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Dear master Harun Yahya Assalamu alaikkum. I would like to kiss your hands and feet and take bayath from you. May my life be sacrificed for you & the sake of islam.I pray to Allah to give me an opportunity to meet your good self. I firmly beleive that you are the promised Mahdi & deliverer of humanity. I pray for the dawn of golden era of islamic caliphate.
mubeen abdulkader - OM
MashaAllah Jazal Allah Khair very useful is a very small word for your website. I beleive High Holtness Sir Adnan Oktar will soon succeed in his mission, Inshah Allah With great regards and many expectations for the Turkish-Islamic Union Humaira Sohail
Humaira Sohail - DK
Masha Allah your website is wonderful.Please convey my salams and best wishes to Dr. Adnan oktar
mubeen abdulkader - IN
Masha Allah Respected sir i got lot of spiritual inspiration from your lectures how can i serve Islam Kindly guide me.
Azra Khalid - PK
May Allah sends upon you all eternal heavenly blessing and make you prosper more and more. May You All be blessed insha Allah. Great job.
Benazheer Zehra - MU
Mashaallah great work of harun yahya ...
Asha saleem - LK
Buddhist ideology of their religion not to kill even an ant, Burma under spotlight, Sleeping Buddha wake up being the worst killer of humanity. Thousands of Muslims are killed Women,Children, Old and Young. It is pre-planned genocide of muslims with green signal from enemy of Islam. No news in Media as it is under their control. Innocent Women,Children, Old and Young living there life in atrocities and injustice for decades, A wholesale killing is going on and the world is silent. Where are the powers who claim to be champion of Human rights. Muslims in thousands are butchered women,small children,old are slashed to death. "ISLAM ENEMY HEART FEELING COMFORT AND HAPPINESS". America and western world come to rescue at an event when non muslims feel unsafe. Open your eyes Muslims. It is enmity and hatred towards Islam and Muslims through out the world that is coming open now. Muslim Ummah is one body, a pain in one part is felt to the whole body. Wake up Muslims... Wake up.. chalk out decisive plans to implement Islamic values within and outside and give fitting response to enemy of Islam by condemning this act of violence at all levels.
Mohammed - IN
Assalamalikum Brother Harun Yahya, Allah Protect you from all evils and give you more energy and health. Please voice your concern regarding "BURMA MUSLIM MASSACRE" - THE SILENT KILLING OF MUSLIMS BY BUDDHIST IN BURMA. PRAY FOR ALL THOSE INNOCENT CHILDREN,WOMEN,OLD MEN AND YOUNG KILLED FOR KALIMAYE HAQ "LA ILAHA ILLALA MUHAMMADUR RASOOLOLA"
Mohammed - IN
Dear Sir , i am fond of watching movies , like action hollywood movies , funny hollywood movies , i want to ask are movies permissible in Islam ??? if we fast forward the lustful scenes then should a Muslim enjoy movie like spiderman , Avatar , The avengers etc etc ??? please do replyy
Assalamalaikum Brother Harun Yahya, In youtube search gujarat final solution you will get a list of videos from which please follow Final Solution -- Part 1/ 10 -- Gujarat Riots -- 2002 Final Solution -- Part 2/ 10 -- Gujarat Riots -- 2002 ..... till 10/10 All videos display english subtitile You can see the real face of hindutva.
Mohammed - IN
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