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God would not accept any excuses in the Hereafter. God would hold the people of hell accountable of what they have done and would make them speak. God would thus show how ignoble and fickle the people of hell are and why they did deserve to be put in hell and would give relief and exhilaration to the hearts of believers.

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God exists. The Hereafter exists. This model of trial in this world is the best, truest and most rational form of trial.

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In the Hereafter, we will be recreated in a different dimension where the rules of physics do not apply.

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Knowing the existence of God and the Hereafter gives peace to children. A child that is raised with love of God and belief in Hereafter, will be reasonable and well-balanced.

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This world is not created for pleasure and enjoyment. True enjoyment will be in eternal Heaven.

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Living an easy life without hardship, sickness and getting injured and going to the Hereafter like that isn’t valuable. Test should be difficult and exhaustive; seeing the beauty amidst intricate details is what matters. Adam and Eve fell for even the slightest trap of satan because they weren’t previously tested. Without the test, without the elaborate details of the test, it’s not possible to appreciate the art of God or Heaven. An ordinary-level test will lead to trivial happiness in Heaven. The more exhaustive the test is, the deeper the love, the better life will be. God wants a difficult test especially in the End Times. The more tough the test is, the higher levels of Heaven one will attain. If God had willed, He could have caused Islamic morality to reign on the Earth right now, but it takes time. Why? So that the test can be arduous and its reward can be greater.

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Just as we will be held accountable for our wealth and property in the afterlife, most importantly we will be accountable for what we did with our time on Earth. God will ask us all, "How did you spend your time?" Believers should always keep this fact in mind.

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The hypocrite pays no attention to the warnings in the Qur’an. He is always hopeful about himself. He thinks that good things awaits him in the hereafter, despite all his dishonesty and immorality. Yet God reveals that they will occupy the lowest circle of hell.

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Muslims are at ease, they are at ease everywhere because they submit themselves to God and put their trust in God; they will be very much at ease when they are resurrected in the Hereafter. For instance, Muslims watch the Last Day in joy.

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God wants the Last Day to come and these people want to have fun in this world. The world has gotten old, it is over, the world is done! God wants to create the Hereafter and wants to show the Hereafter to people.

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All laws of physics change after the Last Day. Everything said by the scientists would become invalid after that. New laws of physics, new laws of chemistry will be established.

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After the Last Day all the laws of physics will be changed, all the laws of chemistry will be changed. We will be passing to a new dimension. And there will not be any laws of gravity etc. Newton's laws and all those would not be working any longer.
Laws of physics will be abolished on the Last Day and they will not be valid later on.

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When a Muslim dies, he is welcomed with happiness like a wedding procession. The life of a Muslim is taken in beautiful scents with praises. If the dying one is an unbeliever, his life will be taken with punches, may Allah forbid.

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This world is a world of trial, people enter through one door and go out from another. We all are going to reach that honor, that beauty and go to the Sight of Allah insha'Allah. Almighty Allah says "Every self will taste death." There is one beautiful tasting and one painful tasting. May Allah make us among those who taste death nicely.
Almighty Allah says; "Every self will taste death." There is a tasting like honey and in this; lives will be taken nicely with beautiful smells, full of beauties, with compliments, with contentment, with encouragement, by reciting the Name of Allah. And there is another way that lives will be taken and in this; lives will be taken with beatings, by dragging them in dark, by making them lose face. May Allah deem us among those Muslims whose lives will be taken nicely. If one's life is taken nicely, his place will surely be in the Heaven insha'Allah.

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The blowing of the Trumpet mentioned in the verse may be people passing to another dimension.

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Muslim's life will be taken lovingly with a very pleasant scent like that of spring.

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At the point of death Allah would inform every person all the things that he/she had done.

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After death, there is no turning back to this world.

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Angels have an amazing memory. In the Hereafter they will recognize every single person and know many things about them.

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We regard rejoining our Lord a festivity. Alhamdulillah Allah is the One we love.

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Almighty Allah is the One Who is beautiful. He makes us appear like this for now as an image of this world. The original is in the Hereafter. Insha'Allah in the Hereafter we will be like passing through a mirror all of a sudden. It will be like waking up from a sleep. "Allah, Allah," we will say, "What a life was that, it was interesting." We will say; "We were clearly in a dream."
When one dies, this image here would seem blurred. That person would be absolutely sure. He would sincerely believe that this is a dream. Like a high quality dream. When one wakes up he will see that as real life.
Just like the real world startling us when we wake up from sleep and making us say; "How clear it is here and how blurred it is while in sleep," those who die, see this life as blurred. Actually the life in this world is a dream as well.

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According to what has been foretold in the hadiths; as a Muslim passes away he will first smell a beautiful musk odor.

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Allah will question Muslims by honoring them, in such a way that they will feel joyous about it.

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Live as a decent Muslim and die in peace. Your soul is taken smoothly and the angels show you love and welcome you in a nice manner. You are taken to heaven in a beautiful manner and you are respected there. Otherwise you are degraded for all eternity. You will be tormented infinitely.
In the hereafter one is questioned all alone. You cannot have fun there. You cannot mock blessed values or act in a spoiled manner.
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