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The power of love has started to spread among people. The evil propaganda was demoralizing and dragging people into lovelessness, yet we have succeeded in cutting that off.
God made our works and the heroic members of our nation instrumental in preventing the spread of Darwinism and the separation of our country.
As a small community, we have displayed a very strong and solid stand against the attempts of the system of antichrist to disrupt spirituality. We stand firm against the system of the antichrist just like the Barrier of Dhul'Qarnayn.
Those who advocate love are gaining merit and at the same they are being educated very nicely. In this way, their lives in the Hereafter flourish.
It is crucial that those who advocate love, friendship and brotherhood strive with all their might.
The number of those who want love, friendship and brotherhood and those talking about love can be counted on the fingers of a hand.
The majority of the media, the language used by many people and most of their internet activities are disruptive for love.
It seems that the rate of activities leading people to the true path is about one in a hundred thousand when compared with those leading people towards the demands of their lowerselves.
It appears as if there are no current activities throughout the world that leads people towards the truth. Though, works leading people towards mundane matters are plenty.
Muslims who have profound understanding take lessons from the verses of God.
In the Qur'an, God says "They were wandering blindly in their drunkenness!" (15:72) for the homosexuals among the People of Lot.
Satan wants separation. God demands unification and coalescence. We will make the whole world brothers. Everyone will be happy and live in prosperity.
Shadow states are destructive and divisive. Islam is unifying and integrative.
We will respond to these plots of the British shadow state with the formation of Islamic Unity. We will unite all Islamic world.
The goal of the British shadow state is to divide all of Europe and of course Turkey.
The British shadow state is playing another game. They are giving the message implying "if division were harmful, we wouldn't be dividing our own country."
Behind London’s demand for exit from the EU, there lies a new plot of the British shadow state aimed to break other countries into pieces.

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The most toxic power in the body is lovelessness. It is the poison of the body.
If people approached matters with love and had a loving attitude towards each other, the world would be like Paradise.
Many people act on feelings of jealousy. But living with hatred and jealousy is self-punishment.
God encourages Muslims to have close, friendly relations with Christians and Jews.
Hypocrites are stubborn in their evil attitude. They hear the verses of the Qur’an, but pretend not to hear them.
Those who commit murders in name of Islam, follow not the Qur’an, but their own commandments. They target everyone, including fellow Muslims.
Hypocrites cannot stand to hear the verses of the Qur’an, or the signs leading to faith.
When a believer speaks to a hypocrite, he should be calm and mature like a shrink talking to a patient, and preach him with the Qur’an.
Hypocrites at the time of Prophet Noah (pbuh) were jealous of pious people and tried to drive them away from Prophet Noah.
Turkey has a very rich culture of social graces that cannot be found in other countries. European etiquette is rather limited while the Anatolian one is quite rich.
Suicide, homicide and child abuse are very widespread offenses among homosexuals. This is very dangerous for the structure and order of society.
According to the Qur'an, people are deemed free to choose if they will perform their prayers or not. Muslims are only responsible for explaining what God commands and nothing more.
The British shadow state is carrying out worldwide homosexual propaganda and trying to prevent Muslims' revealing the enormity of homosexuality.
God creates musical rhythm and the ability to enjoy it. We could have heard music and felt terrified. God makes us enjoy music.
God created our souls to be enamored with rhythm and symmetry. That’s why we are fascinated by music and art.
The PKK doesn't represent the Kurdish people. Kurdish people are devout Muslims. No one should make the mistake of equating the Kurds with the PKK.
Hypocrites at the time of Prophet (pbuh) wasted time with unnecessary talk. The hypocrites of today will try to do the same.
Hypocrites can’t stand the wealth, happiness, youth and dynamism of the believers and will do anything in his power to stop them.
Hypocrites are selfish, egoistical, inconsiderate and crude. They are very self-centered and display almost animalistic behavior. They have blank looks in their eyes just like animals.
Muslim communities would have weaker faith if there were no hypocrites in their midst. That’s why God creates the hypocrites.
Kurds are the ornaments, the light and beauty of Turkey. They are noble, honorable, loyal and extremely brave. They’re the children of Said Nursi.

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The traditionalistic conception of Islam doesn’t consider woman as human beings. First this notion must be removed from Islamic references.
Not putting one’s trust in God and weakness in faith makes a person sick. They turn into human beings who are nervous and unable to show compassion.
No results can be obtained by chanting slogans against terror. Responding to the Marxist-Leninist ideology with the right philosophy is essential.
In the absence of the Qur’an, the world goes mad. Murder, terror, wars, turmoil spread everywhere.
Throughout history, every messenger warned his people against the shadow state, which is the false deity. In the End Times, this duty will be assumed by Mahdi.
Tagut [the false deity] is a system that protects the hypocrites. It distances the people from holy light and drifts them into the darkness.
The psychopathy of the shadow state stems from its evil nature. They can even annihilate and kill their own people.
Europe has seen the scourges Darwinism brought to them during the world wars but didn’t take any lessons. Now a new scourge is at their door.

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People should talk about love, at least for once even if they don't feel like it. Over time, they will get used to it.
Certain circles sought to create sectarian clashes between Iran-Turkey. Through our intellectual efforts, we did not let that happen.
The PKK is a Marxist, Leninist terrorist organizations. They are not Zoroastrians.
Armenians, Kurds, Circassians, Turks are all true owners of this country. As long as they are democrats, it doesn't matter what views they hold.
Shia are perfect Muslims just like Sunnis. It is very wrong to refrain from going to their mosques. It is great that Shias love Hazrat Ali.
Some Muslims are friendly towards people only from their own communities: This is very wrong.
The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) used wealth, quality and art to spread religion. This is an important method.
There is no reason why there should be any problems between Turkmen and Uighur brothers. It is incumbent on us to make peace between them.
It is crucial to inform the public well. The fact that US shadow state supports the communist PKK should be constantly brought to the agenda.
One apologizes for many things during day. Turkey’s apologizing to Russia, especially considering that a life was lost, is definitely the right thing to do.
Turkey should be the epitome of modernism, quality, love and art. Young people and women should be completely free.
It is crucial to show and explain the sufficiency of the Quran in order to counter and invalidate the ideology of ISIS.
No one should pay heed to hateful, anti-democratic voices. Let us love honest, democratic and loving people.

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God is the One Who creates all those statues and paintings. God makes those artists instrumental in their creation. Those works of art were all created in destiny long before their artists were born.
Hypocrites would never accept verses or warnings. Muslims are the ones who think on verses about hypocrites and purify themselves.
Hypocrites speak 50 words and mix their poison inside two of those words. With those two words they try to influence those with feeble minds.
The Torah and the hadiths of our Prophet (pbuh) contain comprehensive information about the coming of the Mahdi [Moshiach]. His coming was heralded ever since the time of Adam.
Gypsies are masters of music, art and humility. An understanding of beauty and quality based on the claim of racial superiority is unacceptable. God bestows success on those who are sincere.
Hypocrites are very angry towards everyone and they only like themselves.
Since the hypocrites trust their feeble minds very much, they look down on everyone and constantly give unsolicited advice.
Verses about the hypocrites have an impact on only Muslims. Hypocrites are not at all affected. The verses only increase their rage and anger.
The souls of hypocrites are unquenchable. Even when they are offered a glass of water, they can cause thousands of dissensions regarding that glass and the water in it.
Hypocrites' lives are very restless. They want to discipline people and while doing so, they constantly cause unrest.
Sincere people are always superior. No matter if they are peasants or townsmen, no matter what their race is. What is important is people’s sincerity, wholeheartedness and trustworthiness.
The struggle against radicalism is only possible through knowledge. It cannot be carried out using bombs and weapons.
Quality is of crucial importance: Without quality, artistic understanding cannot develop.
God is the Real Artist. It is important to know the Real Artist Who created the artists.
When religiousness decreased in Europe, their artistic power has faded as well. They are unable to create those beautiful statues and paintings anymore.
Christians used to make magnificent statues and paintings when their love for Jesus Messiah was very powerful. Right now their artistic power has declined.
God wants us to be sincere. God only gives success to sincerity.
ISIS is not the real target of the global shadow state; their goal is to establish a communist, Stalinist state in the region. No country in the region would let this happen.
Not giving the necessary response to the PKK’s ideology would mean admitting defeat. That is why we need to communicate the invalidity of Marxism and Leninism through knowledge, science and love.
The PKK has an ideology determined to die and kill. Keeping one's silence against this ideology would be going down to defeat.
We need to be very determined when it comes to love. The number of those who know love truly are very few, that’s why they need to form good alliances.
Hypocrites feel an incredible respect towards the shadow states; because they believe that Pharaoh is superior, they even accept being his slaves.
The claim that Muslims would be unkempt, unhealthy, tasteless and lacking in quality is wrong. Muslims are deserving of the most beautiful of everything.
Muslims' living beautiful lives is a blessing. Wealth and glory is a method of communicating religion used by the Prophet Solomon (pbuh).
There are all types of sexually perverted ones, sadists and extortioneers in the PKK. This PKK antichrist created now will become trouble for the world later on.
Hypocrites try to deceive Muslims with their words. They imagine themselves to be very smart, very intelligent and good players.
It is important to show an effort for success while not forgetting that all power belongs to God alone. God is the One Who does everything. Hence a few sincere people can actually attain a great success.
With a determined, sincere and hopeful approach people are easily led towards what is good and beautiful.
Fanatics do not know anything about love. God wants love from us. Love is the essence of religion.
It would not be right to refrain from taking the initiative in forming friendships due to worrying about what others would think. Relations between Israel and Turkey should be reinforced heartily.
We need to introduce people of love to one another everywhere, to bring them together and to reinforce their connections.
Christians are very loving people. They need to ally with Muslims and Jews. We should eradicate the lovelessness that pollutes the world.
Muslims and Jews should be in a strong friendship and fraternity. Together they need to destroy satan's plots and make an alliance based on their common values.
Some people do not expect it, but we will certainly see the appearance of the Mahdi. He will end the wars and weapons will be destroyed during his time.

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Everyday new, beautiful developments are happening and they’re all signs of the Mahdi’s (Moshiach) coming.
The alliance of religious Jews, Christians and Muslims is crucial, just as their love and respect for each other is.
Loveless people have no power. The power of those who have faith and know to love truly are superior than others.

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The incidents that took place in our Prophet's era are significant in understanding how terrifying the character of the hypocrites is.
Some of the wives of our Prophet had a disrespectful attitude towards our Prophet; Muslim women should refrain from such attitude.
The hypocrites in our Prophet's time exerted considerable pressure and witlessly tried to discipline our Prophet (pbuh).
The PKK is an enemy of God, the Prophet and Hazrat Ali. It is out of the question for the Shias to cooperate with the PKK. Shias must be very cautious on this matter.
The brotherhood of Muslims would devastate the system of antichrist.
Once Shias and Sunnis embrace one another, the most important ploy of the system of the antichrist would be thwarted.
Shias and Sunnis are brothers; it is a great persecution for them to target one another, to massacre one another. It is unlawful.

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If a person understands that the universe cannot be product of chance, that person is a believer.
The downing of the plane hurt Russia’s national pride and that is why Putin’s hands are tied with regards to changing Russia’s stance towards Turkey. But a Turkish apology can fix it.
Apologize in line with our Islamic morality and traditions; there is nothing wrong in apologizing and paying compensation to Russia.
Christians and Jews are more than welcome to Muslims’ iftar dinners. God says Muslims can dine with Christians and Jews.
Hypocrites begrudge the believers and they always complain. They complain about the believers to other believers in a bid to stir up trouble.
Many people don't know about the evil attacks of the hypocrites at the time of our Prophet (pbuh). Our Prophet had been through so many difficulties.
Unless the PKK is intellectually defeated, their terror will continue. It’s important to invalidate the ideology that feeds terrorism.
Hypocrites hate to practice religion and do so only reluctantly. It’s important to expose them, because that will stop their evil attacks.
Hypocrites foolishly thought that they could dictate to our Prophet (pbuh): They wanted him to follow their philosophy.
Pharaoh was one of the worst hypocrites in history; he affirmed his faith many times and then broke his promise many times.
It’s important to be careful with the hypocrites as they can do something devious any moment. Their words shouldn't fool believers.
Hypocrites do not worship God, but worship power instead. They bow down to power and never really clean up their act.
With an evil plan, hypocrites target the spiritual leader of the believers: That person will be their main target.
Hypocrites wish to sit idly, doing no good. They also wanted the Prophet (pbuh) to be like them. They also find fake excuses for their behavior.
Hypocrites carry out their evil acts under the pretense of guiding people: They always claim that they mean well.
Hypocrites wrongly thought that they were in a position to discipline the Prophet and believers, and tried to manipulate them for their agendas.
Misogyny in the Muslim world first arose in the hypocrites’ Dirar masjid.
One shouldn't be fooled by the pious appearance of the hypocrites.
Hypocrites believe that God is unjust (God is above such claims) and try to make other people believe it.
Hypocrites are presumptuous and conceited. They always claim to know the best.
Hypocrites are articulate. Their answers are always arrogant and they respond with hostility even to words said with good intentions.
In every word they use, hypocrites imply they are more clever and just; thus they deviously imply that God is unjust (God is above this).
Hypocrites target the subconscious of people. At first glance, their actions will seem normal; only with the wisdom of the Qur’an they can be spotted.
Hypocrites have incremental plans. They deliberately take words out of context to justify their evil actions.

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Paving the way for provocations, the British shadow state wants to finally realize the plans they have devised for 200 years. Our people should not be fooled by these provocative acts.
No one should give credit to these bigoted provocations that arise one after the other, just like it was before the February 28th Coup of 1997. Turkey will remain enlightened and modern.
Come circles introduce bigotry specifically to prevent the strengthening of Islam. We are giving the scientific response to every provocation created by bigotry.
If Turkey adopts a superior understanding of love and quality, Europe would approach us very willingly.
We will live and die by our faith. We are very meticulous about the commands in the Qur'an. Homosexuality is an abominable act according to the Qur'an: It is unlawful.
In the presidential system being suggested for Turkey, not even the slightest gap should be left that could lead the way to federalism.
Without losing time, an apology should be extended to Russia. Apologizing complies with Islam and our customs.
If love is not based on the consent of God, everything comes to an end when one's interest in another is over. A strong bond and loyalty will not form in people who have been raised within a selfish system.
Turkey will not allow the existence of the PKK within its borders. Strengthening the PKK/YPG in Syria is a part of the 200 year-old plan of the British shadow state.

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Every fruit has its own unique taste, flavor. They are all incredibly beautiful, and none of them has gone through any evolutionary process.
There is the perfect amount of vitamins in fruits and they all have their own uniquely wonderful tastes. It is unbelievable that some people call their existence a coincidence.
The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) used art, grandeur and wealth to spread religion, because they bring out the beauty in people’s souls.
Hypocrites are the most important problem for Muslims today, since they are the reason behind the current devastated state of the Islamic world.
It has always been hypocrisy that hurts and devastates people. It is a danger for all Muslims.
Some Islamic scholars act like there is nothing wrong in the Islamic world. But never before in history have so many Muslims been martyred.
There is massive bloodshed and terror in the Islamic world and Muslims are completely divided. This situation is unique to the End Times.
God tells us in the Qur'an that we can dine together with Christians and Jews and eat their food. And the food of Christians and Jews is also lawful for you and your food is lawful for them. (The Holy Qur’an, 5:5)
The world will be a Paradise-like place when the true Islam of the Qur'an is enjoyed.
The Turkish public would never approve of a federal system, federalism or autonomy.

Being able to apologize is a virtue. There is nothing wrong with Turkey apologizing to Russia.

The major problem facing Turkey is the threat of partition. The Turkish people would never give consent to disintegration or federalism.

