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Their knowledge about many issues is wrong. God does not curse a nation as a whole. If you claim that a newborn would also be cursed just because he is born a Jewish you would not be acting in line with the Qur’an. The child of an atheist mother and an atheist father would be innocent as well. Children are innocent. God curses the irreligious, faithless, cruel Jews, cruel idolaters, cruel hypocrites. They never mention the fact that God curses the idolaters. In many verses of the Qur’an, God talks about faithful Jews. He says not all of the People of the Book are the same. It is not in compliance with Islam to declare the whole of a nation as cursed. That is a pagan belief reminiscent from the period of the idolaters. Real Muslims differentiate the cruel ones from the aggrieved ones and protect those who are aggrieved.

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God created human beings as different nations to live as brothers and sisters. Enmity towards Christians or Jews is not right according to the Qur’an.

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According to Islam, the places of worship of all religions are sacred and untouchable. Jews and Christians are the People of the Book; they are entrusted to us.

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We need to approach the People of the Book with love.

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Christians are the People of the Book and Muslims are ordered in the Qur’an to love and treat them with kindness and compassion.

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A true Muslim can never be hostile to the People of the Book.
We condemn any attack on civilians as it is savagery. God orders all believers -Muslim, Christian or Jewish- to be friends.

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According to Islam, the attacks on churches in Egypt is tyranny. All places of worship should be protected by Muslims. Our Muslim brothers and sisters all around the world should protect and stand by the People of the Book and protect their holy places.

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Some ignorant and misguided people use an arrogant and disrespectful attitude towards Christians and Jews. They are grossly mistaken.

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A Muslim cannot be averse to Christians. On the contrary, Muslims should ally with pious Christians. An anti-Christian attitude is wrong. Bediuzzaman Said Nursi also said that pious Christians and Muslims should ally. Christian and Muslim clashes should be avoided at all costs.
Some circles ask for a confrontation between Muslims and Christians. Everyone should avoid language that could set the stage for it.

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We love all innocent Christians and Jews. According to the Qur’an they are the People of the Book and are under the protection of Muslims.

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God does not tell Muslims to be hostile to Christians and Jews. On the contrary, God advises us to socialize and have good relations with them.
God explains in the Holy Qur’an that there are sincere believers among Jews and Christians.
It is only natural that there are similarities between the People of the Book and Muslims; they are all divine religions. The Mahdi movement can be found in all divine religions.

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The provisions of the Qur'an are valid until the Day of Judgment. Those who allege that the verses about mercy and compassion have been annulled commit a great persecution. Claiming that the verses about love and mercy had been annulled, some bigots ban approaching Christians with compassion. None of the verses the Qur'an had been annulled. God decrees us to approach the People of the Book with compassion and mercy.

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God has made the food of People of the Book lawful for Muslims, and Muslim men are allowed to get married with Christian and Jewish women.
Ruthless enmity against Christians and Jews does not befit Muslims. God teaches that they are People of the Book and they should be shown compassion.

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May Allah destroy the games and plots of the hypocrites. May Allah grant beauty and blessings to the people of the Book and grant faith to atheists

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Those who spoil religion and seek to show happiness, art, beauty as anti-religion. This way, they’re pushing Muslims into a sort of hell. Islam is heaven. God wants heaven for Muslims both in this world and in the Hereafter. Muslims should make this world a heaven-like place. Only the tyrants, murderers, those who hurt people are ‘infidels’. There might be bad people both among the Muslims and People of the Book.
It’s wrong to call Christians and Jews ‘infidels’. They are the People of the Book, with whom Muslims are allowed to marry and socialize.

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God commands Muslims in the Qur’an to approach People of Book with love, respect and compassion.

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Moshiach of the Jews and the Mahdi of Muslims is the same person. They have all traits in common.

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In the near future, Muslims will forge an alliance with Christians. Christians will embrace the belief in the Oneness of God. So Christianity will turn into Muslim Christianity.

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It is not right to hamper any religion. Let them spread their religions. Let Christians spread Christianity, let Jews spread Judaism, let Muslims spread Islam. So long as societies are religious; before all else, it is very important for societies to embrace religion.

