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assalamualaikum yaayuhull musilim
gadaff - nigeria
hazirladiginiz videolar cok guzel ama ingilizce altyazilari yok eklerseniz harika olur...
abdullah - ukraine
it is very good service of ISLAM
please where can i buy masonic items in malasia
bro chigozie okpalor - nigeria
Asalam Alaikum,I am very inspired with the work of Haroon Yahya.I think he is great schollar.His work is helpfull in promoting Islam and its truth all over the world.
M.Shahid Irshad - Pakistan
assalamu alaikum, its really an informative and interesting website, i was really canfused about that theory of evolution and its different aspects, thanks may ALLAH reward u, INSHALLAH.
muslim microbe - afghanistan
Alhamdullilah!!! Praise be to Almighty Allah!Thank you very much Brother Harun Yahya,becouse I found the right way of this life,and the truth of this world, with your best trully explained books and videos of the world.May Allah(swt) reward you and bless you!Every man and women who need an answer, can get it in the books of Harun Yahya.Now my eyes are fully opened! Let the truth Religion "ISLAM" grow and beat the world!!!
Edrin - Slovenia
assalam-o-alakum .i visit your site time to time and found it most informative and excellant site.Respected haroonyaha doing a great job to promote the islam . i hope Allah (swt) WILL INCLUDE HIM in friends and grant hi ahighestpalace in paradise.may Allah bless a long life to serve islam.
aijazahamed - pakistan
i love this website and the other websites thanks a lot
liban - somalia
this your site it making people expirent
usman - nigeria
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