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God makes the whole world grovel, the whole world is in a wretched state right now. And that is created specifically. There is no real reason for this world to be poor. There are vast lands. It is possible to carry out all sorts of agricultural activities. There is technology, there is everything. Amazingly, God creates economic crises and famines. There is no real reason for those. They are created miraculously. That is because people forget God. Had they praised God and invoked His Name, riches would have flowed all over them profusely.

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One would go insane without religion. Life would be horrible.

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Miraculously, unbelievers are crushed considerably. They are constantly being crushed yet they fail to understand why. God causes a tightness in their hearts and they fail to understand why. They assume that all those things happen by coincidence. How could all those be coincidences? Why don't you use your mind? Every single day you are having trouble, every single day you are hurting.

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Loving God as is due is very important, it is the most important. One needs to give his attention to God, understand His Greatness well and love Him greatly. In the Qur'an, God says; "They do not measure God with His true measure." That shows it offends God. "I am giving you that much blessings, that much beauties, you are to appreciate Me." Yet people fail to do that.
Humans die, atoms don't. They continue with their regular, great energy. Atoms do not get sick, they don't get cancer, they don't have ulcers, they do not have stomachaches. They put their trust wholeheartedly in their Lord, they continuously revolve around them like a dervish. For how long? For 15 billion years. What ever you do, even if mountains and rocks coalesce into one, even if everything burns out and is reduced to ash, atoms would continue to revolve without even minding. Masha'Allah, have a look at the power God gave.
The world is like a tiny piece of dust in the vast universe. We are even immensely smaller than the tiny dust on that tiny being. But Almighty God rules over all of it; He doesn't sleep but we do. He doesn't get ill, neither does He die. He rules over all the atoms in the universe. God has limitless power. It is very important to have the reasoning to appreciate that, to have the attention and will power to appreciate that.

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It is a miracle that the faces of sordid people are black as night. A contempt and sordidness can instantly be observed on the faces of such sordid people. And there is a lamb-like immaculateness on the faces of Muslims. They are immaculately clean and pure.

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If you think devilishly, the deeper you think the more you get swamped by it. Thinking deeper is not in that sense: Thinking deeper means thinking sincerely. It means thinking with all one's sincerity, with all one's honesty, with good intentions, by thinking on God's side, thinking with love for God, never thinking anything against God.
A house eventually keeps you warm, prevents you from feeling cold. That is your prison; your prison in this world. If you look at things in the light of faith, your house would be like a house of Heaven. But if you look at things in the light of unbelief, your home would be like one of those cells in the Hell; it troubles you, the walls close in on you, it bothers you all around and makes you suffocate.

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Traps are created in two pieces; one is the trap itself and the other is the trap as it is put out of order. These are created as a block, as a whole. Traps are never created alone. For instance, there is Pharaoh and there is Moses (pbuh). There is Nimrod and there is Abraham (pbuh). There is antichrist and there is Mahdi(pbuh). Antichrist is a trap and Mahdi is the one that puts it out of order. Therefore there is no need to be on thorns.

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Poverty is a situation specifically created in this world. But the Archangel Michael is behind this; I mean there is a secret in this.

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God makes people to think about Himself with the incidents He created. It is very important to think, in the Qur'an God encourages people to think.

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With the earthquakes, Almighty God gives a message saying; "I am creating light earthquakes, but I can raze you to the ground if I like. I am doing this because of My compassion for you, but you are to give your attention to Me, you are to give your love to Me and do not be engrossed in by this world."

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We may be constantly experiencing miracles but only those who think could become aware of them. God has set a special trap for those who do not think, He has set a trap with the reasons. Some are suffocated inside those reasons and fail to see the truth. They imagine that they are walking about by themselves, in fact God is the One Who makes them walk, they want to go to somewhere but God is the One Who takes them there.

