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the only movie that changed my life is none other than "the end of times"this one documentry i prefer every one to see and realise one thing that you are in this world for a test and the rest is in here after.May Allah Almighty reward you HARUN for your work.Ameen
Rizwan - Bahrain
Thansk to Mr. Harun Yahya. Your books and videos truly helped shape the person who I am today. This world need more people like Harun Yahya who spreads the truth in this dunya and helps young minds to understand the creation of man, our creator Allah(swt)
Muhammad Khalid Yusuf - United Kingdom England
May Allah Bless for your great this job.
mohammed Rifai - srilanka
I pray that Allah (SWT) rewards you for the good that you do for the Ummah. Ameen
Husain Abdullah Al Aziz - United States
In one clean sweep, for every question that I ever had is answered. May the pleasure & favour of Allah be upon you.Ameen
Addin - Singaore
it is really trueservice for ISLAM
Love you guys and keep doing what you are doing. May Allah keep you in his hands.
Abd Jaleel or King Aha - U.S.A.
What a wonderful step you have taken ..a slow step verbally and i really hope that you will not only verbally say it but also practice it in the moment you face the situation.Thank you
kevi - india
i have read some of your books they are in a class of their own.they have reinforced my belief.may Allah reward you.
sulaimon hakeem bolarinwa - nigeria
one of the greatest men in the history of islam
aiman - Pakistan
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