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you have dopne alot of waderful job to house of islam. may ALLAH[SWT] reward you abduntly. I like you to send me some of you books to my E-MAIL address. know amount is to little. Masalam. yours, Brother Islam. Arc, Baba Danlami.
danlami baba - nigeria
Before jetting off on holiday, we received a small booklet through the post. We threw it in the suitcase and off we went. Sitting on the balcony one evening we decided to read the booklet and within an hour it was finished. It was a total revalation which helped us make sense of our lives. The booklet was called New Research Demolishes Evolution. Within a year we had read many more of your books and I decided to convert to Islam. Ibrar also rediscovered his faith. We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts and we pray that Allah (swt) blesses you with the highest reward in the hereafter. Keep up the wonderful work!
Salma - England
The best informatinal Islamic website on the web. Keep up the good work!
Mohamed Abdullahi - USA
i think this is one of the most interesting website I have ever are doing a great job.I love islamdheen. I love muhammadh sallallah alaihi vasallam. And i love every one who loves muhammadh sallallah alaihi vasallam.
Aslam muhammadh - Maldives
Great work has been done to reply the false theory of darwin
yahya rashid - pakistan
Asalamualaikum Wr. Wb. AllohuAkbar..I never found an information about The biggest of Islam such as these devices. May Alloh bless our efforts to always Love Alloh SWT and the Prophet of Muhammad SAW. I hope, the more information of islam can freely acces, the more islamic young people give their attention to their religion. I also hope, I can get deep involved with these activites. I want to share all my experiences to all moeslem communities wherever they are. May Alloh SWT always make us love islam, more and more...till death comes to us...Wassalamualaikum Wr.Wb.
Acep Hadinata - Indonesia
happy to explore this site. hope they are more wallpapers nex time.
yusuf - malaysia
Great site. Admin cool boy
viivic - USA
i will be praying for muslims inhsa allah. may god see us through of all with we are doying amee.
aisha adamu amshi - nigeria
may allah s.w.a reword you of all the great work that you are doying.your word help many people in the woerd both muslim and non muslim.
aisha adamu amshi - nigeria
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