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In the Qur’an God tells us to give a struggle ‘until there is no more fitna (dissension) and the religion is God´s alone.” (Surat Al-Anfal,39) Homosexuality, Darwinism, materialism, communism, the PKK and other terror organizations, all sorts of perversion… All those are dissensions. If we strive against all these dissensions with science and knowledge with all our might, God would give us the abundance of that and would make Islam prevail all over the world.

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Communism that came about through ideas would only go away with ideas. Godlessness that comes with ideas would go away with ideas and with ideas faith would settle in. Otherwise it would not be possible to attain definitive results in the struggle against the PKK.
Once the Darwinist education is stopped, the PKK problem would come to an end instantly. They have been striving to end it with armed conflict for the last 50 years. Had they given a scientific struggle, the issue would have been solved within six months. The absence of faith in God is the foundation of communism. Kurdish youth is actually religious. It is important to remove the root cause that pushes the youth towards communist terror. With Darwinist education, that is also called the positivist education, faith and belief is very much weakened among youth. When that is the case, the PKK very easily persuades youth about terror. They say ‘Look, you were an animal, there was a primitive communal society in which everyone was equal and everything was shared, that is the law of nature. If you do not believe me see that this is taught as science at state schools.” They present killing as scientific and are being educated saying “do you not step on a bug and kill it on the road, do you not pour tincture of iodine on bacteria, humans are an animal species and killing them is a requisite of the nature.” They have tied down the youth with reeling and the only thing you are expected to do is to unreel it and to give counter training to do so. If you do not provide that counter training and instead give them an education that ensures their access to the communist terror sources and raise youth as Darwinists, then you would –may God forbid- be laying the ground for the PKK.

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Darwinism is the religion of the PKK. But many other circles do not mention this superstitious religion of the PKK because they are Darwinists as well. Darwinism is the reason why the PKK is a Marxist, Leninist, communist organization. Darwinism is a pagan religion that is reminiscent of the ancient ages. The PKK also has this superstitious religion.

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Darwinism equals to communism. It would be a miracle if a person in the clutches of Darwinism does not fall prey to communism. Despite this threat, Darwinism is being taught by hand of the state. That is such a grave situation. People receiving a Darwinist education would think that they are no different than a cat or a dog on the streets or a bacteria. They believe that their death would be the same as the death of a bacteria. Their perspective on life would completely be based on this distorted mentality. People start explaining the amazing system in the universe through dialectic philosophy that is the anchor point of the Darwinist philosophy. They would thus begin to deny the existence of God, religion and the Hereafter completely in time. The state should immediately stop giving Darwinist education.

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Communist systems make people’s souls mechanical, eradicate art and sciences and deplete people’s joy of life.

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While communism makes people live in terror, the system of the Mahdi brings social justice through love.

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In communism there is no religion, family, state or morality; but cruelty and lovelessness pervades.
In communism, life would become meaningless, people would be robotic and society would lack joy and happiness.

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Communist philosophy develops on the basis of Darwinism. When Darwinism is eliminated, communism and communist terror etc. would end as well.

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They think the PKK’s aim is only to get hold of the southeast region of Turkey but the communist ideology is a movement aiming to swallow the entire region.
Imposing a single structure upon religious communities and prohibiting the preaching of Islam would cause communism and irreligiousness to spread.

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Communist leaders also say that Darwinism is the basis of communism. Darwinist propaganda helps communism.

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Ataturk says that communism should be intellectually crushed wherever it rises. This is a very good advise that should be followed.

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The communist ideals of peace and social justice are commendable, but justice does not come by force; it happens naturally by means of willing brotherhood and friendship.
We are not against the communist ideal of building social justice and peace; we are against the dark, irreligious, cruel, blood-shedding character of communism.

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The scourges and pains will not end as long as the education system, which openly denies God claiming that 'God did not create us', persists. If youth is inculcated with a mentality teaching that ‘our ancestors were bacteria’, they could easily lean towards violence and communism.

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God protects our nation. It doesn't become divided or separated no matter what. Communism cannot take hold. Our nation has a beautiful duty.

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We, the Turks, respect peaceful, democratic communists, but will not accept those that resort to violence.

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The British deep state created both fascism and communism and then turned the whole world into a bloodbath by making the two sides fight.

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The British deep state is the founder of both fascism and communism. Consequently it is the British deep state that founded and nourished Nazism.

