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assalamun alaykum brothers.Iwould like to thank you because you have changed our life.tanks god i started to read your books so i understood the real face of darwinism.thank you.ALLAH BLESS YOU
ilir sheraj - albania
Assalamualaikum, may Allah reward you and anybody else involved in this project. Everything is absolutely free and is easily accessable for anyone who is interested in finding the truth. Jazakullah
Luqman Al-Bashir - Kelantan, Malaysia
only Allah can reward u. Never relent in your effort to spread islam even though you will and most face many obstacles (i dont call them set backs but REWARD acquisatio PROCESS) SALAM
ismail mohammed idris - Nigeria
Actually, Harun am a revertee in Islam I bcame a muslim this year 2005 I have greatly gained from your documentaries I have known so many things in Islam that I was ignorant about this has made me believe in one God and I came to understand it clearly that Jesus is not god is just a messenger of God
Mubarak Adedoyin - Nigeria
Harun may Allah Continue to give u wisdom to proceed and move forward in this your endevour on Islam peace ma brother
Mubarak Adedoyin - Nigeria
i am very amazed at the way the documentary is beingn compiled and am very optimistic it is the same with other. i hope you continue this rewarding struggle, may Allah continue to guide and protect you as you assist His cause. I advice you give priority to the documentary type over the written ones since the former is more practical and most touching
i came to knew mr harun yahya through the tv in a very interesting programe called the secrets of life , this programme made me think and recognize the greatness of allah and made me search more and trying to find more about islam
amal - oman
Salaam i find this site great!!! i have downloaded many videos from here and the greatest thing about this is that all the things available for download are free! May ALLAH bless all the contributors of this site. i find good info here!!!
Zuburqan Khan - India
assalam alaikum wa rahmatullah i saw many documentaries from this site every bit of work of you is appreciable because it describes ayatullah which refresh our qalb for iman my question is can we gather all historic/geographic/scientific visual information along the recitation of quranul hakeem which may help viewer to understand quickly geographical and historical facts along the ayat really this is tough and long research based project i pray from allah to make easy for u inshalllah assalamu alaikum rahmatullah
mohammed gufran ahmed abbasi - india
allah will help u your all activitees
musdeen - srilanka
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