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Love, peace and brotherhood is what is natural. People should be taken aback from wars and conflicts instead. The fact that there are factories producing materials to kill people is what is abnormal. What is natural and rational is for conscientious people to unite and say ‘What are we doing? We should put aside all weapons and live together as brothers.”

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Anyone who wants love, friendship, compassion, joy, peace, quality and art is a supporter of the Mahdi’s movement. The world is longing for the Mahdi’s movement.
Since the attacks of the dajjal harm people everywhere in the world, everyone is in search of love, peace, beauty, that is to say the system of the Mahdi.

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Peace can only be achieved through love of God.
To achieve world peace, we must love the real Owner of this world, befriend Him and be close to Him.

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We need to unite on a single mind to ensure world peace. That single mind is the Mahdi movement, which means love, art, beauty, brotherhood and reason.

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May God give goodness to all of us, to all our people. May He give us peace, brotherhood, tranquility, ease, contentment and exhilaration. May God protect us from dissension, may God not set brothers against brothers. May our Lord settle the disputes among brothers and give Muslims the spirit of friendship, brotherhood and love. May God protect them from self-centeredness, arrogance, haughtiness and from greed for rank and position.

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God is the One Who creates success. It is a religious obligation to reconcile Muslims. We will strive for that until the end. If not this week, next week; if not next week, the week after will do. I mean it will happen sooner or later. We need to strive to that end. It is not acceptable to lose hope and step aside.

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We need to ally with everyone in order to bring peace; with Freemasons, with Templars, with Neocons, with the Council on Foreign Relations team, with anyone you could ever think of. That is because the way to reason is one way.

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We do not believe that anything can ever be solved with weapons, through bloodshed and weapons. We are against bloodshed, weapons, pain and suffering. We believe that humanity will weather the storms with love, with peace, brotherhood, with faith and with the Qur'an.
There is no weariness in the language of love. There has to be determination in peace, in love. For instance, one talks about love for two years and then gets tired of doing so in the third year and gives up. He talks about peace for five years and then cannot keep on doing so in the sixth year: That is not acceptable. One has to advocate peace and love until the end of his life. That is a religious obligation.

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We are against weapons, we are against bloodshed. We are against bullets. We do not want the smell of blood, the smell of gunpowder. We want everywhere to smell like roses.

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If you teach people persecution, they'd come up and apply persecution. You should teach people compassion, reason, methods of talking and persecution and scientific proofs. Above all else teach people love of God, fear of God.

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If you become a man of trouble, troubles rain down on you. If you become a man of bloodshed, that bloodshed falls upon you. Blood brings about blood, violence begets violence, death brings about death. Killing people treacherously is a characteristic of a PKK militant. Those who kill openly are now killing the ones who treacherously kill others.
God inflicts a persecutor upon another persecutor. The Qur'an mentions God's driving some people back by means of others. And there is a saying in Turkish to that effect; "send a thief to catch a thief."
Those looking for atrocities are worthy of atrocities. If you encourage persecution, if you encourage scourges and bloodshed, those scourges suffocate you. That bloodshed drowns you. If you had approached them with love, they would have come to you with love. You've asked for blood and are faced with blood.

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Jihad: "Jahd" means striving. These people, however, understand jihad as chopping people up. Instead of chopping up that person, would it not be better if you try to persuade that person, if you persuade that person with your ideas? When you chop that person up you would be annihilating that person, he would not have the opportunity to be a Muslim! Yet if you preach religion, if you tell them about God, they would come to believe.
Violence begets terror, violence begets horror and by doing so you would be playing into the hands of irreligious people, into the hands of persecutors. Irreligiousness spreads in places where there is violence. Religion spreads in peaceful environments, in loving, compassionate environments.

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The mindset that demands one to kill in order to live is very egotistical and cruel. There is no meaning to such a life; it is better not to live under such circumstances. If you are to live crudely and egotistically like that, you'd better not. Life is only meaningful if you are living as a human being, if you live as a Muslim. Conducting a crude life is not acceptable.