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Palaeontology is a branch of science, yet Darwinism is a superstition. Darwinism would come to an end if fossils are taught in schools. There is not a single evidence to prove Darwinism. Darwinism is not science. They cannot make Darwinism accepted through demagoguery. Darwinism is a superstition that constitutes the foundation of communism and is a pagan belief.

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A great majority of people are unaware of the disasters brought by Darwinism. Darwinism lays the ground for fascism, communism and wars.
The PKK's faith is communism which takes Darwinism as its basis. If we take that basis away, communist ideology would collapse.

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Obama and his staff had communist tendencies. We’re hoping that Trump will undo the damage Obama did. Trump is an anti-communist, anti-Darwinist person. Russia, Turkey, Iran, China and Turkic Republics should support Trump.

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There is a notion of constant conflict and confrontation in the communist philosophy. The same is valid for the hypocrites as well; they create conflicts for no real reason.

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Communism is a system that takes away the joy and beauty of women.

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Unless communism and Stalinism are ideologically confronted, the PKK will survive and even flourish.

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Communism seeks to ensure social justice by force. In Islam, everything is done willingly, lovingly and thus full equality is ensured.

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Investments cannot end terror. Terror ends through ideas. Darwinist education is the root of communism. Governments should stop this education.
The biggest mistake in the face of the PKK is the lack of counter-education. The PKK will survive so long as it’s not taught in schools that communism is evil and Darwinism is wrong.

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The vital matter is to inform and strengthen the youth against communism with true knowledge and facts of creation and dry up the swamp.

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Darwinist education incites people to violence. The suicide bombing attacks of communist terror organizations are based on this philosophy.

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High-quality cannot be achieved through industrialization. Some communist countries had strong industry but no aspiration for art, aesthetics and quality. There was no liveliness.

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Communism brought a loveless, cold and disturbing appearance to the world.

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The PKK is a threat for the entire Islamic world. The establishment of a Marxist-communist state in the Middle East is a scourge that requires precautions for the entire region.

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The British shadow state seeks to divide Turkey and hand over Kurds to the communist PKK. We won’t leave our Kurdish mothers and sisters to communists.
It is embarrassing for the USA that US soldiers are wearing the YPG's logo on their uniforms. Americans should know why the USA is supporting a communist organization. Obama’s Marxist tendencies are the reason why he supports the communist terror group YPG. These facts should be explained to the whole world.

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The first scourge that will appear after the Mahdi will be the reign of fascism in the world. Then it will be followed by communism and the Day of Judgment.

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Without explaining the invalidity of Darwinist Marxist philosophy in the scientific sense, military measures would prove to be ineffective [in the face of the communist terror of the PKK].

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US President Obama’s supporting the PKK, the YPG, and the PYD –all of which are one communist terror organization- is the biggest disgrace in the US history. No President of the USA has supported the communists, Stalinists ever before. No president has supported terrorism. There is something strange about this. President Obama should be honest; if he is a communist, he should say so. He should announce that he is a Stalinist, a communist.

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The majority of our youth are not equipped or informed enough to fight against Darwinist, Marxist, Leninist, Stalinist philosophies. The elimination of education based on Darwinism in Turkey would deliver a major blow to the PKK. The inclusion of a course teaching "national consciousness" in the curriculum would enable the youth to understand the falsehood of Marxist and Leninist philosophies.
The PKK trains thousands of people day and night, persuading them to adopt a Marxist philosophy. What we should do is to talk about the falsehood of the Marxist, Leninist and Stalinist philosophies through education, and to teach our young people how to respond when they come across such ideological expressions.

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All youth has to be raised conscious of national values. A course called national consciousness must be placed in the curriculum of schools; national consciousness classes three times a week. The British shadow state, the PKK, Darwinism, communism, namely all sorts of ideologies and activities that intend to destroy Turkey, must be explained in this course.

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The PYD is a different name for the PKK. It is a Stalinist, communist, vile and treacherous organization that wishes to break Turkey apart. It is also directly affiliated to terrorist leader Ocalan and Qandil.

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The PKK constantly lies. Lies constitute a crucial part of communist propaganda. Communist lies are actually the worst kind of lies.

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Being a communist doesn't make one evil; only if they shed blood do they become evil. Irreligious people aren't necessarily evil but they become evil if they persecute others. Otherwise, these are all their own opinions, we respect them all. I mean these people become evil only if they persecute others, if they hurt others.

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Leftist ideologies represent a stunted system. I mean it is a system that is unable to move, one that stalls, atrophies and suffocates the current system. Such a system would not come to power neither in Europe nor in the world. Actually, the leftist ideology in the world has died.

