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Assalam-u-alaikum I like your documentry films very much. I think Harun Yahya is one of the greatest people in the the world. Please continue your research work till last breath of your life.
Syed Salman Ali - Pakistan
No words to appreciate and evaluate your service to Isalm, the only relegion of logic and truth. Humbly I pray to Almighty Allah to bestow his blessings upon you to serve more the humanity in the way Allah - the Creator - like. Regards, Basheer.
Basheer Husain - Cochin, Kerala, India
I have read your ideas on terrorism and I do applaud them. I tend to respect all true religions that seem to share the concepts of love, peace, goodwill and the basic golden rule and the axiomatic condemning of violence against innocent people. I admired your revealing the charleton religions such as those connected to the Ku Klux Klan, Communisim and Facism. However, I would have been even more impressed with the similar revealment of the charleton Islam sects that seem to hold terrorism as the only solution to their aspirations. Your words helped me see that there is a possibility of proper dialogue and process to resolve conflicts including unwanted occupation and military forces present in the Arabian peninsula. Any terrorists using violent means, no matter how holy they may think it is, must be identified and brought to justice. There are also laws that have been broken, many of which have a basis in the true religions. I further believe that all parties of the conflict should soon get equal media time world-wide. Let the terror end so we can concentrate on the true tennets of religion. Peace among men/women and an end to violence.
Dom - Canada
It is good to see that mainstream Islam is against all types of terrorism. As a Christain i find it so hard to comprehend that that a religeon (Some sectors) can condone these horrific acts caused by these people and as we all know,the truth will be revealed to all one day and as the Koran States :"Those who make mischief in the earth,theirs is the curse".Let us hope that we can all live together in peace one day.I should also state that Christianity has had its fair share of troublemakers in the past and not all of the West was in favour of Iraqs invasion.
Kit Kennedy - Australia
it is very intresting web site, and would love to express my deepest apprection of the informations that contain in this web sites, and most of them are free, thank you
mahdi ali - somalia/united states of america
I Dont know more about Harun Yahya. But I know about his activities. And I m appreciated from Harun Yahya & his work.
Mohmmed Ziyad - India
Assalaamu Alaikum. Your website is very resourceful.May Allah reward you.
Ibrahim Irbard - Ghana
the chapter 'literary aspects of Quran' from your book 'The Miracles of The Quran' i read.From a long spell of time I wanted to read something on this topic,but I could not find anything in the books of scholars which were in my range.your works and researches are very worthful.Allah has given you remarkable intelligence.I am a student of class10 and my hobby is to read books.My mind was turning matearialistic and I was very worried about that,then I read a book of yours.Itinspired me a lot.After being introduced to your website,my faith has become deap.mayAllah give you a big reward.before being introduced to your books,I was fond of romantic poetry,but now I dislike it.I dont have words to thank you.I think you as my guide.If someone likes to chat you personally then what he should do?pls ans
nimra ali - pakistan
Keep up the great work MashAllah
Samah Dakhil - usa
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