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Being sincere is our sole responsibility. It is as if we are sailing on a boat. No matter what we do on that boat, the boat would sail. Destiny doesn’t change, it goes by as God preordained.

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We are all subjects of a destiny. It is like we are in a sort of movie. This movie would never change. Understanding the inalterability of this movie means submission to God. Every question one is asked is the question defined in destiny, every response given is the response in defined in destiny. Even if you rewind and watch the movie a hundred times the same things happen every single time, destiny would never change.

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Destiny God created is perfectly beautiful. God created everything, every fine detail in just the way that people would handle. God created every person’s destiny in just the way he could handle every trial he is subjected to.

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God is the One Who directs all affairs. God is the One Who creates every single incident, we are not independent, autonomous beings. God is the One Who directs all affairs. God is the One Who creates every single incident, we are not independent, autonomous beings. If there is an attack of the hypocrites, that is under the control of God as well, if there is an attack of the unbelievers, God is the One Who creates it as well, or if the sleeping cells of the British deep state awakens, God is the One Who wakes them up as well. What we are to do is to behave wisely and to trust in God.

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Making a mistake is not a terrifying thing. Every mistake is made in destiny and people find the truth by making those mistakes.

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Those who love and submit to God live very peacefully.

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Both prayer and everything else that happens after that prayer are part of destiny.

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Believers might feel some anxiety in a difficult situation even if they know it is part of their trial. But they trust in God, despite the anxiety they feel.

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Submission to one’s destiny brings beauty, comfort and prosperity.

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A person who realizes that destiny moves like a filmstrip and watches it with respect will live a life of peace and tranquility.

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Anger is very dangerous for the body. It could cause cardiac rhythm disorder, hypertension or even a cerebral hemorrhage. A person who gets angry will do harm both to himself and the people around him. A true Muslim on the other hand, trusts God, peaceful with the knowledge that God creates everything.

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Destiny unfolds like a movie. We are only supposed to be sincere towards God.

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There is no such thing as the evolution of history. We are all watching destiny unfold. Everything happens as a part of that destiny.

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Putting trust in God and being patient is the clearest evidence of the love for God. Loving Him on good days and abandoning Him on bad days is serious turpitude.

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There is no such thing as chance. God creates everything. Things happen only because they are in destiny.

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Destiny is the infinitely long amount of time being created within an infinitely short amount of time.

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Lacking trust in God, demoralization and being obsessed with things are burdens of unbelief. Trust in God is the strongest antidepressant.

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Every man dies at the time preordained in destiny by God. This is the truth that never changes.

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Many people have an ambition to hoard materials because of their fear of future. This is an attitude God doesn’t like and that doesn’t befit a believer’s trust in God.

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Muslims place their trust in God and refrain from anger. Anger causes physical harm to human body.

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Some people may not have deep faith; only with mature faith one attains a stable mood. That ‘s when trust in God and fear of God becomes how it needs to be.

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Mourning was practiced by ancient Summerians, Akkadians, Hittites, Egyptians and other idol-worshiping tribes; it is forbidden in the Quran through a large number of verses and hadiths. It completely contradicts putting trust in God.

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Sorrow is another name for rebellion against God: It is unlawful. Sorrow means being dissatisfied with what is given by God. Being upset about what God has done and protesting against it is called sorrow. A man cries only if he is not satisfied with the fate God deemed him worthy of; he grieves, he resents it and he becomes upset.

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On account of their trust in God, Muslims are joyful in their lives. They are joyous when they are struggling for the sake of God or when they are martyred. They never lose their inner sense of happiness, joyfulness. However, those who are faint of faith becomes paralyzed; they feel at a loss, they panic, they cry and lead their lives in a state of unhappiness and fear.

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If Muslims use their minds correctly, if they put their trust in God and love God as is due, there would be no fear and sadness for them. They would never feel fear. They would never feel any distress. But that is on the condition that they love God as He wants to be loved, that they put their trust in God as He wants them to do.

