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For my opinion, what your wrote in your book so excited and make me so belief to my God especially by using my observation to the my environment. Thank to you (",)
azamis - malaysia
Al-salam alakom . I know about th site today .I wise you all the luck and think you for your efforts to help I slam and Muslims.
Ameera - Saudia Arabia
Assalaamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu.Brother may Allah bless u 4 ur good work.i just wanted to share a problem with u.there r so many anti islam blogs and sites that drive u crazy u feel like banging ur head against the wall n die this is really disgusting ! Wat sholud be done .JAZAAK ALLAH FIDDAARAIN.
kashif nazeer - india
This is second time i am sending the comment to this site. Actully i was thinking that why not all student visiting this site make digital libarary in there own faculty so that every student come to know about the reality of Islam. More over please do contact me at for information on digital libarary as i already download and setup Haroon yahya (Make Allah Mercy on him) at home and will Insha Allah shift it two in own Faculty Computer lab. I never ever seen the person that let himseft for service of islam in the present age (like haroon yahya is unique Person). Allah reward you Sir Haroon yahya Amin.
Saad - Pakistan (Abbottabad)
from where I can get the reading material of The secret hand in Bosnia? online in English
Khalil zafar - Pakistan
Simply Amazing! I just want to say it is work of a blessed person. Keep it up and going May ALLAH pave way for your success in this world as well as one that is to come afterwards.
Shahzad Masood Roomi - Pakistan
Assalaamoe Alaykoem, Each day I thank Allah Almighty for granting Harun Hahya and team, the knowledge to directly quote from the Quran and spread the message to us, Algamdoelielaah. Shukran for your hard work and efforts. I wish you a blessed month of Ramadaan, filled with joy and happiness Inshallah, T ake car and all the best Inshallah, May Allah bless you Inshallah...
Faaika Plaatjies - South Africa
allhum dillilah
bernard nicholls - england
I have never seen a website as wonderful as this. There is so much to read and learn in a very interesting manner so I would recommend Pakistani Youth to join in. Presentations are exelent
Faiqa Salman - Pakistan
According to my opinion the work done by Mr.Harun Yahya enjoys full credibility as the Islam is concerned.It is the most knowledge provoking site which is turning the lives of the readers. May ALLAH ALMIGHTY bless Mr.Harun Yahya in this world and herafter.
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