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The good ones, the beautiful ones, the right ones, the loving ones have a heartfelt love for each other from afar, but they could not yet find the way to unite. Moshiach, the Mahdi of the End Times, will show them the way to unite.

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Leaders should develop a strong aspiration for switching to a manner of love. They need to come together and agree on a loving attitude; after that, they need to decide to talk decisively about love. We cannot hear the word “love” from the mouths of many political figures.

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Let love supersede rage and hatred. Let peace supersede conflict. Almighty God wants love from us. The world wants to run towards trouble so quickly. God will remove this scourge upon us and make love prevail in the world insha'Allah.
People of love, those are the ones who prevail in the world, but they are scattered around. And their power is weakened because they are scattered.
People of love are everywhere in the world. They have a significant power but they could not be able to get together as yet. God draws those times closer to us.
Some people take a liking to those who incite the conflicts. They love those who encourage bloodshed and they regard them as precious; and that happens with the encouragement of the satan.

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Nothing good comes out of mourning. Mourning is a very passive act; you simply cry and get sad or become low-spirited. Mourning is not the solution. Reconciling Israel and Palestine is a solution. Establishing connections with both parties is a solution. If you get angry with one party and avoid establishing connections with them you cannot maintain peace and security.

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It is a religious obligation to ask for peace. Wanting conciliation is a religious obligation.

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Violence brings about violence. Only with love, mercy, friendship and brotherhood can stability and balance be attained in Libya.

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Those who pick sides among Muslims would be eliminated. It is religiously unlawful to take sides among Muslims.

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Violence brings about violence. As violence brings about violence, it also becomes a sort of training for violence. For instance Syria and Iraq became the schools of violence; there is an amazing foundation there. But in the system of the Mahdi, only compassion, mercy, love, friendship, brotherhood, peace and wisdom prevails. Eventually people will be obliged to approach to the system of the Mahdi.

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What God really wants is peace. God doesn’t want conflicts. God creates such conflicts just as a means of trial. Who puts an end to the conflicts and dissolves the dissension? God does. God makes Muslims instrumental in that and He brings about the environment of peace.

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When Muslims are at odds with each other, it is a religious obligation to make things right in between them to the best of our ability. We should show an effort, use all instruments and see if it works or not. When two Muslim communities- groups are at odds with each other, it is a religious obligation to interfere. It is a religious obligation to show an effort to make things right in between them. We are all responsible of performing that religious obligation, just like prayers.

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Anyone who approaches with good intentions, anyone who wants love, peace, beauty, friendship, anyone who wants the world to live benignantly would be our natural ally. We would of course support all such people with science, knowledge and with ties of brotherhood.

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The most beautiful solution against terror and anarchy is Islam as the Companions of our Prophet lived. This is the system that Christianity would be able live in comfort, this is the system that Judaism would be able to live in comfort.

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It is possible to settle even the harshest disputes. Conciliating and forging an alliance in the least common denominator would settle the dispute and put an end to the commotion.
All power belongs to God. Peace is not something impossible, founding friendships is not impossible. But one needs to be very well intentioned; one should not be after his/her own interests. If related parties have an ambition for their own interests, fight is bound to happen. In the system of the Mahdi everything can be solved with love because the system of the Mahdi is not after personal gain and interests because it is sincere.
An affectionate and conciliatory policy should be adopted while establishing connections with other countries. For instance Al-Assad could have been persuaded at the outset of the events, however the incidents have been watched for a while. But still it is not too late. Even in the brunt of a fight it is possible to reconcile. It is not acceptable to come to deadlocks in various issues.

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Freedom and peace is the command of the Qur'an. It is a blessing Allah has given us, it is a characteristic of the Heaven. A Muslim would always want freedom and peace anyway.

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The system of the Mahdi is a system that builds a barrier in front of killing people; it loathes killings, blood and outcries.

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Who wants war in Turkey so that you try to persuade them about peace? No one wants war; there is no need to try to persuade our nation about peace. Our people are very noble and affectionate, they refrain from wars anyway. It is contempt to present our people as if they lack in understanding. No one wants bloodshed, our soldiers are only defending their lives.