God bestows His blessings on those who enjoy love. Loveless ones live by hurting every moment of their lives.
Loveless people lose everything they have, including their physical and spiritual beauty and happiness.
Even a single fruit is enough to make a person believe in God.
Many people live cold and loveless lives. Almost no one expects real believers of God to experience true love in this world.
The world is full of numerous beauties, but one may get no joy from them without love for God. True happiness comes by knowing that they are gifts from God.
The Qur'an provides many examples regarding the argumentative nature of hypocrites. As hypocrites act in compliance with the orders of satan, they become rampant for no reason and cause problems.
On the face of hypocrites there exists a very disgusting expression; they lack the holy light.
The soul of hypocrites is rampant; they are incited by satan.
The operatives of the shadow state of Britain and its submissive sidekicks have always lived in poverty. Their only food has always been some praise.
God orders Muslims to forgive, to persevere and create a serene environment under all conditions.
Satan wants the Islamic world to be formed of argumentative, egoistic, selfish, maniacal people. This is an outline of the mind of satan.
There exists dispute in the soul of satan. The willingness to dispute is actually a disease. In Hell, hypocrites and irreligious people will continue to argue with one another, just as they typically do in this world.
Shadow states are entirely under the command of satan. The British shadow state also acts under the command of satan.
God appoints Hazrat Khidr to ruin the shadow states and creates incidents that will make the system of the antichrist collapse by itself.
Satan is also a homosexual. First he gave the order to shed blood, fight against the Mahdi and eradicate Islam.
Homosexuals are generally rebellious, argumentative and maniacal people. They are the ones who commit the most murders.
Throughout history, the satanic shadow state has used homosexuals to carry out its filthy operations.
All antichrists were serial killers. In Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and elsewhere the shadow state of the world [antichrist] constantly sheds blood.
Let’s expand our collaboration with Christians and let’s continue it with determination and patience.
Muslims are responsible for showing love and compassion to everyone. The closure of churches would never make Muslims happy.
In the Qur'an, God commands Muslims to protect the mosques, monasteries, synagogues and churches.
Muslims and Christians must ally as soon as possible in order to prevent the closure of churches.
We believe that Jesus Christ has come; Muslims and Christians must ally with Jesus Messiah, solve the problems and defeat the antichrist.
It is dreadful that there are no longer any Christians left in the Middle East. Churches are being closed throughout Europe. In order to solve these problems, Christians and Muslims must ally.
Christianity is under threat across the world; they are being persecuted everywhere. The closure of churches must be prevented.

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Those who imagine that they can turn [PKK founder] Ocalan into someone like [late South African President] Mandela by bringing the South African model to Turkey are dreaming in vain. Our people would never let that happen.
Those who do not utter a single word about the Muslims being martyred in Iraq and Syria show an effort on behalf of homosexuals since they fear the reactions they will receive if they don't.
Hypocrites do not regard the good pleasure of God as important- God is above these claims- yet attach importance to people's opinions.
Both the acts and the faces and languages of the hypocrites are filthy. They have a snobbish, priggish, vindictive, ignominious attitude full of hatred.
Hypocrites constantly try to make a subconscious configuration and indoctrinate others that they are the most correct and most reasonable ones.
Hypocrites have a filthy body language. Frowning and having a filthy expression on their faces are all characteristics of this body language drawn attention to in the verses.
Hypocrites respond to goodness with ignominy and snobbery: You say something nice, they instantly respond impertinently.
Hypocrites reverse the facts. They say something white is actually red and something red is actually white.
Hypocrites want to drag Muslims into their ugly, dark worlds and make them abide by their philosophy.
Hypocrites try to show themselves as if they are close to Muslims but they keep their distance. They imagine that they gain a lot by keeping their distance.
Hypocrites live among Muslims and benefit from their means yet they ignominiously turn up their noses at Muslims.
Hypocrites' minds are weak and feeble. Muslims should pray for help from God from being weak in mind.
Hypocrites are vain people. When they are called to serve Islam and the Qur'an, they chose to engage in vain acts and be hollow.
Hypocrites are in constant contact with one another. They have a circlular structure. The shadow state is in the center of this circle.
Hypocrites carry out evil acts one after the other, they are like a fountain of sewage. They engage in filth at every moment.
Hypocrites make evil assumptions about everything. When they are given something good, told something nice, when a successful activity is carried out, they make evil assumptions about all of them.
Hypocrites come near the Prophet when they have an interest they are expecting from him. They are very fond of worldly possessions.
Hypocrites are very fond of this world and living long lives. They ally with everyone to attain this, including the shadow states, thieves and immoral ones.
Turkey is responsible for protecting Syria's integrity and not letting a communist PKK state be founded right beside her.
Hypocrites feel an immense jealousy about the success, love, friendship, brotherhood and beauties God gives to Muslims.
When Muslims' hear the signs of the hypocrites, their souls are purified. Yet, it increases the hypocrites' anger and hatred.
Talking about the signs of the hypocrites is a cure for Muslims. Their hearts feel relieved, become purer and attain riches and peace.
Hypocrites cannot stand to listen to the Qur'an and God's commands. God has specifically informed us about that.
Hypocrites are always against God, the Qur'an and Muslims. They constantly exalt themselves and claim that they are the most successful ones.
Hypocrites saying, "I came to belief" is merely an evil plot. They foolishly imagine themselves to be shrewd and think that they can deceive Muslims.
Hypocrites do not obey God and the Messengers. As they consider themselves to be superior, they do not regard the Messenger as their leader; they do not heed the Qur'an either.
Hypocrites take their ablution and perform prayers only if Muslims are watching. If they are not in Muslims' sight, they neither take ablution nor perform prayers.
Hypocrites only act on their instincts. They lie, they cause dissension, they feel jealous. They almost live by their beastly instincts.

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Our nation would never agree on an agreement which is of a disastrous nature. Our nation wouldn’t agree on the disintegration of our country by the shadow state of Britain.
The Islamic Union can’t be established because the Islamic scholars put Muslims to sleep with their discourses, despite all the bloodshed in the Islamic world.
Everyday, hundreds of Muslims lose their lives but not a single word is written about these deaths. A huge responsibility falls upon our nation.

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The plan devised by the British shadow state for Syria will eventually leave them in the midst of a catastrophe.
Our people would never accept the attempts to overthrow a democratically elected government through anti-democratic means.
Those who constantly spread anger and hostility have no country or any nation they like [or admire]. We love and consider all nations as our friends.
God creates the beauty of women for us to appreciate. Certain people want Muslim women to be unkempt, ugly and out of shape.
They imagine that Islam will cease to exist when there is secularism. Secularism means irreligious and religious people living together in comfort. Islam guarantees the coexistence of both irreligious and religious people.
We are responsible for communicating Islam to the best of our ability. Preaching Islam is a religious obligation for Muslims.
Since they do not believe in the fact that the Qur'an is sufficient, they have come up with four different sects, in other words religions, with different religious obligations and prohibitions.
The great majority of people are unaware of the fact that the Qur'an is sufficient. They are surprised to learn that the Qur'an explains everything.
According to the Qur’an, both the brothers of Joseph and the woman who wanted to be with him have had the characteristics of the hypocrites. They persecuted him in the name of love. Actually they were simply jealous.
The Mahdi is a blessed individual awaited since the time of the Prophet Adam (pbuh). The Messenger of God (pbuh) constantly spoke about him because he loved him a lot.
There is the joy of faith in difficulties and hardships. One needs to experience the joy and the beauty of them.
When one encounters a difficulty, he needs to appreciate it and make use of it well. Difficulties and illnesses are blessings for Muslims.
The more difficulties one encounters, the more favorable it becomes in the Sight of God for him. That's why being disabled or having illnesses becomes instrumental to attain great good deeds.
The PKK/YPG is bombing everyone without minding if there are women and children out there. Then they are making dastardly statements saying that we need to fight together to stop terrorists.
Suicide and homicide is very widespread among homosexuals. According to the Qur'an, homosexuality is an abomination and we will continue to explain this fact.
Our prophet foretold all the details about the time of the Mahdi so that they cannot come up with excuses when these portents are realized. In their own minds, they try to postpone the system of the Mahdi and come up with excuses to do so. But the system they are trying to prevent is advancing step by step.
Some scholars are misleading our people by saying, "The Mahdi did not come." Those scholars should talk about the portents mentioned in the hadiths along with the incidents that took place and leave the conclusion to our people.
Weakness in faith is a grave difficulty. Weakness in faith and lack of trust in God is what lies beneath the sufferings people experience in their lives.
People become obsessed with this world in vain. This world is hollow and a very difficult place of trial. In the end everyone ends up in a coffin.
Without profound love, there will be no meaning to Heaven. That is why we are taking a very thorough education with a difficult trial in this world. Without this training, there will be no meaning to Heaven.

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Turkey and Russia must restore its relations as soon as possible. Offering an apology is a virtue; apologizing is being gentle. Offering an apology doesn’t degrade a person; on the contrary, it elevates him. Feeling ashamed of apologizing is unbecoming. Apologizing is kindness.
There is no war between Turks and Kurds in Turkey. Turkey defends itself against terror. The Kurds are the jewels in our crown.
The most humane, merciful and generous country towards refugees is Turkey. The world admires the compassion of Turkey.
What is essentially needed against terror is an ideological operation. We must show that scientific evidence refutes Darwinist-materialist philosophy.
In an Islamic country young people are indoctrinated with the theory of evolution and nobody feels baffled about this.
Those scholars of Islam who previously kept saying “The Mahdi has come, he is on duty” for years then started to say that the Mahdi will not come, or that he will come centuries later. The works of al-Suyuti makes it plainly evident that the Mahdi will come in this century.
The system of the antichrist is based on blood shedding. The Mahdi stops bloodshed. The antichrist continues to shed blood. Some time later it will come to an end. In the hadith it is stated that once eyes see the Mahdi, he will be apparent.
Kurds are the jewels in our crowns; they are our beloved ones. We defend ourselves not against Kurds, but against the Marxist, Leninist, irreligious and Godless terror organization, the PKK.
Those who say the portents of the Mahdi have not appeared yet try to hide the hadiths regarding his appearance because they are in a panic. The fact that hundreds of hadith regarding the portents of the Mahdi have come to pass prove the time of the Mahdi has already come.
Instead of making ambiguous statements saying there are some countries behind the PKK, they should frankly say that the British shadow state is behind them.
The Greater Middle East Project’s true meaning was to crush the peoples of the region and divide the Middle East into pieces so as to leave it to the control of the British shadow state.
If you say Muslims should not be allowed in your country, Islamic countries would respond accordingly. Such a shallow, crude, loveless approach would do no good.
Trump's following such a loveless policy instead of approaching matters with love, compassion and science would put the US in a difficult situation, both politically and economically.
Regarding the End Times, our Prophet foretold that great incidents will follow one another successively and that is what is happening right now.
Terror, violence, killing people, bombing civilians, homosexuality are all atrociousness; they all are atrocious acts that God has forbidden.

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Struggle can only be carried out by democratic and ideological means. We can never accept violence or killing.
We criticize the PKK day and night but we do not say that they must be killed wherever we see them. The law should take care of them.
Some people say not a single word about the children being killed in Syria, Iraq or Mediterranean, but an attack in a different part of the world hits headlines. Remaining silent in the face of the killings of innocent Syrians and Iraqis is also a form of persecution.
Killing a single person is like killing all of humanity according to Islam. It is unacceptable to exert violence on a person because of his ideology.
Homosexuality is a great obscenity; meanwhile killing and committing violence are brutality. A person who commits murder is punished by eternity in hell.
According to the Qur'an, homosexuality is unlawful and we are against it. Yet Muslims must struggle against it in the ideological sense, not with violence.
What befalls on Muslims is to preach Islam. According to Islam, exerting pressure and compulsion is unlawful.
According to the Qur'an, everyone can practice his own religion as he pleases. The verse says “You have your religion and I have mine”. Consequently, a Muslim should never exert pressure on anyone.
We explain that homosexuality is obscenity in the ideological sense: This is what needs to be done. Islam is definitely against violence. If a person had committed homosexuality, theft, murder etc., a Muslim would only bring him to justice; he can never commit violence.
A person does not have the right to kill another person. Killing, putting people to death by execution and bombing are primitive and brutal methods.
A person who ponders deeply over bees, spiders, flies would end up out of breath due to fascination. If thought about in a shallow fashion, a person may fall in heedlessness.

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Great scholars of Islam should make a joint declaration to establish Sunni-Shia friendship and this should be done at once .
The Prophet Solomon told that Moshiach (Mahdi) will be humorous like him and that he will resemble the Prophet Moses most.
Jews say that Moshiach (Mahdi) will come from somewhere outside of Jerusalem, that they will wait by the gates of Rum, that is to say, that he will be in Istanbul.
Since they don’t abide by the Qur’an, they form four different sets of what is lawful and unlawful, that is to say sects, and then ostracize each other. Religion is one, not four.
God has ordained that division among Muslims unlawful. There is no blessing in division, but only affliction.
One of the good sides of the Shia is that they incessantly enjoy the fervor of the system of the Mahdi.
Our Prophet (pbuh) narrated that the Mahdi will bring forth a new model that abides by the Qur’an.
The PKK emerged as a belief, albeit a false one, but if this fact is ignored, it will keep on growing. What should be done is to give an intellectual struggle.
Soon people will see the Mahdi and Jesus Messiah and also witness the prevalence of Islamic morals, but this prevalence will not come with politics.
Terrorists of the PKK would not descend from the mountains they shelter to drink their mothers’ soup, they can only do so by realizing the invalidity of its ideology.
Our intellectual work abolished the ideology of the left both in Turkey and Europe. It prepared a strong ground for belief.
Bediuzzaman caused profound faith in Anatolia in his time and thus a strong base for belief that many people is unaware of has been formed. The sincerity and devoted nature of Bediuzzaman and his students impressed people. It made the left ineffective where as it might have ruled Turkey.
Since we demolished Darwinism intellectually, the foundation for people to believe has been formed. People can no longer come up with Darwinism against Muslims.
Many who reveal themselves to be irreligious may be essentially secretly believing since they ponder, search and study matters. That is why we should not exclude anyone who is atheist and irreligious. We may not know it from the outside, but he may be reflecting on God and trying to understand.
God wants conscious love from people. God cherishes sincerely believing people the most. The world is being shaped according to such people.
What God wants is to make us love Him, He wants draw attention to Him and test us. People do not know the value of beauty without suffering.
God takes revenge from those who do not love Him despite the blessings He bestows on them. If they had loved God very much, the world would turn into Paradise.
God creates colorful beautiful blessings, kids, music, lurid fruit within the brain that is in utterly darkness. Yet people do not remember God even once.
There is magma boiling underneath the Earth’s crust, and the crust is as thin as an apple skin. On it, God creates life that is full of numerous colorful vivacious blessings.
People surprisingly live distant to God. A person of normal level of conscience cannot stay indifferent to the oppression existent in today’s world.
God wants to draw people’s attention to Himself, yet many get persistently away from Him. Becoming distant from God brings trouble.
When people drift away from God, they develop a selfish character that aims to survive only. God creates life for us to serve Him.
When people love God very much and fear Him, when love stemming from a love of God is felt for mankind, there is no reason for conflicts, wars, fighting and murder.
The fact that the majority of the Islamic world is living in idolatry causes scourges on them, that is, Muslims’ fighting with each other. This is a spiritual disaster on them.

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A lack of love among Muslim communities is unacceptable. Everyone demands the other to be exactly like themselves. That is unacceptable. Each and every Muslim community has a unique beauty that should be embraced lovingly by the others.
Our people will find relief not through economic growth but with faith. Faith and spirituality is what our people really want.
It is not okay to have people avoiding one another's gazes, to have an environment lacking love at the iftar tables. Muslims should embrace each other as brothers and converse lovingly at the iftar tables.
Advocating evolution, even though it has no place in the Qur'an, shows how weak some people with the traditional orthodox understanding of Islam are.
Unity cannot be formed without love. The EU is on the brink of break-up due to a lack of love. Islamic unity cannot be formed without love either. This can only be made possible through the system of the Mahdi.
What is important is to change this wrongful mindset in people, not interfering with women's clothing. They are suppressing women, making them unattractive and then they go molest young boys.
No political party can become powerful without a philosophical foundation. This lack of a philosophical foundation was the reason why right-wing parties used to step back in the past in Turkey. We have been the ones who laid this powerful philosophical foundation by intellectually defeating Darwinism.
Despite those who want to enhance unbelief, there is an amazing development in faith. Our intellectually defeating Darwinism created a very important foundation for this amazing faith related development.
When one says, "Insha'Allah" that doesn't indicate ambiguousness. It means, "I am determined to do this but I will do so by the leave of God."
The newspaper headlines, articles etc., all consist of the same sentences. Their judgments and their perspectives are very narrow. With such narrow perspectives and poor vocabulary, they are simply bustling about the same narrow sphere.
Those who founded the CIA and Mossad were also in the administration of the British shadow state apparatus.
It is the British shadow state that is pestering Turkey right now. The British shadow state is also the secret brain leading the US.
The loveless mindset is a part of the plan aiming to suffocate Turkey. Unwittingly many people became the implementers of this plan.
It is very wrong to follow a policy of hatred and lovelessness. It is a shame to be tactless towards the leader of a party with millions of supporters.
Creating masses that could easily be provoked and setting people against one another is a tactic used against the Middle Eastern countries. We should not be fooled by these cheap tricks.

