since hypocrisy is emphasized very much in the Qur'an, Muslims should strive in efforts to struggle against hypocrisy and the British Deep State.

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The world is being shaped according to the Mahdi movement. The British Deep State will be shaped accordingly and will thus be defeated.
The US was subjected to unimaginable harm during Obama's rule. Material and spiritual depression took place at his time.
A trio of forces consisting of Erdoğan, Putin and Trump will be the means for a lot of goodness in the coming days.
In the realm of the martyrs the logic of this world is totally altered. In fact the life in this world is similar to the kingdom of dreams.
The realm of the martyrs is glorified place; martyrs continue their worship fastidiously there.
There is no gloom and sadness in the realm of the martyrs. Martyrs are always in delight.
The call to prayer is a beautiful blessing, it is a benediction.
The 'nocturnal plotting’ of hypocrites signify every sort of means and technology hypocrites use as hidden from people. “..when they leave your presence, a group of them spend the night plotting to do other than what you say. God is recording their nocturnal plotting.” Qur’an, 4:81
Hypocrites use their social media accounts to make posts only for their interests and doesn't ever mention subjects that matter to Muslims.
If someone who claims he is a Muslim doesn't make any work in favor of Islam and refrains from it, that person has a sickness in his heart.
Hypocrites assume nothing will happen when they continue in their immoral ways, that they will definitely be forgiven. They insistently rely on this.
The British Deep State influences hypocrites by praising them. They literally go insane by gushing over each other.
Hypocrites are immoral, yet they assume they will go to heaven despite their actions. They are sure they will be forgiven in hereafter.
The social media accounts of hypocrites are like mirrors. They mention topics that are of interest to them and they don't tell anything in favor of Islam.
The British Deep State immorally uses both women and men homosexuals that are of hypocrites' character and leaves them aside when they are done with them. The British Deep State approaches young men and leads them to homosexuality. They make women almost like men. Then they use all of them for their dark works.
Hypocrites deny God, but they promise each other that they will be loyal to each other. They are liars.
Hypocrites assume they'll gain interest by selling themselves to movement of antichrist [dajjal]. But in the end they get what they deserve.
Hypocrites constantly run around like mad dogs. They run away from Islam, verses of the Qur'an and Muslims and live in contempt.
Hypocrites betray God, the Qur'an and Muslims only for a plate of food and some trivial interest and they get debased by everyone.
Hypocrites put up with every kind of hardship to ingratiate themselves to British Deep State. Then they are abandoned and belittled.
The British Deep State uses hypocrites for their darkest works. They used such types in Turkey’s failed coup of July 15th.
Hypocrites are seriously bothered when God is praised. They want their pervert ideas to be the subject of conversation.
Hypocrites are constantly humiliated and live in secrecy and furtiveness, in persistent trouble. It's amazing they are fine with living like that.
Hypocrites never left the side of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). The reason for it was not their love for him, but it was so that they could convey information about him to disbelievers.
Hypocrites show themselves to be ignorant and unskilled when it comes to serving Islam, but they are skillful when there is evil work and mischief.
The reason we insist on subject of hypocrites is that they are the only movement that should be struggled intellectually in the End Times.
One of the hidden qualities of hypocrites is that they are filthy to the extent of grossness.
Hypocrites assume they are smart as they consider themselves to influence people's subconscious by making hidden propaganda. By using all kinds of art like paintings, books and poems the British Deep State drive people into a pessimistic and dark world and inculcate a disgusting life. Despite all their foolishness hypocrites assume themselves to be very clever, whereas they live in humiliation in a world filled with devils.
The British Deep State will be demolished intellectually by the year 2023 by the will of God. The whole world will see this come true.
British Deep State used to hide behind the US in the past, but they will have no place to hide from now on.

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As wickedness is the most distinctive quality of hypocrites, they use even love for evil. When they claim to love, they intend to harm.
Believers oppose the intelligence of hypocrites with their wisdom. Hypocrites live their lives in humiliation; always defeated by wisdom.
For a hypocrite, betrayal is like breathing. They cannot continue without doing something immoral for even ten minutes.
The existence of hypocrites is the reason behind the pains in Egypt, Pakistan, Palestine, Syria, Iraq and others.
Hypocrites are insanely hateful. Their sole purpose is disturbing Muslims and harming Islam.
The top priority of the Islamic world and Muslims should be exposing hypocrites intellectually. Unbelievers are honest in their opposition, but hypocrites sinisterly disguise their true intentions and are perfidious.
Hypocrites are extremely shameless. Everyone knows they are liars and cheats. Hypocrites also know that about themselves. Nevertheless, they continue to claim they are honest.
When hypocrites are called to stop their trouble-making, they will claim they are trying to put things right.
Hypocrites claim to be very honest people and in a way admire themselves. In reality, they are very immoral and foolish.
Hypocrites don't wish God to be praised. They don't want Islam to be served and will try to stop it when people do so.
For hypocrites, their clique of hypocrites is crucial. They believe that, their clique will help them.
Hypocrites, in a way, are human devils. They act with a satanic intelligence, backed by deep state and consider themselves to be very strong.
The preaching of Mahdi will deeply influence the hearts of people and help them gain sincere faith in God.
The American dream ended because of the pressure of the British Deep State. The US should act on an intellectual basis instead of fighting all around the world.
It is great that Mike Pence says the US will be a nation under God and that he brings the American dream to the agenda. The new US government can start by reopening the closed churches. The closing of synagogues and churches shouldn't be considered normal. Reopening places of worship will usher in blessings.
It would be great if Trump says about Muslims: ‘I love those real Muslims who love everyone and who abide by the Qur’an. I’m against violence’.
It would be very good if Trump continuously makes positive remarks about African Americans, Muslims and immigrants.
God commands Muslims in the Qur’an to approach Christians and Jews with love and compassion. Muslims should act accordingly.
Due to efforts of the British Deep State, Rumi’s philosophy is now the most common religion among atheists, homosexuals. But it is not the Mawlavism known in Anatolia.
The British Deep State effectively uses technology of this century like smart phones, Internet for secret communication of hypocrites.
Throughout history, hypocrites have claimed they are more intelligent. They almost lose their minds when they are called intelligent.
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