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Carrying out constant protests, carrying out incessant acts of violence is one of the most important tactics of the Marxist ideology. If there were no acts of violence, the PKK would have been forgotten long ago. Nobody would ever give them the time of the day. But if they keep carrying out acts of violence, that would keep the PKK in a constant ascent - in their own minds - and they would thus gain strength. They are doing these things because they need it.

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The state should not spare TRT6 to shawn and drum music, instead they should turn it to a channel that broadcasts programs in which we can explain the invalidity of communism, Darwinism and the dreadfulness of Stalinism. That is crucial.
It is not possible for us to make anti-communist, anti-materialist propaganda house by house, street by street in the Southeast of Turkey, but it could be easily be done with TRT6.

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The system of the antichrist is planning to annihilate Islam with the Muslims they have turned into communists.

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In the communist way of thinking, ideas are paralyzed. People would not be able to think any other way; even if they think otherwise, they cannot express their ideas. Creativity would die out in such a way of thinking and no progress could be attained neither in physics, nor in chemistry, or in the arts or any other branch of science.
Modern thought is a modern understanding of Islam. There is love, mercy, peace, well-being, beauty, decency, kindness, respect, reverence, quality, the most advanced technology, the most advance arts in Islam. There is respect for every idea, respect to everyone in Islam. That is great. In communism, anyone outside that opinion is killed, they are terrorized, hanged and chopped up.

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If we had the means of the radio and television channels of Turkey and America under our command, we would very easily explain the invalidity of communism, terror and anarchy to the people of the whole region. All the coasts would then be cleared. Everyone would embrace one another and the issue would then be closed.

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Being a communist is not an offense but being a terrorist, anarchist, ferocious organization is an offense. Otherwise if it were to remain on the intellectual level, be a communist, defend any other ideology you like we would not be concerned by any of them. You can be an atheist, you can be a communist, but if you attempt to employ violence and terror, we would be standing against you. We would not let you do that.

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The PKK terror organization imagines that they can take over the Southeast with a small force; actually this is a characteristic of communism.

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The concept of family does not exist in communism anyway. Children belong to the state in the communist mindset. Unless Darwinist materialist education is halted, unless the invalidity of communism is explained extensively and unless a national consciousness is very strongly taught to our youth as a special course, these scourges will continue to rain down on our people.

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Autocracy means separation. We would not let a communist Kurdistan be founded in the South East of Turkey. We would not let a communist Stalinist ruling be formed in those lands.

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One might think that Kurdish people will unite and be happy eventually. Actually, that will never happen. They are thinking about a massive Kurdish massacre. What does founding a communist Kurdistan in the region mean? It would make the region a target for whole Europe and the US. They will tear the region to shreds.

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PKK movement is a very ambitious, very cruel movement. People might think that there will be a moderate, calm and plain administration, but this is not the case. They are trying to approach very moderately for now in order to set their trap; but once they establish the communist government, the cruel and sharp aspect of the PKK will reveal itself.
When the PKK seize political power, meaning when communist reign, dictatorship of proletariat is established, they would run off Muslim’s feet. They would not leave a single mosque behind, they would not let a single masjid standing. They would not let any religious books, any religious works.

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Turkey is under a special grace. We would not let a communist state to be established. We would not let Turkey to be divided. They should forget about that.

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It is not acceptable to make people accept communism through violence and terror. People are honorable, dignified and intelligent beings: It would be very repressive and hard on them to force them to accept an opinion through violence and fear.
The periods that the right wing progresses the most are the periods when the left wing attacks the most. I mean, when leftist terrorist organizations attack, the right wing pulls themselves together in a very short time, unite in the center and forge alliances.
Ideas cannot be preached through terror and violence. When terror and violence is perpetrated, the horrific aspect of communism surfaces once more. Do whatever you what through opinions, by conversation; publish periodicals, publish books, prepare booklets, hold conferences or go explain people one by one. But there is nothing to be proud of in violence and terror.

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Communism is like a gum, it sticks on a person. Even if that person gives up being a communist, it wouldn’t leave him alone, it vacums him in. I mean it is like a web of a spider. When that web sticks it pulls everyone in everywhere. That is the specialty of communism. I mean leaving a communist gang is not something easy to do. If one gets out, he gets killed.

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In uneducated people there is a strong tendency towards violence and vandalism; it is very easy for them to ravage things. It is very easy for them to fall in disbelief. It is very easy for them to be irreligious. But being religious requires having good morals, being sensible and strong-willed; it requires patience, self-sacrifice and profundity. It is not easy. That is why communist way of thinking develops very easily among them.

