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May Allah reward you on all your effort in strenthening Islam
Assalamualaikum, mr Adnan Oktar, i really admired you and your collegues. i am also very interested with the idea of turkish-islamic nation. i wish that i could participate in it too as to show how much that i love this deen. if there is something that i can do please tell me. and keep up the good work. may Allah's love be with you and your collegues.
Hirz ul Hayat - EG
Your research is amazing and full of logic reasoning. I'm not a student that specialized in religion theology but I did a research on my own to find the evidence of God through science. Using their own 'weapon' to attack their ideology is the best way to guide them to the true path. Your research is universal and non-converting which is good as we can spread your finding without touching the sensitive isues of religions.
Yugimudo - MY
truly 1 of the best website iv ever seen I love U, is there anything u dont no? lol. thank u for increasing my imaan
Daniel - US
If only i can see you in person. I would thank you personally for all the beautiful books and articles that you wrote And your relentless efforts in thwarting the materialists.
Risza - ID
In the Name of Allah, All-Merciful, Most Merciful Harun Yahya is the greatest and most influential author of the Muslim world. His works are unique and unmatched by any other Muslim author. No doubt all Muslim authors contribute to Islam, but Harun Yahya is streets ahead of the rest, and I appreciate that his books are freely downloadable or very affordable when you consider the good quality. Usually it is very difficult to buy works of other Muslim authors, because they are so expensive and no where near as attractive and well presented as Harun Yahya’s. I think Harun Yahya understands the importance of the Muslim world acquiring a deep and accurate knowledge of Islam, and so hence you can download his books for free. It seems that it is more important to Harun Yahya to save people from weak faith and ignorance than make money from his books, which of course a Muslim author is entitled to do if he has no other income. I think other authors should at least also give us the option of downloading their books for free or a small price and follow the example of Harun Yahya. It is so important that the whole Muslim world becomes stronger, but part of that strength can only come from acquiring knowledge, and all Muslim authors offer us this knowledge, but not all of them are as easy to download or purchase as Harun Yahya’s. To sum up, Harun Yahya works, in my opinion, are like a massive encyclopaedia, even his scientific books which are guided by the Qur’an and Sunnah. When ever you need to be enlightened on a subject, be it scientific, political or faith related, all you need to do is look up the categories on this site and take your pick. Harun Yahya is a perfect example of the following saying of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh); A learned man whose knowledge is beneficial is better than a thousand worshippers. (Related by Ad-Daylami according to Ali) Kamil Imran
Kamil Imran - UK
Your site is awsome, you have done a good job exposing the evolutionists for what they are. Keep up the good work!
Mahir - SE
I love his work .I'm browsing this site for more than three years (Not Seen Any Site Like This Which Is Totally free To Copy). The documentaries on the books of Adnan OKtar are Superb . At this time im designing a PC presentation on the based of this site HARUN YAHYA which will be given free to every one here in UAE for the message of faith( Insha Allah)not for sale. I hope you people do pray for me .the work which i have done thats just because most of the people dose not know about this site and the great work of Mr Adnan Oktar and next my appeal to the people is that can any body come forward and translate some of his books in HINDI it will be great because this language is missing at this time. Though im from Pakistan I have some of his books in URDU but some of my Indian brother those who want to know about islam by the sceintific way they are not getting that benifits. Pleeeeez Help and permot the work of Mr Adnan Oktar ( HARUN YAHYA ).May Allah Bless us all....
Aftab Ikram - AE
Harun Yahya's works are absolutely wonderful!He is a very knoledgeable man, we need more people like him for the benefit of our ummah inshaAllah.
Aziza Altaheri - US
great work to islamic da'wa and muslims , may allah reward him and bless him
rameez - US
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