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Animosity against Jews is a mental disease. It is a disease of faith. They are the children of the Prophet Israel (pbuh), they are the children of the Prophet Jacob (pbuh); they are entrusted to us by God. Hatred against them would be against the words of the Qur'an, against the verses of the Qur'an; that is not something that a Muslim could ever do.

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Let us teach an attitude that loves, embraces, protects, watches over and respects our Jewish brothers to our youth and to our people. There is a step by step course towards troubles, towards direness; let us stop this.

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They should build churches and synagogues as well. Those were all free to build in the time of our Prophet (saas). God commands Muslims to protect churches and synagogues, not to attack them.

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There is no hatred against synagogues in the Qur’an, there is no hatred against churches. On the contrary, Almighty God says that Muslims should protect churches and synagogues.

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Nice efforts that would emphasize that we are friends with Jews, just like we were very good friends with the Jews at the time of the Ottomans, would yield very good results.

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The alliance of Muslims and Christians, the alliance of Muslims and Jews against the antichrist is urgent. Muslims should be one within the other with the Christians.
Muslims should ally with religious Christians or else the antichrist will crush both Muslims and Christians and Jews. Muslims, Jews, Christians and all, they plan not to leave any devout people.

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Churches are the houses of God, synagogues are the houses of God and so are the mosques. Everyone can worship wherever they like. God rendered the whole world a place of worship for us.

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We used to live together with Jews, Armenians and Greeks as brothers. They are the People of the Book and are entrusted to us by God. Again with the establishment of the Turkish Islamic Union we will insha’Allah embrace all of them with love.

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Islam is the true Christianity; Islam is the true Judaism. Those who want to be true Christians should actually be Muslims. Those who want to be true Jews should also be Muslims. Once they become Muslims, they would become true Mohammedans and true Jews, they would become true Christians; perfect and flawless.

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Forging alliance with Christians is one of the marks of the system of the Mahdi.

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When a Jew becomes a follower of Mohammed(saas), he would become a real Jew.

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A genuine Muslim is also a genuine Jew and a genuine Christian.

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Jews should be approached with compassion; this hatred is a state of insanity.
Jews do not consider Muslims as unbelievers; they see them as the people of Noah (pbuh).
In the Qur'an, God tells us that we can marry Jewish women. But some people are talking about hanging and chopping Jews. How could a Muslim ever like such a spirit of hatred and violence?
Those who approach Jews with love and compassion would receive love from them in return.

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Modern Christians should unite with Muslims advocating the modern understanding of Islam and the prominent leaders of all countries in the world should support them. The world would then be governed with a very compassionate, very loving leadership. And everyone will be peaceful.

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Contrary to what is supposed, Jews are people who advocate peace and love.
Being Christian means feeling love for the Prophet Jesus (pbuh). Those who love the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) love God as well insha'Allah may all of them become Mohammedans as well.

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Those injecting hatred towards Christians and Jews are making a grave mistake.
An attitude that regards Jews as inferior is unproductive and inauspicious. In hundreds of verses of the Qur'an, Jews are mentioned. God says; "you can marry devout Israeli ladies." Animosity towards Israel would bring about inauspiciousness, it is not compliant with the Qur'an and it is a sin.

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A Muslim would never burn down a church, on the contrary he would protect and support the church.

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Jews and Christians believe in Allah. Of course we love them. And we feel compassion towards atheists as well. Furthermore we, as Muslims, find ourselves to blame and think; "this means that we haven't been able to reach as many people as we should; so we should communicate religion even more, we should preach religion."

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Christians, Jews are being oppressed all around the world. Looking after them, showing love and compassion to them would be a good deed and bring abundance insha'Allah.

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There are hundreds of verses in the Qur'an that talk about the Jews. Disregarding Jews would not be compliant with the Qur'an.

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Within the radical mindset there are some people who give a so-called sanctity to hatred towards Jews. Jews are People of the Book, God would not consent their being persecuted.

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Time will come for the People of the Book to come to believe in the Jesus Messiah altogether, insha’Allah.
Let us embrace our Christian brothers and sisters fervently with love. Our brothers should protect and watch over them everywhere. In the streets, in the malls, they should love and respect them everywhere. They should thus keep their bonds of neighborhood strong. Allah wants us to treat Christians compassionately. Allah wants us to treat the People of the Book compassionately; so we should treat Jews compassionately as well.

