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It is Mr. Adnan Oktar who ideologically defeated Darwinism

Since 1979, Mr. Adnan Oktar has been carrying out a great ideological struggle against Darwinism and this has continued for three decades. This struggle has been one of the most important means that razed Darwinism to the ground.

In the 70’s, the rate of people believing in Darwinism was 90 percent. Today, Turkey is the country where Darwinism is believed the least. Surely Mr. Adnan Oktar’s more than 100 books that relate the scientific invalidity of the theory of evolution and hundreds of websites, documentaries, articles and newspaper ads based on his works have been a great contribution to this accomplishment.

All of these works have raised the awareness of people about the invalidity of Darwinism.

The works of Mr. Adnan Oktar and his ideological works have caused great repercussions all over the world. The prominent Darwinist publications of the scientific world such as Science, Nature, and New Scientist often report on  Adnan Oktar’s works and draw attention to their impact.

The Reports magazine, published by The American Scientific Education National Center (National Center for Science Education), featured 30 pages on Mr. Adnan Oktar’s book, 'The Evolution Deceit'. Science Magazine carried an article with the title “Creationism Takes Root Where Europe and Asia Meet” and explained that in many  places, Harun Yahya’s books are more influential  than textbooks.

In an article with the title, “Burning Darwin”, New Scientist magazine stressed that in the worldwide ideological campaign against the theory of evolution, Adnan Oktar’s works have an important place. “Harun Yahya is an international hero. His books have spread all over the Islamic world.”  Mr. Oktar’s recent work The Atlas of Creation caused especially great panic among Darwinists in Europe, particularly in France and America. This great work was depicted with extraordinary descriptions in the Western world such as “The book that had the impact of an earthquake”, “The book that burst like a thunderbolt”, “The book that baffled  authorities.” After the 'Atlas of Creation' reached Europe, the European Parliament convened urgently. In the face of the ideological works of Adnan Oktar, they tried to repress the panic they felt by removing it from the curriculum.

In brief, Mr. Adnan Oktar’s anti-Darwinist and anti-materialist ideological works have dealt the fatal ideological blow to Darwinism and consequently to communism. That is why in Turkey and throughout the world, materialists, communists and Darwinists consider Adnan Oktar as a primary target. In each meeting, seminar and panel convened to discuss evolution and in almost all pro-evolution essays, in every attempt to advocate evolution, the main issue becomes Mr. Adnan Oktar and his works.

By means of the anti-Darwinist cultural activities and ideological struggle that Mr. Adnan Oktar has  carried out so resolutely, today Turkey has become the first country in the world that does not believe in the Darwinist fallacy. The Turkish people have become conscious of the fallacies of Darwinism and the research has revealed this fact. A survey conducted by Science magazine in the year 2005 in 32 countries revealed that TURKEY IS THE COUNTRY THAT LEAST BELIEVES IN THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION.

The “Survey of Faith” that was carried out in 23 countries - including Turkey - revealed striking results. With a rate of 91 percent, Turkey is the second country where believers in God are dominant.

According to a report by TESEV, the rate of people in  Turkey who consider themselves as “devout” are 93.2 percent. The clear impact of Mr. Oktar’s works on the enlightenment of the Turkish people, and especially  young people, about the invalidity of Darwinism is also frequently expressed by Darwinists themselves. Prof. Ali Nihat Bozcuk, a retired academician on genetic science, states this fact in one of his lectures with the title, “The state of the Theory of Evolution in our Day”.

"For years I lectured about the science of genetics in universities. And I came to the conclusion that Darwin is not considered as a scientist. Pupils perceive Darwin as a charlatan and an enemy of religion: Although they gave very proper and right answers to the questions I asked about evolution, they did not believe in them. They used to think that everything about evolution was nonsense. AFTER THE 80s, THE NUMBER OF PUPILS OF THIS MIND INCREASED.IN THE PAST, SUCH A FIERCE REACTION TO DARWIN WAS NOT EXISTENT. THE INTENSITY OF THE REACTION INCREASED AFTER 1985.From biologists to obstetricians, there are lots of people who lecture on the theory of evolution in the universities. They neither adequately know evolution nor accept it.”

The year 1985 referred to by Prof. Ali Nihat Bozcuk is when Mr. Oktar initiated his ideological campaign against Darwinism. That is to say, Ali Nihat Bozcuk confesses the defeat of Darwinism in the face of the appearance of the works of Adnan Oktar.


Prof. Ali Demirsoy, one of the prominent advocates of Darwinism in Turkey, relates the great defeat experienced by evolutionists as follows:


A LATE, RESPECTABLE INSTRUCTOR WHO LECTURED FOR YEARS IN ONE OF THE GREATEST UNIVERSITIES OF TURKEY took me into an empty room and said that he wanted to ask a question to me. He asked:

“DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE IN THE EVOLUTION PROCESS?” I asked him: ‘Teacher, do you have any doubts?’ He answered: ‘Although I have lectured on it for years and wrote a book on it, I DON’T REALLY BELIEVE IN IT.’ At that moment I realized that our work is really very difficult.” (Prof. Ali Demirsoy, From his lecture in the Evolution Symposium in the biology education, the way Turkey perceives Evolution, May 3-4 2007)

Ali Demirsoy has also expressed that it is Adnan Oktar who became instrumental in this defeat.

" ... Through books, videos and other means of perfection that no other person has ever accomplished, they try to place the masses, especially those having their education, in a dilemma. HAVE THEY ACCOMPLISHED IT? I THINK THEY HAVE. I know it from a few surveys they have conducted: 70 percent of high school students do not believe in evolution. 50 percent of them consider it as a dangerous movement. Presumably only 5 percent of them say that evolution might have happened. AND YOU ASK IF I HAVE ANY HOPES! TO TELL YOU THE TRUTH, I HAVE DOUBTS! (Prof. Ali Demirsoy, From his lecture in the Evolutino Symposium in the biology education, the way Turkey perceives Evolution, May 3-4 2007)

Another confession was made by the evolutionist Prof. Erksin Güleç: An interview that appeared in Hurriyet newspaper on January 14th, 2007 carried the clear signs of frustration and distress. Prof. Gülec responded to a question asked to him: “According to a survey, more than half of the biology and science teachers in Turkey do not adopt or fully adopt the theory of evolution. Does this make you feel concerned?”

"It's annoying!"  
(Prof. Erksin Güleç , Hürriyet newspaper, January 14th, 2007)

This answer reveals the impact of the defeat of the theory of evolution in our country on Darwinists.

This panic experienced in Turkey and throughout the world by the Darwinist, materialist and communist circles is the panic of them being confronted with the loss of their ideologies. Darwinism has scientfically collapsed and what is more bitter for them is that the whole world has become aware of this fact by means of Adnan Oktar. What Darwinists can do in the face of this  is to resort to repressive and tyrannical  methods and try to ban the books, close the exhibitions and cancel the conferences. Darwinists who can not respond to an idea with their own ideas, who are unable to provide any solid evidence against the scientific findings put forward by Mr. Adnan Oktar, seek solutions  in prohibitions, repression and  slander but their efforts are futile. No matter how much Darwinists and materialists struggle, they will not be able to prevent this end!

Mr. Adnan Oktar and his works have ideologically routed evolutionists. By God’s leave, Darwinism and materialism, which have only brought pain to the world for 150 years, will disappear from  history for once and all.


They desire to extinguish God’s Light with their mouths but God will perfect His Light, though the unbelievers hate it. It is He Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the Deen of Truth to exalt it over every other deen, though the mushrikun hate it.
(Surat al-Saff, 8,9)

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