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Evil people are also benefiting from the blessings God gives to Muslims. I mean originally those blessings are not for them, they are created for sincere Muslims and these people are benefiting from them on the side. In the Hereafter, those blessings will be taken out of their reach.

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Youth should be educated with science, facts leading to faith and with the miracles of the Qur'an.

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"Heavens and earth..." Animals, plants, microbes, bacteria, everything on earth should be analyzed. And everything should be analyzed in the Heavens, including meteors. The structure of the crust of the earth should be analyzed. God ordained this upon Muslims. We understand in hundreds of verses that science has been ordained on people.
God has ordained all science branches and commanded us to research. It is not a shallow research that is meant in the Qur'an, it is a deep and comprehensive research. That is a command that intends to make people understand, figure out, know and appreciate the artistry of God.
Weigh your brain and think about it, look at its volume. And have a look at the Wisdom of God. We are nothing in comparison to the Wisdom of God. We are only Manifestations of the Wisdom of God.
All branches of science, investigating everything in the earth and in the skies, researching are deemed as religious obligations by God.

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When a scourge is casted upon a person, he needs to think about and look for the reason of it.

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Trees are very crucial beauties. Every single one of them is very sweet, meek like a lamb, they are very quiet and dignified.

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God creates a lot of details just to enliven life, to bring color to life. For instance trees are created to adorn and bring color to life. Various incidents are created to bring about beauty and dynamism. God is the One Who creates satan and He is the One Who gives him that power. That is because opposites bring about dynamism and color in the world.

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There are many walking dead people around. God would turn all those who act in animosity against God, who act in animosity against the saints of God into walking dead people. They die while wandering around, they die while eating. You might suppose that they are alive but they would be dead and they wouldn't even know.

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All the traps set against inoffensive people would be reversed by Allah. Betrayal to inoffensive people would bring about inauspiciousness.

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Why do babies die? Babies come to this world as angels, and they pass by as angels. They are created like that specifically. They are coming to this world as the children of Heaven and they are taken from this world and go to Heaven to be the children of Heaven again. Almighty Allah says; “I have sent them as the children of the Heaven to you so that you can see them, they will welcome you in the Hereafter. If you act patiently they will be your children in the Heaven. That is it.

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Seeing an innocent person is a treat to the eyes, it is a treat to the soul. Children are innocent, sinless, masha’Allah, Alhamdulillah. They have no sin, they are radiant like light, masha’Allah.

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If Allah wills so, He turns steel into paste.

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There is this peace, radiance and cleanliness of innocence on children.

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Allah motivates people to think deep through disasters of epic proportion.

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When people assume an attitude against Allah- may Allah forbid- Allah takes away their sustenance, Allah takes away their richness. This is the explanation of the economic crisis.

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You read the Qur'an to the bigot; he does not accept. You read it to a Darwinist, he does not accept. Why? Allah explains it to us; "We place an obscuring veil between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter" [Surat al-Isra'; 45]. Such people do not live in their first ego, they live in their alter egos. They live a different life. That is unique, they have been created specifically by Allah. Consequently they do not understand what you are explaining to them.

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Allah creates every food, Allah is the one Who shows one to the table.

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Information about the soul is encoded within the DNA.

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You have to take necessary measures. We do not expose ourselves to direct sunlight. We find a shelter. You will also find a shelter to avoid sunlight. One does not say, “The Sun burned me.” You will go and drink water, insha’Allah.
If you want to get rid of the negative electricity on you, take a bath. This is related in the Qur’an. Take a bath with water which is not very warm so that that negative electricity flows to the ground. Drink mild water so that that negative electricity within the body flows again. Exercise, so that electricity discharges from the feet. You will then feel relieved and relaxed.

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The one who is beautiful takes pleasure from the appreciation of that beauty. This is an inspiration of Allah to us. ALLAH ALSO LIKES TO BE APPRECIATED. ALLAH LIKES US TO BE IN LOVE WITH HIM. ALLAH LIKES TO BE LOVED WITH PASSION.
Thinking and the information that comes with thinking is the information that comes to us through Allah's inspiration.