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There is no such thing as dividing opinions in the communist way of thinking. They have unconditional obedience towards their leader. They would not let any separatists survive. As a matter of fact we've seen an example of this in the PKK militant killed in France.

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Anyone who likes can criticize religion but no one can insult. I criticize communism but I would not let anyone insult communism, I would not let anyone curse them.

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Being against anarchy and terror does not mean being sheepish. Advocating anarchy is savagery.

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We will not let a communist-Stalinist Kurdish state be established in the Southeast of Turkey. We will not let it become a separate land. Why not? Because they are our mothers, our sisters, our brothers. We would not leave them to the hands of Stalinists and communists. We would stand against that at the risk of our own lives.
My dear Kurdish brothers and sisters cannot live without being religious. We will not let anyone make them experience the communist violence.
It is a nice step for Ocalan to state that communism has ended.

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The communist mindset demands the streets to be stirred up, people to be killed, trouble to be created! This ruse going on in Turkey would not yield any results, this leaven would not work.

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Some of the youngsters with conservative understanding of Islam behave sheepishly towards the left wing. A portion of the conservative right wing has always been sheepish towards the left wing.

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It is very difficult for a highly cultured person to become a communist. Communists should be approached gently and told about the truth with ample evidence.

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The anti-democratic methods of struggle observed in some people from the left wing is actually embarrassing.

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Our intellectually defeating Darwinism and materialism dispirited communism in Turkey; it dispirited materialism and destroyed their confidence. Otherwise Marxist way of thinking would have easily prevailed in Turkey.

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We will never let a communist state in the South East of Turkey, they should forget about it.

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There are some people who assume that separation would bring about happiness for them. Actually disasters start right then and there; that would exhaust all their means, they would not leave one single Kurdish person behind. Before all else, they will make Kurds kill Turks and Turks kill Kurds.

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Abdullah Öcalan only recently realized the invalidity of Marxism, thanks to our books. And the ones among the people of the South East who err about this matter started to realize the truths and took their place along the right ones as well. They are always on the side of the truth.
We are the reason for the 180 degrees change in Abdullah Öcalan's opinions. Otherwise he was clearly defending communist, Marxist, Leninist thoughts. What does he say right now? "Union of Islam is the salvation of the region." Who advocates this? We do.

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Benefiting from the current dissensions, there are some communists appearing to be from the right wing who desire to divide the south east of the country and to separate them from the homeland.
The state does not have any activity against communism right know, precautions should be taken about that. Scientific, cultural preparation is very important against communism.

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In cases where police officers fall short in the face of an illegal communist uprising, gendarmes can come into the picture if necessary and then the commandoes.
There should be a relentless determination in our people against communism.
It would be a grave mistake to underestimate the communist danger.
It is very crucial for the state to educate our people against a possible communist rising, to inform and organize our people. People should be taught what to do in such cases of emergency one by one.
If the state had organized people in Turkey those illegal communist movements wouldn't even dare to appear.
Turkey is not an appropriate country for communist way of thinking. Turkey is the only real right wing country in the world.

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The state should have a unit that would inform the public against possible provocations.
Bediuzzaman says that there will be three big communist revolutions after the year 1506 according to Hijri calendar and he gives the dates.
Our state should always be prepared against the communist rehearsals.
Imperialism and communism is within the other anyway. They are each other's brother. They are a family; fascist way of thinking, communist way of thinking, wild capitalism. Their father is a wild capitalism; Communism on his left, fascism on his right.

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There is an enormous pressure exerted upon Turkey by the foreign forces. Giving anti-darwinist, anti-communist education and raising awareness is very crucial.
The system of the Mahdi is the original owner of social justice. Marx learnt social justice from the Torah.

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We are not against the social justice concept in communism; we are against its irreligious, cruel, blood-shedding dark spirit.
Communism does not accept people, it just considers them as a community that should be led.
In a land where the system of the Mahdi exists communist uprisings are born dead. Consequently in a land where Hazrat Mahdi (pbuh) resides there would be no revolution.
In a land where we exist, in a place where idealist youth and Alperens exist, in a land where this faithful nation exists communism will not be given a passage.
Communism is the greatest danger in the world right now. What is going on in Syria is communist savagery.
According to communism –may God forbid- religion is the opium of the people. Communists do not want any of the institutions like state, family or similar. In communism children belong to the state.
What should be done against communism is to conduct anti-communist propaganda.
We should educate our people against communist uprising, our people should become conscious. Our people do not know what can be done in case of a sudden uprising. It is not right to plead ignorance in the face of communist danger.
In communism it is not hard to find an excuse to create an uproar.

