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Excellent, excellent material on communism, should now connect The New World Order with up and coming world secular government. I am a christian by faith, there are other christian expositors also putting out this material but your is much more proffesionally done.
Rodolfo Sanchez - U.S.
may God all mighty continue to bless ,protect you and guide on this good work that you are doing.
abubakar - nigeria
Thank you for all your work dear brothers and sisters. May God help you and all people who spread the truth.Aamin.
Emin Guliyev - UK,Wales, Cardiff
The books and videos were really good and have improved my character.
Sana - Pakistan
Assalam o Alikum, very good site which removes misconceptions about Islam. Plz put the book THE SECRET HAND IN BOSNIA on download.
Khalil Zafar - Pakistan
harun yahya has enabled people who are muslims to be proud about the knowlegde which we muslims have in our religion due to his books.
riaz - u.k
In regards to the references and the proposed data on the website ( I feel that the research will be (with lewebsite A unique occasion to recognize the islam.
FARISS MOHAMED - morocco (aruit ,nador)
I just wanted thank Mr. Yahya for great work he has done. I live in USA but am originaly from Turkey! I am so surprize I have never heart of him when I was in Turkey(12 years ago). One of my arabiz friend was the one who refer me to go to his web side. Elhamduliullah! My world changed since than! I learnt and am learning so much about my religion with his work! I also use it to show my christian friends why we are muslim and hoping that they wil get some question marks on their mind why they should be one as well! Fantastic job! I use his web side for 9 year-old to learn about her religion as well! Allah razi olsun!
Aysun Bailey - USA
In the age where people are turning away from faith, and moral values are degrading, I am very glad to see that there are still some rational people like you who stood againt their so called arguments and still is. Atheism is a serious moral disease which keeps spreading day by day. We need to combat it with rational and strong proves in order to show how ignorant they are , and in order to protect us and the future generation from getting lost. Thank you so much for your efforts in serving Islam. Jazak allah o kairann
Wasim - Canada
harun yayha books are informative his books are interesting his books are comprehehsive i want the web site where i can buy more of his books
masrurah ebrahim - hongkong
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