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I can not believe on my eyes. How much works have been done in the field of science, religion and faith related by our Harun Yahya. I realy appreciate his works. May Allah give him more talent and wisdom for his work and the benefits of Islam. I will participate in the English to Urdu translation team.
Khair Bakhsh Marri - Pakistan
i think its a great work specialy 4 muslims so keep it up so GOD give u regard 4 this all the best
basirat - pakistan
Your site is fabulous, your documentaries realy touches the soul. May Allah help you spread your works. Aameen
Umm I'sa - USA (originally from Pakistan)
really .its a very very good site to understand islam.pls provide us all ur matereial in urdu also
ziya - india
tankyou very mutsh for this work god bless you and help you this is the best web site to know about islam alah be whith you
aziza - marocco but i live in iceland
he is a great scholar . iam reaalllly fond of his research work
huma zain - PAKISTAN
Assalamu alikum to my brothers.Harunyahya is the valuable asstes to the islamic world and god bless him to achieve his targets in the world & after dead.
the pakistani media has expanded so much n now so many channels r going on but all r in vain.they r suppose to run programmes having the motive to give knowledge through harun yahyas things.not even pakistan but all over the world.
zohaib khan - pakistan
harun yahja has done the best work.selamu alejkum
amra - saraj
the books are very interestings and i think harun yahja is the best.
sara - skopje
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