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sir the persons like you really gave world the exact picture of islam
raies ahmad - india
Thank you Harun Yahya for helping me see the way.
Tomas - Sweden
I appreciate your effort, may Allah reward you with Aljanna firdaus.
Alameen Ibn Zakariyya - Nigeria
One of the best sites i have ever seen and gained knowledge from. my faith has become even more stronger. May Allah shower his blessings on Harun Yahya.
Fahad Aziz - Pakistan
Alhamdulillah.. Mr. Harun Yahya moslems in Indonesia always support you.. keep writing Allah bless you
Aghnia Aura Syaqila - Indonesia
Thank for making this valuable information available to the public.g
Helga - Czech
Hello, great site. I found here many interesting information. Thank u very mutch!
candylover - USA
excellent texture.
rty - Vatican
Sallam, I am Tamanna.I really liked this article and I think we all should broadcast the news about Islam, what it is? and why Islam does not support terrorism. I really appreciate it.
Tamanna Sultana - Bangladesh
I think I have found my teacher asd he is far from our country.Alloh keeps such teachers.
Durakhshon - Tajikistan
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