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God doesn’t want people to forget about the transiency of the world. God shows people that this world is not created to simply survive with diseases and troubles they face. People learn about loving and being loved through troubles, ordeals and diseases. Without them people’s education wouldn’t be completed.

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The characteristics of this world resemble 50% of hell and 50% of Heaven. Looking at the 50% hell-like characteristics and refraining from sentimentality and looking at the 50% Heaven-like characteristics and never forgetting the hell-like features, knowing that they are specifically created, is important.
We are not sent to this world to survive and to indulge in vain activities but to be tried and trained.

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This is not the real world, but a very deficient example of the real one in the Hereafter This world is only created for the trial.

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This world is not created for pleasure and enjoyment. True enjoyment will be in eternal Heaven.

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God says that, "This world is not the place for play and idle sport. The Heaven is the place for play and idle sport. This world is a place for trial." That is why if you fasten yourself to this world, you would be stuck with it, says God. But if you aim for the Hereafter, if you aim My approval, I will make you happy for all eternity, you will have fun and laugh. Those who fasten themselves to this world would merely grovel, let me say that much. They would merely wallow and flounder. Nothing else would ever happen.
The world has no aspect to enjoy things. That is because Heaven is the place to enjoy. Why should people settle for the inadequate pleasures of this world? They carry a ton of wood on their shoulders and then say, "Let us go have fun." That ton of wood on their shoulders will be lifted in the Heaven. You can then have fun. There are various hardships all around this world.

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Some people want there to be no Hereafter, no system of Mahdi and no Islamic Union. They want to dwell on earthly trivia. They want to struggle with problems with checks and deeds. They want to buy cars and sell cars. This is not a place for having fun. When that is the case, God turns this world into a living hell.
Almighty God has one goal; this world is not created in vain. God wants to make Islam prevail in the world, make His Mahdi appear, make Jesus Messiah descend to earth and show him to the people; God wants to bring about the Last Day and bring about the end of this world after a short while and make people see the End Times.

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Time is passing by. It constantly brings us towards the end of our lives. Death is coming towards us and we are going towards our death. There is a meeting point and we are going towards that point.

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This world is not real, the Hereafter is because this world is a place of trial, it possesses the characteristics of both Heaven and Hell. But Muslims push aside those characteristics of Hell by using their wisdom. And because they thus bring forth the characteristics of Heaven, they appear as exquisite beings.

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This world is not a place to cry but a place to laugh; this world is not a living hell but a heaven. We want heaven both in this world and in the Hereafter. Those who want Hell in this world will be left in Hell in the Hereafter as well.

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There is a made-up hadith they invented saying; “The world is hell for a Muslim.” Why should it be hell? With the light of faith the world would turn into a heaven on Earth.

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It is evident that this world is a place specifically created for training. It has no aspect to be devoted for or to have an ambition about. When one doesn’t turn it into an ambition God helps Muslims in wondrous ways and creates an amazing environment for them.

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This is not a place for plays and amusement; it is not a place to merely earn livelihood. We’ve come here to be tested.
This is a world that would not let you stay in your houses in comfort and deal with your checks, title deeds and your trade. It is not a world that you can be graduated from your school in peace and get married and deal with your own business. God would not give way to this. God did not create this world for this. God wants the appearance of the Mahdi; He wants the appearance of the Jesus Messiah and the global rule of Islam.

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The life in this world is really very short, we will all be gone. May we all go to Heaven insha'Allah. We are in a very short period of trial. We should not offend each other for insignificant things, we should not upset each other and we should choose all we say very carefully.

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It is insane to be so fond of this world. This world possesses characteristics of heaven in half and of Hell in half. Staking a claim on this world is very wrong. God tells us to; "ask for the real, ultimate abode, the abode of infinity."

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Worldly business can only have a meaning if they are done for the good pleasure of God. Muslims are disturbed by the unlawful acts, they make Muslims paralyzed and Muslims are unable to do such acts. But if a person is weak in mind and in faith, such a person does not mind if an act is religiously unlawful or not.
We are sent to this world to serve God, to serve religion. We are sent here to experience good morality, love and loyalty. Those who are after worldly interests are living in a parasitic mindset. Actually in that sense, no one would ever die of hunger or sleeplessness. A Muslim would never covet any worldly interests. He would submit himself wholly to God.

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God has done everything to prevent people's love for the world. However they are insanely devoted to this world despite of all their weaknesses. While they are struggling with their weaknesses on one side, they are insanely running after the world.

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This is the place of trial. People should forget about being comfortable here, it is not acceptable. This World is a mixture of Heaven and Hell. It is halfway Heaven, halfway Hell, because this is a place of trial. People will be comfortable in the Heaven.

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There is nothing in the world in that sense. Heaven is beautiful. This world is created specifically as a place in between heaven and hell.

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Allah constantly gives diseases and deficiencies to prevent people set their hearts on this world and to wean people from this world.

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This world is not the real place for us. No one should attempt to get attached to this world. This is a place of trial. One says; "My eyebrows are not nice, my eyes are not nice enough." You are here to be tested, of course some things are supposed to be not enough. Would Almighty Allah make them perfect? One says; "My nose is curved." Your nose would be perfect in the Heaven. It might be curved here. One says; "I am cold." You won't be cold in the Heaven.

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This world is a place like a course. After this training we will go to our real abode.

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Getting attached to this world would be an unbecoming attitude towards Allah. Allah does not want us to be attached to this world.

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IF A PERSON GETS ATTACHED TO THIS WORLD, HE SUFFERS A LOT. ONCE HE IS NOT ATTACHED TO THIS WORLD, HE WANTS ALLAH, because Almighty Allah essentially wants Himself to be the loved one.
A human being is a very fragile being. Allah says in the Qur’an, “Man is created weak.” Whether a man or a woman, they are all weak. They are easily negatively affected. They may get exhausted easily, feel exhausted and get sick easily. As a requisite of the trial in this world, they are created in that manner. That is because Allah does not want us to love this world.

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There are young girls of a graceful build but they grow old and die in a short while. So do young men. They grow old and die in a very short time. BEING ATTACHED TO THIS WORLD IS IDIOCY. A VERY SMART PERSON TURNS TO THE ACTUAL OWNER OF THIS WORLD. HE TURNS TO THE REAL OWNER OF LOVE AND BEAUTY. THIS WOULD BE THE MOST INTELLIGENT ATTITUDE, INSHA’ALLAH.
What if people could see the state of those ladies and men, who have boasted about themselves throughout their lives, in their graves? For instance, if they could ever see the form those bodies would take after the first 20 to 30 or 50 days; they would have no attachment to this world at all.
There is nothing in this world. It as a mere place of trial. But Allah creates people with very dim intelligence. Allah makes them love this world and looking at that, people are deceived.
THE WORLD IS TEMPORARY. ONE SHOULD NOT FEEL ATTACHED TO THIS WORLD. One must be wise. At first sight, one may feel the urge to love this world but we understand that we are living in a metaphysical world.
Status is not important at all; at the end of the day we eat one portion of food. One may become the CEO of some such company, it is just a title. It is more important to be the CEO of the hearts of nations.

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The conscience of a person has to be extremely at ease. He will be honest to the end. He will cease to worry about this world, for this world is a lie, not real. We see that this world is only an illusion. There is no point in bothering for this world. But we attain this idea only by thinking in a sincere manner. We do not urge ourselves to think this way, thinking that this world is really alluring.
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