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Thank you Yarun Yahya for this site web.
abderrahmane - algeria
may you please allah infinitly
is not important - is not important
I lived for more than 9 years very immoral. Even two years as prostute in Itali and some arab countries. But one day I saw a lady in a nightclub in beirut who approached me and adviced to read the book "secrtet behind matter" . I did. And was shoucked how I ruined my twenties FOr Illusions.!!! Thanx Harun !
Sana ifraak - Algiers/Zazaïr
May allah bless all that shines the truth and contribute soforth...
hans Philogene - france
Excellent, excellent material on communism, should now connect The New World Order with up and coming world secular government. I am a christian by faith, there are other christian expositors also putting out this material but your is much more proffesionally done.
Rodolfo Sanchez - U.S.
may God all mighty continue to bless ,protect you and guide on this good work that you are doing.
abubakar - nigeria
Thank you for all your work dear brothers and sisters. May God help you and all people who spread the truth.Aamin.
Emin Guliyev - UK,Wales, Cardiff
The books and videos were really good and have improved my character.
Sana - Pakistan
Assalam o Alikum, very good site which removes misconceptions about Islam. Plz put the book THE SECRET HAND IN BOSNIA on download.
Khalil Zafar - Pakistan
harun yahya has enabled people who are muslims to be proud about the knowlegde which we muslims have in our religion due to his books.
riaz - u.k
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