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These works of Mr. Harun Yahya have greatly contributed to me in understanding my 'deen' properly. I really appreciate you for this Da'wah through media.
Junaid Muzaffar Lala - IN
Brilliant site, and so good that all your books are available online. I hope this site can bring Islam into the hearts of many, and clarify the many misconceptions about Islam.
Tariq - UK
you are one of the very few left
shayan ghani - US
god bless u mr.harun yahya...ALLAHUAKBAR!!!!!!
shahida tahir - MY
I wanna thank HARUN YAHYA for his great job that he has done. I wish that all of us we'll meet each other in xhenne selam alejkum!
andi tota - US
I can't express my admiration of you and your great efforts to rise the Slogan of Islam and the Word of Truth, especially7 when I found that you'd taken "the Stamp of Prophet Mohammed" as a slogan of your website. I think this is the best islamic website I've ever seen on the internet because of its simplicity, away from complexity in understanding. I invoke Allah to bless you and your steps towards Truth,and may Allah gift you Paradise for your great efforts in favour of the Islam Religion.
Mohi Mansi - US
Assalamualaikum to all muslims. I have been interested with this websites since the first time i opened it. A lot of information i got from these great works. To Mr. Harun Yahya and his men. Good Job! May Allah blesses all of you with the knowledges all of you have provided to people.
Amin Rukaini - US
alhamdulillah...finally I've found this awesome,great website and cannot describe with words...your works are very useful for me to improve my understanding in ISLAM...TQ.MAY ALLAH BLESS YOU MR.HARUN YAHYA
nurfaezah - MY
salamoalikum! everybody, Adnan oktaer's wisdom is really a gift from Allah to him ant to the entire community , brother i feel like crying whenevr i read the treasures u by the help of Allah have uncovered. May allah bless you . Wasalam.
syed amir hassan - IN
I'm heartl and sincerely expressing my appreciations to what you are doing.Please beacause of Allah NEVER relent in your efforts and the sky shall be your starting point.May Allah reward you with firdaus.Alhamdulillah am also creating an islamic website now(in both french and English) as one of my projets in the school and your website is helping me a great deal.
Ahmed Ndanusa - US
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