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God says, "Do not worry; just submit and put your trust in Me. Leave it with me. You will be very comfortable even while dying. But if you worry, if you do not submit yourself to Me, you will be hurt."
God creates a beautiful world when one puts his trust in God. One should be honest and sincere towards God, in submission to God. When one is not honest, God starts causing pain for that person.

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The thing you want might be bad for you but you would not know. You persistently want it to happen but actually that might be bad for you. There is goodness in it if God does not grant you your wish. Some people freak out when they are not given what they ask for. It may be that it will bring you troubles if you are given what you have asked for, and God is protecting you by not giving it to you.
Let us say one cannot pass the university exam and freaks out. Maybe if you passed the exam, you would go there and die. Maybe it would drive you insane, maybe you will lose your mind, maybe you will lose your health. God does you a favor; you should resign yourself to this.
If you are losing something there is good in that. You haven't come to this world to live forever. You lose the smallest things and then obsess about it. What if you lose it? You are exaggerating it; actually there is nothing wrong in it if you look at things rationally.
What is the advantage of a lack of trust in God? One would only be suffering and humiliating himself in vain. He would be embarrassed before God. He would be hurting himself and doing something abnormal that is not compliant with reason or logic.
Had humanity grasped idolatry and submitting and putting one's trust in God, had they believed in it completely, had they been able to have it settled in their hearts, they would never be in a quandry.
Destiny does not change. Actually idolatry is the name for resisting destiny; it is believing that power belongs to some beings other than God.

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Those grasping the secret of resigning themselves to their fate, those who find that truth and hold onto it are actually holding onto the greatest blessing, greatest relief in the world.
One grovels when he doesn't know about destiny; he suffers. But if you are aware of destiny, God gives plentitude and bestows blessings upon you. Troubles you endure become your religious services. That is because submitting one's self to God in every moment of life is like performing prayers in every moment of life.

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God directs history. He has servants in this world that are charged with leading history; there are secret servants. Those secret servants are led by God through revelation for the orientation of history.
When trouble comes upon a person, he should not think that this would work against him. There certainly is goodness in everything: God gives such troubles to turn people towards Him.

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People should abide by the plan Almighty God has made. When they don't, Almighty God does not take bloodshed, pain and sufferings away from people and He increases them even further.

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All that God wills would be realized. The consequences of resisting God's Will would be catastrophic.

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A Muslim would be aware of evil plottings but would not be distressed about them; that is because God is the One Who creates them as well, so a Muslim should keep his calm.

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When Almighty God creates a detail, when He creates something with His wisdom, a Muslim would say, “We might not have a full understanding of God’s wisdom but He knows everything about us. We’ve submitted ourselves to Him.”

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One’s connection to God should never be severed. If one severs his connection to God, he would lose his trust and submission to God. Once that happens, he would become very tense, angry and uneasy. Submission to God is one of the greatest blessings on Earth that should never be forgotten, even for a second.

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The mentality that urges one to cry after everything is abnormal. This is a remnant system from the idolaters of Mecca, from the idolaters of Sumeria, from way back. That is outright insincerity. This is an act which shows that one does not have trust in God- may God forbid. One would only cry if he thinks –may God forbid- that God is not the One Who creates that event.

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The mentality of mourning is fundamentally wrong. A Muslim would never do that. God is the One Who brings us to this world, and God is the One Who takes us back to His Sight. The right thing to do is to submit to our destiny and to put our trust in the goodness, beauty and abundance of what God gives. Anything other than that would not befit a Muslim.
As Almighty God is the One Who takes the life of that person, He brings one to this world with goodness and He takes that person to His Sight with goodness when he dies. So there is no meaning in crying. It is a characteristic of a Muslim to be content with what our Lord has ordained in our destiny and see the good in that destiny.
The Heaven is an abode of joy and it is eternal happiness, eternal beauty. When you are sending your child to the Hereafter you are actually sending your child to an abode that everything is perfect, so mourning would be extremely wrong while doing so. It would mean to say; -may God forbid- “I didn’t like what God wanted, I know better”. And that would be ascribing partners to God.

