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just would like to thank you for making this site, it has really opened up my mind about islam and made me see it in a way that i had never known, i never knew of all the wisdom and scientific facts in the Quran.Jazzak Allah for your efforts! We should take incentive and somehow coalasce to from somesort of a co-operative union to spread the cause is what i believe
sajjad daudzai - Peshawar,Pakistan
Assalamualaikum, may Allah reward you and anybody else involved in this project. Everything is absolutely free and is easily accessable for anyone who is interested in finding the truth. Jazakullah
Hassan Alin - UK
I am very glade to see your urdu site. I have been visiting this site for last two years . Also I have downloaded most of your moives. I appriciatew you great work and pray for you .. Keep it up .. Alla Hafiz
Abdul Ghaffar - Pakistan (Karachi)
Thank you for your wonderful and educational website .May Allah bless your dedication in bringing this information to us.
Liza Jumaat - Singapore
aa, everything is so beautifully said here, it should reach to more people, i would definitely gift by downloading to others.i also believe these should be broadcasted in tv or something.anything i can do for this site wil be a honour
tajammul - india
All of your DVD are fantastic, Thank you and Thanks God .. we have Harun Yahya...
Edina Pelbawati - Indonesia
i am so impressed by your film sir.can i meet u sir?you have made very good documentary films.
fatima - saudiia arabia
I am gald to say that this website is creating an awarness in young minds who are innocent and unaware of anything. MASHALLAH!
Sana Fatima - India
bismillah ir rahman nir rahim This is most Buitiful web in the world I try reading almost evreyday jazak allah
safdar khan - u k
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