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Harun Yahya is Excelent For me.Good luck!
M.Irja Nasrulloh Majid - INDONESIA
Alhamdulilah This is the bestest islamic website and produces its books and lectures in such a way that i makes you think twice. wow am so happy and i hope allah bless you all at haruns works. i have even bought so many books and i am a differant and better muslim after reading these books and watching the dvds i have improved and i should this say this is the no1 islamic website in the world ameen. allah bless all you for such great works you have done.
In this age of disbelief there is a need to reveal the other point of view, that the Lord of the Worlds exists. Harun Yahya is doing a great job to accomplish this.
Ralf Biermann - Germany
This is a wonderfull job done by HarunYahya.May Allah bestow his showers upon him so that he keep on doing this beautifull work for mankind.
sara kiran - Pakistan
very great job
bbahi - algeria
thank you sir for your great work the atla of creation, it was a great help for me especially when i debated lebanese comunists, I hope that you could write a book about how muslims should react to different circumstances inlife, i hope to see soon a scientific channel broadcasting real scientific facts that deny evolution, and finally hope that you visit the lebanese university as soon as the situation there settles.
Fadi Tash - Lebanon
jaza kallah. it is such a best website for everybody both for muslims and non muslims peopels for to get information about everything. so just go on.
Tahir Bashir - Norway
I have learned alot of different things about Islam which I never knew. I have tooken time of to read stuff on this website and the work has really touched me.I have told my friends about this website they were also interested, carry on doing the good job.salam
Imran Sheikh - England
Your book "Islam Denounces Terrorism" helped me greatly in my University dissertation about so-called suicide bombing. Thank you and keep up your excellent work.
Youannis Hakim - Wales
i must commend yuor great work, almighty ALLAH will continue to guide you
olasupo lateef - nigeria
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