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People always use harsh tones; this is not right. Kurds are dignified people. We need to defeat the scourges that have been pestering them.
It is essentially the shadow state of Britain that governs the deep state of the world. They also govern the USA as they like.
It wouldn't be becoming for Turkey to act with ill temper. Problems can't be settled with harshness. Wisdom and compassion is needed.
The shadow state of Britain finds it easy to cause disorder in many Middle Eastern countries because their people can be provoked easily.
The PKK follows the orders of the PKK. The PKK and Öcalan are the same.
The materialist and unscientific interpretation of history claims that there was a historical period when so-called cavemen led a primitive life. Yet this is utterly wrong.
They take advantage from people's ignorance and tell that there exists evolution in the Qur'an.
Creation through evolution in no way exists in the Qur'an.
The definite solution to terror is ending unilateral materialist Darwinist education. The basis of terror's ideology is Darwinism.
No one can be the Mahdi other than the real Mahdi set in destiny. The Mahdi described by our Prophet (pbuh) is calm, loving, and will not fight anyone.
Syria's borders are almost entirely under the control of the PKK. The US’ assurance that the PKK will not pass West of the Euphrates River is meaningless.
They try to destroy Syria by force. A democratic Syria that has good relations with her neighbors is essential, not its partition.

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A Muslim feels pleased by being criticized and corrects his mistakes. A hypocrite, on the other hand, gets paralyzed when they are criticized.
The hypocrite wants to break the zeal of Muslims, or at least slow down their efforts.
The hypocrite does not know to give thanks to God. He never feels happy; he always complains and grumbles. He seeks ways to accuse Muslims.
The hypocrite always pursues his own comfort. He doesn't make an effort to save downtrodden women and children but only thinks of himself. The hypocrite tells dastardly lies in order to avoid struggling for Islam.
Struggling against the hypocrite in the ideological sense gives strength to a Muslim.
The hypocrite finds it very distressing to engage in something that will benefit Islam and Muslims.
In the time of our Prophet (pbuh) hypocrites appeared after attaining material wealth and having the support of certain circles in Medina.
In the time of our Prophet (pbuh), hypocrites used to steal the properties of Muslims. Yet hypocrites cannot use the things they steal. Anything they steal becomes a scourge for them both in this world and the Hereafter.
The hypocrite is dead in the spiritual sense. He never refrains from acting in a psychopathic way; he dares to engage in all sorts of insanity.
The hypocrite considers himself to be independent but whatever he does is predestined in God's Sight.
The PKK is a threat for the entire Islamic world. The establishment of a Marxist-communist state in the Middle East is a scourge that requires precautions for the entire region.

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In one way or another, the hypocrite wants to take advantage of Muslims.

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The reason why the People of Lot were devastated was homosexuality. God has informed that homosexuality is an evil and abominable perversion.
Muslims always seek benevolence and win hearts. Hypocrite is not pleased with even objects and is always ungrateful and unappreciative.
Hypocrite is never thankful and cannot appreciate beauty. He does not know how to show his gratitude to God and is an ingrate at all times.
Hypocrite only admires himself and wants to live alone in his dark world. Satan also deemed himself to be superior and desired isolation.
Satan enfolds the entire body of the hypocrite and becomes as if a second soul for him. Satan's soul is then in charge of the hypocrite.
Rebellion, anarchy and haughtiness are the dormant characteristics of the hypocrite. Satan is the teacher of the hypocrite.
Hypocrites are jealous of the beauty, health, success and diligence of believers. That is why hypocrites try to obstruct believers enviously.
Satan is jealous of the contentment and success of believers. Hypocrites take an aversion to the achievements of believers.
Hypocrites are prone to arrogance, rebellion and treachery. The Qur'an teaches us about this evil character that is seen also in satan's nature.
One of the most evil attributes of hypocrites is their hateful sharp tongue. The Body language of hypocrites is abominable.
Hypocrites are like a blast hole that extends to infinity, they come up with vileness every day.

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Throughout history, God has always created leading people to guide believers to the right path. The Mahdi (pbuh) will be the leader of believers in the End Times.
Believers in the Quran pray: ‘Our Lord, send us a savior’. In the End Times, this savior is going to be the Mahdi (pbuh).
Bediuzzaman Said Nursi had an amazing talent of reading the universe and seeing the beautiful creation of God.
It is a sign of coming of the Mahdi that some people give up on him and say ‘The Mahdi won’t come.’
Some TV shows portray women as hostile, aggressive, angry people. The truth is women are the most beautiful ornaments in the world.
The system of the Mahdi is the most significant topic in End Times. The world is being shaped around the system of the Mahdi.
Our Prophet has given the glad tidings of the Mahdi with hundreds of hadiths. He also encouraged everyone to talk about him and spread the good news.
A believer will be proud to be an ‘insane lover of God’. All prophets, saints, righteous people throughout history were called ‘insane’.
God creates wonderful fruits in soil; all beautifully packed with the necessary vitamins. They all have their unique taste, color and fragrance. Calling it ‘formed a result of coincidences’ is an appalling deception.
It is important to know and communicate the meaning of the Qur’an. Our people will not understand when Qur’an is read in Arabic.
We trust God completely, with all our being. We trust him every second, every moment. God makes us talk, makes us write the things we write.
Power belongs solely to God. God gives life, God takes life. No one can do anything unless God wills it.
Many ladies in the world live without ever finding a man to offer their love. There has to be someone with matching depth for that to happen.
Many people are sarcastic, live without ever knowing what it’s like to feel real love. We have to set an example to the world as a modern country where love is dominant, just like it is explained in the Quran.
It is important that the youth have a loving attitude and constantly talk about and encourage love on social media.
Turkey should be the center of love, teacher of love for the whole world. We should be the ones that encourage love, goodness in the world.
Turkey has to be modern, with modern cities, modern towns, modern roads and modern people. Quality has to be prevalent everywhere.
God creates all beauties, adornments and pleasant sights so that we can picture how heaven will be like.
Istanbul is a sacred city. God adorned it beautifully with hills, mosques, with a magnificent strait, and the tombs of companions.
Muslims are massacred in thousands, drown in high seas and certain people still try to paralyze Muslims by saying that ‘the antichrist has not appeared yet.’
Youth is encouraged to adopt a rebellious, aggressive character while being kind, obedient, gentle is shown as unfavorable traits.
Almost all weapons sold to Islamic countries are used against Muslims. Muslims should see the big plot played here.
Shadow state structures pit Muslims against each other, drop bombs on them, and then accuse Muslims for those bombs.
We will win people’s heart with love, compassion, and generosity and spread Islamic morals with kindness. Arrogance is very wrong.
Ottoman Empire is in the past. We will not bring it back. We are in a new era when we will spread the Islamic morals with a modern, kind and loving style.
The British shadow state examined the Quran, realized the presence of hypocrites and now controls the Islamic world by using the hypocrites.
Since hypocrites are self-serving, project self-importantance, are a treacherous group of people who don't fear God, shadow states easily spot and use them.
It is not the non-Muslims preventing Islamic Union. It is the weakness of faith in some Muslims and the prevalence of a hypocritical character.
If Iran, Pakistan and Turkey joined forces, the Islamic world would immediately follow suit. This union would become reality in a matter of hours after calls of ‘brotherhood and solidarity’.
Hypocrites are significant in the history of Islam and also important to believers’ faith, because they are the main force against Muslims, not unbelievers.
The system of antichrist now operating as the world shadow state, is the organized form of hypocrisy. Hypocrites can be defeated with faith and sincerity.
Throughout the history hypocrites have ruined the Islamic world. Many past Muslim leaders were in fact hypocrites, and that led Muslims to ruin.

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God is the Creator of beauty. God is the Creator of all things. There is no other power than God's. God is All-Powerful.
According to the Torah, those who will have a profound comprehension of the Mahdi's teachings first will be women.
The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) trained the jinn and satans perfectly and put them into service. This science will be used once again in the End Times. The one who has possession of the ring and seal of the Prophet Solomon will also put the satans in the ring into his service.
The Mahdi (pbuh) will identify the most ferocious and sinister hypocrites and render them ineffective with intellect.
According to the hadiths, all this persecution around the world has to occur before the Mahdi's appearance. This is the final term of the ongoing calamities.
God creates the beauties of this world as samples bearing semblance to ones in paradise.
In Surat al-Qasas verse 5, God tells that He will show kindness to the oppressed and make them leaders and inheritors. In verse 6, God says that Islam will prevail over the world and the shadow states that are the contemporary Pharaohs will be defeated: "We desired to show kindness to those who were oppressed in the land and to make them leaders and make them inheritors." (Surat al-Qasas, 5) “and establish them firmly in the land and to show Pharaoh and Haman and their troops the very thing that they were fearing from them.” (Surat al-Qasas, 6)
When the Mahdi appears, despite his senior age, he will look radiant like a young man.
Muslims bomb their own mosques when either the mosques of the Shia or Sunni are bombed. That is an apparent cruelty.
Jews are the People of the Book, and they have faith in One God. Muslims should approach pious Jews and Christians with compassion.
Christianity has regressed continually in the USA during the Obama administration due to his Marxist-Darwinist mindset and its economy has also collapsed.
The souls of certain Muslims have hardened to such an extent that they do not know how to approach one another with compassion and love.
The brutal enmity amongst the Sunni and Shia is an evil plot. Both are pure Muslims and of holy light. Muslims' murdering one another is the plot of satan and Muslims cannot seem to figure this out. Instead of embracing each other in a brotherly manner to remove all troubles from the world, murdering one another ruthlessly is grave iniquity.
Shia and Sunni, they are all Muslims and brothers. They are deceived by the British shadow state's plots and thus ruthlessly massacre one another. It is a severe persecution for Muslims who believe in One God and the same Book, and turn towards the same Qibla, to massacre one another. All this tyranny shows that the Mahdi (pbuh) is awaited with the utmost urgency.
What is most important is maturity and being virtuous. Not being full of knowledge, but wisdom sprouts peace in people’s hearts. God grants success to those regarded to be weak and unimagined by others. The Prophet Joseph (pbuh) lived virtuously in prison, and then came to lead Egypt.
They deem peace to be difficult, but inflicting pain on people, waging wars and persecution are troublesome. Love, friendship and brotherhood is a great joy, delight and beauty.
If one tenth of the finances used for fighting against terrorism globally was spent for the distribution of books, terror would come to an end.

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The British shadow state seeks to divide Turkey and hand over Kurds to the communist PKK. We won’t leave our Kurdish mothers and sisters to communists.
When we say ‘Turk’, we refer to everyone in Turkey; Turks, Kurds, Armenians, Greeks, Circassian etc. We don't care about people’s genes.
Acting in the name of Islam, they have created a rotting system that shut Muslims away in ghettos. We showed that Islam is life itself. They claimed that Muslims cannot have fun, enjoy life or be modern. We completely destroyed that misconception. Muslims deserve all beauties.
An Islamic Union will be established when borders are opened and passports and visas are lifted. God wants union, not separation for His servants.
By taking music, science, entertainment away from Muslims, they have developed an introverted Muslim style that has no joy of life. They wanted Muslims to be introverted, insecure and completely deprived of the beauties of life. We foiled that devious plot. To counter the plot to shut Muslims away in ghettos, we kept repeating that faith should be everywhere; in beaches, clubs, etc. They claimed that Muslims are tasteless, crude and don't know how to have fun. Muslims live life to the fullest, deserve the best. They kept women from approaching Islam and tried to insult and oppress them with decrees that have no place in Islam. They made life a living hell not for only women but also for the youth. They created a fake religion where everything is punishable by death. They created such a wrong religious model, people thought embracing Islam would be like hell (surely Islam is beyond this). We destroyed that wrong thinking with the Qur’an.
The Mahdi will end idolatry completely and will teach people that God has the sole power.
Our government should protect our Christian citizens. We should help them protect their churches and repair them if necessary.
Hypocrites and idolaters foolishly believe that they can extinguish the light of God. God will never allow that and will perfect His light.
Hypocrites are too lazy to do anything for Islam, but they are very hardworking when it comes to immorality and hypocrisy.
Hypocrites are like a tribe. They find each other and stick together.
Hypocrites have an evil intelligence. Shadow states easily spot them and use them for their purposes.
Stalinist terrorism incorporates everything evil including murder, violence, oppression and savagery.
We’re promoting the way of the Qur’an; the spirit of the Companions. It is modern, devout and compliant with human nature.
All the homicidal psychos and perverts have flocked to Syria to join the YPG. Turkey should inform the whole world about this.
It is embarrassing for the USA that US soldiers are wearing the YPG's logo on their uniforms. Americans should know why the USA is supporting a communist organization. Obama’s Marxist tendencies are the reason why he supports the communist terror group YPG. These facts should be explained to the whole world.

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There exists so much oppression upon young girls and women: Let them live beautifully and take pleasure from life. The system of oppressing women must come to an end.
A great majority of Muslims were, in the ideological sense, defeatists in the face of evolutionists; thus, they started to promote the false idea that evolution exists in the Qur’an.
We showed that Darwinism has no scientific value. The Islamic awakening emerged with the ideological defeat of Darwinism.
God protects believers tremendously with a metaphysical power that many people can never comprehend. This is a miraculous support.
All the prophets were slandered and they were called “insane”, yet for a believer, it is an honor to be called insane.
A great majority of people are quite knowledgeable but only people with a deep conscience comprehend God and attach themselves to Him.
A wise person immediately sees the existence of God but a great majority of people look at the world behind some kind of mist. They can’t see the existence of God behind that mist.
God supports those close to Him without them knowing it; in the same way, He oppresses those distant to Him from an aspect they have never thought of.

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Self-criticism is crucial to prevent arrogance. If one thinks of himself as immune to mistakes, he’s already fallen into satan’s trap; self-criticism is a remedy. God forbid, those who refrain from it will only hurt themselves.
Hypocrites wait for disasters to befall Muslims, but they end up being the ones surrounded by disasters as punishment from God.
Hypocrites lead miserable lives in this world and in the hereafter. But, unknowingly, hypocrites boost the power of believers.
The existence of hypocrites is actually a good thing for believers, because it makes believers more driven, more vigilant. Hypocrites help believers achieve a broader horizon and be more careful against dangers and appreciate believers more.
Hypocrites feel incredible rage when the Qur’an is mentioned and this hatred is visible in their eyes.
Hypocrites don't like it when God is praised, the Qur’an is recited or Islam is preached. Instead, they wish to waste their time on petty things.
Hypocrites have a hierarchical order; they all have their masters. They think that the shadow states are very powerful and therefore they follow them.
We are focusing on hypocrites, because it’s the most crucial issue in Islamic world. They’re the reasons Muslims are being persecuted.
Trying to scare Muslims with unbelievers is typical hypocrite behavior.
Hypocrites believe that their audacious behavior is right; they don't believe religion is the right way. They offer a religion other than the one in the Qur’an.
Believers know how to feel shame. But hypocrites are shameless. They are audacious and barefaced.
Hypocrites can’t contain their rage and it sometimes spills out of their mouths. But the rage inside their hearts is even greater.
Hypocrites brag about trivial things to impress each other; try to convince others of their ‘supposedly’ good lives. They always fail in the end.
Hypocrites wish for believers to go astray, just like they did. That’s why they pursue unimportant knowledge. Believers, on the contrary, pursue wisdom.
God compares hypocrites to hollow pieces of timber in a verse. They might look or sound impressive, but they are always hollow.
Hypocrites seek to take credit for trivial things, trying to portray themselves very successful. God explains the punishment awaiting them.
Because hypocrites are arrogant, rebellious and foolish, they just can’t understand and are annoyed by the temperate, calm manner of believers.
Hypocrites think very highly of themselves; they wrongly think believers are naïve. They can’t comprehend believers’ honest, sincere characters.
It doesn't matter how knowledgeable a person is. Unless God allows him to speak and explain, he won’t be able to do it.
Believers know that knowledge comes from God. Hypocrites, though, don't understand it because they still have a disbeliever's mindset.
Hypocrites thought that they could humiliate the messengers with their foolish attitude. Every single time they only humiliated themselves.
Every time something bad happened to Pharaoh, he affirmed his faith. But as soon as it was gone, he doubled back. He was a typical hypocrite.
Satan is also a scholar in a way, but a scholar of disbelief. The real intellectual attainment is the one based on the Qur’an and the truth.
The USA is making a big mistake by supporting the communist PKK in Syria. They’re feeding a monster that will later turn on them.
People love sincere, wise people who have a deep faith in God and they don't like those who try to show off with their knowledge. Idolaters think that God’s messengers must be well educated, etc. But the important thing is the insight and wisdom given by God. No prophet ever graduated from a university, but they were all very sincere. God rewards sincere faith incredibly. Meaningless knowledge is worthless in the Sight of God; it is faith that makes knowledge meaningful. God will not ask people about the languages they spoke.
Criticism should always be constructive and include a solution. It’s important to point to solutions that will help people.
“Satan places his throne upon water; he then sends detachments (for creating dissension).” (Sahih Muslim, Hadith 5032)
Many people, websites and TV shows explain Islam for hours on end. But all it takes to create effect, even with a 10-minute speech, is sincerity. The greatest power is sincere faith.
The discovery of the Ark of Covenant will shake the whole world. It will be found when people develop deep faith.
Muslims should be gentle, kind and patient in the face of difficulties. All prophets had gone through difficult tests.
God attaches the most importance to deep faith and sincerity. God bestows success to those that have a deep love for God. When one loves God with a sincere, deep faith, God will create causes that will help the success of that person. When there are people with a true, deep faith -even if they’re few in number- Islamic morals will reign. God rewards the sincerity of believers.