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There are some people who are impatient to separate the South east of Turkey, we would never let this happen. And a portion of right wing appears to be inclined to give away the South east of Turkey.
Some people fail to imagine what would happen in a country when communism comes. When communism comes, the iron claw of the state would be on people. Streets, prisons, everywhere would turn into Hell.
Some communists want Turkey to specifically remain poor. That is because in a wealthy country communism cannot prosper.

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There is a shield of light on our people. They have never given way to communism and they never will, insha’Allah.

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There is no problem in protests, but no one should be an instrument for communist uprisings. Demonstrators from the public should not let people who are pro-violence come between them.
Revolutions and uprisings are very cruel. Therefore it is very important to avoid turns of phrases that ask for trouble.
Communists are suffering the pain of having failed to provoke our people. That is because some of them want blood to be shed in abundance.
Some circles want TV channels to broadcast provocative messages. TV channels are not toys in the hands of some communist murderers. Why would TV channels be an instrument about a matter that would set a brother against his brother? TV channels are acting with this sense of responsibility.
We will of course advocate reconciliation. These incidents that are taking place are plots of the blackest dye. Our people would not be deceived by such lies. Those communists who are after a bloody revolution are struggling in vain.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 2nd, 2013> Click for more

Social incidents are mostly organized by communists. Communists have an amazing experience about provocation.
The incidents that provoke people are led by intelligence experts. People cannot start and continue a movement on their own.
Marx wanted to come up as an irreligious Mahdi, yet he became the antichrist without even realizing.
It is treachery to incite people to rising, to attempt to divide the homeland; that is a major offense.
We have nothing to say against the protests our people hold inoffensively. There is nothing to be said against democratic communists either. But they should not let those professional agents among themselves.

Adnan Oktar Says... June 1st, 2013> Click for more

The greatest portion of those who advocate wild capitalism are egotistical. However the violence of communists is atrocious. Social justice can be attained through compassion not through violence.
The government would not resign with the command of the communists. It is the nation that will decide to keep the government on power, not a handful of communists.
Those who claim that they have love for trees put our very young police officer into a coma. They have injured many people. It is very nice to have love for trees but first you start with love for humans. How can a person be killed for trees? Human life should be cherished more than anything.
These acts of communists are like a treat to the right wing. Such incidents strengthen the hand of the government even further.
It should be very well emphasized that atheist and communist citizens can enjoy an utmost freedom, comfort and security in this country.
This is an action of handful communists; this is not a spring, it can only be a momentary hail.

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The restlessness about separation is normal, taking offence from that and reproaching is not acceptable. It is beneficial for our Nation to be in such a state of alertness, nothing bad can come out of that.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 16th, 2013> Click for more

Socialists and Marxists have taken the concept of social justice from the Torah, from the system of the Messiah, from the Messianic belief, under the influence of the glorious explanations of social justice in the time of the Messiah and under the influence of the beauty of economical justice that will be implemented in the time of the Mahdi.

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Stalinism and Marxism have collapsed. The Unity of Islam is the most beautiful path. All the ways apart from the Unity of Islam have dead ends.

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Ignorance brings about communism. Ignorance brings about fascism. Ignorance brings about wild capitalism. A cultured, well-informed person would not get into those tracks. That is because once one sees information, he would be seeing Allah’s artistry. Once one sees the artistry of Allah, he would fall in love with Allah. One who falls in love with Allah would fear Allah and feel a profound love. Such a person would abide by the Qur’an. He would thus become the most perfect, best person on earth, insha’Allah.
An enlightened Turkey means Turkey that is closed to communism-fascism. How could an enlightened person believe in Darwinism? How could an enlightened person become a communist?