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Submitting to God’s Will is the greatest comfort in this world. Palaces wouldn’t make one happy, but submitting to God’s Will would. Once you submit to God’s Will, all sufferrings would dissappear. That is because man is created as weak. God has created this as a blessing to man.

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We should always be asking for perfect faith and submission to God. A Muslim should constantly ask for that blessing saying; “O Lord, make me a servant of yours with perfect faith.” That is because it is a great blessing.

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One should put his trust in God. If you do not put your trust in God everything would give you pain, you would be bored of everything. Everything would make you afraid, everything would overwhelm you. All the incidents in the world would seem to come at you. As the verse of the Qur’an refers, God makes such people’s breasts narrow and constricted as if they were climbing up into the sky. One should submit to God for his heart to be at ease.

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The fact that there is always good in everything should never be forgotten. Almighty God would never keep the world stagnant; He always keeps it in motion and He revives it. So there is always a constant movement, a constant excitement in the world.

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There is good in everything, we are living through a stage of the system of the Mahdi.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 4th, 2013> Click for more

Neither hypocrites, nor materialists could ever have any power apart from what God wills for them.

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Almighty God is shaping the world for the good people and is designing it accordingly.

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God has a beautiful plan and that plan is working every single moment.

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The system of the Mahdi existed even before the beginning of the World and it will be valid until the Last Day.

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God is giving a design to the world. He is preparing Syria, He is preparing Iraq, He is preparing Israel and Turkey, He is preparing everywhere. The whole world is getting prepared for the coming of their guests, fort he coming of the Prophet Jesus (pbuh) and Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh). It is like the preparation of a feast.

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Some people assume that US is an independent power. They assume that Russia is an independent power. Yet the whole power belongs to God. God is the One Who rules over the atoms, Who rules over the electrons. God is the One Who rules over infinity.

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We should not look at incidents solely from a political aspect, we should consider tings from a faith related aspect as well. God is the only One Who rules over all deep states, all people and all incidents. We need to see the unseen aspects of incidents.

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In destiny, history has been designed in a way that only the system of the Mahdi will be victorious.

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The destiny of the Turkish nation is created as closed to all aspects other than the system of the Mahdi. The destiny of the Turkish nation is only open to the system of the Mahdi. They would be struggling in vain, they would be writhering in vain. There is no other possibility.

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Nothing other than what our Lord says could ever happen. May Allah forbid, no one can get in a war with Allah. No one can ever stop destiny. People should submit to destiny and surrender themselves to Allah. They should put their trusts in Allah and abide by Allah.

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Muslims should not be saddened because of the attacks of the bigots, because of the attacks of the system of the dajjal. While people scheme against you, Allah is the One Who enables those schemes. Allah is the One Who creates them. How? With a wisdom.

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Everything happens as predetermined in the destiny. Allah is the One Who designs, leads, assigns, brings and takes away.

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A Muslim would never say "Alas!" for anything; he knows that Allah constantly watches him. He is puts his trust in Allah.

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Unbelievers are not free, hypocrites are not free either. Some might presume that they are free but they are not. Hypocrites imagine that they have a boundless freedom. Actually all that they will be doing are defined millimeter by millimeter. They can only do what they have in their destiny and nothing more.

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We see good in everything. Joy and happiness is the characteristic of a Muslim. A weak, weeping mindset would be unbecoming for a Muslim.

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Everything is created with a good reason and there is nothing that is not created with a good reason.

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The images showing that people do not submit to Allah are miraculous. They are signs leading to faith. I am not talking about only examining the life of ants or analyzing the hour; one needs to examine how people tend to this life. This is a great sign leading to faith.
Allah says, “I will beautify your body, voice, looks, hair, meal, house, clothes and everything.” Allah says “You will lead a good life, speak in a good manner, eat good food, and die in a good manner.” These all happen only by submitting to Allah.

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Considering from an inner outlook, a person can not think anything other than what is predestined for him. For instance, veils are being opened. He says, “I have contemplated deeply and attained this profundity” but the fact is however, the hour when he will think deeply is evident. The time is evident. Other than that he can not think deeply.
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