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I appreciate the work of Mr. Harun. I have read many books written by, some of them include, Deep Thinking, Miracles of DNA, Timelessness and Reality of Fate etc etc.. However, here I want to ask Mr. Harun that if everything we see, we hear, we feel, and infact our own senses are all perceptions than is the prophecy and other things that demonstarte religion islam are all perceptions. I mean the world is a perception than everything in it, that is or that was or that would be are all perceptions? GOD FORGIVE ME IF I CROSSED THE LIMITS..
Mubarak Taj - Indian, now in Qatar
very much impress about harun yahaya
lawal raji - nigeria
Allah has really bestowed Harun Yahya with wisdom and he has rightky used it . May Allah guide everyone to the true path.(Aameen)
shah aiman - india(Ksahmir)
Assalaamualeykum to you all, i have found that this websit to be one best. may allah(s.w.t) bless harun yahya and all of those who helped him.
Nura - UK
really fantastic site,i cant wish you by words.may Allah bless you & your work.aameen.
nusha - srilanka
may Allah endow you with TAQWA,forgive your sins and facilitate all goods for you.
fatoumata - Gambia
Beautiful, work. Inspiring and brilliant, your very intelligent.
Mohammad - Canada
I realy appriciate your work.When i was studying my teachers tried to tell us that Darvin theory was true.At first we belived because we didnot know the truth.But when I read your articles about it,I knew the truth.i wish god bless you and your family.
Fathimath Adam - Maldives
Too great a work done by harun yahya.This makes ALLAAH Supreme.The Knowledgeable.MAY He increase us in knowledge and be merciful to us.
Yusif Yakub - Ghana
Harun Yahya reminds me of muslim scholars in the age of Islamic greatness. I and also others (I believe) take his thoughts as a trigger to do more to Islamic world. May Allah SWT let you live longer to create more masterpieces. Amin.
Ade Fauzi - Indonesia
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