Adnan Oktar Says... April 29th, 2013> Click for more

We would not be in drenched in blood and nor would we hide any distress. On the contrary our people would put those who attempt to divide our homeland in distress.
Having a cause is a good characteristic of the Marxist youth. Had Marxist youth turned to Islam, the whole world would not dare to stand in front of them. They are not egotistical, they are not selfish. They are people who devote themselves to their cause. In that respect winning over Marxists is very crucial.
Communism can only be defeated with scientific struggle. Attempts to stop communism through force have failed all over the world.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 25th, 2013> Click for more

PKK lies heavy on intellectual studies. It is very surprising that as contra-intellectual studies go, they remain silent in the face of communism. Whenas unless antimarxist studies are not carried out PKK continues to progress.
Communist thought has deliberately poisoned the South East region..
With Darwinist-materialist education communism advances and the people would be ruined. It is not enough to put religion classes in the schools. The state needs to stop Darwinist-materialist education.
The method communism employs is to withdraw to gain strength after a blow. Lenin has a book solely explaining this tactic. But our people and our arms are very alert and careful. Neither US nor PKK is aware of Turkey’s strength.

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Turkey will be together with out Kurdish brothers and sisters until the Last Day. We will not deliver them to the Marxist PKK. They should forget about that. Above all the geographical wealth and the rivers, waters, etc. of the South East, our brothers and sisters there are very important and precious for us.
All these happenings in the universities are out in the open. Those who claim that there is no danger of communism are very newly waking up to the truth. There is a danger of communism in full blast.

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Some communists see themselves like an idol –may Allah forbid. They are very selfcentered. They are very difficult and boring to live with.

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Our brothers should be very compassionate to communists. They are in a great scourge anyway, so treating them mercilessly, hating them would be unacceptable. They need to be approached with compassion, with mercy. And we need to pray for their deliverance and strive for them to love Islam and the Qur’an with an affectionate manner.
They are telling communist stories in an environment where there is the Mahdi (pbuh) and the Jesus Messiah (pbuh), where Hazrat Khidr (pbuh) goes the rounds. They cannot attain any results with that. All the power is in the Hands of Allah.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 17th, 2013> Click for more

The left wing is very well organized all over the world, they have very intricate connections. When there is something that is not in the interest of the left wing, they instantly form an alliance.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 12th, 2013> Click for more

If communists were really faithless, they would not stand it. A person cannot live without faith, one would lead a dog's life, he would be devastated and die.
Communist friends; how nice! Allah exists! Be happy about it!

Adnan Oktar Says... April 11th, 2013> Click for more

Those who keep saying that there is no communist danger for us, should have a look the events that are taking place every single day and see how that danger encircled the world.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 10th, 2013> Click for more

There is nothing to be called a "Kurdish issue" in the Southeast of Turkey, yet there is an issue of PKK, a communist ambition.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 7th, 2013> Click for more

The real weapon of PKK is the Marxist-communist belief in their minds.

Adnan Oktar Says... April 6th, 2013> Click for more

The collapse of Darwinism is the most crucial blow in the intellectual struggle against communism.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 25th, 2013> Click for more

I am thinking about a revolutionist young person, a Marxist. What does he want? He wants social justice. The best of it is in the system of the Mahdi, in the Unity of Islam. He wants peace; the system of the Mahdi talks about it. You want equality in every aspect and it is again in the system of the Mahdi. Forgiveness, brotherhood, happiness, joy all of them are in the system of the Mahdi. And with faith in Allah the World becomes very pleasant and very beautiful.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 24th, 2013> Click for more

Marxist ideology cannot exist without war. Marxism, Marxist ideology is based on bloodshed until the very end. Once they give up blood, they would be denying themselves anyway. Such a thing would not happen. Marxist ideology would never give up bloodshed. Marxist ideology can only disappear through science, reason and arts.
A Marxist would never relinquish terror and lay down arms without attaining his goal.
Shooting down the police and the soldiers is something like a religious service for Marxist-Leninist thought.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 22nd, 2013> Click for more

Mountains and meadows and all around will all be put in order with science and culture. There is an active, vibrant, determined, political ideology against us. And in the face of that, the understanding of the Qur'an, the understanding of faith which is far more superior than the active, political ideology should prevail. The Idea of Creation, the belief in creation should be scientifically taught. The invalidity of Darwinism, materialism should be explained to the public by the state very comprehensively.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 9th, 2013> Click for more

The most perfect armament against terror is arming with science. I mean it is giving scientific response in schools and everywhere to the Marxist and Darwinist superstition which is the origin of terror. Without the intellectual defeat, armed struggle would not yield any result.
Those looking at the world through Marxist point of view evaluate everything with that perspective and fail to see the real solution. Solution is in unity, in integration.