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Our brothers should be very compassionate towards Christians. They should treat them with love no matter what. Protecting and watching over them everywhere is very important. They are very dear to us; they will be the students of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) insha’Allah.

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Christians and Jews are very few in numbers, there are a handful of them. And they are being oppressed everywhere. They fear and are leery of saying that they are Christians. Let them say “We are Christians” proudly. Let them say “We are Jewish” proudly. Why should they be leery? It is very important to put away their fear and to show them compassion.
Show compassion to Christians and Jews. Go to synagogues, churches and show compassion to them. How nice it is that they believe in Allah. How nice it is that they believe in all the prophets, how nice it is that they believe in angels and that they believe in the Hereafter. Insha’Allah may Allah make them Mohammedans as well.
Judaism, Christianity and Islam; they all preach compassion, mercy and love. Some evil, satanic elements forcibly attempt to bring about violence from religion.

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Evil forces attempt to prevent love in between Jews and Muslims. We have exterminated this evil approach. We love Jews very much. And Jews love us as well. They have attempted to prevent our love for Christians as well and we have defeated their such attempts. We have put an end to it.
Christian and Jewish people all love Allah. Almighty Allah entrusted them to us. And He entrusted us to them. That is because we are all friends of Allah. We will approach them all with love and compassion.
You should all embrace our non-Muslim brothers and sisters, Jewish or Christian. They are very much oppressed all over the world. When they go out in their traditional clothes they are mocked and cursed at. There are a lot of irreligious, atheistic people around. For that reason, show compassion and mercy everywhere you see them and embrace them.
None of the Christians believe in trinity. All the ones we talk to, say “Allah is One.” They all have a secret love in their hearts for the Prophet Mohammed (saas).
We should show compassion to Christians. They are very inoffensive, they are very dear. Very rarely, they have small churches here and there. There are people who make fun of them and some who attempt to batter them. They are striving to protect their beliefs in Allah and to express their love for Allah under very difficult conditions. You should be very compassionate towards them. Treat them with compassion and love. Our brothers and sisters should protect and watch over them everywhere.

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Christians should definitely accept and love our radiant Prophet (saas) or else consciences will be hurt.

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We should protect and watch over the People of the Book, we should protect and watch over Christians. We should approach them with compassion. We will altogether annihilate the system of the antichrist (dajjal) spiritually. Hand in hand with the Christians and hand in hand with the Jews, insha'Allah. They also say that "Allah is One".

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One of the main characteristics of the system of the Mahdi is alliance with Christians.

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There is no one else who is as compassionate as we are towards the Jews. There is no one else who is as compassionate as we are towards the Christians. We have never seen anyone or any community who approaches them in such an inclusive manner as we do.

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Showing compassion towards Christians and Jews should be an indispensable characteristic of our brothers and sisters, insha'Allah.

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A devout person, a Muslim, Christian or Jewish cannot deny any of the Prophets. For a Christian to be a real Christian, he should acknowledge our Prophet (saas) as well.
A Christian, a Jew is also obliged to perform prayers.
Forging alliance with Christians is a crucial matter.

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In our religion, here is no compulsion against Christianity and Judaism. They will be able to live by their religion everywhere.

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Jews want the Unity of Islam as well, because they will be very comfortable when the Unity of Islam is established, because they will be living comfortably in those beautiful lands Allah has promised them, because they will be in peace, tranquility and safety and because there is no other time for the King Messiah to appear. They believe that the unity of Islam will be formed simultaneously with the appearance of the King Messiah (Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh)).

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Interest is unlawful both in Judaism and in Islam. That means Divine, Abrahamic religions have all declared interest as religiously unlawful.

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Compassion for the People of the Book is a very vital issue. It is the morality of our Prophet (saas), it is a commandment of the Qur’an.

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The People of the Book are responsible from the Qur’an. Some of them say Prophet Jesus (as) is “Allah” (Allah is beyond that). 99 percent of the Christians are thus faithless. What is the point of being adrift in such misery while there is the true religion of Islam emanating light?
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