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i want do as you do
ibrahim - nigeria
I really appreciate the wealth scientific, logical and wise information this site contains. It is really a great achievement that every Mosalem must be proud of. May Allah reward Harun Yahya and all those brothers and sisters who support him of this noble work. Amen
Ridwan M. Osman - Kenya
I have really very happy with this website since a month now I visit this website. This website is the best one I ever visited. I told many of my friend of site. I think that it the best way to call non muslim to islam
Thierno Ousmane Barry - Guinea
subhanallah, all your inventions make us so brightly, may Allah blessed u
Lukman - Indonesia
Harun Yahya is making people aware of the fact that the Quran is the Ultimate Guide for all people and that Islam is the True Religion. May Allah give this brilliant author the ability to continue his work.
Ammar Awais - Pakistan
I think that this site is very informative,very scientific.But the tredigy is, that todays world need social and scientific apporoach,awarness about rights of humanity.Muslim world did nothing in this context.No progress in democratic behavior.
zafar Iqbal - Pakistan
i want to buy some books from your store,but i donot know how to get them,please tell me how and the way i will get the books. i live in Damascus,syria.
zubaida dh - syria
beinga muslim , i realy appriciate this site n work of harun. its very benificial for all the muslims and as well as for the non muslims, bcoz we come to know many hidden realities of quran and of this mysterious world . jazaak ALLAH. may Allah will u more n more
adeel ahmed - pakistan
May ALLAH reward for propagatig the religion of islam and grant paradise
wat to say ...... just don hav words to describe the works of Mr Adnan Okhtor MASHA ALLAH ALLAH SUBHANUTALAH blessed him with great knowledge.He is doing great work on decieting DARWINISM and other EVOLUTIONARY MYTHS and after reading his books one has to agree that evolution is only a myth...May ALLAH bless you and the people helping you doing this great job.
sania_kiyani - Pakistan
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