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SubhanAllah, I Thank to Allah from the core of my heart to letting me know about this amazing Website , May Allah give all of us Hidayat to do nice things like you're doing ,Ameen ! Allah Hu Akbar !
Ansari - US
Salaam,please, how do i get your books in Nigeria? any branch? I really do need them but i find it difficult to get one. remain blessd in islam.
Abdulmuminu - NG
I read many articles about Islam but i wasn't satisfied with the explanation but when i encountered harun yahya everything is enlightened in my ideas namely: the dajjal, i presumed that this would be a man that traverses the ocean with only his his heels getting wet as our ulama used to explain but when h.y explained it, i was convinced insallah.Harun Yahya is the mercy of Allah in the endtimes. SUBHANALLAH
Musa kamidon Damao - US
Books of Harun Yahya have been, for me, very eye opening. They have completely changed my view of life. His book, Death Hell and Resurrection, has provided me new meanings to the terms. May ALLAH provide you strength to continue the work for Islam.
Agha Aamir - US
when i listen Haroon's interviews , life.I feel that he is copy of my thoughts and me in my mind.who has accomplished my dreams.Pls convey my msg to mr Haroon Yahya,I am praying to be his friend.I want to work with him.Pls accept me in your company and cirle.Like minded ppl can only be the friends of like minded ppl.pls mr haroon ,contact me by e-mail and tell me if i can do something in ur company.
Nazia - US
Alhumdulillah you provide light in times of despair and darkness..I am a little confused about the arrival of dajal. Has he arrived in person or in system? Please pray for me!
Usman Sahibzada - PK
The site is phenomenal. You provide your users with logic, science, and alot of wisdom from Qur'an. Thanks, I support your work.
Ethan - US
salam, i read one of your book through my friend and i like it.please, i like to known much about my religions thanks.
aliyu isiaka - US
Please provide your videos and books translated into Farsi. Iran, Afghanistan, Tajhilistan equals 90 million Farsi speakers who are in great need to see and hear your message!
Mehdi - US
Alhamdullilah, and thank Allah for allowing yout to give such honorable works. I am working to translate and distribute your works to as many people as possible. Islam will be victorious and Allah will use you to give us victory. I am certain of that. Inshallah I am excited about the Turkish Islamic Union and I share this with everyone I meet. May Allah save a high place in Jannah for you. Sallam u Allaikum from California USA
Omar Mohseni - US
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