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All of your DVD are fantastic, Thank you and Thanks God .. we have Harun Yahya...
Edina Pelbawati - Indonesia
i am so impressed by your film sir.can i meet u sir?you have made very good documentary films.
fatima - saudiia arabia
I am gald to say that this website is creating an awarness in young minds who are innocent and unaware of anything. MASHALLAH!
Sana Fatima - India
bismillah ir rahman nir rahim This is most Buitiful web in the world I try reading almost evreyday jazak allah
safdar khan - u k
Assla,oalaikum very good website for muslims. In Pakistan There are many students who distributing free cd,s of Harun Yahya. They are doing a well job.
Muhammad Maaz - Pakistan
I am homeschooling my child through the classical method of the Trvium. I would dearly like you to put together structured cirriculum from Kindergartern all the way to 12th grade. I would use this as the basis to teach my child the values of Islam.
Kamran Qureshi - UK
keep up the good work.=)
elizy - KSA
haroon Yahya is able person to unite muslim ummah. And i alway wish that he should visit our country. May Allah bless on you haroon yahya amin. Saad
Saad Rafique - Pakistan (Abbottabad)
Salam.. I am very proad of you all..But i exacly like this webb site in SWEdish..can u do it ..THanks .,,,Allah is great. bye
Nawid Mohammad akbar - Sweden
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