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The world is preparing for the system of the Mahdi (pbuh) for the last five thousand years. The Templar Knights, Freemasons, and Jews all await the Mahdi (pbuh).
Our criticisms are not directed to the ordinary British people. We are against and impugn the tyranny of the British deep state, the shadow state.
All armies are under God's control. God is All-Powerful and He has dominion over all.
The British shadow state makes use of the American armed forces in many wars. Yet, it has the highest rate of suicides.
Nothing happens out of coincidence. All events take place according to a preordained destiny.
God has predestined a time for the system of the antichrist to be defeated intellectually. When that occurs, the sacred relics will be revealed.
The unawareness of some Muslims causes the entire Islamic world to be persecuted. Muslims should have a very clear and open consciousness.
Homosexuality is an abomination which God has forbidden and made unlawful. It is important to make people aware of this filthiness.
The collapse of the Ottomans was initiated with the introduction of Darwinism when Darwinist materialist books were translated and put into school curricula.
It's important to reveal the activities of the British shadow state when they presume they are most powerful. They will make no impact from now on.
Muslims should have a very strong determination for being protective of Islam.
The philosophy of Rumi and Darwinism were immensely detrimental in the collapse of the Ottomans as a system that undermines from within.
It is as if the world has banded together in bombing Muslims in Syria and Iraq. This bloodshed is ten times fold than radical terrorism. Muslims have so to say been numbed. Muslims in Iraq and Syria will be martyred en masse again, but the great majority only watch in silence. May God remove this sorcery of the antichrist from upon Muslims, and overturn the schemes that are hatched against the Muslims.
There are distinct shadow and parallel structures, but in reality there is only one shadow state – the British deep state - that organizes it all.
The British shadow government started tearing down the Ottomans from within as of mid-1800's.
Muslims are being martyred en masse, yet certain scholars still instigate conflict between Shia and Sunni. They don't strive for Islamic unity. Some scholars are oblivious to the disastrous bloodshed of Muslims. If they were mindful altogether, the Islamic world would unite right away. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi also emphasized that the only solution is to establish the Islamic Union on the foundations of the truth of the Qur'an.
The struggle against radicalism cannot be through military methods. Extremism is treated only by means of education, not by killing people. Murder will never bring about a resolution; that will only cause further troubles.
There are a great number of civilians in Fallujah and Raqqa. Conflict between the Shia and Sunni in such persecution would be mischievous.
The electrical stimuli occurring in the brain when the strings of a violin vibrate is perceived of as music by the soul that finds delight in it. Many people are not aware of the reality of this world. There is no color, light or sound outside. The soul sees a colorful world with no eyes.

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Hypocrites help believers achieve higher ranks in paradise. Countering hypocrites intellectually is a blessing for a believer.
Fanatical hypocrites target the strongest believers. Hypocrites unknowingly help believers gain higher ranks in the Sight of God.
It’s wrong that churches are being closed in Europe and USA. On the other hand, Christians should see that if they abandon the notion of the Trinity, Christianity will grow.
For Muslims, youth and old age are both blessings. Hypocrites, on the other hand, are terrified of aging and death.
Hypocrites are incredibly foolish and arrogant, they can even say that ‘the Qur’an needs to be changed’. They are very foolish.
There is only one true Artist and He is God. Art and artists are all manifestations of God.
The British shadow state is a very sly structure. It might sometimes look like it is Russia or the USA that is behind things. But they are all controlled by the British shadow state.
Hypocrites can’t stand talking about God or reading the Qur’an. They learn everything, but don’t wish to learn the Qur’an.
Hypocrites lie or oppose shamelessly although they know the truth.
Hypocrites find those treacherous people they can use against Muslims and ally with them.
Many young people don't know about love; they don't love anyone, any nation: Being this loveless is a sort of disaster.
Hypocrisy is tearing Islamic world apart. The British shadow state practices the use of hypocrisy to the highest levels.
There are more than 40,000 prisoners in Egypt being held in very bad conditions. There should be an amnesty except for those charged with murder.
Hypocrites have pathological lying habits. But because they really believe in their lies, only with a careful eye can their lies be spotted.
Hypocrites use their knowledge to stir up trouble. They don't like reading or listening to the Qur’an.
Hypocrites are known for their rebellious, deceitful character and flattery. Believers are always sincere, honest, selfless and temperate.
All Muslims should be very careful with the plots of the British shadow state and its related structures.
In the communication of Islam’s message, sincerity and wisdom are the most effective factors. Knowledge or modernism alone will not suffice. One needs true, deep wisdom to explain faith in God. The most important thing is having a sincere belief, sincerely loving God, sincerely fearing God. The message of Islam cannot be communicated with a snobbish, pretentious attitude. Our Prophet (saas) didn't attend any universities, but achieved a world-wide effect with his wisdom stemming from his sincere faith. The Prophet Moses wasn't overtly eloquent, but he was very sincere. Because of his sincerity and deep faith, he was able to influence everyone. The Prophet Jesus and the Mahdi (peace be upon them both) will make Islamic morals triumph worldwide with their sincere faith. Jesus will not be a university graduate and the Mahdi will not have madrassa training, but they will make Islam triumph with sincere faith.
Hypocrites have an animalistic fear for their future. They don't feel safe with believers; they seek to fit in with the unbelievers.
If France has any shame, they should deny the PKK’s request for an office in France; supporting terrorism is unconscionable. Countries that allow the YPG/PKK offices in their lands should stop talking about countering terrorism.
Believers are selfless and contented. They are happy with what God creates.
Hypocrites are hell-people; they begin to live the discontent of hell in this world. Believers, on the other hand, are content in this world, and in hereafter.
Believers are compliant and selfless. But hypocrites are self-centered and choose their own comfort over the peace of mind of Muslims.
Hypocrites always prioritize their own interests over everyone else’s and constantly seek to disturb believers over petty things.
The believers’ first priority is the happiness and comfort of all Muslims. Hypocrites though are the complete opposite.
Hypocrites make life a living hell for themselves and try to spread their sickness to Muslims. Believers, though, are always content.
Radicalism is a dead system fed by superstitions. They’re nonetheless trying to keep it alive. The Qur’an is suitable for human nature.

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The only One to be revered is God. He is the Greatest, He is Omnipotent.
God created an amazing environment for testing. The short human life, diseases, troubles; they are all a part of our test in this world. Most people are stuck in their test, not really seeing they’re being tested. Because they are not sincere with God, God punishes them.
The only real solution for Syria and Iraq is the union of the Islamic world. The Islamic Union must be established.
Islam defends freedom and secures women’s rights. Every society that restricts women's freedom is bound to collapse. Misogyny is outrageous.
Those atheists that claim to criticize Islam and Qur’an with their books are all adherents of Rumi. Everyone should see how odd this is.
The downtrodden of the world are taking refuge in Turkey, like Noah’s Ark. And we are moving towards a safe haven by God’s grace.
God creates music. And God creates the pleasure we take from listening to it.
The USA and Europe insist on a presidential system for Turkey; it’s because it’ll facilitate division of Turkey. The world’s secret states won’t want anything that will help Turkey. A presidential system will bring federalism; in other words, a disaster.
God says ‘the Qur’an is sufficient’. Those who despite that insist that ‘the Qur’an is not sufficient’ will have to account for saying that in the hereafter.
The British shadow state uses Rumism as a sort of ‘weapon’ to get to Muslims and to connect with them.
The Antichrist will melt like salt in water when he sees the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). It’s due to Jesus’ strong faith and him being metaphysical. The Mahdi is metaphysical, too.
Satan can only influence those with weak faiths. It’s impossible for him to have any effect on true believers. True believers are metaphysical beings and they are the ones satan fears the most. Satan cannot affect sincere believers.
Turkey’s quality is ever increasing. Those countries that openly support the PKK should stop trying to lecture Turkey on democracy.

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Intellectual young people like the morality of the Qur'an that we preach.
A person who is under the influence of bigotry can’t enjoy freedom of thought; he remains under the effect of his milieu.
According to the hadith, the Messiah and the Mahdi (peace be upon them both) will meet first in Jerusalem.
In his second coming, the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) will have influence over politics. It will be the Mahdi who will carry out the primary and efficient scientific struggle against irreligion.
The first scourge that will appear after the Mahdi will be the reign of fascism in the world. Then it will be followed by communism and the Day of Judgment.
Obama is a person who was raised in a communist milieu. Many people in his entourage are Marxists and communists.
A person may not have faith or he may not believe in God’s existence but it’s unacceptable for him to slander the religion. Slandering religion and faith is not freedom of expression. Reviling believers is not freedom of expression.
Although homosexuality is an obscenity made unlawful by God, many people can’t oppose this perversion openly.
While there is so much bloodshed and dread in the Islamic world if there are Muslims advocating homosexuality, this is a shame.
By means of the Mahdi (pbuh), God will make love reign the world.
Foppery, being a smart-aleck and arrogance generates rage in people. It’s not acceptable to preach Islam with such a tone. What matters is sincerity.
People are expected to choose between believing in superstitions or to be irreligious. These are the two impositions upon them. But when people saw a reasonable conception of Islam, they felt relief. The Islam we preach is solely and purely living by the Qur'an. It’s honest and sincere Islam.
While Muslims rejoice that a Muslim became the mayor of London, he is in fact someone who supports homosexuality, which is rendered unlawful by God.
The morality of Islam reigns across the world only by sincere fear and love of God, the morality based on them and submission to God and the Qur'an. Islam can reign only by profound, sincere faith, by having a sincere love of God.
The education system teaching Darwinism as a scientific truth must be changed. Darwinism amounts to saying that God doesn't exist, may God forbid. The inauspiciousness generated by Darwinism is all around the world.
The most influential method against terror is ideological struggle.
The materialist spirit preached by the philosophy of Rumi and the British shadow state is gaining ground among young people. Cultural measures must be taken against it.
Muslims drown on the seas, their hospitals and their schools are bombed but some Muslims just don’t care about it.
Our Prophet (saas) gave a detailed account of the physical attributes of the Mahdi. The mole on the Mahdi’s shoulder also existed in our Prophet (saas).
Many people remain a spectator to all the scourges and pain in the Islamic world. Muslims must unite as soon as possible and take action. The Islamic world is going through one of its most difficult times. They set Sunnis against Shias. Muslims with conscience must watch over one another without getting angry with one another and deal with every issue concerning Muslims. Alawites, Sunnis, Shias, Wahhabis, all Muslims are brothers. They must protect one another as brothers.

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Seeing hell is a means for being grateful for believers in paradise. Irreligious people continue to be immoral and snobbish in hell.
In paradise, spouses will have deep passion for one another. Men and women will never think of any illegitimate sexual relations.
God will create entertainment and beauty duly in paradise. God created this world with imperfections on purpose.
God wants people to be sincere, decent and good.
In paradise, people will have moral perfection. Grudges, fear, sorrow and grief are feelings peculiar to this world.
The beauties that are rare in the world will be very abundant in paradise. Precious stones, glorious cars, yachts will be everywhere.
In paradise, what people will like most will be to see God.
People like to live nearby water. In paradise there will be pools, rivers and seas in their most perfect states.
In paradise, there will be horses of ruby. If they wish, people will be able to fly.
In paradise, the heart will exist only to feel the excitement of love.
Paradise is a feast that exists for all eternity. There is no sickness, exhaustion or sleep there.
There is no rage or anger in paradise. No one humiliates another. No one hears anything hurtful.
Paradise will be a familiar place to the world only it will be incomparably perfect.
In paradise, God instantly creates everything that a person wishes. Technical equipment is created in their most perfect forms. Cars, boats, airplanes are perfect in paradise.
According to the hadith, knowledge and dignity will be the adornments of the Mahdi. He will not attain this knowledge in a madrassa.
As stated in the hadith the Mahdi (pbuh) will show the utmost perseverance to afflictions and seditions. The pressure of the antichrist will not end until the last moment.
Precautions must be taken to raise more healthy and well-cared for generations.
The life of this world is very brief and it is a brief trial. People need to think about it and understand it.
Protecting churches and synagogues is a provision stated in the Qur'an. Being anti-Jew or anti-Christian is not compatible with the Qur'an. We need to approach everyone with love and compassion. No one can know who deserves to enter paradise in the Sight of God.
There is pressure upon all Muslims; in this milieu of pressure, it isn't scrupulous to see Shias, Sunnis, Wahhabis as enemies. They must ally. All Muslims must love one another; they must all watch over one another without considering from which sect they are.
Without explaining the invalidity of Darwinist Marxist philosophy in the scientific sense, military measures would prove to be ineffective [in the face of the communist terror of the PKK].
The Mahdi (pbuh) is a very patient person. His spiritual post is very high due to his patience. May God make us all followers of the Mahdi.
People who don't know anything about the cell assume that evolution can be possible, but if they analyze cells, they will see an amazing engineering. In the technical sense, evolution isn't possible. In living beings there is an incredible perfection, wisdom and order. Coincidence can't make it.
All trees should be very carefully protected with particular attention to old trees. People shouldn't be allowed to nail posters on them, etc. There should be fruit trees everywhere; people should be able to pick fruits easily.
It is crucial to be cautious about the British shadow state and its affiliates.
Politicians should be ‘men and women of the people’; always praising God, happy, humble, loving and down-to-earth.

