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Excellent effort towards light shown by ALLAH
Shaikh Abdus Samad - India
I really like that website and rate it one of my all time favorite religous website.
Asim - Pakistan
Harun Yahya has changed my way of life.I love reading his books.May Allah(S.W.T) give him success.I am a big fan of him.
Adil Islam - Saudi Arabia
i am highly interested in this best site so far because it is intelectual and exciting.may Allah continue to be with Mr Adlan Oktar.
alabi babatunde - nigeria
i wante to be a member in this page of the most commen knowledge
el amrani med - morocco
i think u are perfectly man in thes time, but how this data can be receive with other´s, or it can be diciplines science.. may u give explanation to me about sufisme is it from marchaenisme or it´ś really islamic dicipline?? thank´s..asssalamualaikum..........
yusuf - indonesia
May Harun Yahya and his team enjoy a blessed and uplifting Ramadaan Kareem Inshallah...
Faaika Plaatjies - South Africa
As-Salam u Alaikum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu! Alhamdulillah! All praise and thanks is to Allah SWT The Possessor of all guidance and knowledge. May Allah bless you and reward your efforts with acceptance. Aameen! Masha Allah you are doing a great work for Muslim Ummah. Jazak Allahu Kharann! Fi Aman Allah!
Amber Mubarak - Pakistan (Tuesday 4th Oct, 2005)
Aslam o alaikum, Sir thank you for the revival of islam in all of our hearts.It has truley been an honour to be a fellow muslim of someone as intelligent and enlightened as you.May god have mercy on the prophet muhd and all of us.allah hafiz
Hassan Zaib - Pakistan
Yahaya’s work makes me proud as a young Muslim girl. I always refer to his work as reference to relate Islam with nature while in augment wit my chrixian sisters and brothers. Iwish him a happy Ramadhan and pray that Allah answers his prayers
Nasirah Musimenta - Uganda
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