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this is very good site to muslim
ibrahim - nigeria
I love your work, makes me stronger in my faith, but i must say that i miss to read about Ya Ali A.S and his family who sacrificed them self for Islam. (ex. Karbala)
Imran - Norway
This site is the most correct one I have ever read. There is only ONE GOD ! May HIM be praised forever.
Marcos - Brazil
Praise be to Almighty Allah for enriching us with those people who are blessed with great wisdom, knowledge, intelligence........ I pray for Allah to shower more of His blessings on them. Thank u and God bless
Sabiu Hamza Mohammad - Nigeria
I never accross any true educating and entertaining film like yours in my life, may Allah help you
Through this website, my answers have pretty much been answered about evolution. I think people who have doubts about how they came to be on this earth should definetly check this out.
Aysha Khan - United Kingdom
i like your books very much you are really guidline for students may Allah protect and help you in every field of life wish you happy life
shahid - pakistan
May Allaah increase Haruon Yahya in knowledge, piety and the number of his students.
Haroun Abdullah - Nigeria
I have truly known my God, with help of yours. What a fortune you have made. Created you have a love for God in my heart, and never shall i forgot you when remembering God. Blessed be you million times, you have combined the man with his heart! I suggest you also write a book about sinners. Salam alikum
Talha Khan - Pakistan
harunyahya is the most clever person i have ever now iam more near to my god because of him
kawthar - earth
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