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Taking lessons from every verse would be healing for a Muslim. It brings relief to his heart.
If a person doesn't take lessons from the verses about the hypocrites and ascribing partners to God, he would claim that he deserves paradise.
Verses about hypocrites and ascribing partners to God are for Muslims, so that they can ponder over them and feel affected.
A hypocrite doesn't consider the verses about the hypocrites important, may God forbid, and he is not affected by them.
By analyzing the verses regarding the hypocrites, Muslims must improve their morality. Any Muslim who considers himself to be immune to the verses regarding the hypocrites would drift into disaster, may God forbid. A person who reads the verses about the attributes of the hypocrites and avoids being like them wouldn't be a hypocrite.
A Muslim becomes happy with the happiness of another Muslim: A hypocrite feels grief out of the happiness of Muslims.
A hypocrite tries to send Muslims adrift into dread and panic.
A hypocrite wants to fragment the community of Muslims. That is why he always acts insidiously.
A hypocrite always presents himself as a pure person who is unjustly treated. They claimed, may God forbid, that our Prophet treated them unjustly.
The Messenger always thinks of the goodness of Muslims and Islam but hypocrites only think of their own interests. The reason why, in their own eyes, hypocrites criticized the Prophet was their fondness for their own filthy interests.
A hypocrite has a sick soul. He assumes everything to be against him and this makes his life hellish. What gave unease to hypocrites most was to be admonished by the Prophet (saas).
Hypocrites primarily felt doubt about the Prophet Muhammad (saas). They suspected every provision he brought and didn't trust him.
A hypocrite ascribes partners to God more intensively than an irreligious person. Society itself is like an idol to him.
Whoever a hypocrite thinks is powerful, he assumes that person as the greatest idol and connects to him. In our time, the British shadow state is the idol of the hypocrites.
Not feeling fear, not feeling grief or sorrow are precise provisions of the Qur'an. A Muslim should avoid them all. A Muslim who puts his trust in God does not experience sorrow, grief or fear.
It is God Who makes anyone say anything or make any deed. Thinking otherwise would amount to ascribing partners to God and avoiding ascribing partners to God is vital. God creates everything. Throughout his life, ascribing partners to God is one of the issues that a believer must be very cautious about.
I love all Sunnis, Shias and Wahabis. May God make all of them blessed. They are all pure Muslims.
Putting trust in God is obligatory; feeling grief is not acceptable.
We need to approach Iran with love and compassion. If Iran, Pakistan and Turkey unite, all the Islamic world will attain relief.
Some have merged the philosophy of Rumi, Darwinism and homosexuality. By promoting it, they preach an Islam which is not based on the Qur'an.
The most vital issue in combatting the PKK terror organization is being ignored. As long as the materialist philosophy is taught, it’s impossible to end terror. Many people don’t think why this disaster emerges; they don’t think what lies at the roots of the scourge and how it must be fought. It is Darwinism that lies at the roots of the PKK. All the communists around the world watch the rampancy of the PKK with admiration.
No one should threaten Turkey with dividing it if it continues to combat terror, and refuses to release PKK leader Ocalan or to absolve other PKK members: These are vain efforts.

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Hypocrites are experts at devious and haughty behavior. Throughout history, all antichrists were haughty and sought to be most superior.
Hypocrites are ungrateful. They don’t appreciate the gifts God gives; their souls are rebellious and devious.
It’d be wrong to be perturbed by the hypocrites, because they are not capable of doing anything unless God wills it. Therefore, it’d be inappropriate for Muslims to feel uneasy or anxious due to the presence of the hypocrites. All the actions of the hypocrites are set in their destiny. It’d be idolatry to feel anxious about them, thinking they are independent of God.
Hypocrites of the time offended the Prophet Moses (pbuh) with their words but he was honorable in Allah’s Sight.
Hypocrites, with their evil instinct, wish for Muslims to be divided, to be in conflict. They seek to keep them from doing good things.
It’s very typical of the hypocrites to try to make sincere believers uncomfortable with their insecurities, personal problems and worries.
Our Prophet (saas) was surrounded by too many hypocrites and enemies. He had to live in such a difficult environment. Hypocrites sought to make uncomfortable the Prophet and the Muslims with their disturbing behavior and talk.
Exposing the deeds of the British shadow state in detail yielded great results.
The Antichrist seeks to replace Islam with Rumism. It’s crucial to describe and expose the British shadow state in detail to the entire Islamic world.
Hypocrites should be described with examples from the Qur’an. This method will help identify true hypocrites.
Hypocrites can’t stand it when hypocrites are described. It hurts them, they can’t stand hearing it.
Let’s explain with verses and the hadith that homosexuality is despicable; that homosexuals were punished by God in the past, that it’s against nature.

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Some foreign papers claim that I’m an anti-Semite. It’s against the Qur’an to be an anti-Semite. I’m the one who defends religious Jews. During those days when anti-Israeli sentiment was the highest in Turkey, I was the only one who said that the two countries should be friends. I always say Muslims should approach Christians and Jews with compassion. This open display of friendliness is unparalleled among Muslims.
God says that homosexuality is an abomination. It is a despicable, immoral act. A Muslim cannot endorse such perversion.
The Islamic world faces countless problems. Amidst this background, however, some people promote homosexuality.

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Unity brings happiness, but separation does not. Separation is a ploy to make annihilation easier. The English shadow state thinks that they can easily pick on a small target. Muslims all around the world should never fall for their schemes.
The only way to mend the damage the system of the antichrist has caused is to expose it. The Islamic world should make great effort in this regard and overcome the English shadow state through knowledge and wisdom.
The English shadow state looms over the people of Russia and the USA as well. They seek to manipulate these communities for their own ends.
The characteristics of shadow states are; they always look down on people, hold them in low regard, oppress them and even attempt to massacre them. And their main philosophies are Darwinism, homosexuality, and the philosophy of Rumi.
The only reason behind all the bloodshed around the world, the Islamic world falling apart, Muslims wreaking havoc on each other, the sufferings, the rapid spread of homosexuality and atheism, the power of Darwinism is the English shadow state. All the countries around the world should expose the English shadow state.

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Love is called so when it is felt towards God. Love occurs only when one seeks the highest approval of God. Otherwise, it does not exist. It only becomes technical cooperation.
Many marriages today are like corporate contracts. Women question the income of men, men question women's ability to clean; the lack of love here is quite obvious.
The fear of the Mahdi caused the pharaohs to carry out horrible massacres in history. For example, the reason behind the Pharaoh's massacre of male children is the commandment of the Torah regarding Moshiach's reign over the world. Even today, they lay waste to Syria and Iraq because they suspect that the Mahdi (pbuh) will appear in that region.
The reason the Pharaoh massacred the male children of the Israelites is the system of the Mahdi that is spoken of in the Torah. The Pharaoh did not want the Mahdi to reign over the world.
We should expose the English shadow state to the Islamic world, to all of Europe, to everyone around the world. We should do so because the greatest weapon of the antichrist is concealment.
The English shadow state is the center of the system of the Mahdi. It is a system that makes the world take a stand against and become alienated from Islam.

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The British shadow state has a big plot. This plot should be disclosed to the whole world, so that its risks and its scale can be seen by all.
People should be able to act freely inside the mosques. They should be able to eat or hold meetings. It was like that at the time of the Prophet (saas).
Chatham House and the British shadow state are closely linked, and certain foundations affiliated to them have their own secret agendas.

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Those movies containing violence cause spiritual destruction. They also put a strain on the nerves. Since humans are weak, frail creatures, it causes a great deal of stress on them. It causes stress even as people watch that movie. It leads to sickness. People should stay away from such movies.
The collapse of Darwinism provided the AKP with a strong intellectual basis. The government is able to make progress easily thanks to this.
So long as people accept the hadith books, including false hadiths, it will be impossible to gain the upper hand against ISIS. Whether people like it or not, they will prevail. The parts of these books that contradict the Qur'an should be removed.
It will be the system of the Mahdi that will eliminate the philosophy of ISIS. And this will be possible through the Qur'an.

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Being alert and vigilant against hypocrites is a very good way of service in the way of Islam for Muslims.
Hypocrites are in constant contact with people who are opposed to Islam and plot against Muslims out of their enmity.
Hypocrites always consider themselves free from error, very good and intelligent. They dislike Muslims and are never open to counsel or criticism.
The hypocrite is sharp-tongued and loathsome. He is so fond of his own comfort that he never self-sacrifices for Islam. He does not abstain from evil.
The hypocrite defies serving Islam, and every word spoken favorable to religion gives him pain. His seeming service is merely for pretense and deceit.
Boasting and showing off is very important for the hypocrites, and they only act for gaining appreciation of others.
The hypocrite cannot appreciate goodness; his hatefulness against Muslims is never settled. His hostility erupts even for subtlest of reasons.
Believers are contented and distant to mischief or unrest. Their hearts are at peace far off from unease. But hypocrites are insolent and wild.
The hypocrite is delighted in not communicating religion or serving Islam, but in spending time in vain.
At the time of the Prophet (saas) there was beauty in all things. But just out of immorality, the hypocrites were conceited and disapproved of him.
Hypocrites have a conflicting soul, looking for constant quarrel and fight. He seeks ways for objection and lives insanely apt for anarchy.
Great attention must be paid to certain British foundations hostile to Muslims and who are also Darwinists, backers of Rumi and homosexuality.
Claiming that a page of the Qur'an was eaten by a goat, and was therefore lost is a vile word spoken with no due respect for God -may God forbid- or the Companions.
God teaches us that one's wealth or children should not be more worthy than striving in the way of God and paying service for God's approval.
Strong faith is vital for a Muslim to persist in determination. That may be attained by thinking how one would act if brought near hellfire.
It's not right to deem an Islamic Unity impossible. When Muslims approach one another with love, it will be established with great ease.
Hypocrites consider unbelievers to be high-powered and try to flatter them. God debases both unbelievers and hypocrites on all occasions.
Hypocrites are always egoistic and live only for their selfish interests. They grow wild when they encounter a conflict of interests.
Hypocrites always speak in such a way that may bring difficulty upon the Messenger and provoke mischief with evil whisperings.
Hypocrites enable the believers to be alerted and to have a profound understanding of the Qur'an. By means of the hypocrites, Muslims are always kept vigilant and watchful.
Provoking disturbance is one prominent attribute of the hypocrites. They find ways to trouble and unsettle the believers around them continually.
Hatred in a hypocrite's heart never leaves. To shake the believers' trust in the Messenger, hypocrite hatches new schemes time and again.
God teaches us that the schemes of the hypocrites must be done away with. While plots of the hypocrites are cleared away, the hypocrite is saved if he accepts purification. Otherwise, he drains away along with the filth.
Many people regard the Russian or American shadow states to be powerful. However, it is the British shadow state that aims at control over Turkey. The plot of the British shadow government must be deciphered.
The British shadow state assumes they may take Turkey under control by influencing journalists, politicians or the youth.
The British shadow state has been fighting against the Turkish state for the last 200 years, they put pressure on us both politically and materially.

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As science has progressed, the miracles of God's art of creation became apparent. Everything in existence was only known superficially, as much as their external appearances allowed. When the gates to the inner universe [of living beings] opened, there came out an immense world. We have encountered miracles two million times the number of the visible ones.
Humans are frail creatures; as a creature made of flesh and bone, the human has no lovable side to it. It becomes lovable only as a manifestation of God. What is there to love about the flesh? It is only an organic material. Flesh, fat, bone, blood; they are petty things. What we love is the manifestation of God.
One should love a flower, a mother, a cat, a woman as a manifestation of God. One should love nice scents, horses, every animal and everything as a manifestation of God. If one loves them only physically, it becomes the love of the flesh; and flesh has no lovable side to it.
Healthy nutrition and exercise alone do not make a person healthy; having faith and fear of God is also essential. Both physical and spiritual measures must be taken. If people lack fear and love of God; eating and drinking a lot will not do them any good.
Since artists are not appreciated as much as they deserve, there are few artists around the world. However, painters and sculptors should be held in high esteem and such occupations should be regarded distinguished. They should be appreciated everywhere.
The spread of the truths of faith gradually increases the number of the people who possess a fundamental knowledge of love, think wisely and profoundly.
The period of the system of Mahdi is a long one. The reason this period will be as long as 40 years is so that it possesses a great spiritual merit. Otherwise, God could establish the reign of Islam in one year if He wished so. However, the believers would earn one year’s worth of spiritual merit in that case. God extended the period of the system of Mahdi to 40 years so that it has great spiritual merit.

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God will make the Mahdi visible. No one has the power to stop the Mahdi. God will never help those who are against him.
There was no ‘religion of Ahl al-Sunnah’ in our Prophet’s (saas) time. There was only the religion of the Qur’an. Certain circles seek to pit Muslims against each other by creating division using Shia-Sunni differences.
Our Prophet (saas) explained that at the time of the Mahdi (pbuh), a selfish, hateful character would be prevalent and people would stay away from the Mahdi. In fact, some people have no qualms about befriending immoral people, but choose to stay away from the students of the Mahdi, who are among the greatest.
My books that banish radicalism, that sincerely explain faith, intellectually help save people from the effect of the Antichrist.

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The irreligious try to intimidate Muslims. It is not becoming for a Muslim to accept being intimidated. The Companions were subjected to incredible torture and pressure of their families because they followed our Prophet (saas). They resisted all such pressure heroically. What makes a Muslim a hero and valiant is the sufferings he goes through. It is the ordeals he goes through for God’s approval. Those who leave Islam because they fear those who condemn them don’t deserve paradise in the hereafter.
The system of the Mahdi is a heroic saga against all forms of pressure.
In the time of our Prophet, the families of the Companions did not want them to see our Prophet (saas); they made incredible pressure. In the time of the People of the Cave, the families of young people, their relatives and the majority of people were against religion and they put pressure on their children. Likewise, in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh) young people will follow the Mahdi despite their families’ and society’s pressure.
Hypocrites were very much jealous of our Prophet’s beauty. What the opponents of our Prophet (saas) envied most in him was his joy and his beautiful love for women.
In many countries, states permit homosexual families adopt kids. The great majority of these children are then raped or sexually abused by them.
When one prays to God sincerely and acts sincerely, his wisdom deepens.
Our Prophet was a man of love. He loved women, kids, cats, everything because he had a deep love for God.
Chatham House is like the brain of the shadow state of Britain. They wish to shape Turkey according to their own views.
In the books written in the name of Rumi there are very perverted statements: We can’t feign ignorance about them. They need to be omitted.
The kind of Islam by which young people can easily abide is the one based on the Qur'an. What is in compliance with our nature is the one in the Qur'an.
Because people don’t experience loving for God’s sake, their relationships often end up in pain. Happiness comes when one loves for God.
The 31st verse of Surat an-Nur grants freedom to women. Bigots try to put women under pressure with the hadith but God foils this plot.
Where there is the love of the Mahdi, there exist abundance and power.

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The shadow state of Britain and PKK leader Ocalan insist on a presidential system for Turkey. Turkey is the last bastion of the Islamic world. They want to destroy the last bastion of the Islamic world. We’ll never let it happen.
Fossils of primates can be displayed in museums but it’s wrong to present them as the ancestors of human beings. That wouldn’t be scientific.
Bigots have made up many rules about not reading the Qur'an. They almost made it impossible for people to read it. Because of these invented rules, people distance themselves from the Qur'an in the name of respect to it. But the Qur'an is like bread and water. A Muslim should always keep his Qur’an by his side. It is the entirety of a life of a Muslim.
By explaining bigotry, we show the true face of the original Islam, which was eliminated by ascribing partners to God.
Love always deepens with faith. Love doesn’t change with illness, depravity or any physical changes.
People should be taught about loving people for God’s consent. In its absence, people keep looking for someone who is richer or more attractive.
People seek amity but they lack spiritual electricity. It’s the Mahdi who will implant that spiritual electricity.
Even a single sign leading to faith should astonish the entire world. May God grant us the blessing of having a good grasp of His artistry.
The Prophet Moses’ staff suddenly turned into a snake. Humans are created like that with the order ‘Be’. There is no creation through evolution.
Surely everyday is Mother’s Day, but it’s great that there is a day when it is properly celebrated.

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There is a group of people who, disguised as Muslims, are Rumis and Darwinists, and advocates of homosexuality. They are supported by the shadow state of Britain.
An intellectual struggle must be carried out against the PKK. The roots of terror are ideological: As long as the ideology of terror is not eradicated, military operations would not suffice.