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The advocators of peace, the proponents of love should be much more determined, much more strong willed. They might try to deter us from our path, deviate us from our way but we should continue with determination and strong will.

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Freedom, peace and joy open up people’s brains.
As people who advocate peace, we need to be very strong willed and resilient in the face of difficulties. Hardships should be our joy. And we will strive to correct those people who are in error with compassion.
Those who advocate love and peace have always become victorious. A person who loves Allah would most definitely have the upper hand. Those who advocate violence and antichrists have been defeated in all times.

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Only an insane person would accept and embrace war. War is not something a person in his sane mind would ever accept. Why should there be cruelty and bloodshed? We are people of reason, we can handle everything by talking.
People are open to indoctrination, if you indoctrinate war, they tend towards war, if you indoctrinate peace, they tend towards peace. If you indoctrinate hatred, they tend towards hatred, if you indoctrinate love, they tend towards love. Human soul is prone to love. This indoctrination of war found strength to an extent because those who indoctrinate war are loud. Or else if we were to talk about peace and love to the youth and to everyone in the society, everyone would accept enthusiastically.

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The world of war, the world of blood, the world of dissension is taking over the world of peace. Violence is taking over the world. What should be done against this, is to strive to make the morality of the Qur'an prevail in the world.

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The way to peace is to convince the other side with scientific evidence.

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The system of the Mahdi has stepped in for peace after the 14th Century according to the Hegira calendar. That is because in 1980's Almighty Allah has introduced and commissioned the King Messiah, the Mahdi (pbuh), to the world. And the Jesus Messiah has started his mission for the world peace as of 2002's.

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A Muslim would be a man of peace, a man of love. One should keep love and peace; art and science constantly on the agenda, uninterruptedly.

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The effect of the system of the Messiah is being seen all around. The bloodshed is decreased to a certain extent. But a time will come and the bloodshed would be stopped. There would be no wars no weapons, no animosity.

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The truce between Israel and Palestine is established with the request of the King Messiah, that is Mahdi (pbuh).

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We will not let Israel have a war with Palestine.
Israel and Palestine will turn into a heaven on earth under the justiceship of Mahdi (pbuh).
While we have the warm and friendly spirit of the system of Mahdi these sufferings are all needless. Let us, Israelis, Palestinians, all of us be friends and brothers.
Mild mannered words should be used in between Israel and Palestine and annoying, harsh statements should be avoided.

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We would never appreciate persecution. We are against all those who persecute. We are the students of the Mahdi. We would always be on the side of peace, love, compassion and brotherhood.
With our calming attitude we are being instrumental in bringing calm in many incidents.

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While advocating peace, it is not acceptable to use a language that would disrupt the peace. Peace has a special language; an annoying language, a bullying language would not work.
For the establishment of peace, everyone should avoid bullying eachother.
If Israel, Egypt and Turkey unites, the region becomes a sea of peace.

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What Israel should do is to constantly ask Allah for the Mahdi, ask Allah for the appearance of the King Messiah. What Palestine should do is to constantly ask Allah for the Mahdi (pbuh) and to strive for the Union of Islam .
There is a blind fight, a blind combat in the conflicts of Israel and Palestine. This can disappear with a reasonable mind, with a reasonable logic. And that can only be the system of the Mahdi. It can only be possible through the rational of the system of the Mahdi.

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If you are a patriot and would like to protect the poor, then advocate the system of Mahdi (as) . If you are in favor of peace, it exists in the system of Mahdi (as). If you are in favor of social justice, in the time of Mahdi (as), even the poorest man will go and give his goods back saying that he feels ashamed that he has lots of possessions.

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Protecting peace, love and affection and improving them is not an easy task. You have to pay meticulous attention. First of all you must be extremely patient. You will be compassionate and insightful. He must think deeply and be self-sacrificing. He will think the good of others. This is how they are preserved. Otherwise the stability may be disrupted at any moment.
They attempt to handle a situation that can be solved with peace and love by getting into a conflict. THE BEST WEAPON IS LOVE. Everything must be settled down by love.
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