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it is food to see tgat in our muslim nation there is some one who is spreading islam nicely
nida aslam - pakistan
This is soooooooo wiked mashaallah. I used his books for my arguements against evolution!!!!Allahu Akbar!!!!!
Fahima - England
subhan ALLAh .very goog even Excellent effort.please enhance & develop urdu site more & we able to read & easily understand more realities.becoz our majority in pakistan is urdu speaking. thanks
sabira pervaiz - pakistan
Hello Harun Yahya I Like Your Documntries And I Have Bought Them They have Gaven Me Intense Knowledge And I Will Like To Thank Say How Pleased I am After Watching The First Documentry And Your Work is Excellent!
Atif - London
may Allah giv a lomg life 4 such a great work.
ANUM - Pakistan
this is very good site to muslim
ibrahim - nigeria
I love your work, makes me stronger in my faith, but i must say that i miss to read about Ya Ali A.S and his family who sacrificed them self for Islam. (ex. Karbala)
Imran - Norway
This site is the most correct one I have ever read. There is only ONE GOD ! May HIM be praised forever.
Marcos - Brazil
Praise be to Almighty Allah for enriching us with those people who are blessed with great wisdom, knowledge, intelligence........ I pray for Allah to shower more of His blessings on them. Thank u and God bless
Sabiu Hamza Mohammad - Nigeria
I never accross any true educating and entertaining film like yours in my life, may Allah help you
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