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Having a weak sense of attention and appreciation in the face of shocking and stunning information shows how incapable the human mind and soul are. The willpower falls short. Otherwise, normally people should feel quite amazed, astonished. The only cure for this weakness is prayer.
Almighty God always uses a proper and kind tone, He always treats people properly; therefore, He never broke the hearts of any of the prophets. No matter what the prophets said to Him, Almighty God always replied to them with a kind language.
There would be no trial in this world if people who have no faith, mock religion, and are against Islam did not exist. God creates such people even if they do not exist in the first place. They have to exist so that believers can be compared to them, so that their trial gains meaning through them.
People gain beauty through faith; faith renders both men and women more beautiful. One loves another because of their wisdom, piety, cleanliness, and profoundness.
Piety is what is essential. The notion that the believers are pleasant people stems from faith; this is why believers love other believers dearly. This why God makes the believers seem pleasant.
What would happen in the absence of faith? Everything would lose its worth, its meaning. Faith bestows people with grandeur and beauty. God brings forth love through faith.
Neither the AKP nor the MHP will be separated. Their struggles are in vain. Both of them stand fast. No harm will come to both parties. Both the AKP and the MHP consist of pious people. Certain henchmen of the English shadow state are waiting for the separation of these parties with bated breath but their wait is in vain.
People are virtually adrift in a sea of habituation. They should pray to God to be able to shed themselves of it. They should say, "O Lord, render my mind clear enough so that I can appreciate Your miracles. My mind does not let me feel the way I should feel in the face of such miracles." To use a metaphorical example, there is writing but people cannot read it. The believers should say, "May I attain my foresight so that I can feel the excitement of such miracle. O Lord, may I be able to appreciate You appropriately."
People are adrift in a sea of habituation. In order to dispose of this affliction, they must get out of the sea of habituation and begin to use their reasoning and foresight. If they did so, they would have a tremendous faith when they realize the miracle hidden within a cell. Their faith would match those of the prophets. But people suffer from a lack of foresight.
The universe is full of miracles. The believers should pray to God to be able to keep all these miracles in their mind. They should pray to be able to feel the excitement and amazement of how magnificent these miracles are. And they should ask from God the capacity to offer the appreciation they feel in the face of such knowledge to God.

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Ashab al-Kahf [The Companions of the Cave] is another name for the system of Mahdi. It is the implicit, cryptic description of the system of Mahdi. All those ciphers depict the system of Mahdi. How, when and where the system of Mahdi will occur are explained in great detail via a highly secret ciphering system.
History does not repeat itself. The system always progresses and gives rise to innovations; it undergoes a change in every cycle. When people try to repeat their past deeds through a romantic historical conception, it will only lead to their ruin, their defeat. We live in the era of science, knowledge, love and piety. Victory can only be achieved through love and piety. There is no other way.
The English shadow state will be defeated no matter what they try. The system of the antichrist has appeared and laid waste to people. And now they are cooperating with the foul, extorting, thieving, treacherous murderers of the PKK. They formed a homosexual organization out of the PKK members in the Southeast of Turkey. They send every European to join this organization. But God will bring down this organization on their heads.
If there is a global shadow state, so is there a shadow state created by God. In no way can they cope with the shadow state of God. The shadow state of God includes the Mahdi (pbuh), Khidr (pbuh), angels, the jinn, and many more. It is an insurmountable metaphysical structure.

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Those who do not realize the marvelous art of God and call it a coincidence will answer for every one of His arts and their details in the afterlife. "How did all these things happen by coincidence?" they will be asked. Of course, they won't be able to explain. They will feel a great deal of resentment. They will feel a great regret.

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During his Miraj [Night Journey], Our Prophet (pbuh) saw the Mahdi (pbuh). He asked Almighty God "O Lord, who is this person?" God commanded "He is the Mahdi. I love him dearly, so you should love him as well."

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It would be a grave mistake to use all our military power, weapons, means and munitions against ISIS when the activities of the PKK are so self-evident, when the PKK militants martyr our soldiers, our policemen every day, when they explode bombs all around Turkey.
If Turkey abolishes the Darwinist education system, the entire Turkic world, the entire Islamic world will follow Turkey's example and abolish it as well. All that is needed is an encouraging first step. The government should say, "Bismillah" [in the name of God] and set to work. They should defend creation by God against coincidental existence.
If Turkey abolishes the Darwinist education system, it will be an inspiration for the entire Islamic world. Arguing for creation in terms of science would be a significant work.
The Prophet Solomon (pbuh) was quite wealthy, but all his wealth was a reminder of God for him. All kinds of horses, birds, fish, pools adorning his palace: All those who gazed at his palace would praise God. Beauty is a reminder of God.
If you are handing out charity to the poor, why do you care about how much it weighs? You may give or hand out as much as you can afford. You may give as much clothes or food as one can carry. Why are you measuring it in grams or whatnot? It is not befitting of the morals of Islam for one to weigh the goods to be handed out. One should hand them out by handfuls, in abundance.
It is not befitting of a Muslim to make estimations or calculations when handing out a part of his possessions as charity. A believer gives his possessions without counting and bragging about it.

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Faith is the greatest blessing in the world. We’re believers not for the gifts God bestows upon us, but because God exists and we are in love with Him.
God is creating everything we do. From our words to our actions, God is creating all of it.

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Hypocrites are sinister beings. They promise to give up on their evil ways, but they don't. They are like germs in Muslim communities.
While we’ve talked and written about it for months the world almost didn't pay any attention to the persecution of the Rohingyas.
If misogyny, attempts to make women ugly or to oppress them become commonplace, sexual perversion will spread.
Every fruit has its unique taste, color, fragrance, flavor and symmetry; they are beautiful in every way. God’s art is everywhere.
Clerics should talk about the Mahdi by referring to relevant hadiths of the Prophet (saas) and the signs he foretold. They cannot possibly reject the fact that those signs in fact came true.
Love is important. Many people do not live with a loving heart but live instead with incredible anger. They fall out over the most trivial things. Disagreement is one thing, but seeking revenge is outrageous.
The existence of the Greek, the Armenians and the Jews in our country are a beauty. They are the ornaments of our country and we consider all of them as brothers and sisters. It is virtually impossible to run into a Jew in any other Islamic country, whereas they should be and live comfortably all around the world.
In hell, the bodies of those who advocate evolution and creation by coincidence will look malformed and distorted as if they were created through mutation just the way they claim to exist in this world.
Azrael is a sacred angel that God loves dearly. People should use a respectful tone while talking about Azrael.

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Islam doesn't constrain the mind with differing rules and values people have. Islam has one morality and it has been made explicit by lawful and forbidden acts.
There is neither neighborhood pressure in Islam, nor rules prescribed by the world. Rules people have invented take away the joy of life. Islam removes all the pressure of the streets or which customs enforce, and it gives utmost freedom to people.
Women should be allowed to be attractive and appealing, at the same time very chaste. It is not unlawful to be attractive, but to be unchaste.
Paradise resembles this world. Actually, the entire system turns into its essence in paradise. None of the imperfections or deficiencies in this world will exist in paradise.
Forbidding looking beautiful, attractive, alluring, handsome does not lead to virtue, to chastity. Being virtuous and chaste is only possible through compassion and wisdom.
Homosexuality is no joke. People should not take such a foul, horrible activity lightly. This is a dreadful deed. We should stand out against it with all our strength through TV broadcasts etc.
They want women to stop looking attractive. At that point, child abuse occurs. Satan afflicts some people with the affliction of child abuse. However, women should, indeed, look well-groomed, attractive and alluring, and be virtuous at the same time.
Women should look attractive, well-groomed, charming yet be highly virtuous. Looking attractive is not unlawful. What is unlawful is unchastity.
God has created women as pure as divine light, as befitting of human nature. Take women lawfully in marriage. Once you marry a woman, you will be together forever, even in the afterlife. Homosexuality is forever unlawful. Men having homosexual relations with other men instead of pure, beautiful women, is a horrible and disgusting deed.
Homosexuality is a disgusting perversion that is completely against the human nature. God has rendered women lawful for men through marriage. This is what God granted as beautiful and a blessing.
Sufferings, problems, hardships are all temporary. Ultimately, the world will become a beautiful place. In heaven, believers will live peacefully in harmony as brothers and sisters.

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Islam promotes liberties to the utmost. There are only things that are lawful and unlawful. People are completely free within the boundaries of lawful and unlawful. In other words, social pressure has no place in Islam.
The irreligious do not promote freedom. Islam promotes freedom. People had no liberties in the era of the Pharaoh and Nimrod, but they were fully at liberty in the time of the Messenger of God (pbuh). Both Jews and Christians were at liberty. Furthermore, they were treated with love, compassion and utmost care. They were under protection in every respect. However, the Pharaoh tyrannized over his people.
The Quran heavily preaches secularism. God says in the verse of the Quran; "Say: 'You have your religion and I have my religion'" (Qur’an, 109/6). This verse is a short summary of secularism.
No one has the liberty to be a terrorist. No one has the liberty to oppress others. No one has the liberty to behave immorally. No one has the liberty to act vilely and treacherously. However, everyone should have the liberty to be pious and believe in whatever they want.
Secularism means the nonbelievers, Christians, Jews, Muslims, everyone will practice their beliefs with ease; no one will be able to interfere with their beliefs. There will be no compulsion or oppression. This is what secularism means. Everyone will be free to live their lives any way they want.

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In the works written in the name of Mawlana, in other words in Rumism, there is a blatant propaganda for homosexuality and opposition to women.
Ottomans were granted honor and affluence when they were obedient to the Qur’an. But when some swayed from the Qur’an, God led them to ruin. The reason behind the collapse of the Ottomans is Darwinist education. That resulted in people's going astray from religion and their ruin.
When the Qur'an commands "do not go near to fornication" (Surat al-Isra, 32) this verse forbids sexual relations which are unlawful.
God has made all commandments in the Qur'an explicit, everything is crystal clear. Islam does not include ambiguities.
Homosexuality is strictly forbidden in the Qur'an, but still some refrain from criticizing this sexual perversion.
Through ploy of the British shadow government and system of the antichrist women are turned into men and men into women; and their nature is distorted.
All words related to marriage in the Qur'an including tazwij, zawj, zawja are used with meanings of matrimony between men and women. There is no indication of only men in any of these verses.
A woman may wear low-cut, decollate dresses if she feels free from danger as to customs. But that is on the condition of a secure setting. According to the verse in Surat al-Ahzab, women have to cover themselves from top to toe under insecure settings that raise certain risks. If a woman considers herself to be under threat, she should cover herself entirely including her face.
It is grave cruelty to hand over children into the hands of homosexuals. They get married, and those children they adopt are then exploited sexually.
The sexual perverts who pounded at the door of the Prophet Lot (pbuh) are now upon our houses through television broadcasts and newspapers. There is an urgent need for a well-established intellectual struggle against this mischief of sexual perversion, which is explicitly made unlawful and forbidden in the Qur'an.
"God commands justice and doing good and giving to relatives. And He forbids indecency and doing wrong and tyranny..." (Surat an-Nahl, 90)
People committing sexual perversion should be responded with reason, intellect, democratic methods, law and order. Not through violence.
We are against sexual perversion as Muslims. That deviancy is against the Qur'an and only filthiness. Muslims should strictly forbid backing that.
There are many verses and hadiths that forbid sexual perversion. But still some do not take heed and even resort to exploiting children.
Our Prophet (saas) said, "May God curse those men who try to resemble women."
Our Prophet (saas) said that his greatest concern for the Muslim community is what the people of the Prophet Lot (pbuh) committed, that is homosexuality.
The bigoted mindset deems women inferior up to their own minds and even demonize them. That dislike for women results in sexual perversion.
Certain TV channels propagandize sexual perversion while there are viewers who cheer that. Yet, some people cannot see this misapprehension.
Our government should not allow for certain foundations that aim at spreading sexual perversion amongst Muslims to harm the Islamic world. They aim at devastating the Islamic world by means of sexual perversion.
Our government should take all firm measures against the activities of the British shadow government that would harm the Islamic world.
Our universities have no place for the filth of PKK advocates. Their offices should be abolished immediately in line with law and order.
In regard to faith, Muslims should hold good intentions for one another's devoutness. God alone knows who is faithful and who is not, and this will be seen in hereafter.
The PKK has stockpiled hundreds and thousands of weapons, millions of ammunition in the region during the period called the “peace process.” The so-called peace process will only bring murder and divide the nation. That process should be stopped with all speed. The only solution is to eradicate the PKK from the entire region. There is no other solution.
Turkey’s fight against the separatist terrorist PKK is its second Independence War. We kindly request from the Prime Minister to take necessary measures against PKK supporters.
We are witnessing a thousand times more vile and disgraceful behaviors than the prophets struggled against in every other era. And in order to wipe this scourge off the face of the earth, Almighty God will send the last guardian, Imam Mahdi (pbuh), and the beloved of the entire Islamic and Christian world, the Prophet Jesus Messiah (pbuh).

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The PYD established a Stalinist torment system in the region. They oppress Muslims and rape them. Germany should intervene to stop this terror.

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Antichrist aims for a Godless, irreligious, homosexual world. We will never let him. Antichrist won't succeed and will be defeated. You will see, he will vanish off the face of the earth. He will be utterly vanquished through the efforts of Jesus Messiah and the Mahdi (pbuh) by the will of God. We will destroy this sedition through wisdom and knowledge, love, truth, and law and legislation.
Antichrist has appeared along with his main characteristics. Murder, annihilating Muslims, and setting Muslims against each other are all the characteristics of antichrist. Godlessness, animosity towards God, Darwinist ideology, and homosexuality are also the most significant methods of the antichrist.
Homosexual relations will forever be deemed unlawful. It has been unlawful since the beginning of the world and will remain so till eternity. God never approves such foul behavior.
The Armenian genocide allegations are fallacious. One cannot call a war 'genocide, war is called war. Both sides sustain loses in war. What does genocide mean? If one side does not take arms and fight, and the other side comes and annihilates them; then this is called 'genocide'.
They are trying to set Muslims against each other by provoking the Turkish Nation into attacking ISIS. We will not fall for this. Of course, ISIS is on the wrong path. However, the Mahdi (pbuh) will put them on the right path. They will find the right path through education. We have never sought and will never seek their destruction, their annihilation. They should forget about it.

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God belittles those who think highly of themselves, and dignifies those who show humility. Egocentricity and delusions of grandeur are not befitting of believers.
Those who think they know something should realize that they know very little. And that knowledge is granted to them by God. Claiming "I am the greatest, I am the smartest, I am the most beautiful person" is obnoxious. It is always better to praise others. People who do so will gain beauty.
Knowledge without love leads people to their ruin. Love is life.
Knowledge might turn people towards violence. For example, they might become communists, Stalinists, terrorists. However, this is not the case for love; love is what makes us human. With love comes the fear and the love of God, the love towards others. When knowledge is combined with love, it gives rise to something magnificent.

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It’s a blessing from God that my articles are published in the most popular newspapers around the world.
God says that He saves the pious ones because of their faith. God grants victory with faith and they feel no sorrow.
In the Qur'an God wants us to be aware of those against Muslims. Analyzing the irreligious and hypocrites and warning them is a duty upon believers.
Israel should make clear that it is against the PYD/PKK.
All flowers tell us that God is the Supreme, God is the All-Mighty, that He is the ever Pure and the Most Beautiful One.
Those who lack sensibility do not know mercy, refinement, and cannot see the profound art of God. They are not aware of what people like, what bothers them.
We have to research, analyze the ways of the hypocrites and the disbelievers. Why did they become so, how can it be remedied, what can be done about this, how can we persuade them, and in what way should we talk to them? What are their mistakes? What are their malicious plans for the Muslims? In what way can they do harm? What plots can they hatch, what traps can they set up? God informs us in the 104th verse of the Surah an-Nisa that it is a vital form of worship and a religious duty for Muslims to analyze these.
We must get ourselves acquainted with satan, we must try to understand the ways of the hypocrites and the irreligious. We must try to learn the ways they can harm the Muslims. In the 104th verse of the Surah an-Nisa, God commands this to Muslims as a form of worship.

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The beauty, innocence, purity, and fine art of flowers are the proof of the superior ethics of God.
The victory of Kut Al Ammara is one of the greatest victories of our history. Such a blessed victory should not be allowed to be forgotten.

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Obama attempts to establish a communist state right across the Turkish borders. We will never let this happen.
Nonsense and falsehood nourishes terror; the Qur'an defeats all mindsets nourishing terror in the ideological sense.
Obama’s economic policies and his support for homosexuals corrupted all spiritual values of the American people.
Obama’s sympathy to communists and his insincere attitude to Turkey is striking. He must be honest and disclose that he is in fact a communist.
Some people assume they will live for all eternity in this world but they will certainly pass away in quite a short period of time.
The golden ratio in flowers shows that they are all wonders of engineering and arts. The beauty of God's artistry is matchless.
Obama is raised by a family having a communist world-view and he carried out some work with the communist party. This is why he backs the communist terror groups PYD/PKK. Obama’s interest in communism must be definitely examined and it must be put on the agenda of the world.
We will not allow a Stalinist state to be established in the Southeast of Turkey. If needed we can have hundreds of thousands of martyrs but we won’t give away an acre of our land.
The PKK not being included in UN's list of terrorist organizations is a scandal. The government should intervene in this issue. Al-Qaeda which caused the death of 4-5 thousand people is included in this list. Despite the fact that the PKK martyred tens of thousands of people, it is still not on the list. The English shadow state is behind this scheme. Their scheme should be thwarted.
There is no valor in promoting violence. Struggle based on violence has no place in Islam. It is essential to live in peace as brothers and sisters.
Using a tone befitting of the system of the Mahdi yields many blessings. God watches over those who love the Mahdi.
Terrorism is fueled by fabrications and superstitions. The Quran eliminates, annihilates terrorism.
Islam religion was revealed to eliminate terrorism. The duty of Islam, the Quran is to eliminate terrorism. This is why God sent the prophets; this is why He sent down the Quran. And in the era that it was revealed, Islam eliminated the terrorism in that region. Again, it will be Islam that will eliminate the terrorism in this century.
US President Obama was raised in a family that shared a communist ideology, and cooperated with the communist party many times. This is the reason behind his support towards the communist PYD/PKK.

