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Fasting in Ramadan helps people realize their weakness, calms excessive feelings inside and helps thinking about God deeply as a lenient person.

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Those who love God deeply will approach the servants of God with compassion. Such people have a good grasp of the spirit of the Qur’an and know that they should not interfere with those who do not perform their acts of worship.
Talking about hunger, thirst, etc., while fasting would not befit the spirit of that act of worship. Such an attitude does not suit the dignity of a Muslim.

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Fasting brings people humility. People become more open to love and compassion.

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It is no one else’s business whether a person fasts or not. Everyone is responsible for him or herself. There is no compulsion in religion.

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Muslims are immaculately clean in Ramadan, and pay particular attention to their dental hygiene.
Unhealthy people should never fast by compromising their health. That would be a sin. God tells us that unhealthy people should not fast.

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Both performing prayers and fasting is the expression of the lover to his Love.
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