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JAZAKALLA , No words to express my feelings.
Mushtaq Ahmed - Pakistan
Excellent.inspiring.truth finding.Alhamthulillah.
Jabeer Raazi myhammadh - Sri Lanka
reading your book "grand design of universe" strenghten my faith that Allah created all creatures does not in vain. in very detail structures and fit with its own works way.
nono - indonesia
In the Name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful. I appreciate the efforts of people like you who do their best to propagate and spread the Truth of Islam to the world. I saw your website on your documentary film, entitled, "The Signs of the Last Day," which made me cry and set my mind free of doubts which I had in mind before. The first time I saw your website, it aroused my interest and, by the Will of Allah, my ignorance soon fled. Alhamdulillah! I kept on downloading unknown facts from this website and shared it to my friends and my family, of course. What made me cry the most was when I read about the second coming of Prophet Jesus (alaihis salaam), especially those that tell about the Portents of the Last Day. Surely, my lost faith had been revived. I owe so much from this website, and I do hope that you can help more people understand Islam and be enlightened to the Truth. Assalamualaykum...
Mohammad Nassif Amrosi - Philippines
I just like you and also like your works.For two people that like each other fpr the sake of Allah will be under the shade of arsh on the last day.hope you will like me to and be with me.
Abdulgany Rufai Kano - Nigeria
very encourage
shaheed - nigeria
Jazaa Kumul Lahu Khairan wa Zaada kum Bastdatan wa Ilmi. May the Almighty Allah reward you abundantly and add more to ure knowledge amin.
Awwal Tasiu Umar - Nigeria
Harun Yahya is a real eye opener for the people practising Islam as well as other religions. His books and articals really make my concepts clear.
Great web site, and great contain of knowledge here. Its easier to me give more information about Islam to my non-muslim here. Alhamdulillah, may Allah bless this web site.
Mohammad Safwan - Malaysia
It is the best website. I realy learnt lots of information about Islam, and till i m in progress. infact Harun yahya is doing a very very great job for all the world. May Allah bless him with Jannatul ferdous.
Abdul Wakeel - Afghanistan
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