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It is strange that some atheists, who are against God, the Qur’an and Divine religions, are very fond of Rumism. Muslims should see the danger here.
As a result of distorting the nature of women and men, sexual perversion spreads.
God says sexual perversion is an abomination. We will never accept anyone trying to impose it on Muslims.
It is crucial that stories of sexual perversion in books claimed to be written by Rumi are removed from these books.
Obama’s support to communist PYD/PKK is one of the greatest shames of the US history. It’s shameful to support a communist terror group.
Obama could be a secret Marxist, Leninist, might be hiding it from the American people. That may be the reason why he’s supporting the PYD/PKK.
USA is currently supporting a Stalinist terrorist group, and doing it in broad daylight. American people, politicians should see this.
Obama should explain why he supports the PKK. Is it because he is a secret Marxist, Leninist? He should clarify.
Hundreds of Northern Iraqi villages are suffering due to the PKK. The PKK hijacks their homes, mosques and properties. People hate the PKK.
The British secret state doesn't want Kut Al Amara victory to be remembered. We, on the contrary, should celebrate it everywhere, talk about it all the time.
Kut Al Amara is one of the most glorious victories of our history. We will celebrate it with joy, it was the joint victory of Kurds and Turks together.
Many students join terrorist groups. That’s why it’s crucial to destroy the ideology of terrorism. Darwinist education should stop.
When a person informs on terrorists, it is important to keep his identity hidden for his safety.
The British secret state and their minions altogether encourage sexual perversion and seek to impose it on Muslims.
The British secret state has a deep-running hostility to Islam. They want new generations to be arrogant, lacking in moral values and ashamed of Islam. If we don’t reveal the British secret state’s plot against Muslims, it can cause a catastrophe very suddenly. Muslims should be very careful.
In an attempt to distort Islam, some Muslim youngsters have been made Darwinist by wrongly saying that it is in the Quran. The fact, however, is that it is not. God says “Be” and everything, including angels and jinn, are created. Human beings were also created with the command “Be;” not through evolution.
Barzani’s stance against the PKK is commendable. The PKK is a mafia organization hurting the civilians as well.
Our Prophet (saas) says love for the Mahdi will be very strong in the world and the compassion of the Mahdi will enlighten even the darkest souls.
According to Jewish sources, in the time of the Mahdi (pbuh), superstitions in Judaism will be eliminated.
Reign of Islamic moral values will come suddenly, just like having “samples of the summer in spring” in the words of Said Nursi.
Congratulations to President Erdogan for his statements compliant with the Qur’an. It’s important that he said the fight against terrorism should be an intellectual one.
Love is a blessing.
May God bless the martyrdom of our martyrs. The British secret state uses the PKK this time in Southeastern Anatolia, like it did in Gallipoli before.
Having fun together, having dinners together, these are all good; but it should be without the alcohol. Alcohol devastates the body. Losing one’s control completely so that one can barely stand up due to alcohol is nothing fun. There is nothing fun about getting intoxicated.
According to the Jewish sources, Moshiach, in other words the Mahdi, will mend the whole world, thus people, altogether, will serve God.
US President Obama’s supporting the PKK, the YPG, and the PYD –all of which are one communist terror organization- is the biggest disgrace in the US history. No President of the USA has supported the communists, Stalinists ever before. No president has supported terrorism. There is something strange about this. President Obama should be honest; if he is a communist, he should say so. He should announce that he is a Stalinist, a communist.
In order to corrupt Islam, they tried to convert the youth to Darwinism by telling them the lie that "Evolution concept is mentioned in the Quran", but they couldn't succeed. The concept of evolution has no place in the Quran.

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The religion of Islam is the mind of the world. If the world loses its mind, it will go crazy. There can be no world without Islam. Islam is the divine light, the sense of serenity for this world. Almighty God granted the greatest blessing by sending Islam.

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We need to approach Shias with compassion. They love Hazrat Ali (ra) very much. An attitude that isolates and externalizes them is unacceptable.
Chastity is a special kind of beauty for women. It is their light.
Islamic countries convene but they generally lack enthusiasm. In the absence of zeal, no result will be obtained by such meetings.
Communication of Islam based on sincerity and conscience spreads like light everywhere. The dark spirit of bigotry, on the contrary, leads people to disbelief.
Turkey had 200 thousand martyrs in Gallipoli. If needed we can give away 400 thousand martyrs more, but we will never give a piece of our land to the PKK.
Those who say that the Stalinist, Godless PKK is not an enemy of Islam are simply lying. Stalinism is the greatest enemy of Islam.
Scientists who ponder over the structure of a protein believe in God but they don’t express it openly because of the pressure of the community.
God creates a perfect symmetry and beauty in all living things. Those who say they came into existence by happenstance will give an account of this in the hereafter.
PKK and PYD are treacherous terrorist groups. The whole world, particularly the Islamic world should be warned against them all the time.
The PKK is a movement of the antichrist created by world secret state to destroy not only Turkey but the entire Islamic world.
The Islamic countries come together and hold meetings but most of the participants are reluctant. Without sincerity, candidness, no results will be achieved in these meetings. This system will not function without the Mahdi.
The PKK is a threat for all the world of Islam. It is a huge antichrist movement. After converting the region to communism and Stalinism, the PKK seeks to proceed step by step and ultimately establish communism all around the world. Muslims should watch out for this danger.
The PKK is a mafia organization, a gang of murderers utilized to destroy the Islamic community. In other words, its only purpose is to martyr the Muslims. It is such a foul, treacherous organization.

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According to the hadith, the Mahdi (pbuh) is the sum of all the prophets. He is the last guardian, the greatest saint of all-time and pure in judgment. Almighty God appoints an Ulu'l Azm [The Resolute Prophets] prophet like Jesus Messiah (pbuh) as a vizier of the Mahdi. This shows how esteemed the Mahdi is.
One shouldn't say to someone who mended his ways, his intentions, "You are a hypocrite; you have always been a hypocrite." If he shed himself of his hypocrisy, then we should take their final disposition as basis. It is a good thing, you should be happy about him. If you are going to talk about the past, what kind of person were you? You were not aware of religion or faith either; God put you on the true path. When a person mends his ways, he is accepted. If God accepts him, then you have no other choice.
In some occasions, a person with hypocritical tendencies might mend his ways; hypocrisy does not get a hold in him. Lucky are those who mend their hypocritical ways. But those who do not will perish.
What hypocrites like is being lumpen and snobbish. They like making insinuations, vileness and pettiness, making a scene, gossiping, and tale bearing. Their souls delight in evilness.
Hypocrites have a foul conception of freedom. What they seek is that there will be no religion, no worship, and they will communicate with the irreligious and do snobbery to their hearts' content. They will abide by no leader; they will know no obedience or respect. Hypocrites despise all these.
Satan, the self, dissentious people, blood-shedders, warmongers, thieves, evil people; all are a part of the trial. "If it weren't for them..." some people say. They will always exist. If the trial exists, so will they. What you must do is to respond to them patiently through wisdom and willpower and defeat them.

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Companions of the Prophet (pbuh) had so much admiration for the Mahdi (pbuh). They asked much about him and our Prophet articulated in great detail.
I would never intervene in anyone's way of living. They may all live as they like as I have respect for all points of view.
I would never intervene in anyone's way of clothing and I would never ostracize a person due to his or her dress. I have respect and love for all.
Everything is created with God's command "Be."
We would be delighted with the prosperity and welfare of Russia. Russians are an innocent nation with Ottoman raising; no enmity towards them is allowed.
The eyes of our Prophet (pbuh) were so impressive and beautiful that people were not able to speak when they looked him in the eyes.
We are informed in the hadiths that the majority of Jews will embrace Islam and become Muslims at time of the Mahdi (pbuh).
Hadith informs that even enemies of the Mahdi (pbuh) will be embarrassed because of his compassion and goodness. He will have superior morality.
Our Prophet (pbuh) has given so much detail about the Mahdi (pbuh) that his life is described in profound detail.
Some of my friends wear jilbab, some others wear revealing clothes. Also there are others wearing neither, but others. I have respect and love for all of them.
Flowers live in the most difficult conditions on the streets, but without soap or water, they are pure and clean. All are God's artistry.
Love is the medicine for the entire world. Let us call all to love.
Martyrs are our lions, they protect our nation with great courage. Their rank is so esteemed; we are in admiration of their martyrdom.
It is wrong to promote drinking alcohol, which harms the body severely and gives enormous damage.
We are all moving towards death. Everyone has to prepare with serious effort for the hereafter every day and each passing minute.
The geometrical order, symmetry and beauty on the wings of a butterfly alone is adequate evidence to have faith in God.
The entire information regarding the corn is found only in a single corn kernel including the type of fat, vitamins and minerals it contains. This is amazing.
All flowers and fruits come out of soil and all are knowledgeable of vitamins, minerals, color and aesthetic. Coincidence can never do this.
Beauty of a fruit first comes with its bud, then the flower and the fruit. God will question each person of these beauties one by one.
PKK's peace process means nothing but the carrying out of their impositions. Such requests will never be accepted.
Let us not allow our Kurdish brothers to live in shabby homes. We will have them reside in sunny beautiful houses with gardens.
Religion is joy, happiness and celebration. Islam is beauty.
When an understanding that is hostile against women is promoted and spread, child molestation and homosexuality follows in turn.
A true believer and a sincerely devoted faithful person is the wisest one in the world who acts with the most righteous conduct.
Islam in the Qur'an is joy and celebration. Yet, there are all kinds of darkness in bigotry. What we intend is the Islam in the Qur'an.
Women are the most beautiful, the most loveable beings in the world. Bigoted mindset even debates over if women are human beings or not. They advise doing opposite of what women say. This is a terrible view.

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The PKK devastated entire Southeast Anatolia and forced our Kurdish brothers out of their homes and land. The PKK acted in senseless irrationality.

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The lovelessness in people has reached a terrifying level. Fights, incidents in sporting events... What is going on? The government should introduce a national consciousness class as soon as possible so that the youth is raised as conscious individuals aware of the spiritual values.
Everywhere you go around the world, you will see that all the creatures possess a perfect coloring, a perfect form, a perfect pleasantness. It is inexplicable. This is a sign of the magnificent power of God.
The mathematical order, the geometrical perfection, the golden ratio are imprinted in every single creation of Almighty God.
Everywhere we go around the world, we witness God's magnificent art of creation. In the afterlife, we will be questioned about all these blessings and beauty granted by God.
Music is a vital blessing of life. The traditionalist Orthodox Islamic conception forbids music. It forbids everything that is beautiful. Why are you doing this? Where is the harm in music, where do you come up with such an idea? No such thing is mentioned in the verses of the Quran. Why do you fabricate superstitions?
Some people rendered the Quran impossible to practice. They spread Islamophobia. In many parts of the world, people have become afraid of and hateful towards Islam and Muslims. The reason behind this is the traditionalist Orthodox Islamic conception. We will eliminate this conception through knowledge and the truths of the Quran.
Islamic conception preached by the Quran is already a moderate one. We want the believers to live Islam as preached by the Quran. Nothing should be included in or removed from the Quran. All we say is abiding by the Quran as it is.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 11th, 2016> Click for more

Many people who deny God and oppose Islam embrace the philosophy of Rumi. Muslims should see the ploy here.
What beautifies a believer is faith, sincerity and love.
We warned the Russian shadow state several times about not backing terror. Terror would ultimately strike anyone backing it.
God grants us the opportunity to preach Islam all over the world. This is a blessing of God on us.
All weaklings try to adulate the British shadow state. The entire Islamic world needs to be very cautious about this.
Turkey’s relations with every nation must be good. It must mend its fences with all countries.
The British shadow state employs the philosophy of Rumi to display homosexuality as something normal and to corrupt Islam.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 10th, 2016> Click for more

Good parts of the philosophy of Rumi can be accepted. But we will never accept the wrong parts. We can never accept the misogyny, anti-Turkish sentiment, homosexuality or evolutionary ideas in Rumism.
Associates of the British shadow state support homosexuality and try to convince Muslims to accept Darwinism. Everyone should be careful about this ploy.
Everyone should be wary of the associates of the British shadow state, who imagine that they can mock our Prophet (pbuh). Surely he is far above their claims.
It’s unacceptable that the captured PKK militants turned out to be Armenian commanders. We have to send a diplomatic note to Armenia.
There are some people that feel jealous of how clean, refined, elegant, sophisticated, happy we are. Their jealousy is in vain.
Wherever we go, we see that beautiful, radiant, unique mark of God on the living things. No matter where we look, there is that beautiful art, that mesmerizing architecture, that delicate balance created by God.
Some Muslims continue arguing with each other despite the current troubles in the world. May God make the Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) emerge very soon insha’Allah.
The British shadow state is seeking to make homosexuality attractive. This is a very grave danger.
The British shadow state associates frequently travel back and forth between Turkey and the UK, and have many connections. Everyone should be watchful.
The British shadow state is closely linked to and supports Rumism, which seeks to normalize homosexuality.
Ottoman-Turkish music is very beautiful and rich. The current stagnation points to a problem in arts and needs to be solved.
The Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) was always very concise, to the point and wise. Speaking concisely, wisely and briefly will be more effective and help keep people focused.
People might get distracted with lengthy discussions on faith, people are created weak. So concise explanations to keep them focused will help.
It is crucial that mosques are clean, spotless, very well maintained, kept, and airy.
My new book about the ordeal of the Rohingya people is out and will be available in English soon. Rohingyas are great people. They suffered a lot. We are sending our deepest regards to them.
We want large praying rooms everywhere, in schools, hospitals, shopping malls. Especially rooms for ladies should be very well kept. Ladies should be given separate, spacious, nice places to pray and take ablution, so that they will have no difficulty in crammed places.
Men can flee the PKK, but women cannot. The PKK catches them, rapes and kills them.
A believer will never defy God, and will be content with Him no matter what happens. He will always trust God.
Let the joy, beauty, excitement of faith spread all over. We want the happiness, beauty of heaven. We do not want tears. Believers should not cry and should always be happy. There is an attempt to hurt believers with grief.
Believers should always be cheerful. Humans are created weak and such a being cannot afford to feel grief; that would destroy him.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 9th, 2016> Click for more

Neither our Jewish citizens nor Israel should feel concerned; Israel must not call its citizens back.
The love of believers for one another infiltrates their cells. Every cell in the body recognizes love and finds life in love. Lovelessness makes one suffer.
A believer only weeps out of joy and happiness. He would never cry out of grief.
It is great immorality that some families force their daughters into marriage only for money.
The fact that Christians and Jews can no longer live in Turkey or in other Middle Eastern countries is dreadful. That must be compensated as soon as possible.
The goal of the PKK is to paralyze social life and to lay a process that will force Turkey to surrender. This will never happen.
We will never be convinced to the disintegration of this country or to release Ocalan and other terrorist killers.
We will do the contrary of whatever the PKK wants. They want us to mourn, we’ll be full of joy. They want to dishearten us, we will be hopeful.
At this point they want to first demoralize the Turkish nation and then convince Turkey to release PKK’s leader Ocalan and fragment the country. We will foil this ploy.
Three of my friends were martyred and there are also seven veterans among my friends. I have friends currently joining the operations against the terror organization PKK in the Southeast of Turkey. Martyrdom is an honor.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 7th, 2016> Click for more