Adnan Oktar Says... February 1st, 2013> Click for more

If Turkey adopt Marxist ideology -may Allah forbid- if she adopts communist ideology nothing will have any meaning. That is why intellectual struggle against Darwinism and Materialism should be the most prioritized agenda of the government.
The concept of homeland is valid only for faithful people.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 22nd, 2013> Click for more

The reason why PKK is communist is that it is Darwinist-materialist. Darwinism and Materialism is the origin of communism. One Darwinism and materialism is gone, so would communism.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 21st, 2013> Click for more

If leftists youth become Muslims and live by Islam, that would be the right thing to do. That is because if the left wing wants social justice, they will thus attain social justice that they cannot even dream of. If they want peace, it will be to the extent that they cannot even dream of, if they want the world brotherhood, it will be the uppermost level. Democracy, peace, justice, wealth, beauty, art, aesthetics, science, sincerity, cordialness are all in Islam.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 20th, 2013> Click for more

We will struggle against communism through reason, science and arts.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 17th, 2013> Click for more

Cultural attack against Marxism is very important. The first thing to do is to collapse Darwinism.
Communism spreads out in many places successively through fear. I mean many people accepts communism because of fear.
Other than cultural, scientific studies, there is no type of struggle that can be successful against the communist PKK.
The brain of anyone who reads the Atlas of Creation would reject communism.
Before all else the brain of the communist PKK should be conquered. And that can be done through scientific explanations, convincing and prompting.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 11th, 2013> Click for more

With their spirituality, with their honor and pride our brothers and sisters in the Southeast will live proudly with their heads held high insha'Allah. There are millions of unorganized people and a handful of organized communists are making them uneasy and uncomfortable. That is because they are organized. That is why it is essential that our brothers and sisters in the Southeast should give an organized struggle with the support of the state. Then those handful people cannot do anything.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 10th, 2013> Click for more

Communists have a sense of community. They have an amazing sense of community that Muslims do not have today. And they are using that advantage in their own way.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 13th, 2013> Click for more

Maoism is a belief strictly against all values of our nation.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 4th, 2013> Click for more

The only solution against communist way of thinking is to explain that person that his/her ideas are wrong without offending him/her. He/She would not understand if you explain things in an offending manner. That person would go against you and obstinate. You have to explain without hurting his/her pride.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 8th, 2013> Click for more

With the establishment of the Unity of Islam, this communist delirium will come to an end.
A communist can only give up his/her ideas when given scientific explanations.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 6th, 2013> Click for more

Instead of saying "leave your weapons", PKK should be told to "leave those ideas". The weapons PKK militants have are the communist, Marxist ideas in their heads. So long as those communist killer ideas remain in their heads, leaving weapons would not do any good. Actually PKK would under no condition leave their weapons. The most powerful activity to be carried out against that is to put an end to Darwinist education.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 31st, 2012> Click for more

Communist guerilla movements are going on in every part of the world. That is why it is very important to see the scale of the trouble. The source of this trouble is Darwinism and materialism.

Adnan Oktar Says... January 3rd, 2013> Click for more

Bashar Al-Assad and Öcalan share the same mindset. They both are Stalinists.
Struggle against communism can be only done through opinion and science.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 24th, 2012> Click for more

We criticize the godless, bookless, irreligious, faithless aspect of socialism, of communism. Or else we do not criticize the social justice aspect. That is because social justice is what the system of the Mahdi would be establishing anyway.
Where did communism take the social justice concept from? From the system of the Mahdi. Karl Marx appeared as a godless Mahdi, that is to say he appeared as the dajjal (antichrist). Against him, the real Mahdi, the Mahdi in love with Allah (pbuh) has appeared.

Adnan Oktar Says... December 18th, 2012> Click for more

Revolution; you become a highly cultured person, one full of love, you become a very classy person with good conscience and that would be a revolution, that would be a beauty. Hurting people, inflicting pain and stress, creating a fearful environment cannot be called a revolution.

Adnan Oktar Says... November 29th, 2012> Click for more

It is not possible to cope with communism through politics. There has to be scientific counter-struggle.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 31st, 2012> Click for more

Communist way of thinking is the greatest antichrist movement of all times.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 20th, 2012> Click for more

Yajuj and Majuj are Communism and Fascism. At the moment PKK is in the position of the Yajuj and Majuj.
Communism is the greatest anti-christ movement in the history of the world.
It is very important to be aware of the danger. In the south east region of Turkey there is the greatest communist rebellion in the history of the republic. All the communists of the world are supporting this rebellion. America does not accept our borders in the south-east either. They want the southeast to be separated from us somehow.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 19th, 2012> Click for more

If scientific studies are carried out, Marxism will experience a sudden fall. Yet if the invalidity of Marxism and cruelty are not explained this disease would proceed step by step.

