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The greatest of all the works done for humanity and for spritual development. The works are full of wisdom, must-know informatioin for salvation and guides to know the true path of the Creator. These will enlighten many disbelievers (as I was one) and will help take best decisions for selves. For wide circulation, every responsible person should devote time. May Allah help the Author for further works and reward him in the hereafter. I wish to cooperate with the author to work together.
Yeasir Ahmed - Bangladesh
A very interesting site for those seeking more information on understanding Islam.
Neil - Scotland
A/a .I’ve been reading your books from a long time. I don’t find words to appreciate the miraculous work done by you. Indeed this is a need of an hour that we all should stand and work of this standard as required by qur’an. The website is also creating an ever lasting impression on the minds of readers. Well done
kamran mohsin - pakistan
Sir, I am Chief Editor of an Urdu/English Monthly Magazine named Safhaat-e-Agahi.Sir,i need your permission to publish your work in it. Its paper and material quality is best as possible in Pakistan.Please also guide me to get pemission from your Urdu translators who avoid to give.Thanking you in anticipation.
Muhammad Umer Quddafi - Pakistan
Assalamualaikum, Mr. Adnan Oktar! I just want you to know, that I certainly support you ^_^ May Allah bless you and reveal the truth to the world, before it is too late. Amin!
Mahyuddin Bin Zin - Brunei
u r doing excellent its beyond my imagination tht u being an arts student write so well abt science tht scientist too feel ashamed of not knowing the facts wht u bring to the world may allah help more for u & get plead with u ameen i could understand genetics better from u then gene books.
zeeshan - india(hyderabad)
Asslamualikum ur hardwork is applause & Allah give u gratuity Are in urdu vedio cds available if yes then give me address by email at Karachi the city of Pakistan i shall be very thankful to u
Siraj Ahmed Khan - Pakistan
I think what you are doing is one of the worlds most inspirational pieces of work of our time. May Allah Bless You
Atif Hussain - UK
h.yahya is has tried to leave a land-mark thru his works of writing about islam.his style is quite insighting.
yusuf - nigeria
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