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aslam o alyqum. mashallah they are doing a very very great job. keep doing this. just translate every thing in urdu it will make lot easyer to those people who are not understand english very well like me
faizan akram - pakistan
since i was a child, i always see and read all about evolution. but when i read about the evolution deceit in book of Harun Yahya i realized that evolution is completely wrong.Alhamdulillah, may Allah guide us into a true path.
K' - Malaysia
this is a great jihad which have spread all over the world, Irealy apreaciate it and may Allah(s.w.t) reward you for it.
Isa Hassan Isa - Nigeria
i am really proud of with al creation of harunyahya production. it has give new contribution in knowledge. I can imagine if ur effort very difficult, i appreciate u. i hope all things which have produced very useful in our life. n especially it will give new inspiration for other moslem from other country can follow ur way . Amin
abdullah Al Jogjakartany - Indonesia
nice work toward success
israr hassan siddiqui - pakistan
Sir, U r the one of the very strong needs of our Islamic Community........ May Allah Bless you in This world and Hereafter..
Syed Sameer - Bangalore,India
May Allah endow you with Taqwa,forgive your sins and facilitate all good for u wherever you be for your great work.
fatima Drammeh - The Gambia
I have Gone through Various outlines of your work. Allah Guides those whom HE Wills. In general It is our collective duty to unveil the truth of Islam infront of these Athiests so that Humanity is safe from evils of Satan.
Mohammad Shafi Bhat - India
Bismillahir-Rohmanir-Rohim.This is an excellent website which wil help to spread ISLAM in every part of the world
Agha Faheem - Pakistan, Dahrki
aghafaheem - PAKISTAN
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