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Allahu Akbar! Jazak Allah. this wind of Islam will blow to each people. Great explanation for maintain kalimah LAA ILAHA ILLALLAH
Nur Fadhillah - US
Thanks for giving good information.
pass4sure - US
Although not a Muslim, I have Native American Ancestry and commend your efforts to bring the truth about Darwinian lies and its responsibility for individualism and murder especially the unborn in Canada and the US. Keep up the good work.
Peter Thrun - CA
MrYahya i resd few books i finding for coincidence i have all you dvd very interesting you are rigth God exist and is only one GOD the creater of evrything the best disigner the best artist n o one can make anything wit the kwnolege humans have all the kwnolege and everything belong to GOD wit dout GOD humans the are nothing, you DVD the are the best thing i finding in my life i can n ot live wit any GOD I need GOD every day in my life wit dout HIM i prefer to be dead or no exist. GOD is the GREATER and HE care for us is after us to be grafull to HIM i need GOD in my live wit dout him i well be lost. Many many they say GOD no exist but for me is very real. thankyou for yopu kwnole you pas to me i so happy and grafull you have graite kwnolege of everything i can wait to get moor dvd from you. Than ks and GOD ALLA bless you every day. Thaks again. Candelaria Rodriguez Spanish from Cadiz Spain. My country one day they well be mulsumanos again many people change from cristianity to Islam and one day well happen my country well be islam again GOD ALLA is doing wonderfull things all ready in Spain. Asalam un aleco Alla bless you for you beutifull work.
Candelaria - UK
Assalamualaikum... Mr Harun Yahya is doing a wonderful job... Inshallah unity among muslims will come soon....I have this dream.....
Aadil Khan - US
MashaAllah, This work is milestone in the Islamic World, My request is to translate the videos & books it in Hindi & Urdu because a large numbers of muslim population live in India & Pakistan,so they will be benifited. May Allah bless you
Zahirudin Babar - IN
Salam ailekun! may Allah be pleasd with Harun Yahya........... ur topic on satanism gave me more confidence in Allah n despise for darwinists n western education cuz they mislead
hajarat adunola egbeyemi - US
as salam aleikum i am very inpressed about harun yahyas works,first i went through the vidio of his in youtube website then went through his site,here i am handleing classess for childrens about stories of prophets,hadiaths,islamic songs,i request from u all and from harun yahya to plz help in sending the stories of prophets from adam(a.s) to Mohammed (saas),it will help me to continew my dawa,my email id is every one will help me in this waiting for ur support ur muslim sis ameena allah hafeez
ameena - AE
Asssalamualaikum, may Allah reward you in life and the hereafter.. I have been reading your books since i was 9 years old. Your books have inspired me in becoming a Muslim scientist. Thank you.
Khadijah Kamarun Nisham - MY
Wonderful Videos, also appreciate your stance on Creation. We are united via the Law. One day we will meet.
Yahdah Yisrayl Hawkins - US
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