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every time i log on the the internet my day would be incomplete without visiting and reading the works of Harun Yahya they reassure me and millions others i am sure to be steadfast on Islam.please let your beautiful work be translated to Somali language so that my fellow somali speaking peolple understand your work.may Allah Bless you.
hussein abdullahi - kenya
I am very happy to know that HarunYahya is from the Lineage of the Messenger of god ...In our community in South India (Kerala) we give lot of respect to the Sayyids.....
Aboobakar - India
I find Sir Harun Hyaha and a Auther of this ERA.
Muhammad Kashif Mirza - Pakistan
You are doing an Excellent job. but do u have any plan to release more videos ?
Razi Nizar - Pakistan
I am among of the people those visit toyour web site always.
Bilyamin Ibn Bala - Nigeria
its a good site for musilim to know about there islam and the thing which made by ALLAH and his followers
asadsatti - pakistan
My husband sent me this. I glad he di9d cause im new at being a muslum woman and I want to know allah
Fatima - usa
i have read most of his books and i have oer 30 books and dvds i think he is one of the great thinkers and authors of the muslim umma
Shafiul Khan - England
praise belongs to Allah who has blessed u to do this noble work , i am happy that u are a choosen person to spread Allah,s message . may God bless us all and show us the right path , ameen
ali ghuman - pakistan ,
I read ur web and its very much interesting. Keep it up
Roland John - Tanzania
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