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A cell is not nourished only by blood, for it is the soul that keeps the body under its control. By Allah’s leave, what keeps the soul alive is faith and the soul is fed by faith. ONCE YOU WITHDRAW FAITH FROM THE SOUL, THAT SOUL COLLAPSES AND STARTS TO ATTACK THE BODY.

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A Muslim will be very intelligent. He will contemplate, have a deeper contemplation. He will have a more profound contemplation. He will be attached to Allah with sincerity. Then Allah opens the veils in his mind stage by stage. Otherwise, those veils will be closed.
OF COURSE WE MUST BE ABLE TO THINK DEEPLY. THE QUR’AN ALWAYS ENCOURAGES US TO THINK PROFOUNDLY. People always ask for ready information. They want the evidence about the existence of Allah to be obvious in the Qur’an. They want the miracles of the Qur’an to be out in the open so that they would be forced to have faith in Allah. Well this would not be the case.
The number of people may be much below our anticipation. There may not be many people. The majority may be dead. There are so many dead people in this world. THEY LOOK AT THE DEAD AND SHOW SUCH AN UGLY DARING. THE REASON WHY PEOPLE ARE SO FURIOUS IS BECAUSE THEY TAKE THE DEAD AS AN EXAMPLE.
You have to have a rational outlook. They say, “My friend is so and so.” Your friend appears in your brain. You will have an idea of who is your friend and who is not in the hereafter. YOU WILL UNDERSTAND THAT MANY OF YOUR FRIENDS ARE ZOMBIES, THE LIVING DEAD. For instance they say, “My mother is so, my father is so.” They can also be zombies. Your parents can be zombies. They may be the people onto whom Allah has not blown His spirit.
People swerve from the true path by looking at the majority of people. In a verse Allah says, “If you follow the majority of people, they divert you from the true path.” You will not abide by the majority. There is one Allah and you. You will look at the Qur’an.

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THERE ARE SO MANY ZOMBIES, DEAD PEOPLE ON STREETS. FOR INSTANCE, MANY PEOPLE’S PARENTS ARE ZOMBIES, BUT THEY DO NOT KNOW. Or their kids are zombies, they are dead, they do not know. If they knew, they would be very much afraid. They are classical dead people. They live very comfortably because they are not aware of it. Allah makes them unaware of this fact.
The earth is black mud. With all their fresh, bright, pure appearance, those big strawberries are ready to be eaten, Masha ‘Allah.

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WEAKNESS OF FAITH, FORGETTING ALLAH CAUSES ENORMOUS DESTRUCTION TO THE BODY. THE BODY IS DEVASTATED. That poor body collects itself only by sleeping for seven or eight hours.
THE BODY IS TORN MOSTLY BECAUSE OF FORGETTING ALLAH. THE BODY SUFFERS A LOT. The body pulls itself together by sleeping. It recovers from that enormous destruction only by sleeping.
How perfect had Allah created the species of living beings! Sunlight, ultraviolet may be a damaging light, it has to ruin everything. Indeed the generation must proceed toward abnormality. But it definitely never happens. Does genetic perfection continue for 350 millions? There is not even a miniscule change.

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In the Qur’an, Allah makes it obligatory upon man to think. Moreover, He wants us to think deeply. As one thinks deeper, Allah places knowledge in people’s hearts. He sees the truth, and comes ever closer to Allah. The love he feels for Allah becomes profound.

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Allah wants us to think deeply and properly evaluate His creations; then we can grasp the truth. One can understand very little when one thinks superficially.

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THERE IS MAGMA BOILING AND SEETHING UNDERGROUND. AND WE CHAT AWAY ON TOP OF IT. People go on cruises, hold weddings, dance in discos, sleep like babies and generally live unconcerned lives. Yet Allah constantly reminds people they are in danger.
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