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Without faith, one would lose all his enthusiasm and determination to live. One who acts with the love of God would be enthusiastic. Such a person would never go into depression or stress. Otherwise people are open to emotionality, romanticism, sadness and fear.

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The system of the Mahdi is a very beautiful activity of the brain which destroys the spirit of desolation and desperation by instilling a vibrant hope, lively excitement and vivacious fervor to the world. We will see this result, insha'Allah, more clearly in 10 or 20 years.
The system of the Mahdi gives determination, fervor and excitement to the world. It gives a spirit to the Muslim world. Or else the vast majority of Muslims would very easily be consumed in the swamp of lethargy, regret and hopelessness.
Almost every religious community, every congregation can easily go on with their path by taking heart from the system of the Mahdi and by fortifying their faith and fervor right now. Or else a great mass would have caved in and would have lost their resolution long ago.

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The soul of a Muslim rejoices in love of Allah.

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There is a need for an amazing spiritual excitement. A spiritual vigor, a miraculous excitement is needed. This can be attained through the system of the Mahdi.
There should be a common spiritual excitement. For that to occur, Darwinism and materialism should be wiped out. The miracles of the Qur'an and the facts leading to faith should be talked about, a strong excitement for the system of the Mahdi should be put forth. The extraordinary nature of metaphysics should be felt.

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In order to increase a Muslim's enthusiasm Allah might make him err in his actions. In this way that person might become more devoted, more painstaking, more faithful.

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THE MUSLIM COMMUNITY NEEDS A GREAT EXCITEMENT. A very great ardor. Ardor drags the masses. Otherwise, in the absence of ardor, neither a new discovery nor an attack, nor unity comes into existence. FOR THIS REASON, ALMIGHTY ALLAH GIVES THE GOOD NEWS OF HAZRAT MAHDI (AS) AND PROPHET JESUS (AS) SIMPLY TO GENERATE THAT ARDOR.

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The more attacks are made on a Muslim by hypocrites, disbelievers and immorals, the more zeal and enthusiasm he experiences.
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