The symbol ‘Cohen hands’ that is known to be first used by the Prophet Aaron is also a symbol in Freemasonry. It also symbolizes the letter A.
Beauty, happiness, love and kindness of believers infuriate the supporters of satan. They get very jealous to see those blessings.
In the books that are known to have been written by Rumi, there are stories of child pornography. These books should be pulled off shelves.
Only the supporters of satan would feel anger towards believers. Real believers truly love other believers.
Spring flowers are adorable. They are all conscious and blossom when God tells them to. They carry the mark of God.
Misogyny, seeking to oppress women, seeing women subhuman is causing sexual perversion to spread.
Having martyrs will never trouble or upset us. It is the terrorists that will be troubled. Martyrdom is a blessing for Muslims.
Turkish Ministry of Religious Affairs should work to emphasize and reinforce the unity, solidarity and motivation of Muslims.
Children shouldn't be taken to martyr funerals. No one should ever speak any words of dismay or trouble at the martyr funerals.
This life is short, our life in hereafter is the real one.
Our police and soldiers are being incredibly careful to protect the civilians. That’s why the operation against the terror organization PKK is taking this long.
It is astonishing that we don’t feel it at all when the earth is travelling with an incredible speed in the universe.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 6th, 2016> Click for more

I cannot understand how some people can look at the flowers and deny God. Flowers carry the mark of God's beauty.
When we are criticizing radicalism, it is nothing personal, we are criticizing the radical ideas. Superstitions make life miserable.
We have been saying for a long time now that the members and supporters of the terrorist organization PKK should be denaturalized without further ado.
It is miraculous that some organisms carry venom in their bodies without themselves getting harmed. It is lethal for others but does nothing to the host. This is a miracle of God.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 5th, 2016> Click for more

Our body cells catching atoms one by one, and getting the iron, zinc, and calcium they need just at the right amount is a fact of belief by its own.
People are fed up with bigotry. Stoning women to death, executing those who do not perform prayers... The Islamic conception we preach is bright and pure like light in the face of this horrible Islamic conception.
We are the pride, and the bright, modern face of Islam against the dark traditionalist Orthodox Islamic conception. We are a community that Muslims can show as an example with ease and a clear conscience.
Being raped does not disgrace women. They should not feel awful or guilty. They are still pure in our eyes.
So long as the Darwinist education system exists, women murders will continue. Because the Darwinist philosophy belittles women. It takes away the love towards God, compassion, and fondness in people. On the other hand, the people with faith hold women in high regard. And this will happen in the era of the system of the Mahdi.
God created everything with a measure. Even on a single camellia there is amazing artistry and knowledge.
Wherever we look there is the seal of God. On cats, flowers, rabbits, fruits, there is the seal of God’s artistry.
The existence of God and faith in God are the greatest blessings. We love Him with a great love.
The wisdom in DNA’s enzyme is amazing. Wonders of God are uncountable.
The most basic issue for human beings is faith related issues. Our brothers must essentially dwell on faith related issues.

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In the afterlife, those advocating creation through evolution will not be able to explain the beauty of a horse, or the creation of even the single one of its mane hair.
In Freemasonry, triangle and "Kohen's Hands" is a 4000-year-old symbol representing the letter "A".

Adnan Oktar Says... April 1st, 2016> Click for more

Turkey will have a beautiful future. There is no need for people to worry. Yes, there will be many incidents. They will be greater than ever. But, at the end of the day, we are going to meet the Mahdi (pbuh) and the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). A heavenly atmosphere will come about. Wait and you will see that everything I have told you will come true, insha'Allah.
In the era of the Mahdi, everyone will greet each other, love each other, there won't be any huge locks on the doors of people's houses [due to safety of the environment], and everywhere will be safe.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 30th, 2016> Click for more

Hypocrites never talk about God and constantly seek material things. They adore unbelievers’ lifestyle and they don't wish to live like Muslims.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 29th, 2016> Click for more

Suicide is illegal in Islam. Rape or sexual assault victims should never even consider suicide. What happened to them will never degrade them.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 28th, 2016> Click for more

Hazrat Khadija was the first woman to believe in Islam religion and also was the first to learn the revelations. She was the first woman to help our Prophet (pbuh). God commends her as an example to emphasize the beautiful ethics of women.
Muslims do not get bored, or are never at a loss on what to do when they have free time. This is the case for hypocrites and disbelievers, but believers hardly have time to breath. They can barely keep up. Believers lead exciting, active lives. Idle people who are not committed to a cause feel bored. So they go and play card games, poker, or games on the internet as they do not have a cause to fight for. They are not concerned with the prevalence of Islam, nor are they concerned with the blood being shed around the world, the sufferings Muslims go through.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 26th, 2016> Click for more

We are obliged to aspire to the ethics of all the prophets mentioned in the Quran. For example, we should admire the Prophet Solomon's (pbuh) magnificence, sense of beauty, art and aesthetics, and aspire to be like him. Certain Muslims estrange these prophets which is a very wrong perspective.
It is a mistake made by certain fellow Muslims that they do not appreciate the Prophet Solomon (pbuh), the Prophet Moses (pbuh) and the Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and try to understand their actions. However, their lives are just as important as our Prophet's (pbuh). God informs us about their lives so that we take example.
If you pay attention to people going through troubles, you will realize that they never mention God. This is a dead giveaway. They always strive for comfort, salvation, marriage, being set for and leading a beautiful life; yet they never mention God.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 25th, 2016> Click for more

According to Jewish sources, the Mahdi (pbuh) will resemble the Prophet Moses (pbuh) the most in terms of disposition; and the Prophet Solomon (pbuh) in terms of humorousness.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 24th, 2016> Click for more

Believers always think in favor of God and religion. Muslims cannot make an unfavorable analysis, but only favorable ones. They always assume the best [for God and believers]. But if a person is among disbelievers or is an atheist, he might think unfavorably about God and religion; however, after having faith in God, a believer cannot continue to do so. They should always give the benefit of the doubt and think positively.
One cannot make people pious by merely telling them the Islamic jurisprudence [fıqh]. They should be taught about the facts of faith, about the miracles of the Quran. The issues should be explained scientifically. Both the mind and the heart have to be convinced at the same time.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 23rd, 2016> Click for more

What needs to be done against both the PKK and ISIS is to stand up against them with ideas.
The US turns a blind eye to the fact that YPG is the same with PKK. They will understanding it better when it starts to be a scourge on them.

Giving an intellectual struggle against the ideology of terror is imperative.

In Iraq the problem is not only about the Kurdish people, but Arabs and Turkmens as well. All peoples are being persecuted.
 Coming up with a solution for all nations is important.

Neither the PKK nor ISIS could ever be defeated without an intellectual struggle.

All Muslims constitute a single community. All mosques in the world are the buildings of this community, all Muslims of the world are its members.

It is also accepted in Judaism that the Mahdi will appear in Istanbul. Ancient Judaic sources relate that the Mahdi will appear in Istanbul.

Under the name of Rumism, they are trying to disseminate irreligiousness. All our brothers should be cautious against this danger.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 22nd, 2016> Click for more

Bigotry is a dark ideology. It suffocates people. People assume they should live in darkness. When they first see the light, they become dazzled and say "I cannot live in such brightness." But as they live, they will get used to it. In time, their eyes will get used to the brightness.
Bigotry renders life unlivable. The generations were raised to be bigots. They find it hard, odd, and baffling to lead modern, beautiful, cheerful, aesthetic, and high-quality lives. They will have to get over this.
They covered Islam with a dirty sackcloth. What people see right now is that filth. The superstitions fabricated in the name of Islam are causing great troubles for the whole world. It was satan who covered Islam, and we will be the ones who will uncover it and bring forth the true Islam. The true Islam will introduce people love and compassion.
Islam religion was assassinated, so to speak. A conspiracy was organized and Islam was covered with a dirty veil. We will lift off that dirty veil and throw it aside. The essence of Islam will arise.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 21st, 2016> Click for more

Many Islamic circles cannot get into touch with atheists, freemasons and Knight Templars and preach them religion. They cannot accomplish it with their current mindset.
It is important to talk about issues that people can’t speak or hide.
In order to oppose the traditionalist system, one needs to be very brave. They isolate and oppress their opponents.
A comprehensive analysis must be conducted on the language people use in social media, their analysis methods and their errors in reasoning.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 20th, 2016> Click for more

Death can find one anywhere. It wouldn’t be right to hide in houses because one is afraid of death. Everyone should go out as usual.
It would be very wrong to hide in houses, or give the impression that one is not brave. No one should debase themselves like that.
A person might think he is avoiding bombs, but might get accidentally electrocuted at home. If death is in destiny, it cannot be avoided.
Everything is a part of the destiny; every bomb that goes off, every bullet that is fired is in destiny and will hit its target if so destined
Nothing can happen outside the destiny.
It is very wrong to suggest that schools should be closed or life should stop because of terrorism threat. Death can come anywhere.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 17th, 2016> Click for more

British shadow state was aiming to suffocate the Islamic world with the philosophy of Rumism.
 We realized this plot on time and thwarted their plots
Arts, entertainment, beauty and music are not forbidden in Islam. They ruined the Islamic world by taking all the beauties away from Muslims.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 16th, 2016> Click for more

When Jesus comes he will abide by Islam; he will not bring a new religion.
When Jesus comes, people will love him with inspiration. The love for Mahdi will also be inspired to people’s hearts.
A blind hatred for Christians is incompatible with the Qur'an. Devout Christians and Muslims must act together.
Firstly, the spirit of Hagia Sophia must be opened. For this the God-denying philosophy must be intellectually defeated; otherwise, Hagia Sophia can be opened, but it would remain empty.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 15th, 2016> Click for more

In schools teaching history of Islam on one hand and lecturing that God does not exist for hours on the other hand doesn't keep youth away from materialism.
Lenin instructs communists such that they should have no compassion or conscience. This is the basic of the PKK terrorism.
The ones who sincerely desire to eradicate terrorism should definitely carry out anti-Darwinist intellectual efforts and works.
Darwinism does not have even a single scientific evidence. There is not even one single fossil that proves evolution. Let them bring one if they have any.
In the schools, they teach -may God forbid- that God does not exist in biology, history and other classes, then they ask kids to memorize Surahs for an hour.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 14th, 2016> Click for more

If the PKK were countered with scientific methods, it would long ago be defeated.
The government must definitely counter-attack the PKK and other terror organizations by an intellectual and ideological education.
The PKK carries out Leninist terror. As long as its philosophy is not demolished, terror acts can’t be stopped.
Universities have become the fortress of Marxists and Leninists because Darwinist education is still ongoing.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 12th, 2016> Click for more

In the Qur'an, in the story of the people of Lot, God drew attention to the solidarity of perverts, their psychopathic frame of mind.
Being one another's protective friends means embracing, protecting and watching over one another. 
Muslims abandoned their responsibility to one another as protective friends. Yet, it is one of the most important obligations of Islam.

Turkey will be loved by the whole world when she achieves the ultra-modern, enlightened understanding of Islam as in the time of the Companions.
Turkey's becoming an ultra-modern country is crucially important.
It is unacceptable to make jokes about religion and faith. Those who do such jokes are weak in faith.

Religion shows the path to live a sane, reasonable life.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 11th, 2016> Click for more

A loveless person is a selfish person, which takes away the beauty of that person.
Hate culture, narrow-mindedness are serious problems. Young people who will be the leaders of future should have broad scopes.
Hate culture is the collective problem of the world. No one can be happy with this loveless attitude. Some people keep themselves in a loveless, dark world. They need to get rid of that darkness in their hearts.
In the guardianship system that Islam brings, poor and needy will be taken care of, orphans will be cherished. There will be no poverty, only happiness. In this guardianship system, no one will expect ‘thank you’s. Because God is the owner of everything.
God creates hypocrites, evil people so that good, faithful people become even more valuable.
The US freemasons and Knight Templars have been waiting for the Mahdi for a long time. The Mahdi will come when people lose their hope in him.
Mahdi will lead that prayer in Jerusalem by the will of God. He will pray together with the Prophet Jesus (pbuh).
God will always support the real Mahdi movement, and make it successful. But fake ones do stumble and fall in time. Arrogant, supercilious, false Mahdi movements are bound to fail as they are defying God.
Hypocrites cannot stand to listen to the Quran or the praise of God.
People’s hearts should be cleansed with love, faith in God and education so that hate culture on social media can come to an end.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 10th, 2016> Click for more

A person is loved for his spirituality, not for his flesh and bones. It is the spiritual superiority that makes the difference.

There is no place for communism in Turkey's destiny. Turkey and the rest of the region are being shaken with the beauty of the system of the Mahdi.

Communism claims to provide social justice with restraint, yet in Islam justice, equality is ensured wholeheartedly and willingly.

Muslims have a duty to protect one another like their own brothers.
There is the system of protective friendship, that is to say, guardianship in Islam. Everyone is like one another's own brother and family.

Communism strips people of joy and faith; everyone in the society becomes robot-like.
In Islam, there is friendship; there is love and brotherhood.

Communism provides equality in poverty and impoverishes everyone. The morality of the Qur’an advises equality in wealth. Everyone becomes rich and happy.

Artistic abilities of people are atrophied in communist societies. People become unable to produce beauty.

Life is grey, cold and dull in communism. There is no search for aesthetics and beauty. There is a lifeless dullness in communism.

Marx regards peasants as potato sacks. Hence communism does not regard peasants as humans and do not value them as humans.

The prevailing feeling is fear in the communist system. People live in this horrifying fear in the communist system.

50% of the European youth uses antidepressants. A great majority of the people are unhappy and depressed.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 9th, 2016> Click for more

God showers believers with constant blessings and beauties as they continue their good deeds. There is always a great reason for everything.
They can’t believe that women can be free or that people can be happy. God doesn't want difficulty for people, He wants freedom for them.
British secret state uses people with obsequious characters with promises of financial gain. They built a network of sycophant people. These sycophant people are all Darwinist, materialists but pretend to be Muslims. They are also all Rumi followers.
British secret state built a wide network with connections in Turkey, Pakistan, India in an attempt to weaken the Islamic world.
The hadiths tell about a blood-thirsty red movement in the End Times. This is a clear reference to communism, and PKK’s communist terrorism.
Unbelief spread amongst the young people because religion was shown as something completely unreasonable.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 8th, 2016> Click for more

Technology like TV and internet that will be available at the time of Mahdi is elaborated in detail in the hadiths.
Our brothers and sisters should take legal action against the executions in Bangladesh. No one should remain quiet.
We should strive to win all Muslims, no matter what. If mistakes were made, we should do our best to help correct them.
No matter what happens, there is a great wisdom, reason behind everything. God has the sole power.
Our Prophet (pbuh) miraculously explained [1400 years ago] that in the end times two great Muslim groups would fall out. This happened just like he described it.
Blind, angry criticism is very wrong. Criticism is necessary, but it should be done to help, not to humiliate.
President Erdogan should not worry. Turkish people will continue to stand by him. He has lots of friends, whether he knows or not.
A new generation of people emerged among some Muslim groups. They are self-important people enthusiastic on giving advices for others without practicing anything themselves.
Many people do not care about the ideological dangers until it is too late. Most people think only about getting married, getting rich, and so on.
Communist systems can usually succeed with a few people because in capitalist systems many people tend to be indifferent and apathetic.
Turkish youth should be trained very well. Indifferent generations emerged in Iraq and Syria because youth weren’t trained well there.

Adnan Oktar Says... March 7th, 2016> Click for more

Dishonorable hypocrites regard the struggle in the name of God as foolishness. If they were to gain personal benefit, for example, if our Prophet (pbuh) offered each of them 5 or 10 pouches of gold, they would never say "Do not go out to fight in the heat." They would never utter "If we knew how to fight, we would certainly follow you." Or they would never say "We are sacrificing our lives for no reason." They would go crazy, they would become quite eager if they received 10 pouches of gold.
Mourning was practiced by ancient Summerians, Akkadians, Hittites, Egyptians and other idol-worshiping tribes; it is forbidden in the Quran through a large number of verses and hadiths. It completely contradicts putting trust in God.
Those who do not mention God, who distance themselves from God feel a sense of agitation and tension; a groundless sense of fear, a considerable anxiety. God afflicts them with restlessness.
Through bigotry, satan has dealt a powerful blow that aims to destroy Islam. Under the influence of satan, bigots render prayer impracticable and ablution impossible to perform.
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