Adnan Oktar Says... October 12th, 2012> Click for more

In communism, there is no calm structure based on convincing.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 29th, 2012> Click for more

Marxism is a religion and terror is the form of worship for this religion. PKK acts according to the Sunnah of Stalin and Lenin.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 6th, 2012> Click for more

The communists cry out as they see the fossils proving Creation.

Adnan Oktar Says... September 5th, 2012> Click for more

The panic of the communists reveal their weakness.
The communists will be defeated; this is how the destiny is.
The majority of the Socialist International supports the PKK.
Communists have come to the point of fearing fossils.
The communists suffer from the panic of being defeated.
What needs to be done is a scientific struggle against communism.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 26th, 2012> Click for more

When we advocate the truth of Islam and the Qur’an, and thereby cause a fatal blow to the communist ideology, communists consider me as the most dangerous person.
BIGOTRY IS THE FUEL WHICH ALLOWS FOR THE FLOURISHING OF COMMUNISM. IT HAS A TREMENDOUS IMPACT. Bigots are the enemies of women, freedom, science and artistry. When a communist embraces these, he becomes very advantageous against religion.
IF THE COMMUNIST IDEOLOGY IS NOT RESPONDED TO WITH AN ANTI-IDEOLOGY, IT BECOMES THE GREATEST IDEOLOGY. It is a philosophy that has enslaved the Islamic world, the Christian world, Buddhist world, the world of the idolators, all of them. For this reason, it is impossible to cope with them by remaining insensitive to them or by brotherhood, love and peace. An anti-communist, anti-materialist ideological propaganda is essential.

A9 TV, May 26th, 2012> Click for more

Why do the communists make me a target? The only concern of the communist youth is me. I hold them by their jugular veins, from Darwinism. That is why they are in panic; because my explanations are scientific and true, rational and convincing.

A9 TV, May 21st, 2012> Click for more

Communism only takes power into consideration because it assumes that communism will come to power with force, with “power”. If you meet it with a relentless and opposite power, the issue becomes over. What is that relentless and opposite power? The Turkish Islamic Union.

Adnan Oktar Says... May 7th, 2012> Click for more

There is a need to close all the paths leading to fragmentation, for we are dealing with a communist organisation. We would not do anything that will benefit the communist organisation.

A9 TV, May, 1st 2012> Click for more

Lovelessness devastates the communists.
COMMUNISTS MUST EVADE THE ANTI-CHRIST AND SIDE WITH HAZRAT MAHDI (AS). They abide by the fake Mahdi. They must abide by the real Mahdi (as). Then they attain those ideals in peace. They both experience the joy of living for eternity and have love.
There is no affection, compassion in communism. Does love exist in the absence of these values? There is no love. In the absence of love people cease to be human beings. May Allah forbid. Therefore given that you subconsciously embrace good and beautiful thoughts, they all exist in Islam.
Is there compassion in communism? No. What does Lenin say? “In no way feel any compassion for them. If you do so, you can not be Leninist.” Allah has made compassion obligatory upon people.
You are talking about peace; you are talking about an ocean of blood. You mention social justice, but there is the dictatorship of the proletariat. The owners of the dictatorship live a life of milk and honey while the people lead miserable lives. The public have always been poor. Also in China and Russia people used to live a dog’s life. But this (social justice) is applied in Islam in the real sense of the word. AND NOTICE THERE IS SOMETHING ELSE THAT DOES NOT EXIST IN COMMUNISM; LOVE AND COMPASSION.
What do the communists say? They say, “On the horizons of the ocean of blood, a red sun will rise.” You are talking about an ocean of blood. Where is brotherhood and love? You say there will be an ocean of human blood. The fact is however, there is not a drop of blood spilled in the system of Mahdi.
They say, “Let the world be bothers.” Yes but does communism bring about brotherhood? It brings bloodshed like flood.
Some communists are freakishly proud. They must overcome it and be rational.
There is one thing good about communists; they are idealists. If a communist embraces Islam, he renders perfect services with the personality he has.

23 July 2011; A9 TV> Click for more

There is no stasis in communism. There is this idea of constant revolution in communist thinking. And there is no world without blood in communist thinking. There is always bloodshed and terror and anarchy. Communism rejects a peaceful world.
War will never end while we have communist and dialectic thinking. There will be constant conflict and the conflict of opposites, and bloodshed will continue until the so-called dictatorship of the proletariat is established.
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