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Thank you mr. harun yahya. like the body needs food to survive, the soul needs knowledge to survive and to be truly happy. knowledge about islam !! thank you very much for your work. may Allah give you reward and all the people who made this possible, in this world and in the next world INSHALLAH.
khalid azahaf - the netherlands
assalamu alikum rahmatulla may allah reward you in this world and here after for the worldwide responsible work of dawah presented freely to the world to understand not the religion but facts of life. our religion is not a religion but it is the fact and true natural life. "malla yasalukum ajraoun wahum muhtadoon wamaliyala aabudullazee fataranee wa ilaihi turjaoon" the fact is quran is calling people for application of thought and to understand the best natural way of thinking and life "ihdinas siratal mustaqeem" our salah provides school of thought and in that only we are guided by quran if someone is not guided directly from his salah means he is not using one of his faculty that is intellectual or he is not undrstanding the quran and its meaning while our salah all audio/vedio effects come into our mind and make us understand quranic verses for guidence wassalam alaikum rahmatulla
mohammed gufran ahmed abbasi - india
salamo alayekom Im angel from morocco i have the honor to writ in this site .i thank so much sir yahya because gives more and more information about islam god keep you so i hope to you to continue this rewarding struggle .
angel - morocco
Dear Harun Yahya, May Allah bless You for Your works which inspired me to live according to Islam. I wish You all the Best in the Future.
Bahadir Sultan - Germany!
salam ! i would like to say that this site is amazing....i wonder if there is any chance that you add the swedish language in this amazing webside ...because there are many swedish non muslim and muslim teenagers who are intrested in such subjects you have in your webside . i hoe that you will work on it !
zahra - sweden
Aslam-o-alikum I m really a fan of Sir Harun Yahya.He is really impressive,I have read some books of him(almost 15 books of Sir Harun has been translate in Urdu).I learn a lot ,n I will only say He is blessing of God n May Allah reward him of His great efforts
UMar - Pakistan
Dear brother Your work is very very grate . i am visit and study in your site. Allah bless you.
Bapputty Al sabah , MANJERY - INDIA
Alhamdulilah!!! Allah has really done a great thing giving such knowlege to you and praise be to Allah, you put your knowlege to good use. May Allah bless you for that reason.
Ibrahim Olabode Talabi - Nigeria
this is one of the best site i have ever learn about islam. keep up the good work and may allah bless you for all of the work that you have done here. peace be upon you. thank you.
kai - canada
Mashallah Harun Yahya may Allah please you This is a fatastic site
Mohamed AbdulQadir - Sweden
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