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masha'allah wa barak allah in u and made u lead in shaa allah
mohammad masoud - EG
AssalamuaAlakum, thank you for all your information. I believe that the Mahdi has already appeared. No other then the US President Barrack Hussein Obama. He is in Turkey right now talking to Muslim leaders around the world. He matches up too many of the Hadith! Allah knows best.
Yousef - US
Masha Allah.... Allah surely blessed harun yahya... I have read about harun's past life... he suffered lot during the 1986 imprison..I worried a lot for that.. now I became a fan of harun..he is realy a hero..I love his writtings.. his website..which give us the knowledge about Islam.. In this world there are very few like harun..He is like a gift of Allah.. Insha Allah.. Allah will give hidhaayath to all Muslims of this earth.. salaam....
hira banu - US
besmellah wal7amdo lellah wa7dah wassalto wassalamo 3ala man la nabeya ba3dah aAdnan Oktar u r a miracle of God urself may God bless u and endow u with wisdom and good judgemnet and bless u with his paradise in the end i respect ur intellect and ur own readings and ur hard work wish u a long life full of enlightenment for those who still live in the dark
Anna Ahmad - JO
May ALLAH continue to reward you, you really have helped me and my fellow brothers i have nothin to say but JazakaLLAHUkhairan.
Muhammad Abba Isawa - US
I think you're GREAT!!! The videos you make and your discoveries are awesome! It makes me think more and more about things that I should care.
Aruba - US
Assalamualaykum Wr. Wb, Konnichiwa=Hello? The best art for humanity, May Allah Bless you. Arigatou gozaimashita=Thank you? Wassalamualaykum Wr.Wb.
Mooses kun fobid - US
Assalaamu-Alaykum! This a great website. I love it, and I have downloaded a lot from it and now am planning to immerse myself in the study of the books by Mr. Harun Yayha. Insha'Allah I will help this website and its goals as much as I can!
Hassam Munir - US
Assalamualaikum. Your hard working for Islam is really so effective. We all Bangladeshi like you very much. I would be very pleased if you could visit my country. It will be a inspiration for us to be a true worker for Islam like you.
M. A. Fazal Jewel - BD
Its a wonderful world.. Keep spirit,,we'll wait for your next creation.
farrukh raja - US
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