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this website has everything that i want the articles make me relise the miracle of allah.. thnx harun for creating this amazing website
mastura nabilah - US
Assalamualaikum, all the praise is to Allah, the AlMighty God. I hope that the Prophet Isa a.s. and the followers will be sent to us at the soonest possible, because the evil deeds are now conquering the earth as well as the ummah. As a Muslim, I can not bear any longer to see all the evil deeds by human being, very, very frustrating and feel so sad. Ya, ALLAH! Pls help us and save all man kinds, the ummah of Prophet of Muhammad s.a.w. May ALLAH bless the work done by Harun Yahya. May ALLAH rewards him with HIS Paradise. Wassalam.
Abdul Halim Bin Abdul Rahman - MY
assalam to all the team of this wonderful website jazakumullahu khair.keep going on to spread the message of islam
nafees anfus - PK
dear sir(harun yahya) i m reading ur books for last three years.I am ur great fan.i am living in pakistan.these books have provided me guidline in the new era.i am greatly satisfied wiyh ur logics against darwinism.Yours books are greatly defending islam ... thanks
Aimal khan - US
assala mualaikum may ALLAH continue to bless u with his blesssing and guide us in a right way of his beloved prophet ameen.
mubarak abubakar - US
harun i pray that Allah preserves you and your work.Ameen.
azra - US
I've no words for your works. What great guidance Allah has given you. Your videos, audios and books have really strengthened my faith, though it was Allah who guided me.
Mehreen Omer - PK
thanks alot for your hard working ...
mohammad asadzaeh - US
I am so excited of this amazing Web and I am very grateful and contented to be born as a muslim~selamat maju jaya
mnasb@malaya - MY
I have never seen a site like the site of Harun Yahya on net. I hope everyone(Muslims/ Non-Muslims) take advantage of this site. When I was a lecturer at Kardan University in Kabul City I used to use this site in my lectures. Some of my students were coming to me and asking me about the Islamic information and I referred them to this site. It is a site which closes us the the realities and self-interests.
Abdullah Naveed Akabari - US
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