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I find the book marvellous,great piece of work,keep going on,
Mevegar Arif S - India
harun is like you are a good muslim but the way you adress your religion make me happy but i have one Question to ask is allah deferent from GOD.
johnson pity - nigeria
brilliant website reli informative n alot 2 learn frm may Allah reward u 4 your work
Areej - UK
May Allah reward you all for your good works.
Jibril Ibahim - Canada
aslam alikum....I jst started readin those books,,there on net,,and really found them amazing and wounderful .
Nosheen - Pakistan
As a muslim I do belief you are the Mahdi. I hope I can help in some way.
Hamid - Holland
i love ur site bcas its guiding me and teaching me more islam .my english is not good please make more and more in urdu .thank u for this site allah will give u jaza for that thanks again
adeel - u.k
ahmed siddique - PAKISTAN
u r doing a great job u r my favourite writer i love to open ur website i v learned a lot about islam 4m ur website i thnk its the best web site about islam in the world. i hav a request if u please give translation of quran in simple english it would be convenient for us mostly ppl cannot understand old english text. thankyou
sophiyamohammad - pakistan
Sheikh Haruna Yahya is a great scholar,If the Muslim of this day is using his writings,and taking actions in the Islamic way the condition of the Muslim brothers in never be so disgusting like the way we are now.May ALLAH reward with ALJANNAH,and Guid us on the right path.
Engr, Bashir Abubakar Gumel - Nigeria
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